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Denmark: Ex-minister equates gays with ‘killer snails’ to oppose equal marriage rights

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Reader comments

  1. Just more idiocy.

    LGBT people can and do have children.

    Marriage does not require the production of offspring, no one need prove fertility, no one is denied it due to age and not one has their legal relationship dissolved if they don’t have kids.

    Stupid red herrings, repeated ad nauseam by the spectacularly ignorant.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 12:36pm

      Exactly right. I see Denmark has its own versions of Nadine Dorries and Anne Widdecombe. The religious nutters believe that marriage both religious and civil requires procreation yet there is nothing in marriage law anywhere in the western world that mandates it. I was under the impression that love and commitment are primary, procreation being a secondary choice.

      1. Anne Widdecombe is a dried up old spinster who has had to resort to games shows to keep her in the public eye. She should stick to looking after her cats!! Marriage should be the coming together of two PEOPLE who love eachother without conditions. If these governments and out spoken individuals spent as much time concentrating on some of the terrible things that are going in some countries then maybe this world would be a better place to live in!!!!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 12:58pm

      One thing these nutters all have in common in this regard is sex, having the right ‘plumbing’ no matter if it leads to procreation or not. I wonder why they obsess so much about it? It’s bad enough they’re distracted by gay sex and what we do with our genitalia, especially the male agitators.

  2. I’m confused about why Ms Hornbeck uses killer snails to argue that heterosexuality is the reason “the world still exists”. These hermaphroditic snails appear to be jolly successful.

    Perhaps Ms Hornbeck considers gays to be a naturally superior species, like these killer snails, who if not artificially suppressed will take over the world?

    I would like to personally reassure Ms Hornbeck that my laminated copy of The Gay Agenda makes it perfectly clear that eating our way through the world’s lettuce supply is not on our agenda. We are quite happy to share lettuce with straight people.

    So now I’ve cleared that up, can gays get married now, Ms Hornbeck?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 12:38pm

      Too funny, but I so agree with that.

    2. Ah, but in the 112th edition of the Agenda [Geneva, 1987?] the consumption of lettuce is referred to in a footnote on page 287 (in relation to dressings, but I’m sure that’s irrelevant).

      Or so I’m told – I’ve never actually seen a copy of this legendary publication.

    3. Literally crying with laughter.

  3. I think this June 15th is the date Denmark is scheduled to sign the introduction of same sex marriage equality into law.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 12:51pm

      I believe that is correct while our consultation ends the day before. Hopefully the former is a good omen for equal marriage in the UK.

      1. Stop Hate (Stop Had) 16 May 2012, 6:22pm

        Thats correct

  4. PN,

    Am sure its a typo in the first paragraph – as instead of has?

  5. I love this. It just goes to show how sad and low people can get to justify their homophobia. Carry on being so ridiculous you silly people you only undermine your own views.

  6. It really can’t get any worse. Seriously, how are these people elected into office?

    1. cos some people there are obviously terrified of the snails and gay people banding together to go forth and destroy the countries crops of course :P least that makes more sense than some of the other stupid arguments they maje :D

  7. And we thought we had it slow.

  8. Interesting to see the reporting of it in the Danish Press:

    Notably, that not only was she a government minister but a “former church minister”. Perhaps explains the bizarre and unfactual rhetoric of this clearly illogical woman.

    1. Thanks Stu for the article.

  9. Email her at Let her know that she should watch out for the snail since she has the I.Q of a carrot!

  10. Here is the link to her email address:

    1. It was worth opening your link to see her photo! lol Goodness, I have always thought of the Danes being such a stylish and sophisticated society. Guess there has to be the odd woman out!

      1. Oh dear, I see what you mean. She doesn’t look a happy bunny, does she?

      2. That photograph makes her look like Denmarks Anne Widdecombe!

    2. Christ. Its Hyacinth Bucket.

      1. Me too! :D

        1. LOL!

  11. I thought this woman would have belonged to the right-wing Danish People’s Party but no, she belongs to the Danish Liberals! I would say her comments are sour grapes because she lost her Minister’s job! Bring on June 15th in Denmark!

  12. ‘Why the world exists’
    Correct me if I’m wrong but the world existed long before any human, or any other animal, crawled on its surface.

    1. And will go on existing long after we’ve either moved on or been eradicated by the next denizens.

  13. And she was the Minister for Integration?


    1. Oh, some would have called it “disintegration” as she did everything she could to prevent anyone non-Danish from getting into the country and nothing to make those she had to let in happy to stay here–which is why she was kicked out of the Ministry for Integration in the first place.

      A mean piece of work if there ever was one. In her defence, I’d say that this is the only time she’s ever voiced any homophobic nonsense as far as I know. Not that it makes it better, she’s just not a serial-homophobic nutter, at least not in public.

  14. This simply doesn’t make any sense. the more basic forms of life from which we have evolved certainly are not divided into seperate sexes, and a large number of higher organisms are either hermaphrodite or engage in same sex activity. The arguments i see against same sex marriage are becoming more and more absurd every day.

  15. They’re actually killer slugs, not killer snails. The Danish word for snail (snegl) can also mean slug.

    That said, I’m not sure I like the idea of being compared to a slug or snail. Some of their sexual practices are kinky even by my (fairly liberal) standards. I’ve never felt the need to harpoon a lover, for example – yet that’s what some slugs and snails do.

