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Footballer baffled by reaction of Twitter ‘fruits’ to gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. The guy is just an unpleasant human being. Homophobic, racist and just about everything else bad. Low life idiotic scumpile.

  2. I wouldn’t normally wish this on anyone, but I hope this idiot gets fired and can’t find anywhere else to get a job.

    Don’t suppose he’d learn even then, though *sigh*

  3. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 10 May 2012, 3:55pm

    just fire that twat.

  4. “Pum pum”??? He’s a two year old brain in an adult body, creepy!

  5. It’s just a shame that some of the people commenting on the site he posted on had to do so in such an abusive way. it really doesn’t help to spread a positive message when the critics are as foul mouthed as the originator of the comments.

    1. “the critics are as foul mouthed as the originator of the comments.”

      Please do not defer the blame to others, it makes you looks desperate and rather stupid.

  6. He seems awfully obsessed with the whole issue – and sounds like a giant closet case.

  7. Does he think he’s a stereotypical black rapper? Sigh. Nothing new here.

  8. God some footballers really are thick as sh**!

    I really feel sorry for his kids, imagine having a father like that!

  9. He had a reputation for being difficult to manage when he played in England. That’s one reason why he’s now at Glentoran.

  10. Dr Robin Guthrie 10 May 2012, 4:42pm

    Grown man who kicks a pig skin around a field for a living is “baffled”.

    What a surprise….

  11. Not exactly Noel Coward, is he?

  12. Gay & Happy 10 May 2012, 4:57pm

    It’s as though some people never grow out of being pathetic, insecure school bullies.

    Hope the club gets rid of him.

  13. “to his 19,000 followers”, how is it possible that such a crowd is reading his tweets, or do they come atomatically to some group of people? Poor man is really lost with this kind of audience. There is thousands as simple and not so bright lads, but their voice is heard only inside some low cost pubs.

  14. Mumbo Jumbo 10 May 2012, 6:20pm

    “Knight has played for Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton & Hove Albion before moving to Ireland.”

    Not difficult to see which way his career is going.

  15. johnny.33308 10 May 2012, 6:45pm

    Mr. Knight is obviously not very bright at all. That combined with utmost ignorance makes him a not very useful person to have around…….sad that someone in his position cannot grow up….

    1. He should think about going to play in Qatar next. I’m sure he’d be welcomed with open arms there. Although, they may regard him as being somewhat liberal.

  16. I hope he is a good player because he will never pass as intelligent.

    His communication is like a 12 year old

    Straight pussy beater, have anal sex with women, walking backwards, his use of English, omg, is there anyone he didn’t offend.

    He is to thick to bother with.

  17. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 6:58pm

    “i wasn’t raised like that2 wtf does that mean. no one is raised Gay you ignorant homophobic idiot. No wonder you are now scrabbling about in the dirt for Glentoran. The rest all got rid of you and thats the best you can do now. Is that why you are so bigoted and twisted.??
    Back to the streets of where ever you crawled out of, Ireland doesn’t want your bigotry, we have enough of our own thanks….

  18. And who said the Northern Irish education system wasn’t working!

    1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 8:32pm

      @vp ….
      …. …. …. .this washed up, sometime footballer, homophobic, bigoted idiot, Leon Knight, isn’t Irish. He only came here to play for a small regional team when no one else wanted him. After this intellectually tirade, he isn’t welcome here either.

      1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 10:18pm

        Intellectually bereft**…oops.

    2. He is from London

  19. Sack him!

    1. I just googled his pic, they can keep him!

  20. Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers, Huddersfield Town, Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton & Hove Albion?

    He’s done the rounds then!

  21. One would think he’d be happy to have more gay men out there….that’s more pum pum for him after all!

  22. Keith Farrell 10 May 2012, 10:00pm

    I don’t know whats wrong with some people, can they not respect others. I get so angry, but you know what, me being angry at morons like this does not stop them being morons, it only pushes up my blood pressure, and I don’t want to have a stoke over this piece of garbage. maybe all we need do is encourage the supporters of the club to boycott matches until he is fired and then make sure he does not go to another football club.
    I also wonder if he is a closet gay because “me doth think he protest too much”



    It pays to speak up! I hope they conclude he should be given the boot, excuse the pun!

  24. Werner Nieuwoudt 10 May 2012, 10:56pm

    I find it rather amusing, that a man kicking a ball around, takes showers with other men, has such an insecurity about his manhood.

    Sorry mate, it’s not gay’s fault that you suffer from penis envy, or that you have a severe case of insecurity. It is rather sad though to see that your kind of gene pool is still roaming the planet.

  25. If only you could ban stupid people from the internet … or media in general

  26. That There Other David 10 May 2012, 11:44pm

    Sexist, racist, homophobic, and stupid all rolled into one. Let’s hope he can kick a ball well, since he’s lacking in any other redeeming qualities.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 May 2012, 11:43am

      Footballers were never generally assumed to be intelligent anyway.

