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Ben and Jerry’s renames Equality Minister Lynne Featherstone as Lynne Honeycomb

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Reader comments

  1. Cute stunt, Glad they are on the right side of history!

    1. Funny when I read it I thought (aww how cute^^)

  2. Very nice. Gotta say, Ben and Jerry’s are really diving in with both feet with this. Seems more than just the standard corporate “yes, we support this” statements. They’re really keeping an eye on how things are developing.

  3. Even though it probably would have melted I’m sure i would be pretty disappointed at the lack of ice cream. (especially since i love ben and jerrys)

  4. It’s all very well heaping praise on Ms Featherstone for supporting equal marriage (which is still not guaranteed to even be debated let alone legislated for) but on the less trendy issue of supporting victims of discrimination, she must stand condemned with her Tory colleagues. They have just cut funding to the Equality and Human Rights Commission and watered down the public sector’s equality duty.

  5. Spanner1960 17 May 2012, 8:58am

    Interesting coincidence I noticed yesterday that the late leader of the band the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was paid $35,000 so Ben & Jerrys could name their “Cherry Garcia” ice cream after him.

    I wonder if Ms Featherstone will be receiving such gratuities, and whether or not she will be donating them, or for that matter allowed to keep them under the Parliament rulings.

  6. Anyone ever seen a tub of these in Tescos? I’d love to taste it!

    1. Its only available in their Ben & Jerry outlets as a scoop

    2. You used to be able to get it when it was Oh My Apple Pie, but that was nearly 5 years ago, still my fav flavour oh how I miss it :(

      1. My local supermarket has the apple pie one – but I don’t recall seeing it in the marriage equality packaging.

    3. Asda has the flavour as Oh! My! Apple Pie! now. :) There’s a tub in my freezer. It’s delicious – the chunks of apple are soft and tangy and the pie crust bits are crunchy!

  7. You can get the ice cream in Tesco – in little pots. Its quite scrummy

  8. Hodge Podge 17 May 2012, 3:47pm


  9. Tom left?

  10. “Although her staff say they were disappointed that it didn’t actually contain any actual ice cream.”

    Political staff do like ice cream. After all, who doesn’t ?

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