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International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia marked globally

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  1. God Bless all LGBT people and have a happy gay day, free of hate.

    1. Please don’t bring “God” into this.


      1. Some gay people are religious, and after all the hate doesn’t come from God :) just the deluded bigots among his followers

        1. Paddyswurds 17 May 2012, 9:46pm

          ……The concept of a deity or “god” is a delusion based on nothing more than the rantings of fearful, illiterate, desert tribesmen four or five thousand years ago, who thought the Earth was flat and that the Sun drowned in the ocean every night and was reborn Phoenix like every morning, as long as they performed certain rituals. The fact that the Sun did appear every morning only affirmed their fears and rituals.
          We now are literate, well most of us are anyway, educated, ditto, and know that all that was nonsense. Those that use these deities and “gods” to discriminate on their fellow humans in order to control and agrandisement themselves belong back in the desert with those tribesmen, not in a normal secular society.

          1. You forget that a lot of people don’t use their deity to discriminate. I know an awful lot of people who honour their deity in the desire to do good.

            Science and religion, as Gould once said, are non-overlapping majesteria. You can’t use religion to answer scientific questions and you can’t use science to ask religious questions.

            Many Christians and religious peoples are open-minded. I would expect any reader of PinkNews to be open-minded towards other faiths.

            I don’t even know why you are arguing about this.

            Happy, Joyous and Jubilant IDAHO! I was wearing my special rainbow socks today :D

          2. *answer religious questions

          3. Paddyswurds 18 May 2012, 11:14am

            Oh I am not arguing about it, and I am aware that a lot of religious people do their level best to be as beastly as possible to the GLB community and i suspect that a large portion of the rest are just smart enough to keep quiet about their homophobia.. I have no interest in religion whatever except to debunk the notion whenever I can. It is clearly a delusion whether you agree or not. When you say “I would expect any reader of PinkNews to be open-minded towards other faiths” you seem to infer that I am of faith which is untrue and as for science asking questions of religion, well I doubt that is ever going to happen except for to ask of them how did they become infected with the delusion in the first place. My reason for replying to your comment in the first place was you opening sentence which spoke of “god” and “his” followers. .
            Happy IDAHO day to you too. ♥♥

    2. You should just say “Bless all LGB(T) people….”
      There’s no need to bring “God” into it- not every homosexual/bisexual person believes in God, and a lot of Gods (especially the Christian, Islamic, Jewish, etc Gods) are homophobic.

      Oh, and the fact there is no proof of any God!

      1. Is that a step in the right direction – an acknowledgement of the humanity of transgender people?

        1. I believe transgender people are human, I never said they weren’t

          1. However you use very disparaging words about them which betrays you feelings.

            I find any form of bigotry distasteful.

            I find it bizarre that someone who has experienced one form of bigotry eg homophobia would choose to use another eg transphobia aginst others. Disappointing.

          2. There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual (or bisexual) and it’s not a choice
            Transgenderism is very wrong and a choice

          3. “Transgenderism is very wrong and a choice”

            oh, shut up you vile little b!tch. Who the f*** asked you to decide who is right and who is wrong?

            You are a piece of sh!t and you will never ever find happiness while you are so ugly inside.

  2. Amazing progress has been made in tackling homophobia.

    Its important that we continue to stand firm in our opposition and condemnation of homophobia.

    Human rights, humanity and fairness will overcome the bigotry of those who seek to suppress and dehumanise us.

    Of course some will claim that crying homophobia is weak (as they tried to claim of several discussion thread on PN yesterday) but using their bizarre and frankly false claims of “PC-gone-mad” as a defense and smokescreen for their own bigotry and inhumanity is disingenuous and bereft of any integrity, humanity and logic.

    Thanks to those who have achieved equality gains so far – and to those who join us in seeking to achieve more.

    1. Paddyswurds 18 May 2012, 11:18am

      ….Unfortunately homophobic hatred seems to be on the rise amongst a large percentage of the “god” squad and I suspect the rest are just smart enough to hide their hatred…

  3. Out and Proud

  4. I marked World Day Against Militant Homosexuals #WDAMH and encouraged people to fly the Jolly Roger along with me. And I got 30 people doing it across the country, fabulous.

    1. Proves how childish you are by your support of less than 0.000048% of the population (if indeed you had any, given your lies in the past!).

      Whereas in IDAHO in 2010 over 80 countries and over 126,000 individuals were directly involved. Organisations ranging from the UN to Disney, Barclays to Virgin, NHS to EU, British Army to Glaxo Smithkline were involved …

      Somehow shows the significance of your actions.

      Oh were all 30 the total membership of your right wing bigoted political party?

    2. Paddyswurds 17 May 2012, 8:33pm

      What has the Jolly Roger, flag of pirates, to do with Militant Homosexuals you raving lunatic?

