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Review: Starlight Express, an 80s spectacle hits the road

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  1. They ruined it years ago.

    I saw it twice in the West End with my Mum years ago and the second time we were asking what the hell happened – it seemed like half the cast had been written out, the story made even less sense and the whole thing seemed cheap (except the bloody seats).

    I wouldn’t go to this if THEY paid me.

  2. Wish I could go! This is my all time favorite and have seen it at least 8 times and hope to see it this time around if it comes to the US!

  3. Love Starlight Express!

    Last time I sang on stage with the choir I was part of I sang the Starlight Sequence as a duet.

    Superb show and when you know the inspiration for the lyrics, its very emotional.

  4. I saw it when I was a child, and absolutely loved it. In fact, I smiled just at seeing this article because it reminded me about something I’d forgotten! When I was a small kid my mum cottoned on to the gay thing because the two things I asked for my birthday was to see Starlight Express and tickets to see Steps.

    It was brilliant back then, can’t comment on the modern version but I won’t be going to see it. I agree with the sentiment of the ending – some things are left as memories, preserved for a lifetime, than updated and spoiled!

  5. Send it over to Australia, I would love to see it live.

  6. Love this though I have never seen it, I would love to go

  7. Have just seen it at The Brighton Centre. It is the first time I’ve seen it and was disappointed. I had hoped that the roller skaters still went around the audience. It was, however, amazing how the roller skaters all fitted on a small stage!!

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