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Malaysia: Muslim lesbian activist launches controversial book

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Reader comments

  1. Bless Her..

    1. Yep. Good on her :)

  2. Islam needs voices like Ms Manji! Her sexuality isn’t anti-Islamic! We have to get it through their thick skulls that the LGBT people are born this way! It’s not a choice, it’s not a lifestyle, so it can’t be anti-Islamic if it is nature and from a divine source.

    1. “Her sexuality isn’t anti-Islamic!”

      Are you a spokesperson for Islam? Do you speak for Islam? Unfortunately, almost all Muslims do regard homosexuality – which as you correctly mentioned is natural – as un- and/or anti-Islamic.

      The problem is Islam. The problem is religion. The problem is faith. People need to drop religion and think rationally. The fact is that people do not choose their sexual orientation and whether a person is gay or straight doesn’t harm anyone. It’s consenting adults, after all. Yet, because these people believe that some old book is anti-homosexuality, they make life terrible for gay people, even though from a rational perspective it makes no sense to have this fixation and hatred with gays.

      If people dropped their blin faith in the Quran, the Bible and so on and actually thought for themselves the world would be a much better place.

      1. Rappa Mr. Ed 20 May 2012, 12:59am

        Good luck with that. But according to Arthur C. Clarke, who tends to be right on most stuff, we’re stuck with religion for about another 1000 years, so putting down moderates and saying everyone should just dump it is unlikely to work in the meantime.

      2. last time when religion has been banned 20 million people died in stalinist russia, i think people will always find something to justify killing and violence against others

        1. New religion: Democratic Civil Rightness.

        2. Hodge Podge 20 May 2012, 5:29pm

          That was dogmatic state enforced atheism, it’s not really comparable to criticising religion

      3. the problem is what people DO with religion. same goes for Judaism and Xianity.

  3. I have heard Ms Manji speak on several occasions. Her books need to be supported and so do ‘liberal’ Muslims!

  4. Things are changing, even the NAACP has come out in support of gay marriage.,0,2217856.story

    1. you should read the awful comments made under the LA article however… they were not very supportive.

  5. good luck to her, at least she is trying to put across her point without being islamophobic, something some people on here struggle to achieve

  6. “Islamic Defenders Front held violent protests”

    Says it all really!

  7. Irshad Manji is terrific – The Trouble With Islam Today is an excellent book. Will be ordering the new one.

  8. Religion = A BAD IDEA!

  9. I find it rather sad that in this day and age religion created by man, and not by a god still rules the lives of people. No matter what religion you are,or what god you believe in, no god would condemn people for who they are. The people who wrote the bible, the Quran, Dhammapada etc, we’re writtenby humans. ShouldI go out in the world today proclaiming a god has spoken to me that life is about love, commitment, honor, it would not make any change to the obtuseness of sheep.

  10. damn is she ever cute….

  11. Staircase2 22 May 2012, 2:39am

    Bless ya, Irshad!

    Keep up the good work! :o)

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