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Petition: New York Times ‘sexualised trans woman’s death’

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Reader comments

  1. Care to comment Lumi?

    1. Lumi probably wouldn’t even deign to read a story about a trans person.

      1. Yeah, she’s too busy giving us all a boo-hoo story on another threat about why no one seems to like her. Funny that.

        Its people like her that make me realise why it needs to be LGBT. The second we start passing judgement on others to the level we deny them the equality we seek, we lower ourselves to become the Keith/Skinners/Lumi’s of this world.

  2. DJ Sheepiesheep 18 May 2012, 12:53am

    Too often the lives of trans people end in violence. It is a violence perpetrated as a result of the indifference of the community at large who don’t see us as real people. It is sad that some of that indifference, even open hostility, comes from gay men and lesbians like Paddybigot and Loonie.

    1. I’m a gay man and I consider us all to be part of the same community, just as the acronym says – LGBT.

      I can’t get my head around gay people who don’t care about or are bigoted towards trans people.

      I find Lumi’s attitude towards trans people abhorrent.

      1. Seem like Lumi is more mysogonist than homosexual

  3. It’s about time that death in the trans community are mentioned on this site.

    rod 2.0 is always on target I beleive that there have been 4 murders this year and not a peep from GLAAD because they are poor blatinos

  4. In reporting on the community’s negative reaction to the Times article, Pink News went the Times one better — it printed a photo of the deceased fire victim that is equally sexualized, objectified, and sensationalizing. Had I been the Pink News editor, I’m sure I’d have cropped the photo — if I used it at all — to show only the woman’s face, omitting her “curvaceous” attributes so salivated over by the Times reporters.
    Pink News is no better than the Times, even while it adopts a “shame on you” attitude toward its big sister across the pond.

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