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Middle East

Four Iranian men due to be hanged for sodomy

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Reader comments

  1. More proof that religion is a putrid and hideous cancer on the human race.

    1. Shocking news. These executions should be condemned at the highest levels of the UK government

    2. its not religion, its extremism.

      1. It is Islam… Islam is an extremist religion at its core anyway… to say religion in the context of Islam is to say extremism

    3. There is nothing wrong with religion. It is just the people who use it that create the problems

  2. Keith Farrell 12 May 2012, 2:11pm

    A barbaric country, What else can you expect from a this religion

    1. There’s not much to expect besides evil. There’s very little good in the Quran.

      1. There’s plenty of good in the Qur’an. It’s just that a lot of it is taken out of context. Add onto it the teachings of the hadith and the religion can become warped out of context. Same with Christianity and any other religion.

        1. …and then there’s shari’a…

    2. a barbaric regime , not a barbaric country

      1. Very true :)

  3. Lynda Yilmaz 12 May 2012, 2:12pm

    As ever Valksy I agree with you all the way. What makes this so interesting to me, is how and what evidence was produced in the court. Were there witnesses to the actual act? I’d be surprised! Were these men targeted because it is believed they were gay?

  4. Adam Thomas 12 May 2012, 2:15pm

    Forgetting the hideous nature of this country and its “religion” – take a moment to think what is going through the heads of those four men right now. Deeply saddening.

    1. It’s terrifying. :-(

    2. Yes, truly sad. leaves me with a very sick ening feeling for them. what a world we live in

  5. RobNorthampton 12 May 2012, 2:17pm

    Come to Iran, where we turn the clock back 900 years, and wantonly murder innocent people just for fun, and nobody can stop us because we have an imaginary god that says it’s okay.

    1. 900 years is a bit of an understatement. Most countries have never been as vile as Iran is now.

  6. Patrick McCann 12 May 2012, 2:23pm

    iHow very sad for these 4 people. My heart goes out to them and their families.

    I am also saddened because all homosexual people in Iran and many other parts of the world, are still suffering while we, in western nations are enjoying the freedoms that activists continue to fight for.

    1. Don’t worry, we have our own religious fundamentalist extremists who are working tirelessly to turn the clock back a millennium or two. The fight will never be over until religious extremism is driven out of our world.

      1. I actually don’t think religion is purely to blame. Whilst I am not religious I respect and would be willing to defend anyone’s right to observe it.

        The problem here is when those people in power use religion as an excuse to marginalise and discriminate minorities. They rely on the general public’s lack of education and understanding on these issues to foster an atmosphere of fear & hate against minorities and use warped interpretations of religion to justify these views.

        The result is a public feeling scared and threatened by these minorities but political leaders (and extremist viewpoints) are empowered by the general perception they are dealing with this fabricated “menace”. Where minorities are scapegoats for problems and the only way to maintain political power is to be seen to be hard-line against them.

        Rather than a “war on religion” just creating more division & suffering, shine the light of education & understanding against the darkness of ignorance and hatred.

  7. Garry Cassell 12 May 2012, 2:38pm

    All these Isalamic bastards so called leaders should be hunted down and slaughtered..

    1. Revenge? And what would that achieve?

  8. Outrageous, evil and demented.

    Inhumane, illegal and barbaric.


    There is little we can do as a nation other than condemn it in the strongest possible terms and step up sanctions.

    We should refuse all visas of Iranians for education, business etc.

    1. So, just because a few Iranian leaders condemn 4 men to death means all Iranians should be tarred with the same brush?

      1. Glad to see from the negative votes that people feel it’s alright to condemn a whole group of people based on the actions of a few.

        1. Yes, its a very odd reaction. I’d hate it for others around the world to codemn me for the murderous actions of Tony Blair for example.

      2. So what do you suggest we do instead, Evan?

        In what circumstances would you deem sanctions to be appropriate?

        Do you think we should just let Iran get on and murder their LGBT citizens?

        What should we do if you do not agree with sanctions?

        1. Oh I dunno, perhaps take each case on an individual basis?! I mean how is sanctioning the whole iranian people fair? They haven’t all chosen to create those laws. They don’t necessarily all follow Islam. And what of the LGB citizens of Iran? Are we to deny them visas too? It’s so amusing. Some people condemn the whole LGB community of being paedophiles due to the actions of a few. And aren’t we now condemning the whole Iranian people due to the actions of a few? Yes perhaps deny visas to those implicated with such crimes e.g. the political and faith leaders in Iran but don’t punish all the iranian people.

          1. Thats not the issue. The issue is putting pressure on the regime. Individuals piecemeal pressure will not be effective/

          2. How’s denying visas gonna put pressure on a regime? The people in power only have power in Iran. They’re not going to want to move to the UK. The people in Iran who are suffering as a result of the regime are the ones who would want to leave but would be the ones being denied the visa. There are probably better ways to target the regime at it’s source than to directly target all people.

      3. Right. And if OUR government started executing people would you sit on your pathetic backside? Or would you get up and take action? Would you understand that if the judiciary was controlled by theocracy and ANYONE could be declared undesirable at any moment then EVERYONE is in bloody danger?

        To be silent is to be complicit. To be apathetic is to collaborate.

        Bloody act up. Or carry some of the damned burden.

