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US black civil rights group, NAACP, endorses equal marriage

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  1. Two amazing developments within two weeks !

    First, Obama’s powerful declaration that he’s in favour of equal marriage. That was totally unexpected, at least in its timing; almost everyone thought we’d have to wait until he had been re-elected before that announcement could be made.

    Even better, it’s triggered the NAACP’s historic announcement. That fact that it was such an overwhelming 66-2 vote is highly significant and will make it much harder for others to claim that there is widespread disapproval of equal marriage.

    I hope the dinosaurs in the Tory party wake up and get the message PDQ…

    1. Correction: the vote was 62-2. Still just as amazing.

      1. 62-2? Really? Holy crap. Well that blows the “Obama supported it, so we must too!” reason I was thinking.

        Gotta say, America’s coming a long way in such a short space of time.

  2. Equal Marriage with Obama – YES, WE CAN !

    1. An endorsement is not a policy, nor is it a legalization.
      “YES, we can! But he probably won’t, like most other campaign points.”

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 20 May 2012, 11:33pm

    This is a huge step forward. The southern baptists are the most vocal among the black community to oppose equal marriage. I really believe this announcement is going to change minds and hearts. Good for the NAACP. Tory naysayers, take note.

  4. Having recently been debating with a bible-belter who was refusing to accept that equal marriage was a civil rights issue in spite of my comparisons to black rights, I’m delighted that this sends a very clear message.

    1. katieMurphy - ex cath family 21 May 2012, 4:24am

      why waste your time with people who think the earth is 6000 years old . these btw are the people of the same religious culture that gave us slavery, justified as per the bible, then segregation and the KKK hate group.

      They should all be lobotomized – if there is anything to lobo.

      1. Because I honestly hadn’t realised quite how closed- minded and self delusional this particular person was when I started. I foolishly believed that rational arguments might spark a bit of compassion.

        I also think that it is important to challenge those sorts of people in a public forum: they are far too used to peer support for their irrational thinking.

        1. ‘I foolishly believed that rational arguments might spark a bit of compassion.’
          I’m afraid it doesn’t work with people whose very beliefs are a rejection of the rational. Any highlighting of the rational is necessarily threatening to them.

          1. Since I was accused of being the devil by one such nutter at University (it was either my sexuality or my guitar-playing she didn’t like) I’ve been aware of some I’d consider being mentally ill that are involved with religion.

            There are many genuinely kind-hearted people involved with religion and I wouldn’t want to suggest otherwise, however it is a disturbing reflection on religion that it attracts these types in their droves.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 May 2012, 12:12pm

          The problem we have in the UK with those Tory backbenchers and others who oppose equal marriage is that NOBODY is challenging them, absolutely nobody giving the impression that their’s is the majority view across the country since they get more media coverage than those who support us.

  5. Thank You

    Fantastic development

    They snowball keeps rolling and it ain’t gonna stop!

    1. It’s more like an avalanche !

    2. Definitely a big “thank you” to the NAACP. To me it feels inevitable that they’d have to come to this conclusion, but it is encouraging (while unsurprising) to know they’ve had the fortitude to publicise their position.

  6. Obama endorsement really was a turning point in terms of support from the black community.

    It’s no coincidence that in the last few days we’ve seen black artists like Beenie Man and 50 Cent support same-sex marriage, and now the NAACP.

    The black community finally feels able to support gay rights, and about time too!

  7. katieMurphy - ex cath family 21 May 2012, 4:22am

    The stinking pope is probably having a fit. His church gave the hate group NOM 2,3 million $$ during the battle for equal marriage in NYState

    I’ve personally seen so much hope now in the gay community at the Baltimore gay bars. More and more gay people will be coming out of the closet and that is really what is changing the situation. Its hard to hate people you know and respect.

    We are making progress.

  8. Several years ago a friend said to me… if there is one thing worse than being gay (not that being gay is bad) it is being black and gay! that “IS” discrimination! especially amongst the gay community!

    The gay scene hadn’t yet accepted many black people… nor had the black community accepted that as a race there were no exclusions from being LGBT.

    As I have said before, predominantly if you look at American civil rights history it is the black community that had to fight hardest and longest to win human rights.

    In mainstream America the NAACP has long known the challenges and the battle grounds for discrimination… Slavery, KKK, educational institutions, transport, and interracial marriages etc. It is little surprise that both they and they voice their support for a Black President who can change history from a Federal level

    If Black entertainers can now speak out without fear of backlash.. this tidal wave can start a tsunami in the US.

  9. About bloody time!

  10. I didn’t even know such an old-fashioned organisation still existed – but hooray!! Good for them!!

  11. For an unusual argument in the equal marriage debate see the full page article in the State owned press in Singapore followed by an ( unpublished) rebuttal by a reader. The journalist tries to claim that “marriage” is like a copyright issue. You can see the exchange here:

    1. Also take a look at the homophobic comments at the end by the religious right, it makes Uganda look enlightened.

  12. Take a look at the homophobic comments at the end by the religious right, it makes Uganda look enlightened.

  13. Jim Fields Nashville tn 21 May 2012, 2:33pm

    what a great day for our rights as human beings .. I am surprised at this . due to the hate toward the gblt community among the black community .. what is amazes to me . having grown and lived in a small southern town and now in Nashville . is how many members of the black community I have known who were gay .. this is a major step toward us getting what we so rightly deserve .. I am proud that the NAACP has stepped forward to support us .. this will go along way
    for our black brothers and sisters in their personal and professional
    life .

  14. They are political prostitutes…..

    1. Staircase2 22 May 2012, 1:57am

      I don’t think you have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about…

  15. Staircase2 22 May 2012, 1:48am

    The interesting thing to me is the way this article makes it look like the NAACP is jumping on the Obama bandwagon whereas Ben Jealous (not sure why the article left off his full last name) made a very public stand on the issue of Gay Rights being Civil Rights (and Human Rights) about a year or so ago.

    If anything, I would suggest that Obama was supporting THAT.

    We also recently had Rev Al Sharpton come out and support Marriage Equality for Gay people.

    There is still the whiff of uninformed prejudice in people’s comments on here – it would have been helpful if the article had pointed out the above in order to be more informative on just how widespread the tidal wave of support for LGBT Rights is becoming.

    It’s nonsense to pretend that all African-Americans are prejudiced against Gay people, any more than any other section of Americans. (I’m not sure how any kind of ‘research’ could actually empirically demonstrate this anyway).

  16. Staircase2 22 May 2012, 1:56am

    Its also nonsense to suggest that all African-Americans are regular Church goers or are completely under the spell of the Christian Churches.

    Historically, the American Black Christian Churches had a HUGE part to play in the struggle for Civil Rights. And Black Churches have been the rock-bed for support for the African-American community.

    One thing which is also worrying is the complete lack of understanding of commentators on here that Black people can also be Gay people. I think I noticed only one comment which understood this.

    Let’s hope this wave of public Black support for the Gay Rights cause means we have more Black LGBT people feeling able to stand up and be counted.

    ALL Rights are won by visibility – in a very real sense we can’t blame people from ANY community for believing we don’t exist when we’re trying so hard to stay invisible…

  17. God Bless the NAACP for coming out and supporting equal marriage for gays.

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