      1. Butt pirates?

    3. FranklyBewildered 17 May 2012, 10:49pm

      well, you’re just a bigot, Aiden. And you’re on the losing side of this movement.

      1. He’s on the losing side of life

    4. Jane Svoboda of Nebraska has something to say to you, it’s the same things you say on this site, you both are crazy. Come out of the closet saddo.

    5. 30 out of a population of 65m? Oh, well done, you.

      1. LOL @ Rehan – Precisely!

    6. “And I got 30 people doing it across the country, fabulous.”

      There’s never a shortage of idiots, but its more likely you’re a liar. It’s a trait that would go logically with your mental health issue.

  5. Paddyswurds 17 May 2012, 6:14pm

    Just had it posted on my facebook page that Karma has finally caught up with the homophobic bigot Donna Summer a sometime singer from the seventies who made her fortune from the Gay disco culture and then turned against them when she said they were an abomination and an insult to “god” and the bible “truths”

    1. I don’t support her bigotry – nor do I celebrate her death.

      1. Paddyswurds 17 May 2012, 8:29pm

        No one is celebrating her death, rather that she died without recanting her bigotry and homophobia and spent the last years of her life denying that she was a homophobic bigot… when there were millions witness to it in 1980 when her career collapsed and she blamed those who had helped to build it…..

        1. Out of interest, what DID she do or say? I am a bit too young to remember her clearly, though I have heard her songs on oldie shows. I don’t know anything about this story.

  6. How can government say they are doing anything when they will not give equal rights towards marriage? I am out proud and believe until the homophobia will never be equal or treated fairly and without hate. I never had the hate until moved to UK, some 40 years and all this new to me hate for gays trans and lesbians . How can this happen, and ask other countries to give tolerance when government here doesn t or America for that matter.

  7. Happy International Day Against Homophobia! My wishes go out to my fellow LGBs across the world- from those that are treated the same by most to those that are bullied, have no support, are in unsafe environments, etc. I hope someday that we have equal rights :) Things seem to be looking a little better some places already!

    1. Homophobia sucks, I wish it didn’t exist :(

      1. FranklyBewildered 17 May 2012, 10:51pm

        so does transphobia. The acronym is LGBT. You can’t just drecide unilaterally to exclude a section or you are no better than Aiden.

        1. No, transphobia doesn’t. It’s sticking up for what is right,
          It’s not LGBT. Sexual orientation and “gender identity” are different things.

          1. I don’t support saying “I hate transgender people” etc, using the word “tranny”, or violence against transgender people, etc though

          2. Now why does “sticking up for what is right” as a defence of bigotry sound familiar?

            Ah – extremist homophobes especially fundamentalist Christians etc tend to say their bigotry is “standing up for what is right”

            Neither of these forms of “standing up for what is right” is actually morally correct. Both are repugnant.

          3. Lumi Bast, your hate speech comments are disgusting. You do not need to worry about marriage equality, no one in their right mind would marry a sick and hate filled creature like you. You’re ugly inside.

          4. FranklyBewildered 18 May 2012, 12:36pm

            Again, you CAN’T just decide unliterally to exclude a section of the LGBT community. Your attitude to transgender people is disgusting and the only people likely to agree with your view are disgusting, too.

          5. You are a foul person Lumi

    2. How much real prejudice has a young woman like you REALLY suffered, Lumi? You are always on about it, but you aren’t even old enough to have gone through the really tough times.

      1. I’m all alone since I came out as lesbian, not one person cares about me. I’m bullied online and at work. I’m called evil, disgusting, wrong, freak, demented, twisted, mentally ill, gross, pervert. I’m accused of being a rapist and pedophile. I’m given dirty looks when I go out. I don’t have equal rights- I can get fired in many states, I can be denied housing in many states, in the very few states I can get married it’s not federally recognized, in many states I can’t visit my partner/wife in the hospital. I can be beaten, raped, or killed for my orientation. I can be mistreated by healthcare professionals. I have people say that I can’t love, I can only lust. People think I’m obsessed with sex and that I have 500-1000 partners. I’ve been physically assaulted before. I’m severely depressed and even if I could afford help, many doctors are homophobic. I’ve been told to commit suicide. I’ve had people say they’d like to kill me, and I’ve even had a guy ask me where I lived so he could.