        1. If our government started executing people would I sit on my backside? Probably. If it was the case that I myself would be executed for standing up against the regime then no, I would not. It’s all well and good sitting behind a computer screen and saying that you’re incredibly brave and would stand up to the regime. But I actually live in the real world, the world where if I were to speak out against such a regime i would be killed without anyone giving my resistance a second thought.
          The only theoretical solution to the Iran situation would be to overthrow the government and religious leaders and set up an EU/UN government, but even that would cause some problems.

          1. So you sit on your hands and ignore the state sponsored murder of people due to their orientation and expect other governments to do the same.

            Well their blood is on your hands too, Evan.

            I do not hide behind a computer. I work for Amnesty and action needs to be taken against regimes like Iran.

            If Martin Luther King had been like you and sat on his hands, if Mandela had been like you and sat on his hands if Aung San Suu Kyi had been like you and sat on her hands, if any of their supporters – or Wilberforce etc etc.

            Sitting back and saying I can do nothing is similar to condoning the regime which murders.

          2. These regimes cannot act in a vacuum. You cannot oppress and kill the whole population if the whole population is in opposition.

    2. It’s inconceivable that countries like this still function with primitive and barbaric beliefs.

      Sanctions are justified… but regrettably not always effective.

      In part I would agree that denial of visas sends out a strong immediate message, It “unfortunately” negates an opportunity to escape from oppressive regimes for those more fortunate.

      As western nations we are equally to blame because as recent examples show our governments have denied people refugee status “absence of proof” and ordered their deportation to certain imprisonment or even death.
      Unfortunately we become hypocrites when we on one hand condemn any countries actions and our own bureaucracies actions are sadly often condoned.

      1. But it does not deny genuine asylum seekers who usually do not have visas

        It does prevent trade, it prevents the economic well being of the state and it adds pressure to the citizens and the government to change.

  9. Over 4000 lesbians and gay men have been executed in Iran since 1979! What is the United Nations doing about this? Why is Iran allowed to be a Member of the UN! Iran should be expelled!

    1. Spanner1960 12 May 2012, 4:38pm

      Seriously? The UN is a toothless relic. Look what they did about Syria.
      “If any more people are killed, we will be forced to have another debate about it.” And so it goes on.

      1. Paddyswurds 12 May 2012, 5:45pm

        There is no oil in Syria, which explains the reticence to invade there, so perhaps they could invade Iran on the pretext of stopping them getting the N bomb , get rid of these bronze age weirdos and save Iranians form themselves and then steal their oil. However, if Iran wants to destroy itself from the inside who are we to say Nay…. They are capable of rising up as they did against the Shah, why don’t they rise up against this stone age tyranny……

        1. Spanner1960 13 May 2012, 12:34am

          Who are you kidding?
          Syria produces over 400,000 barrels a day.

        2. Syrian oil exploration first began in 1933 during the French Mandate and the first commercial discovery was in 1956. The industry took off in 1968, when Syria’s first commercial oil field began production, although Syria did not begin exporting oil until the mid-1980s. Syria is a relatively small oil producer, accounting for just 0.5 percent of the global production in 2010. Although Syria is not a major oil exporter by Middle Eastern standards, oil is a major pillar of the economy. According to the International Monetary Fund, oil sales for 2010 were projected to generate $3.2 billion for the Syrian government and account for 25.1% of the state’s revenue. Syria’s known oil reserves are mainly in the eastern part of the country in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate near its border with Iraq and along the Euphrates River; a number of smaller fields are located in the center of the country. In 2010, Syria produced around 385,000 barrels (61,200 m3) per day of crude oil. (Wikipedia)

    2. Oil!

    3. How any civilised country can ‘make a deal’ or believe anything that an Islamic savage says is beyond my understanding. Kofi Annan and the UN actually believed that Syria would stop their civil war. It is a known fact that Arabs and any other person who is in the Islamic religion is a liar, and a cheat and that life is cheap. It is the religion that they worship nothing else. This sickening confirmation of the savagery and barbarianism of this so called civilised country and other Islamic countries is proof that the Arabs and Islam have made fools of the whole world. But because of OIL and the reliance on it by Western Countries we have to ‘kowtow’ and accept what these Islam people do. It is the 21st century in the western world. I utterly deplore these acts against the gay community in Islam and I challenge the UN and other Western countries to stand on their hind legs and do something about it.

  10. We cannot let Iran carry on like this. What exactly can we do? I know organisations like the Peter Tatchell Foundation and others will no doubt mount a petition but it has’nt stopped this barbaric action in the past and now this! We need to step the pressure up a big gear. But what is the best plan? Demonstrations outside every Iranian Embassy? Should they be allowed to come to the London Olympics?

  11. Jock S. Trap 12 May 2012, 3:38pm

    This is barbaric. It’s shows religion up for the true evils of this world. The true shameful behaviour of such extremists cannot, will not stop people being born the way we are but sadly people who choose religion feel they dominate society and murder who they want and then blame God and religion as if to deny all responsibility.

    Every person’s human rights on this planet is the concern of every person living on this planet. Not one persons human right to life is more or less important than the next.. we are all of equal value and for religion to choose who should or should not live is beyond me. The worst of humanity it seen comes from those that choose a religious lifestyle.

    Not all I know but the anger of this against such innocent people will demonstrate why religion and religion alone is responsible for the worst of humanity on our beautiful planet.

    1. This is not religious, but rather cultural.

      Either way though, we need our government to do something significant.

      1. It’s both.

      2. Spanner1960 12 May 2012, 4:39pm

        What would you suggest? Waving a finger at them whilst they supply 20% of our oil? There is nothing we can do that would worry them in the slightest.

