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British girl band The Saturdays first musicians to come @Out4Marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Thank You The Saturdays (love the new single btw!).

    Great to see mainstream, heterosexual, successful, famous people recognising that orientation is not a reason to unfairly discriminate.

    Thank You David Walliams.

    Thank You Stephen Fry.

    On the same day that Barrack Obama supports gay marriage.

    Oh I so pleased with the progress in the campaign today, I think I could burst.


    People are seeing that its time to draw a line in the sand and choose to be on the right side of history.


  2. Musicians? really? pop stars maybe, but as a gay, gay marriage supporting musician I question this headline

  3. Beautiful inside and out. Thank you, ladies!


  4. I have always loved the Saturdays, and i love them even more now!

  5. A) Well done, ladies!

    B) I must be getting old as I have no idea who you are. :(

  6. I think that it is great that celebrities and others in the spotlight are coming out in favour of same-sex marriage!

  7. SILLY CHICKS. The have no clue what they are talking about!!

    1. They know humanity, integrity and honesty when they see it – and they are speaking it.

      Go sisters!

    2. This. The have a large gay fanbase and their managers told them what to say to sell records

  8. The Saturdays. They see a bandwagon and they hitch themselves to it. Shame you can’t release a decent single, dears.

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