        1. There’s many negative stereotypes about people like me in the media. People say I’m confused, that I haven’t met the right man yet. People say it’s a phase, that I chose to be lesbian. People call me a deviant, weirdo, abomination, etc. Guys think they can “turn” People say I’ll never have rights. I’ve been turned down for a job because I’m lesbian. People say things like-
          -Homosexuals don’t commit suicide because of bullying, they do it because they know deep down what they feel is wrong
          -Pro-homosexual activists claim our truth speech is “hate speech”. Since we give facts about them, that means they hate themselves
          -Homosexuality is the manifestation of a much deeper and troubled psychosis, normally lust for children
          -Homosexual sex is systematic abuse of the body and is why homosexual sex results in much shorter lifespan
          Homosexuals believe they deserve rights for sticking their genitals in places they don’t belong

          Look at all the gay bullying/violence. That hurts me, it affects me

          1. “turn” me*

          2. None of this changes the reality that you’re a bigot, and its “International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia “

        2. I’m compared to an animal
          The sex I have with a woman is compared to bestiality and pedophilia
          Ever heard of “corrective” rape? That could happen to me
          People say “That’s gay” “No homo” “Queer” “Dyke” all the time, even to me
          People could deny me service at a restaurant, store, etc, I’ve had people refuse to help me at stores before
          I’ve seen people whispering while looking at me like I’m a four headed mystical beast
          Some people don’t want to talk to me or be friends with me because of my orientation
          Some people wouldn’t allow me near their children
          Even if I wanted children (I don’t), I wouldn’t be allowed to adopt them in many states

          The list goes on

          1. “I’m compared to an animal”

            My dear, you ARE an animal. You have no respect for others, you’re no better than the bigots and you’re an embarrassment to yourself and all gay people. You get bullied for a reason, and its NOT because you’re gay.

        3. Lumi

          As much as I dislike your transphobia. I do like some of the things you say. I also like some of your humour on occasion (when it has nothing to do with transgender).

          I find your transphobia abhorrent.

          Now, I personally think reading between the lines of some of the stuff you have said (and slap me down if I am wrong) that you have some issues you need to deal with. Some of those may be because of your indoctrination in the past in the churches that you have been part of. It may be that you need to talk to a counsellor or similar to try and deal with some anger issues and some confusion which is probably perfectly natural given some of your experiences.

          Taking it out on transsexuals is not helpful. Your attitude to transsexuals sounds extreme fundamentalist Christian in origin.

          Not all doctors are homophobes. There are also organisations in various parts of the US who might be able to help you.

          If I knew roughly where you were in the US then I would ask for you.

          1. Well, thank you. As much as I dislike your pro trans stance, I do lik

            -It has nothing to do with taking anger out on transgender people, I just take out my anger on people in general.
            -I’m pretty damn sure I will never support transgenderism, I find transgenderism abhorrent, the stuff I’ve said isn’t going to change; we will have to agree to disagree.
            -I never heard about transgenderism in churches and nobody ever spoke of it
            -I can’t afford mental health care for my severe depression/anxiety/panic attacks even if I could find a lesbian-friendly psychologist. I live in a pretty horrible part of the Bible belt, so I think I need to wait to move. It would be nice if I could find something online and somewhat anonymous. What would be best for me is finding friends, but since I came out, nobody wants anything to do with me, nobody cares about me, even new people I meet don’t want to be friends, hence part of the reason why I’m such a bitch (the other is how I’ve been treated in general).

          2. I do like* some of the things you say, and I do like some of your humor on occasion :P

          3. Hodge Podge 18 May 2012, 9:12am

            “we will have to agree to disagree”

            This is not an option when you are spreading falsehoods which will be used against us.

        4. When you say youre “all alone since I came out as lesbian, not one person cares about me”, that probably more to do with the fact you’re a disgusting individual and why no one you know likes you. You need the help of professional people to counsel you sick mind and why you need us here to feel sorry for you as a way of excusing your repugnant hate speech.

          Sorry, I do not pity you, you speak of hate and moral superiority towards others. You do not deserve pity. To be blunt, your comments about Trans people turn my stomach, and that’s why others hate you too.

          1. Lumi is quoting issues facing all LGBT people, not her personally. What is her REAL story?

          2. @ Genes – Her real story is she’s a vile little troll who is to thick to see you own hate crimes.

        5. FranklyBewildered 18 May 2012, 12:38pm

          How are you all alone if you have a partner/wife? You have each other. Or are you just talking about Lesbian experiences generally? I think the question WAS, what is YOUR experience, and like Genes, I actually wonder if it is as bad as you make out. I also agree with Tanya that you ARE a bigotted and self-opinionated person and you have probably made yourself isolated by your attitude.

    3. Lumi you are truly disgusting. To post like this on a day where we remember all LGBT is wrong and SICK.

      You are a vile human being and have no right to be calling for equal rights at the same time as trying to blank out our trans members. You make me so f’ing angry!