      3. It’s purely religious. The Iranian people do not support the barbarity of this primitive, illegal, and terrorist regime. This is a regime that rules through terror, murder, and oppression. Nothing more and nothing less.

      4. It’s religious. Iran is run by the evil religion of Islam. Look at the countries that have death penalty for gay sex- Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen- plus Somalialand- all Muslim run. Look at the way Islamic countries treat women, Sharia law, the evil in the Quran.

        1. “Look at the way Islamic countries treat women”

          Look at the way you treat trans people. Bigots are evil, immoral and wrong.

          1. Well said Will!

  12. I am too angry for words.

  13. David Thomas 12 May 2012, 5:05pm

    It greatly saddens me that this is allowed to go on and international forces seem powerless to act. My understanding of Iran is that it is a land of great beauty and people of fair disposition who are by and large as lawful as the rest of us. That they think differently is open to dispute as I have no idea how open or closed the society is. It was an Iranian who could not understand why I fretted over 10K child deaths when in 9months there would be another 10K born. That this is a terrible thing for any human to do to an other is without doubt. I cannot condemn the nation only their misguided approach to social control and their two faced approach to their own peoples. Very saddened.

  14. Terry Stewart 12 May 2012, 5:06pm

    If we are going to criticise regimes such as Iran, then we should be looking at positive ways of both supporting our community abroad and demanding that our Government does not do business with these regimes. Other regimes such as Russia or Saudi Arabia to name only two are examples of how our Government is colluding with these regimes, simply because it is about finance and big bucks, whilst at the same time looking the other way as the LGBTQ community are repressed in the most barbaric way. .

    The Iranian regime is an example of the worse kind of state we would chose to live under and for this reason alone we should oppose this state run terror on the LGBTQ community.

    We should not shy away from that because of some weak argument about the politics of the Middle East or an argument about us intervening being some kind of Pink Imperialist move. Defend our brothers and sisters where ever and when ever they are being terrorised by their government, simply for being who they are.

  15. Terry Stewart 12 May 2012, 5:11pm

    Get your MP or representative to voice our disgust at this barbarism and let Tehran know that state terror against our community will not be tolerated, any more so than the terror they meat out to the rest of their country.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 12 May 2012, 5:25pm

    Appalling, disgusting, abominable. Proof that Islam is not a peaceful religion. I’m sure the Christian Institute and the religious bigots in Parliament could care less. They probably give tacit support to it. They’d do it to us if they could get away with it.

  17. Disgusting. I would expect nothing less from a country run by Islam. I feel sorry for the LGB people there. RIP to the victims of this horrible law. :(

    1. Its LGBT Lumi.

      1. Jamesh

        Absolutely it is LGBT.

        Unfortunately, Lumi is only tolerant of things that she believes affect her – she is intolerent of trans issues – and that is a similar standpoint to the Iranian regime.

        1. I’m tolerant of rights for children, I’m not a child and I’m never having children. I’m tolerant of animal rights. I’m not an animal and I don’t have any pets currently. I’m tolerant of rights for war veterans and the elderly, I’m not a war veteran or elderly. I will NEVER support transgenderism. It’s not similar to the Iranian regime because I’m not executing trans people.

          1. And you had the bloody nerve to say some days ago that you didn’t have a bloody chip in your shoulder.

            Mendacious fool.

          2. I don’t hold any grudges against trans people, I have an issue with the disgusting, wrong, evil, and immoral thing called transgenderism

          3. “I don’t hold any grudges against trans people, I have an issue with the disgusting, wrong, evil, and immoral thing called transgenderism”

            Are you making this nonsense up? Do you even read your own comments? “Immoral” and “evil” are religious words, sounds like you’re too stupid to even leave your church properly.

            You are a vile individual, its a wonder you think you deserve equality, as no one would marry a disgusting fool like you.

    2. It’s not LGB. Sexual orientation and “gender identity” are separate. Plus, transgenderism is legal in Iran, they have the most gender reassignment surgeries in the world besides Thailand, and they provide up to half the cost of the operation for those needing financial assistance. Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death in Iran.

      1. Lumi

        Your ignorant bigotry againsts transgender people is as bad as the roots of the bigotry of the Muslim rulers in Iran that murder LGBT people.

      2. Iran has no laws against transgenderism, while they have laws against homosexuality. Transgenderism has nothing to do with this story. It also has no place in the LGB community.

        My bigotry against transpeople is not as horrible as the way Muslims treat LGB people because I don’t follow an evil religion and I don’t support going around murdering transpeople

        1. If you really believe being transgender is not a problem in Iran, perhaps you should educate yourself by reading this article:

          One quote for you:
          “Iranian transgendered people are persecuted, tortured and coerced to undergo sex reassignment procedure. Unfortunately, sex reassignment procedure are usually done carelessly and improperly without the necessary pre-surgery counseling. Consequently, many post-op transsexuals end up more unhealthy physically and psychologically.”

        2. Well I don’t advocate torture, that’s horrible, but if they want to get a better operation/treatment, leave the country, or just don’t get one. There’s a choice to be made. Nobody’s forcing them to go through with the operation, it’s their decision. Homosexuals, bisexuals, and women don’t have a choice. There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, emo, etc. And at least it’s not illegal to be transgender in Iran, while it’s illegal to be gay (or bi), and they go around murdering “alternative” people more.

