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Comment: Barack Obama joins an unstoppable global trend towards equality

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Reader comments

  1. Very well said, and I do think that any backtracking from our government is now made much harder thanks to Obama’s stance.

  2. Quoting Alexandra Zavis in the LA Times:

    “Three years ago, a shy young couple from Ohio announced to startled family and friends that they were heading west to marry and begin a new life together in California.
    Soon after they exchanged vows in Long Beach before the wide Pacific Ocean, California voters approved a change to the state Constitution that put their marriage in doubt. For Christopher Lewis, 28, and Cody Horton, 24, it was a painful rejection of who they are and what means most to them.
    On Wednesday, the couple, who now live in Bakersfield, were back in Dayton, Ohio, visiting family when Lewis’ cellphone lit up with the news that President Obama had declared support for homosexual couples to marry.
    “Back when Proposition 8 passed, I was just so incredibly frustrated with President Obama. You know, why isn’t he saying anything? He’s supposedly an advocate for the gay community,” Lewis said by phone. “Wow, what a difference three or four years makes. I would not have thought

    1. that in three to four years that the president of the United States would be endorsing gay marriage.”
      Lewis sounded almost giddy at the possibilities. Perhaps Obama would work to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, a law his administration considers discriminatory. Perhaps there would be a bill recognizing gay marriage.
      “He’s the first sitting president to ever make the endorsement,” Lewis said. “My hope is that … he will lead from the front now.”
      Then he thought about the election.
      “I know it sounds crazy, but I’d almost rather him not endorse it and get elected and do it later than have someone that is very very anti-gay show up,” Lewis said, sounding worried.
      At the very least, he hopes Obama’s position will influence some of his followers to be more accepting of the gay community and marriage between same-sex couples.
      “Certainly the African American community follows his lead and respects him, and there’s a huge need to reach out to that community,” Lewis said.
      He laughed at the

    2. thought of all the Obama campaign emails he responded to with: “Not donating until you endorse gay marriage.”
      “I guess I owe him some money,” Lewis said.
      After putting down the phone, Lewis realized he had one more thing to say.
      “The one thing I would want to say to Mr. Obama if I had the chance is, ‘Thank you,’ ” Lewis wrote in an email. “The truth is, as a gay American my life is much better because he had the chance to be the president and I hope he knows that.””

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 11 May 2012, 6:03pm

    Aside from the economic woes on both sides of the pond, the main reason why the Tories lost so heavily last week, dropping the equal marriage issue will be political suicide for the Tories at this juncture. They hardly managed to secure a majority in the 2010 election. Without gay votes in 2015, they will lose. Surely, don’t those bigoted backbenches understand that? Are they willing to send their party into political isolation by giving the election to Labour over this one issue? That’s just what will happen. Cameron needs to draw a line in the sand and spell it out for them, loud and clear and put an end to the wavering or boot the buggers out.

  4. “the ban on religious same-sex marriages by faith organisations that wish to conduct them.”

    I totally don’t get this. The state cannot forbid any religious practice which is not considered a crime. So if a priest conducts a symbolic same-sex marriage in England, he’s put behind bars, is that correct?

    1. No.

      But in the UK, ministers from certain faiths can conduct weddings that create a valid civil marriage, without the need for a separate civil wedding.

      The UK government’s proposal for marriage equality would make it possible for same-sex couples to have civil wedding ceremonies. But ministers of religion will not be permitted to marry same-sex couples in a civilly valid ceremony.

      Hence if the law changes as the government intends, different-gender couples will be able to choose between a religious or a civil ceremony, but same-sex couples will be allowed a civil ceremony only.

      Peter Tatchell would like faiths to be able to opt in to marry same-sex couples if (and only if) they wish to do so.

      Regardless of whether the UK govt backs down on this, its policy is almost certainly illegal. The ECHR has found there is no right to same-sex marriage, but if a government creates the right, having different rules for gay weddings is clear discrimination.

  5. ‘Barack Obama joins an unstoppable global trend towards equality’

    He could lead it, could’nt he?

    1. Exactly. More than joining, with this recent declaration I could see him leading it, as his support for LGBT rights could influence other world leaders to join him. I hope.

  6. Kornelijus Norvidas 11 May 2012, 9:19pm

    Just a minute – what exactly Obama say in his extraordinary low voice? That same-sex marriage is a states issue, not of federal government (speak – no bill on this material after elections in the Congress). That it is his “personal view” (speak – not political, not presidential). That he change his position after long conversations with his sweat family (speak – all this time since 2008 and earlier he was deffinetley against marriage equality, and just now – yes, just now – began to understand, why gay couples have this strong desire to marry in the land of the freedom). And one day after historical interview – what a circumstance! – he fly to the liberal Hollywood and take at the party with his sponsors. And I will no more remember on this story with Biden`s “sorry” to Obama for “pushing” him or whatever. Yes, it looks very possible, that United Kingdom will not became a country with gay marriage bill until Labors victory in the (next, I hope) elections,- but I really believe and …

  7. Kornelijus Norvidas 12 May 2012, 3:59am

    …admire David Cameron sympathy for marriage equality – its all but simply in the Conservative party,- indeed, it is not very simply even in the Labor party (when come another David in favor of it – few months before famous speech of Cameron at the conference, what matter?). Will Democrats include same-sex marriage in their platform in September or just opposition to doma, leaving anything more at the states level? Obama interview suggest second version. Yes, its nice too. But its also last opportunity – like these two simple words in the Queens speech, which never became part of could be historic day of 10 May 2012.

  8. This kind of good news drives the anti-gay Christians psycho, I can hear them ranting and raving now.

  9. It takes ONE Brave world leader. And the world takes notice.

    Need more of Barak Obama. Hope he wins this years election.

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