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North Carolina Governor denounces Amendment One

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Reader comments

  1. Can she stop the amendment passing into law by refusing to sign it on the grounds that it’s against the US constitution?

    1. You would hope so but I’m not sure that she would be able to as it was voted by the people!

    2. It’s not a law that got passed …it’s an amendment that got put into the state constitution that says “marriage is one man and one woman”. The governor can’t do anything about what the people of the state vote to put in their state constitution.

      1. As always… Federal and State politics vary and confuse!
        Doesn’t the State Governor have the power of Veto?

      2. Sorry! found the answer after the fact…

        Governors can veto state bills, but nothing besides a state bill. The president has the power to veto any law or bill that is present.

        The president can veto only a federal bill, one that was passed by Congress, and he can only veto the entire bill — he can’t pick the parts he likes and dislikes.

        Governors can veto only state bills, passed by that state’s legislature. Some governors have the line-item veto. They can veto the parts of a bill they object to, and let the rest become law.

        1. There are currently 31 State constitution bans on same sex marriages, 10 of those also extend to Civil Unions.

          The following link to stats and graphics is discouraging!

      3. However, North Carolina’s state Supreme Court and/or the Federal Courts may deem the amendment unconstitutional, just like they did with California’s Proposition 8.

        1. I reflected on that fact during my post!

          “Proposition 8 served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California,”

          A precedent was definitely set with the strongly worded ruling against California’s Proposition 8, when it was ruled unconstitutional. On that basis alone I am dismayed (but not surprised) that North Carolina actually proceeded to a vote on this amendment.

          If this goes the same route in the courts as California… and is also ruled unconstitutional, it will be interesting to see if it deters future bans or encourages other States to challenge rulings now that President Obama has spoken in favor of marriage equality.

      4. She may not be able to but in the end the U.S. Supreme court will rule ALL of these so-called “state amendments” unconstitutional — because you cannot vote on the civil rights of other people. That is why they are called civil ‘RIGHTS’ in the first place..!

    3. Let the stupid amendment pass, not because I want it, but because the arc of history is on our side and in 30 years or so they deserve a giant stone monument in Raleigh NC to mark their shame. Start a kickstarter project now, that’ll make sure it’s a big un.

  2. Maybe if she stood up to the bullies who forced the issue, the state would not be passing the law! Surely as Governor she could have halted it?

    1. Depends if all the other politicians in NC supported her.

      I admire her integrity and support for civil rights by being willing as an elected official to publically state that her electorate were wrong.

      Brave woman/

  3. I love that “come on guys, we don’t want to look like mississippi do we?”

  4. We went to North Carolina a few years ago, not in our plans this year due to this amendment. They will lose thousands of vacation dollars in tourism with this amendment !

    1. If you can you should let their local tourist board know that you will not visit them this year and in a foreseeable future due to this amendment. The more people who let them know this the better.

      1. Yes, we have cancelled our reservations at the hotel and sent letter to Tourism Office telling them that there decision will stop LGBT people from visiting.

        1. Sorry ‘their decision’.

        2. Well done, Peter!

  5. jamestoronto 12 May 2012, 7:41pm

    Whatever happened to the “New South”we hear so much about. Sounds pretty much like the Old South with a different cast.

  6. It’s not only dems that are getting on the bandwagon for full marriage equality. A leaked Republican party memo makes demands for a quick change of opinion based on Republican party polling data:

    1. There is no evidence that the Republican party is paying any attention to this advice and much that they are ignoring it. Romney is still trying to out-Santorum Santorum.

    2. Followed the link and the attempt to place a pro-gay marriage stance in a conservative context is interesting and to be expected. It is very like statements David Cameron has made. The medium and long term challenge for Republicans on this and other issues – and it is not yet clear that they will take it up soon – is freeing the GOP from the thrall to religious extremists which it has gotten into in recent decades. The philosophical argument it must advance is that the theocratic ambitions of of these people are in fact completely at odds with conservative notions of the role of law and the state. The party leadership is beginning to wake up to the long term strategic disaster that courting the Religious Right has been, and to the increasing marginalisation the party faces due to demographic and cultural changes unsympathetic to its agenda. They have a big and long fight on their hands.

  7. It is just a matter of time before the Christian KKK in North Carolina starts burning crosses in the front yards of LGBT people and hanging them like they did to the blacks who wanted equal and civil rights, about 50 years ago. To get justice they had to march and protest and burn cities down that killed many people in America, just to get equal rights and civil rights in America.

    1. Keith Farrell 12 May 2012, 10:28pm

      I hope we don’t have to go far, I war is not the right choice, too many innocent people will get killed, I’m sure that there will be too much blood loss on both sides. What we need to consider is getting out of any place where we don’t have rights and getting all the young gay people out, take all your business away from those states and get all the big businesses that support us and our rights to do the same. the only way is to take business away, that will effect jobs and everything else. Big thing is if this happens don’t leave any young gay person behind.

    2. Sadly, this is one issue that is likely to unite the Christian blacks and the KKK.

  8. “look like Mississippi.” think of the shame!

  9. It’s much worse than you think Governor Perdue it makes NC look like Uganda. The facts are that the same bunch of fundamentalist homophobes are at work in your state and in Africa. History repeats in the South only this time with a different set of people being discriminated against and by the same kind of people. The State has been shamed.

  10. Our side ran a really stupid campaign. No wonder we lost. See the blog at, where Claude Summers describes our campaign as fatally flawed and duplicitous. I hope we will not be emulating it in Minnesota, Maryland, Washington, and Maine in November.

  11. WantsToKnow 13 May 2012, 1:11am

    WOW! That is QUITE an insult!

  12. Welcome to Mississippi, North Carolina! I’m a Mississippian and am not offended by her comment.

  13. The North Carolina constitutional amendment is actually worse than Mississippi, in that it also bans civil unions.

    1. There are actually 10 States that which incorporate bans on civil unions into their constitutions (unsure if NC makes that 11) some states go even further in that they have incorporated bans to deny health, pension and tax benefits to domestic partnerships.

      On the Federal level of government, even if States now allow marriages the Federal government does not recognize same sex unions and denies ‘ALL”
      tax, pension, health, immigration and visa/s allowed M/F marriages.

  14. Why no mention on Pink News of Philip Hammond’s comments on same-sex marriage in the Sunday Times?

    He’s the first Cabinet member to say he’s against it, and he’s said it isn’t “deliverable”.

    Looks like our government is hell bent on turning the UK into a new Mississippi too.

  15. Latest news from our friends in North Carolina is that a group of LGBT people have been arrested when refusing to leave government building after filling in Same-Sex marriage forms and presenting them to clerk in marriage section, whom refused to accept the forms, saying that marriage is only between a man and a woman in the State of North Carolina.

  16. Corrent me if i am wrong, but is there a fundemental question on the issue of equal marriage being against the american constitution? Why can’t America deal with this on a state issue basis? Does the current law in the USA define if hetrosexuals can marry only on a state by state basis? If someone was to try and introduce a law stopping hetrosexuals from marring, then would they not rightly say that that would be against their constitutional rights? So therefore it must also be against ours?

  17. Let’s face up to the fact that the whole idea of America being a bastion of democracy and human rights is a good media job. The history of human rights in these Southern states is appalling. Thinking of the 30,000 Argentinians murdered with the nod of the United States and the Roman Catholic Church. Wonder why Argentina is working hard to create a more equal society? America ha smone big problem, religious mania. There is little hope for GLTBI people in many of these backwaters.

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