        3. And yet you have a choice not to be a repugnant bigoted fool, and yet you chose to be one Lumi.

          Would you be okay if we hung bigoted fools like you? Bigots are immoral, evil and unnatural after all.

      3. meant it’s not LGBT

        It *is* LGB

        1. No, its LGBT you silly cow. You’re becoming as bad as Keith!

        2. “It *is* LGB”

          Only you keep saying that.

          Its LGBT.

          EVERYONE else thinks so – the reason being, everyone else isn’t a total bigoted moron like you.

          Don’t worry about equality, Lumi, no one would touch a repugnant cow like you anyway, you don’t have to worry about marriage.

        3. The ‘T’ in LGBT is just as important Lumi. You are a bigot & an idiot.

  18. As an Iranian, I want to express my sympathy to all. Just know, this is a regime that does this time of thing to all segments of society. This illegal and primitive regime is not representative of the Iranian people in any matter. In fact, this is a regime that is so brutal and so primitive that they rape our young sisters before execution through a “temporary marriage” so that they don’t “die as virgins” as “virgins go straight to heaven”. The Iranian people live under this oppression every day and hopefully the day will come when the west assists the Iranian people in liberation. Again, this regime is not representative of the Iranian people or of Iranian culture.

  19. The only good thing about the governments continuation of the Christians Holy War to kill all Muslim terrorist is that they will destroy these people who murder gays for having sex, which is not a crime. If we are lucky the Muslims will kill the Christians and the Catholics will kill the Muslims and we will be done with these terrorist. Free to be who we are.

    1. Nice name

      There are non Muslims over in the Middle East that end up dead, and there are non Islamic/Christian and non-homophobic people in US etc militaries that end up hurt or dead. It’s an unfortunate side effect, along with the huge cost (the money could be used for other things). I would like if religious people could be converted instead of killed. Except for the ones that have killed gays, they can die.

      Gay sex is a crime in seven countries (eight if you count Somalialand), but I know what you mean.

      1. Gay sex is a crime in more countries than that Lumi!

        We need to change them.

        1. Yes, I believe it’s
          28 countries where it’s illegal for men
          38 countries where it’s illegal for women and men (a few in only the areas with Sharia law)
          5 countries where it’s not clear by law
          Then the ones with death penalty

          Where’s it’s illegal not my death, LGB people are fined, beaten, or jailed. They’re even beaten, murdered, raped, outside of the law. Very sad.

          It does need to be changed! I’d like to be involved in LGB activism someday, but for now I can just raise some awareness, sign petitions, etc :).

        2. When I said a crime in 7/8 countries, I meant a crime punishable by death

  20. All civilised governments must protest at this vile barbaric act.

  21. I am greatly disgusted by this inhumane punishment towards these innocent gay men in Iran. This unlawful killing made the recent UN human rights for LGBT summit in Geneva appear pointless. There is no justice for the oppressed. Aren’t these gay men human too? Why are they being treated like dogs and pigs? Islamic nations should just go to hell. I hope these poor men will find peace in heaven, and should their arrival be denied in heaven, I hope whatsoever entity they called God will be damned to eternal unrest for there is no justice in heaven.

  22. jeffrey Scott 12 May 2012, 5:57pm

    What a joke of a country… Ridiculous…

  23. Islam at it again. If there were no oil in the middle east making these idiots wealthy, it would just be one giant dustball.

  24. Every county where homosexuality is illega either by fine/jail/murder/etc, every country that doesn’t have women’s rights, every country that doesn’t have freedom of speech (to an extent) and religious freedom, and every country that doesn’t have hate crime laws and anti discrimination laws based on sexual orientation should not be a part of the UN.

    1. illegal*

    2. “and every country that doesn’t have hate crime laws and anti discrimination laws based on sexual orientation should not be a part of the UN.”

      Really? Do you really think anyone here thinks a fascist pig like you gets to pick and chose who joins the UN?

      F****** and read a book, you fool.

  25. I look forward to seeing, in due course, Iran being run from Washington and Tel Aviv.

  26. this is just sick

    Can’t anyone do anything to stop this?

    I really feel sorry for those guys

    1. The goverment can stop following the Quran

  27. Instead of just condeming it I want our government to proactively offer asylum to these men.

    Maybe Iran would be as happy to ‘rid’ of them to an ‘immoral enemy’ as we would to see valued life saved?

    1. The regime don’t see it that way.

      1. Nope, I kinda guessed they didn’t. :(

        Still like to see our country doing more than accept the inevitable with a condemnation. A bigger gesture to help these men in a similar way to the US with the blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng with offering him studies in New York, or Germany with medical help to Yulia Tymoshenko. Should turn a spotlight on Iran’s cruelty and, possibly, increase that level of shame by showing they had a different option than execution.

  28. Aryu Gaetu 12 May 2012, 7:25pm

    Someone needs to explain to the rest of us how killing someone via religious dogma (Muslim) is any different than beating and ostracizing someone until they commit suicide (Christian). Dead is dead.

    Journalists are disgustingly eager to show boys being hanged in Iran, but not a single Christian as the balls to display the results of their religion, the suicide corpses of their boys, in Small Town USA.

    Neither side is willing to drop their ridiculous ancient myths and superstitions in order to save a life. This makes them all evil cults; merely different flavors of tiny groups of people trying to gain control of others, profiting on their fears. I don’t know of a single religious institution that shouldn’t be legally charged with fraud.

    Freedom of religion? Sure, just don’t scam and kill people, directly or indirectly.

