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Video: Short film ‘Homophobia’ made available free online ahead of IDAHO

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Reader comments

  1. Moving storyline. Great production!

  2. Very intense! The actors and the director did a great job.

  3. That was amazing. Edge of seat.

  4. I question the use of the word “homophobia” by our gay lobby as being in any way appropriate in branding those who oppose our viewpoints.

    We scream “homophobe” these days at anyone who has a differing opinion from us yet we’ve forgotten what it actually means.

    Phobia is fear of someone/thing, not if you hold a differing opinion to them.

    But in their zeal to stymie any kind of a rational debate on the issues that concern some gay people, like gay marriage, the militant gay fringe hurl “homophobe” at all and sundry who oppose it.

    Hasn’t it occurred to radical gays who profess to speak for all that those who don’t agree with marriage – many gays included! – do so not because they fear us but because they don’t happen to agree that it is the way forward?

    In this upside down PC-gone-insane world, the word “Homophobe” is now bandied about like “racist” to silence debate and force our demands on the majority.

    Using the “homophobe” is a shamefully cowardly way of forcing an argument.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 7:09pm

      There is a distinction between disagreeing with equal marriage and I can fully accept that as someone’s opinion, either gay or straight, but when opponents allude to polygamy, incest and bestiality in regarding to legalising equal civil marriage, then they’ve crossed the line. They make such spurious offensive statement like that to deliberately incite fear and pandering to the worst emotions in people. In that context it IS homophobia. Then you have to ask yourself. why now raise the issue of polygamy if it’s not meant to instill fear and promote bigotry and intolerance? I strongly disagree with you in this instance.

    2. My problem is people, specifically on the right, who want to say racist things, so misogynistic things, say homophobic things, using whatever language (its almost always masked), and then demand to NOT be called racist, homophobic or sexist, and say your being PC if you do.

      No, it is not political correctness to call out bigotry when you see it, its honesty, right wingers need to stop whining about it.

      Even jokes about it, if its obvious that a joke is intended to convey a certain thought, YES its ok to start a conversation about what thought its trying to convey, that is not political correctness.

      “PC gone mad” is just a bollocks phrase for people trying to excuse their racism and bigotry. The anti-PC crowd is just there to victimize themselves because people are no longer okay with their abusive language.

      I find that most of the people who boast about “not being politically correct” really mean to say “I expect you to find my bigotry endearing.”

      1. I agree with you (and Robert above), especially with “PC gone mad” being a bollocks phrase.

        It’s similar to the way the careless use of the word ‘militant’ – even, depressingly, by gay people of gay people – immediately rings alarms bells signalling sloppy, lazy thinking.

        1. I tend to use the word “militant” as a retort of people like Aiden who are anti gay bullies and call gay activists militants to highlight their lack of aforethought

    3. There’s only one response to that:-

      Samuel B = fool

  5. Anti-gay people know the pain they cause gays and the people who help the gay anti-gay people or who go along with the gay bashing also know the pain and suffering they cause gays. That is why these anti-gay people act so demented and insane at times, they know they are harming others and this bothers them the same as when somebody harms them or causes them pain, after all they are human too. When you harm another it is like a little cancer that sooner or later will kill you, and it is you who are doing it to yourself when you harm another for no reason other the fact that you are different. Helping is the opposite of hurting and when you help you feel better and live better, we all know this too. Don’t we?

    1. You are wrong there, dear. Perhaps in your experience it is so, but there are those of us who are intelligent enough to know the difference between gay hate and homophobia.

    2. Bigots don’t feel remorse or empathy. They enjoy hurting people. In fact they do not see gay people as human beings at all.

  6. Have we all not fallen for mates we cannot have.

    We have dreamed of being with this person whom we admire and adore and know they are out of reach or are straight.

    The film also highlights Michael’s internalised homophobia and accepting himself and trying to fit in.

    We have all been there are still there some of us.

    Brave film.

  7. Luiz F. Nascimento 17 May 2012, 3:59am

    A beautiful production, a young Director, a contribution to gay community!

  8. love the production and the storyline

  9. A stunning film, brilliant. Sadly I’ve been there.

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