  8. Fantastic to see The Co-operative supporting the day by flying the pride flag at all their major occupancy buildings. Employees also held Rainbow Days across the UK to raise awareness and the rainbow balloon release at The Co-operative Food store in Galston, Scotland got lots of people talking about this important matter. The Co-operative – Good with LGBT

  9. FranklyBewildered 18 May 2012, 12:43pm

    what are you blabbing on about?

    Homophobia CAN be controlled. The people with it can just shut the f*** up. Try it. You’ll feel better for it.

    1. Ben Foster 18 May 2012, 1:32pm

      The difference is we’re not offending anyone by what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms, whereas you are a ridiculous, out of touch disgusting bigot with a foul mouth.

      1. Ben Foster 18 May 2012, 8:31pm

        As if I didn’t know that. I have a life, a job and hobbies other than posting on PN. I had better things to do than wait for your nonsense.

        I really don’t care what the incestuous do in their bedrooms, either. But if they get caught they’ll be prosecuted. Sensible laws exist that make their acts illegal. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1967 because people realised it was a ridiculous thing to have laws against.

        No members of my family, or my lovely husband’s are offended by what we do in private. And nor are any of our friends or any sane, sensible person. The vast majority of people know that gay lovemaking is as joyous and wonderful as any other kind of lovemaking. Our sexual ‘acts’ are mutually satisfying expressions of our loving relationship.

        What is YOUR problem with that?

        1. Ben Foster 18 May 2012, 8:32pm

          and you still haven’t explained ‘hereophobia’.

    2. “Homosexuality can be controlled also.”

      You mean by going to the same god screaming idiots you went to so you can be “cured”?

      Nah, I don’t want to drink and life away while on a gay site desperate for attention and validation. But you knock yourself out.

  10. What the blinking flip is Hererophobia anyway? Is it a fear of being here?

    If so the cure is to go away. Feel free to avail of it.

  11. Bye Bye Keith!


    1. Who cares what you think, you can’t even keep your comments up – I’d say its not the only difficulty you have in that department.

  12. The work of Clinton, Obama and the US; the work of Cameron and the UK and of gay activists to promote equality has had some success!


    President Joyce Banda has said Malawi will overturn its ban on homosexual acts – the first African country to do so since 1994.

    1. I am having great difficulty posting a response I would like to make to one of the troll comments on here.

      For some reason my comment regardless of how I word it is being blocked.

      I wish to give details of research from an eminent Swedish scientist who has shown that orientation is genetically and enviornmentally influenced and is not a choice.

      1. the brain network which determines what sexual orientation actually ‘orients’ towards is similar between gay men and straight women, and between gay women and straight men.

        1. The amygdala, he said, was important because of its role in “orientating”, or directing, the rest of the brain in response to an emotional stimulus – be it during the “fight or flight” response, or the presence of a potential mate.

          The author of the report said “far as I’m concerned there is no argument any more – if you are gay, you are born gay”

          1. The author was from Queen Mary, University of London and working with Swedish counterparts.

          2. The authors name is the piece of information that Pink News appears to be Blocking.

            Dr Q.a.z.i. R.a.h.m.a.n.

          3. Modern science cannot state conclusively what causes sexual orientation, but a great many studies suggest that it is the result of biological and environmental forces, not a personal “choice.” One of the more recent is a 2008 Swedish study of twins (the world’s largest twin study) that appeared in The Archives of Sexual Behavior and concluded that “[h]omosexual behaviour is largely shaped by genetics and random environmental factors.” Dr. Q R.a.h.m.a.n., study co-author and a leading scientist on human sexual orientation, said: “This study puts cold water on any concerns that we are looking for a single ‘gay gene’ or a single environmental variable which could be used to ‘select out’ homosexuality — the factors which influence sexual orientation are complex. And we are not simply talking about homosexuality here — heterosexual behaviour is also influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.”

          4. The American Psychological Association (APA) acknowledges that despite much research into the possible genetic, hormonal, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no evidence has emerged that would allow scientists to pinpoint the precise causes of sexual orientation. Still, the APA concludes that “most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

            In October 2010, Kansas State University family studies professor Walter Schumm said he was about to release a study showing that gay parents produced far more gay children than heterosexual parents. He told a reporter that he was “trying to prove [homosexuality is] not 100% genetic.” But critics suggested that his data did not prove that, and, in any event, virtually no scientists have suggested that homosexuality is caused only by genes.

      2. Ben Foster 18 May 2012, 8:33pm

        there was a bit of a problem mid-afternoon, I think. Perhaps the staff were deleting the trolls at the time. seems ok now.

  13. See the posts below that begin with the “Test” message!

  14. In Norway we put up a children’s parade to celebrate the 17th of May. The royal family was waving to the parade as it past by the royal palace for three hours! The 17th of May is also Norway’s national day, but I guess that’s just a coincidence…

    Happy international day against homophobia and transphobia and 17th of May!

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