    1. This moral relativism is absolutely ridiculous. We have a President who came out in support of gay marriage. In Iran under the Islamic Republic, homosexuals are executed and cannot come out in the open. The self-hatred among some in the west in making false comparisons of morality is absolutely shameful and ridiculous. And I speak as an Iranian-American, straight, and someone who believes in equal rights for all irregardless of sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity/skin color. Stop the self-hatred and appreciate the freedoms we have in the west. Work to make things better but ALWAYS APPRECIATE.

      1. Islam is evil

  29. Hi guys. I’m a young guy from Iran. Just wanted to say than most young Iranians are very pro-gay. please don’t consider Iranian people to be homophobes. although the older generation don’t agree with homosexuality they still find the execution of gays to be very barbaric. I feel so sorry for these young men but we just can’t do anything about it. most Iranian authorities are clerics which we hate them with all our heart…

    1. So why do thousands turn up to watch?

      1. That is a sick thing but in a country of 70-million, it is not that many. It is a very small percentage. In addition, this is a psychological element and psychosis of human beings (watching such things as a way of being detached from the reality of what is taking place). I admit though it is truly disgusting and sick.

      2. I was speaking to an Iranian a couple of years back and he told me (I don’t know how true this is, but I have no reason to doubt him) that people are often rounded up and crowd managed to events such as state executions or political rallies with threats of incarceration or torture if they refuse to comply. The crowds at the executions may not be there willingly but doing their best to appear that they support the regime to try and avoid being tortured or their loved ones tortured.

        1. yes stu, those “animals” that like to watch people die are called Basiji…
          you can read more about them here:

    2. Good points which are good to hear. It would be encouraging if mre people in more countries realised that this isn’t just a “gay” issue, it is broader than that, it is a freedom and equality issue. Things that everyone should be concerned about. Straight/gay/bisexual.

      I have said before on here that I choose not to drink alcohol but I would be outraged if the government told me that I couldn’t drink.

    3. A whole wave of uprising has spread across North Africa and some middle eastern states, disillusioned with the forced right wing religious idiology. You as a people have to find a way to come together to beat the oppression that rules you. You cannot go on living like this and nor will this international community, eventually, allow you to either. Are you going to wait until your so called leader treats you just like the Syrians are being treated now? If you don’t want outside intervention, then you must find the courage, ways and means to rise up against this evil dictatorship.

  30. jamestoronto 12 May 2012, 7:36pm

    Given the speed with which the Iranians have in the past dealt with these insidious executions, the four hapless men are probably already dead. So the efforts to actually stop it are moot. Sadly, until this terror regime is overthrown and Sharia law done away with, these events will continue.

  31. Die loser!

    1. No, you are the blinkered bigot who lives his life by his own interpretation of a fairytale book that has zero relevance to life today and tries to provoke and harass people on a LGBT website – despite stating openly that he hates gay people.

      Sound like an ex-gay psychopath that is trying hard to fight his urges to have some gay sex!

      If ever there was anything deviant its someone who lives life according to a book of fiction.

      1. Maybe Keith fancies me, maybe thats why he is so infatuated with me that he believes every person who makes a comment he does not like is me.

        Its a compliment in a back handed sort of way I suppose.

        Thanks, Keith – but no thanks – I don’t find your personality attractive, you’re not my sort of guy and frankly I don’t know where youve been.

      2. I think he has HIV/AIDS and/or many other diseases, and that’s why he’s had an obsession with mentioning them

        You’re too good for him, Stu! He’s unintelligent, obvious because of his homophobic and religious views.

    2. Yet another sad mental case from Nebraska. Medicate H8

  32. Let me guess, you own a B@B?

    1. I believe Keith is actually a closet case who claims to live his life according to the Bible (a piece of fiction).
      I believe he lusts after man sex but is so torn up inside over the competing issues of his natural orientation to seek love with a man, and his indoctrination that tells him not to – that he can not bring himself to try and develop a normal loving relationship.
      I believe as a closet case he has at times regularly frequented anonymous sex venues and found himself with faeces on his penis and at times contracted STI due to what he would call “depraved” actions. He chose to, then felt guilty and took the guilt out on LGBT people on what he perceives to be an “anonymous” website. So grown up!
      He still lusts after sex but is lonely and will never understand the loving commitment that many of us gay guys have in our monogamous committed relationships, with no need for the crutch of the Bible that he leans on and which lays him with a guilt complex. Evil b@stard.

      1. Keith hasn’t denied Liam’s theory. I take it to be true that Keith frequents public sex establishments from time to time. His attempts to harass and persecute on here are part of a guilt complex he clearly has.

  33. The sad truth is that homosexuals are routinely executed in Iran under the guise of “drugs”; hence, to avoid the international media attention.

    1. It’s also a sad truth that they execute children.

  34. Stuff Queer People Need To Know 12 May 2012, 8:52pm

    This is such a tragedy.

  35. why do sad losers like you even come to this site
    shouldn’t you be grunting at rocks or dragging your wives by their hair or something

  36. If the US was governed by Christianity like fundies want it to be, I wouldn’t doubt the same thing happening

    1. The Bible does say to execute homosexual men, and it’s homophobic

  37. @ Homophobe

    There’s nothing wrong with homosexual sex while there is something wrong with discriminating against people because their orientation

    By the way, plenty of straight couples have had anal sex, I don’t see you complaining about them

    1. No you are just opposed to anything that might either be loving, and committed or enjoyable.

      You are basically frigid.

