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Hillary Clinton to officially accept WorldPride award

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Reader comments

  1. Is she coming over to pick it up or has she just “formally agreed to accept it” – it’s strangely unclear.

    Also why would the Iranian authorities care about some rich gay people paying £250 a head to go to some dinner?

    What’s the connection?

    PS Can you tell me how you checked the recent Iran story?

    1. It says her attendance is unconfirmed. I would imagine that a visit to London, at a time where the Olympics would be not far off, would be so expensive due to the huge amount of security work involved, that unless she can tie in accepting the award with other reasons it would be unfeasible.

      1. I hope Hillary Clinton does confirm her attendance! The more we hear her speak out for human and equal rights the better (especially prior to elections)

        If her speech at the UN was ground breaking, I can only imagine how powerful as speech she would deliver to inspire people at world pride!

        The dinner may be for a privileged few, but to LGBT citizens of oppressed countries from around the world in London for the Olympics… perhaps fortunate to witness or be able to attend World Pride, view her, hear her words or read transcripts of acceptance or her words to inspiration without censorship or consequence. This would be worth all the security warranted to give hope and inspire those who live within barbaric and demonstrative regimes.

  2. Hilary Clinton is a worthy winner of the award!

    Thank you for your support, Madame Secretary.

  3. The work of Clinton, Obama and the US; the work of Cameron and the UK and of gay activists to promote equality has had some success!


    President Joyce Banda has said Malawi will overturn its ban on homosexual acts – the first African country to do so since 1994.

  4. God Bless her for helping to make the world a better place to live for all.

  5. Does Mrs Clinton still oppose equal marriage laws for same sex couples?

    Unlike Obama and her husband, her most recent remarks on the topic state that she supports civil union discrimination.

    If Hillary Clinton only supports civil unions then she does not deserve this award.

    Does anyone know if her position re equality has changed?

    1. Well she supported the introduction of marriage for gay couples in New York. I think this was also part of Democratic leaders evolution to accept the issue.

  6. Secretary of State Clinton is an amazing woman!

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