  27. “Some people don’t like blacks or whites or Asians … That’s fair enough”

    No it isn’t. What is wrong with him? He justifies homophobia by saying racism is ok… He makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

    He’s a massive idiot. He used to commute from London to NI and claim expenses for his flights. WHO DOES THAT?? This man is a parody of a footballer. You couldn’t make him up.

    1. Spanner1960 12 May 2012, 4:46pm

      It’s fair enough to think what you like, we all have preferences. I don’t like beetroot. The difference is you don’t go talking about it, and certainly don’t go mouthing off on the net.

      1. “we all have preferences”

        Not all of us have preferences based on race.

        There is a difference between beetroot and an entire race of people.

        Your dislike of beetroot does not condone racism.

        Being a racist is not ok as long as “you don’t go talking about it”. It’s never ok. Ever.

  28. He’s obviously insecure about his sexuality.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 May 2012, 11:42am

      Hmmm, that’s just wishful thinking. He sounds like a bigoted horrible individual. Assuming he’s a self loathing closet isn’t really helping the issue. Its almost like a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

    2. That There Other David 11 May 2012, 1:55pm

      More like he’s obviously a complete tool :-)

  29. Leon Knight has been suspended by his Football club. It is all over the news this morning here in Northern Ireland. I am glad to see they are taking a stand against his homophobic comments. What aggravates me about this whole situation is that Leon Knight is claiming freedom of speech and how they are his “opinions”; fair dos, but don’t cry like a little child when you have to face the consequences.

    1. freedom of speech, also means people are free to criticise you in just as vulgar a language you put out. people forget that.

  30. A hrs typical black Afro Caribbean man a mommy’s boy obsessed with Gay men. He’ll suck you dry then Rob our stab you

    1. WTF where did that come from, bigotry is not the way to combat bigotry!!

    2. That There Other David 11 May 2012, 10:58am

      Looks like you and he have more in common than you think.

    3. What a hateful horrible thing to say. Comments like that cause just as much harm as what he was tweeting. I hope one day you both realise just how much damage this sort of rhetoric does.

    4. “A hrs typical black Afro Caribbean man a mommy’s boy obsessed with Gay men. He’ll suck you dry then Rob our stab you”

      Are you illiterate?

  31. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 May 2012, 11:41am

    Northern Ireland- a festering hotbed of misery, prejudice and bigotry. It should be nuked off the face off the earth.

    1. Paddyswurds 11 May 2012, 12:28pm

      @Suddenly I lost my one brain cell….
      …..What has the north of Ireland to do with this bigots outburst. he is from London and just played football for a small county team here, until he was suspended last night……..

      Do you know who exactly left “Northern” Ireland the basket case it USED to be.. where the minority indigenous people were bullied and denied a vote, social housing, Government jobs, places in Universities, water, electricity and useable roads. Thanks to John Hume, Gerry Adams, President Clinton, Hilary Clinton and George Mitchell, we are now a beacon of how conflict resolution should be handled around the world. In case you are too thick to know I will tell you in language you may just understand, The British, that’s who, when they Partitioned our country when they voided a national 86% vote against it and left a bunch of inbred Unionist bigots in charge. So stick your bigotry up your ugly Sasnach nose and swivel….

  32. actually i seem to remember when it was a lay person making so called “racist” comments about a footballer on twitter they were put in prison …

    1. Suddenly last Bummer, that’s a shocking sweeping statement to make and your post is no less as disgusting as Leon Knights.

  33. When are pink news going to update this story that he is suspended and still justifying his homophobic views as “free speech”??

  34. The way he phrases his tweets make me cringe… ‘lmfao’ – who publicly laughs at their own supposed jokes?!

    Says it all – ignorant, no self-awareness, + still thinks homophobia is cool.

  35. Long time supporter of the Glens ever since I was a wean. Can’t get over his comments even when he tried to backpeddle. Glens needs to get rid of him, it’s a disgrace the way he’s acted in light of what the club is already dealing with. Footballers need to understand that there is a real world outside that of football that has standards higher than on the pitch!

  36. I guess every women who gets near him better put on a chasity belt, what a moronic tool.

  37. Werner Nieuwoudt 11 May 2012, 10:25pm

    Poor sod, it’s not his fault his from the bottom (no pun intended) gene pool. He just needs to be sterilised.

  38. “Baffled”?

    Given his appalling lack of intelligence and language skills, I’d say that’s a feeling he gets all too often.

  39. The man played for Brighton and Hove Albion. BRIGHTON and Hove Albion. My hometown LOVES the LGBTQet community. What happened!?

  40. Any ways who the hell would want to Kiss His Teeth!!! they are already spitting out a load of Excrement

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