      1. Homosexual and heterosexual sex in a loving monogamous relationship is beneficial mentally, physically, and morally. Me being with a woman I’m in a relationship with sexually is very enjoyable and healthy.

        Sex between consenting adults not related to each other is a natural thing and should be enjoyed, not limited because of a 2000+ year old book of evil. There’s nothing wrong with homosexual sex, or sex before marriage.

      2. “It does require effort, commitment and restraint however”

        I see he ex-gays thought you this. So as part of your “restraint” you come in here and demonstrate your schizophrenia?


        As if anyone would listen to the likes of you, LOL! You’re weak, Keith. Weak and stupid.

      3. What or who warrants ‘deviant’ sex?

        I’m not into it either but it does not entitle me to say it’s deviant or ‘wrong’.

    2. Well I would personally never have anal sex, but if you clean, if you use protection, I don’t see the issue with it. It’s enjoyable for some people, and there’s nothing wrong with it (although I *personally* think that it’s gross)

      By the way, lesbians exist too and gay men can have other types of sex- mutual masturbation and oral sex.

      1. Well throw in handjobs too because if only one partner is receiving it’s not really mutual

      2. you’re*

      3. My ex and I used to have a pretty big collection of toys – including some butt plugs. Prefer the real thing though!

        My ex got custody of most of them when we split up.

        My current partner and I have a few bits and pieces though.

        Why? Did you want to compare notes or have some advice as to which ones you should buy, Keith?

      4. Not off to the sauna tonight then, Keith

        Just playing little games with you gay friends.

        Strange how you are attracted to us so much.

        You really must get that discharge sorted out.

      5. -There’s no risk free way to have any type of sex
        -The @nus has a relatively high concentration of nerve endings and is an erogenous zone which can make anal intercourse pleasurable for both the insertive partner and the receptive partner (won’t let me type @nus?, something won’t let me post on this comment)
        -Dressing as the opposite gender is acceptable
        -For medical reasons, cutting the tip of the penis off is fine, and if the man is an adult and decides to, that’s his decision, although I think it’s better for men to keep it
        -Homosexual sex is enjoyable, and it’s natural for people attracted to the same gender or both genders


    3. Medicate H8

  38. [my comments aren’t showing up so this is just a test to see if something’s wrong with my browser]

    1. Ah thats why so many of yours disappear on a regular basis then, Keith?

      1. LOL @ Dan!

        1. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 9:52am

          It is Stu you mental midget!

        2. Sounds like someone is paranoid that every other poster is someone else – do you hear voices from the walls, too? Together they can be signs of schizophrenia – perhaps you should seek help.

          There is a helpline for people like you :
          0300 5000 927

        3. “It is Stu you mental midget!”

          That sentence make no sense.

          Please attend 19 years of school, and then come back to me, yeah?

    2. I’ve actually been having some problems on my computer since I forgot to update some plugins on my browser.

      My comments are sensible. Yours are not.

      1. I’m a woman, first of all, so if you’re trying to use the whole gay man insult, it doesn’t work

        I don’t use sex toys much, but if I did
        1. I wouldn’t borrow them from anyone. I MIGHT use a toy that a woman I’m with has after it’s cleaned.
        2. I wouldn’t put a toy (butt plug in the case you’re mentioning) in my ass. That doesn’t interest me.

        1. Thats usually why when beginning a new relationship, most responsible people have a sexual health check.

          Of course, some people are so indoctrinated that they couldnt do such a thing – they put themselves at risk.

        2. That’s what STD testing’s for

          I also only do monogamous relationships, and I don’t/wouldn’t sleep with random women

        3. Since I’m not allowed to get married, then I can’t have sex within marriage by the way ;)

    3. Looking at your user name, is this something you know from personal experience?

  39. Take a leaf out your own book troll and obay the anti-discriminatory laws of this land. After all, how hard is it to not be led in to temptation to hate?

  40. Of course I’m aware lesbians have the risk of STDs, but they have the lowest risk of STDs out of any of the homosexual/heterosexual/bisexual, female/male combinations. But heterosexual men (like you pretend to be) can get STDs as well, nobody is 100% safe.

  41. Justin Kahm 12 May 2012, 11:27pm

    Sex changes are legal in Iran, however.

  42. @ Homophobe

    Iran executes Christians so you’d most likely be hung there, so I don’t see why you’re cheering them (well, it’s because you’re anti-LGB)

    1. Lumi, its LGBT. You really are a foul person.

  43. Anyone engaging in drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, breathing polluted air, cycling in traffic or some sexual activities (to mention a few potential risk factors) have a possibility of contracting oral or other cancers. Lesbians are no more at risk than others.

    1. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 9:44am

      The biblical Christian law of abstinence until mutually monogamous heterosexual marriage assures 100% protection so you are wrong in your asertion that nobody is 100% safe rom STDs.
      You are also wrong to asert that you yourself are safe from STDs as yo have just conceded you are at risk from oral ancer. You are also at risk from HPV and hepatitis as a sexually active lesbian. Clearly, Christian biblical morals are the safest course.

      1. The above post is proof that the poster is clearly mentally ill. If not ill then it is a troll who comes to this site only to provoke a response. The postings from this person are becoming more bizarre with each response to them. Pink News please act. What is the difference between the continual expressions of crazed homophobia from the woman in Nebraska and the postings under discussion from “Stu’s etc”? I see none in reality, none at all.

