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Popular Eurovision website hacked in response to ‘parade of homosexuals’

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Reader comments

  1. Countries like this should not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. I fear for teh safety of all people who will be attending the show

    1. Any country that allows the persecution of LGBT people should not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

      1. I agree completely!

  2. I’m sorry, but a a ‘parade of homosexuals’ can only improve the average cultural and educational levels of Azerbaijan.

  3. NudeDancer 17 May 2012, 2:13pm

    When did Iran become part of Europe? I seem to have missed that…

    1. Despite the name Eurovision, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia can also enter. Believe it or not the contest was started as a way to prevent the overarching influence of American culture on a fractured Europe.after the Second World War.

      So there.

      1. I should also have said that a franchised version of the contest is run in the USA and Australia, and a few other countries.

  4. I don`t believe in it & know that from their language – THEY ARE NOT AZERBAIJANIAN. but maybe 1-3 person in Azerbaijan is mental ill/ so people, pls B attentive when U talk about whole Azerbaijanians! show Ur culture pls/ THX!

  5. I hope there is a fabulous parade full of effervescence, pzazz, style and panache – and above all lots of gaiety throughout all of Baku when Eurovision comes to town.

    Paint the town pink sweethearts.

  6. Guess what Engelbert is singing?
    ‘Love will set you free’ fancy that!

  7. When we watch or support the respective countries taking part, we should remember that just a few miles away in Iran, many young men are being rounded up for either looking or preceived as gay from their outlook or style and are being tortured and some executed. If Eurovision does nothing else, then i hope it brings home the message that we will not be silenced by any means. So as a beacon of hope,make it as bright and gay as you possibly can!

  8. These computer hackers are the work of terrorist groups like Anonymous who are really a Christian group who pretend to be on your side but the truth is they hide their face like any terrorist criminal who does not want to be know for who they really are. The proof is Anonymous wear the mask of Guy Fawkes the Catholic terrorist who tried to blow up the King and his government so that the Catholics could take over the government. Why else would they wear the mask of a Catholic terrorist. These are sick evil people who cause much harm today to many business and government as well as common people.

    1. Swell.

    2. Anon actually hacked WBC’s site a while back. hackers are mostly atheists.

    3. Blimey your proof is ever so convincing.
      The Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol of fighting against tyranny – go watch “V for Vendetta” and you might get it.
      Anonymous aren’t Christian.
      Welcome back… to the real world

    4. I can’t find any evidence to suggest that Anonymous’ activities are in anyway reflective of a Christian agenda. And the hacking of the Eurovision website doesn’t seem to bear any similarity to the type of ideals behind the previous activities of Anonymous. You have presented no evidence of any connection between the two groups.

    5. While I agree that the hackers are more than likely some sort of christian group, I highly doubt that they are terrorists. Also, to compare them to Anonymous is like comparing a bread crumb to a full loaf.

  9. First they embrace you in Eurovision song contest, then they offer you EU membership with NATO attached and then your buggered.

    1. Cunning huh?

  10. Paddyswurds 17 May 2012, 6:17pm

    Just had it posted on my facebook page that Karma has finally caught up with the homophobic bigot Donna Summer a sometime singer from the seventies who made her fortune from the Gay disco culture and then turned against them when she said they were an abomination and an insult to “god” and the bible “truths”

    1. How your comment is relevant to this article I don’t know, however I do know that Donna Summer successfully sued publications who re-printed those alleged comments as fact, when she denied ever saying them! It is easy to label someone a bigot when they are no longer around to defend themselves.

  11. It will be interesting to see how Azerbaijan deals with the influx of homosexuals. I have a feeling the prisons maybe come fuller over that particular weekend.

    And congrats to ‘The Devotees of Azerbaijan’, long may they reign.

    1. “And congrats to ‘The Devotees of Azerbaijan’, long may they reign.”


      What a surprise! A “Christian” who would support criminal activity that condones discrimination.

      A “christian” hypocrite… haven’t seen one of those before.

      There is more Christianity in the things crawling at the bottom of the garden then you Aiden.

      But then again, its why people like you have to resort to crude insults on a gay news site – and you think you’re kind is “winning” – LOL!

      1. Well said.

    2. Officials in Azerbaijan insist gay visitors are welcome to the 2012 Eurovision song contest when the event, which has an enthusiastic gay following, is hosted in the capital, Baku.

      Now whilst the same tolerance (which should be) is not shown to LGBT people in Azerbaijan – the Azerbaijani officials have made it clear they will welcome and embrace LGBT people visiting Baku. They have insisted they will not “crack down” on gay people in any way.

      So you comments are baseless, ignorant and false (as per usual!)

  12. Azerbaijan advertises on BBC World TV News as a place to visit. Yuk, Yuk just another backward Islamic country, not worth the space on a map.
    It is a known fact that when gays move into a neighbourhood or start going to a country as a holiday destination that place improves beyond all recognition, but sadly these Islamic people have not progressed so they lose out.

  13. Eurovision’s organizers should be careful about offending gay people. You do not want to mess with like 25% of your audience. :D

  14. Shake Spear 17 May 2012, 11:51pm

    Azerbaijan is not in Europe. It’s barely in the 21st century.

    1. Geographically, it’s in Europe. Technologically and infrastructural, it’s the most developed part of the Caucasus. Societally, it seems to have an enormous amount of baggage and political corruption.

  15. Gay parade is just an excuse. Iran uses every opportunity to exert pressure on Azerbaijan and the Iranian religious fanatics cannot accept the fact that Azerbaijan is a secular state and is developing according to its own laws. This year, the Iranian security forces unleashed a real cyber war against Azerbaijan!

  16. Wow. These hackers and Iran’s Ayatollah seem to have such vivid homoerotic imaginations.

  17. I read the words ‘ungodly’ and ‘sinful’, and stopped reading. I thought we were over that?

    Keep up, Azerbaijan.

  18. Gay Kernow 20 May 2012, 7:34pm

    NUKE the lot of em !!!

  19. to be blunt, I dont think Azerbaijan deserved to win last year anyway. Their singing, though far from worst, was not the best on the night. Though, as most are well aware, the ESC is pretty much a popularity vote.

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