    1. Oh, there are a few weekends where I feel quite sluggish. And the only time I think of harpoons and sex is when they gentleman has a (get ready for it) Moby Dick.

  16. Mumbo Jumbo 16 May 2012, 1:34pm


  17. The conclusion that gays and garden pests should be equally unable to marry because they do not have normal heterosexual relationships, has drawn condemnation from equal rights advocates and amateur malacologists alike.

    Best. Line. Ever.

    1. I have to say some of the sarcasm from PN recently has been top notch.

      I like the line you mention, but my favourite recently was in the Dr Julia Gasper story “ was unable to reach Dr Gasper this afternoon to express gratitude.” after Gasper had said gay people should start thanking straight people for their existance.

      1. I agree with both of you, it’s refreshingly astringent.

  18. Shame! I thought Denmark was rather more enlightened than this. Ridiculous remarks to make!!!!

  19. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
    What an idiot! Hahaha
    Seriously they are creative. So does that make straight people like viruses killing the earth with their constant breeding.
    No of course not. Straight people are only doing good in this world bless their cotton socks

  20. Actually I believe most snails and slugs are hermaphrodite, not just the ‘killer’ variety that ‘have been pillaging Denmark’s potagers’ (another killer line from PN :-) ).

  21. Paddyswurds 16 May 2012, 2:41pm

    The ignorant bint should read a few books. Hermaphrodite snails, while able to reproduce independent of a sexual liaison, usually do engage in sexual activity when at all possible…..

    1. Can they reproduce independently? I didn’t know that! I thought it was half-and-half, so to speak (half of one with half of the other).

      1. Pulmonate land snails and land slugs are perhaps the best-known kind of simultaneous hermaphrodite, and are the most widespread of terrestrial animals possessing this sexual polymorphism. Sexual material is exchanged between both animals via spermatophore, which can then be stored in the spermatheca. After exchange of spermatozoa, both animals will lay fertilized eggs after a period of gestation; then the eggs will proceed to hatch after a development period.

        Per wikipedia

  22. Whoever voted for this degenerate must be really proud of their choice – it says much bout their own intellect.

  23. And in any event, the hermaphrodite snails are usually not gay, since the male part of one mates with the female part of the other, and vice-versa (and they’re perfectly capable of reproducing prolifically). So I don’t really know what this woman’s point is – if she had one in the first place, that is.

  24. Why do these backward bigots always presume that encouraging a young gay person – with nurturing and respect – to be themselves, is going to jeopardize the human race? It’s just total bollox

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 16 May 2012, 3:24pm

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. I wonder what people of her ilk would think of a gay man and a lesbian having sex and producing a child then going their separate ways to be with their respective partners? Would they view it as acceptable? Would they condemn it?

    1. They would condemn it.

      They thrive on pious sanctimony.

      Makes them feel good about themselves and lets face it they probably need to as nobody generally likes these types.

  26. They have two sexes. This makes them more like gay relationships, which only have one, than straight relationships, which also have two.

    It makes perfect sense to me.

    1. Usually gay relationships involve couples of the same gender in a relationship. Those individuals usually only have one form of genetalia. Thus your comparison falls down.

    2. Pat let me get this straight:

      2=1=2 yes?

    3. “It makes perfect sense to me.”

      It would, wouldn’t it. The stupidity of comparing human relationships to snails is the domain of the very simple and not so well educated.

    4. Some people appear to have missed the sarcasm in this comment.

  27. So we’re snails now. Man, they are REALLY running out of arguments.

    1. Ward and George in Hawaii 16 May 2012, 5:09pm

      It has to be noted that these Iberian snails have migrated from Spain to Denmark and would seem to have flown right over France. this would suggest a tidy solution to the Danish problem — EAT ‘EM. Butter, garlic and chives will make them sing a merry Gallic tune as they slip down the jolly pink road.

  28. Stop Hate (Stop Had) 16 May 2012, 5:58pm

    We, Stop Hate (Stop Had in Danish), confirm the quotes in the article, however it is only part of an update we made on Facebook. unfortunately our Facebookpage is in Danish, but we would still very mush like you to join. ;)

    We also have a website, whish also is in danish, but it will be translated into English shortly. By the end of next month, we hope. :).
    – Hope you all stop by. :D

    We are a grassroot organisation, and we are only 2 people in the organisation, so we would just like to thank pink-news and all you lovely people for the positive feedback. :)

    We would very much like to hear you story, if you have been a victim of a hatecrime in England. Or if you just have a comment about us or another related subject. You can contact us at og on telephone: (+45) 606 234 66..

    Be good.. ;)

  29. Another anti-gay Christian who has lost his mind. Really these people with hate and anger issues need mental help. It is not normal to talk about another human being like this and shows a deep seated psychosis. We pray that this poor sick person gets the mental help they need.

  30. Lyuba Allenivna Tereshchenko 16 May 2012, 7:12pm

    XA XA XA XA!

  31. GingerlyColors 17 May 2012, 6:51am

    When was the last time anybody got eaten by a snail? As for eating snails, I think that is disgusting. Snail pie? No thanks!

    1. …unless you are French. If so, then crunch away!

  32. EX-minister? Why is she even relevant anymore? just another irrelevant bigot. let’s ignore her.

  33. Gay Kernow 17 May 2012, 9:39am

    Equal rights for snails !!!!!!!

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