      2. 100% abstinance until mutually monogamous is only effective if both parties are truthful about their past – and in my sexual health team IU am currently dealing with a youth pastor whose wife was not so truthful. It happens even to Bible believing Christians. STIs do not look at people and think “oh he’s a Christian I can not attack him”.
        I have never asserted that anyone is 100% safe from STIs – you are the one who has asserted that with you Bible believing business, and thats fiction – as my caseload at work currently shows.
        I have never suggested that lesbians are safe from STI or oral cancer (nor am I a lesbian – I am heterosexual). I have said that there are other risk factors and I would also say that the scientific evidence points to other risks being much higher than lesbianism.
        If you are going to try and criticise my comments, at least do me the justice of reading them first – because you clearly have not. Your comments about my statements are lies.

        1. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 4:53pm

          I refuse to reply to your sock puppets stu(pid) you sniveling , deceitful deviant toad.

    2. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 9:51am

      One can increase the risk or eliminate it. Nobody is at risk from sexually transmitted oral cancer if they practice abstinence before mutually monogamous heterosexual marriage. That is how you eliminate that particular risk. It is a personal choice. many choose to accept the risk in favour of their deviant perverted pleasures. I am just stating facts.

      1. “I am just stating facts.”

        You mean like the proven scientific fact that homophobes like you are 98% most likely to be repressed homosexuals?

        That’s fact too.

        1. There is no doubt at all. That sad individual is no different to the Nebraska woman. Can Pink News take immediate steps to delete the posts made from that individual? They are nothing more than the obsessive expresions of a mentally ill mind. Medicate H8.

    1. signed, Thanks Omar.

  44. This is obviously appalling and we must as a country do all we can to persuade Iran to change this barbaric law

    Perhaps we could apply priorities though and devote our time to campaigning against this, as opposed to homosexual marriage.

  45. If you don’t like faeces on your penis Keith, you should use a condom!

  46. Islam has no respect for life. Also holds little value to human life.

    “Thou shall not Kill” is in both religions, yet they both still condone such behaviour.

    Rid the world of religion.

    1. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 11:08am

      The CORRECT translation is thou shall not MURDER. Big difference!

      1. The events in Iran are examples of murder by the state.

      2. You are a collective?

      3. plug collection, an expert in aramaic, hebrew and greek languages

  47. “When will deviants learn to obey the law of the land, just as hotel owners are expected to in this country?”

    Ah, poor dull witted Rosemary Bull…. as full as self absorbed excrement as you are Keith. And as much of a loser too.

  48. “Are you not aware that lesnbians riak oral cancer among other frightful diseases, even in monogamy? Obviously not!”

    LOL! How intelligent you are, Keith! I should think you learn to spell before you expect us to take medical advice of some loser with schizophrenia like you.

    1. Stu's personal Butt Plug collection 13 May 2012, 9:47am

      I note that you have not rebutted my claim and as usual for low mental capacity deviants, you have used diversionary tactics such as my typos. What is your response to tmy clai that lesbians risk oral cancer. Do you deny this and will you ever cease being butt hurt by my views?

      1. Please read my comment:- “I should think you learn to spell before you expect us to take medical advice of some loser with schizophrenia like you.”

        Key word are “loser”, and “with schizophrenia like you”.

        But glad to educate you, difficult as it is for you to learn.

        You’re welcome.

        1. Is it okay of I change my name to something else?

          You seem not to mind when you do it….

          But then again, I’m not mad.

        2. LOL @ Keith.

          You’re pathetic.

          Other then a good laugh, you have no influence on anyone else’s life, so please do keep it up, and keep trying to learning from me, I’m a better superior to you than the fools who thought you in the ex-gay conversion program (which worked soooooooooooo well, didn’t it?)

          And that makes me laugh at you even more!!!

      2. Safety in numbers eh? Classic sign…

  49. Medicate H8.

  50. Medicate H8!

  51. Medicate H8!!

  52. So Hetros can bugger their wives – but we can’t sodomize our lovers – Equality my ass

  53. Small Media 13 May 2012, 12:56pm

    Mehri Jafari and a number of experts on LGBT rights in Iran will be speaking at our launch event on Wednesday at Amnesty’s Human Rights Action Centre. The Peter Tatchel Foundation are supporting the release of Small Media’s ‘LGBT Republic of Iran’, a report documenting both the tragic and the inspirational stories of LGBT Iranians. Tickets are free, but for more information and to register please see

  54. totalitarian regime at its worst

  55. What we are seing in Iran now is a regime that is not that dissimilar to the Third Reich. There is a kind of “Societal Cleansing” going on there, and it’s shocking to think that this gets little attention outside of the gay press.

    All of this, from the murder of GLBT people to their nuclear programme, presents a challenge to all of us in enlightened societies such as ours. What on earth can we do to save GLBT people in that dark place? Surely, there must be a way of getting our top spokespeople, like Stonewall and Peter Tatchell to get together with other groups in Europe and the US to get their governments to get these people to safety.

    There is a holocaust going on in Iran at the moment. We all need now to get these people to safety

  56. Solution; manifestation gay mundial.Recordar San francisco.Si expect help from politicians. The hanged

  57. This is why no matter where you are in the world you enforce human rights as an individual by holding politicians and religious leaders personally accountable for any human rights violations they commit and punish them whenever you have the opportunity. That is how you ensure politicians and religious leaders don’t get away with violating human rights. None of these violators operate in a vacuum beyond the reach of GLBTA people, so be prepared to hold them personally accountable.

