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Church of Ireland withdraws controversial marriage motion from debate

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Reader comments

  1. Unfortunately, the homophobic resolution will be back tomorrow. The wording of the preamble has been tinkered with, and it can now be re-tabled, this time as one motion. It appears that the hateful wording of motion a has not been changed one bit.

    LGBTQ members of the C of I are extremely vulnerable, as members of a tiny and very easily identifiable minority. It seems that the brave work of C of I presidential candidate David Norris has only managed to succeed in changing the political climate of the Republic – but not of his own church.

    1. Although you might want to think twice about doing so given the findings from Symantec reported here:

  2. If they want to apologise, their actions need to represent their words.

    If they do not accept LGBT people and their orientation and relationships with honesty and wholeness – then their apologies for hurt caused is worthless and meaningless.

  3. No matter what happens tomorrow or next week or next year, the fact that this happened at all is HUGE!

  4. Why can’t the bigots in the Cult of Ireland understand that civil marriage equality is none of its business?

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 11 May 2012, 3:49pm

    There is nothing written into law in Ireland or the UK for that matter that mandates procreation in civil marriage, something that is absolutely none of their business. Civil marriage isn’t traditional. You don’t need to be married to procreate although for some that’s an ideal. There are millions of dysfunctional heterosexual marriages around the world, some of them produce children, not all. There are no guarantees that marriage will provide a stable environment to raise children in. It’s supposed to but often doesn’t.. There are hundreds of thousands of gay couples doing a fantastic job raising children, many of whom are prohibited from marriage. This has more to do with homophobia, fear and prejudice. They can’t even be honest about that, liars never are.

  6. They are always sorry about booting us in the balls and the absolute necessity of doing it.
    For my part, I am never sorry about pointing out ludicrous and hypocritical beliefs.

  7. That There Other David 11 May 2012, 6:11pm

    The God-botherers can think and do what they like as far as I’m concerned. They’ll dwindle and die off with the passing of the more senior generation. Expect more churches converted into arts centres and nightclubs. They won’t be able to afford to keep more than a tenth of them 20 years from now. It’ll be two churches to every members.

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