  58. As horrendous as this story is, I was shocked when I read, “… not clear whether the individuals involved are actually gay or it is an occasional act of sexual gratification.” Ummm. “An occasional act of sexual gratification” between two men means “gay,” dear.

    1. Not necessarily. Experimentation? Bi-sexual? Giving in to urges that they had no other way of satisfying? Who knows, maybe not all of them were consenting participants. They even said they don’t differentiate between homosexual acts and rape. Those things don’t necessarily make you gay.

    2. No it doesn’t, unless you believe sex between men in prisons is also ‘gay’.

  59. And yet there will still be people saying that being gay is a choice. Because, you know, people like these poor men totally chose to be gay in a country that will now murder them for it.

    My heart really goes out to these men and their families. I can’t even imagine how those poor men are feeling right now. I really wish there was something that could be done to stop it.

  60. Sick country full of sick people. This is why i say middle of the night all lgbt oppressed people leave and the next day the west takes down this nightmare of a place.

    How can you look at at a people like this and imagine any GOD any advanced race would not look down upon us with shame.

    This shows how small and horrid a race humanity can be. It needs to be stopped by force because killing people based on who they love or attracted to is just unforgivable.

    1. sick country full of sick people – wrong wrong wrong. The cruel Iranian regime are indeed murderous bastards, but the proud Persian people are NOT.

      1. It’s a shame then that the proud Persian people don’t rise up and overthrow their cruel masters then, isn’t it?

        1. They’re too frightened to rise up. Look what happened following the 2009 election. Murder, torture, rape.

  61. Religion is nothing but a vile and corrupt cancer, is should be banned in all it’s forms.

    1. yeah I agree. especially Islam! (I used to be a Muslim by the way!)

    2. you my friend, are a moron.

  62. this is institutional murder.. this is how myopic and barbaric the world view of these pipol in this part of the planet are. ironically, this is one of the places that is supposed to be the wellspring of faith systems and civilization of the world.

    but let me say this. this is not only the concern of Iran. All humans of this planet should unite to stop this carnage. saving people’s lives knows no boundaries and it transcends beyond national sovereignty.

    only animals kills each other.

    1. Muslims are animals…

      1. What a childish reactionary point of view! There are plenty of Muslims in this world who would be appalled by these actions.

        There are also plenty of Christians and Atheists who would happily see all gay people (as well as many other minorities) eradicated from existence. To focus on the religion as a whole misses the point and its that sort of rhetoric that can evolve into action which is just as bad.

        Islam is being used as an excuse by a horrific government.

  63. this is institutional murder. this proves the myopic and barbaric worldview that these people have. ironically, this is supposed to be a part of a place that claims to be the wellspring of faith systems in the world.

    but let me say this. saving peoples lives knows no boundaries. it transcend beyond national sovereignty. i am therefore adding my human voice to the cry for true justice, not based on a corrupted interpretation of the supposed words of a divine being .

    God did not tell humans to kill each other. only animals do that.

    Stop the carnage,.

    1. balloonable 15 May 2012, 10:35am

      Humans are MUCH more barbaric than other animals.

  64. MartinTimothy 15 May 2012, 8:02am

    The Koran thence Islamic Law, does not provide the death penalty for adultery or homosexuality ..

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful

    The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication
    Flog them each a hundred stripes
    Nor let compassion move you in their case
    If ye believe in Allah and the last day
    Surah 24 An Nur – The Light – Verse 2

    Remember when Lot said unto his folk
    “Will ye commit abomination such as no nation ever did before
    Ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women
    Ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”
    Surah 7 Al Aaraf – The Heights – Verse 80

    In the case of adultery where similar text appears to endorse death, Jesus tells us to err on the side of mercy, while in response to homosexuality, the text expresses outrage and repugnance, it does not provide the death penalty!

  65. The majority of you seem to be blaming this on religion. its extremism that is the problem. words in a book, however interprated don’t kill people. people kill people.

    1. *WATERGATEJIM* 25 May 2012, 6:15am

      Words in a book incite people to kill people and “preachers”, such as the homophobe in the pulpit in Maiden, NC, USA, are inciting others to bash and kill LGBT persons. We have our own “ayatollahs” right here in the USA! We still have quite enough bigotry, ignorance, and hatred right here at home that will never allow us to become a “more perfect union” as long as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is defined by

  66. I actually don’t think religion is purely to blame. Whilst I am not religious I respect and would be willing to defend anyone’s right to observe it.

    The problem here is when those people in power use religion as an excuse to marginalise and discriminate minorities. They rely on the general public’s lack of education and understanding on these issues to foster an atmosphere of fear & hatred against minorities and use warped interpretations of religion to justify these views.

    The result is a public feeling scared and threatened by these minorities but political leaders (and extremist viewpoints) are empowered by the general perception they are dealing with this fabricated “menace”. Where minorities are scapegoats for problems and the only way to maintain political power is to be seen to be hard-line against them.

    Rather than a “war on religion” just creating more division & suffering, shine the light of education & understanding against the darkness of ignorance and hatred.

  67. Petition to stop it!!!!!!!
    very gloomy and compassionate situation, medieval outlook still reigns! It is a pity these children, these unfortunate and so suffered much unclear destiny, and here still demonstrative displays of hanging by a loop on their necks the Legislation expresses a real role of the executioner

  68. Inaccurate and exaggerated as so frequently on PinkNews whose motto could be “overreact first, check facts second”

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