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Video: Half a million watch bereaved gay man’s tribute to partner and plea for equality

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry to hear the loss if your husband …….it will get better.

    1. Not if the cruel sick religions. have their way.

      1. Religion is purely Sick and delusional ,and can’t believe people of today are still taken by it ……thats through lack of education ,don’t won’t to be on their own ( as they go for the valuable ) amongst other things .

        1. yeah religion is nothing but a tool control stupid people, and america has a surfeit of those.

  2. I defy even those most vocal opponent of marriage equality to say that this film strikes a chord. It’s one of the saddest things I’ve heard and has brought a tear to my eye. Once the hatred, ignorance, fear and politics have been put to one side, you’re left with the same levels of love and loss that a straight couple feel. Maybe this will make people see, they’re hating human beings and love.

  3. Even though this a very sad sad sad video…it is so true and hit the chord of the heart….even with the loss in NC last night we WILL NOT GIVE UP!! no matter what those homophobes say and do we will fight!!!

  4. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    Fortunately they seem to be moving on to stage 4 in America.

    Quite ironic, too, that the deceased husband-to-be was called Bridegroom. You’d be pilloried for laying it on with a trowel if you made that up.

    1. Very true!

  5. Sadly, this sort cosequence need not affect only those in same-sex relationships – as numerous opposite-sex couples, who’ve had the view, “We don’t need a little bit of paper to prove our love” have only too late discovered to the surviving partner’s great emotional cost.

    It certainly does underline the absolute need for ALL COUPLES to have FULL legal access to the contractual aspects of the established relationships.

    After all these legal aspects affect wills, intestate inheritance, next-of-kin medical decisions, guardianship of children, business continuance and property.
    Hence they SHOULD NOT, nor MUST NOT be withheld in part or in whole within any evenhanded society.

    1. As it happens, the bill passed in North Carolina takes rights away from ANY couple that isn’t married heterosexuals. Common law heterosexual relationships are no longer recognized. It also takes away the right to adopt from any unmarried person. I am sure that many people didn’t know what they were voting for, and when they figure it out, they will be petetioning the government to repeal.

      1. Typical american stupidity.

      2. Keith Farrell 9 May 2012, 4:53pm

        Thank you for explaining this new law so nicely,

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 12:44pm

    Most of the religious cults have played some part in this with their hateful rhetoric and vilification of our relationships such as the mission agenda of C4M et al.

    These same cults will look at the video and say…”Civil Partnerships are equal to marriage and therefore, equal civil marriage isn’t necessary, just like that right wing Tory bigot Craig Whittaker of Calder Valley, Yorkshire stated in recent days.

    1. Father Ted 9 May 2012, 1:56pm

      They are against those too, in areas that don’t already have them. Their goal appears to be to stop any further progress, wherever that has got to, then to reverse it to create “gods kingdom on earth”.

    2. Galadriel1010 9 May 2012, 3:07pm

      He what? Ugh. This guy represents Hebden Bridge. And me.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss and the terrible way you have been treated by Tom’s family.

    I really do hope things get much better for all LGBT people in the US.

  8. B L Z Bub 9 May 2012, 1:19pm

    Come on “Jean”.

    Why no witty glib comment?

    This is right up your alley.

    This cruelty is what you want and by your actions. inflict.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 3:47pm

      She like the other trolls are cowards! They can’t handle the truth because they espouse and support hate in the name of thelr bloody religion. They wish we’d all die and disappear. People like Jean are complicit in this. Proof their kind are NO ‘christians’.

      1. Richard Noordijk 9 May 2012, 6:11pm

        I am a gay Christian and I am in deep mourning for Shane and his soulmate Tom…ALL those who attack us with “scriptural” ammo are NOT true followers of Christ or blind religious zealots who live in ignorance of what the Bible truly teaches about tolerance of those different whom we cannot understand or agree with and how Jesus would behave in the same situation. Horrifically shameful and deeply sad beyond words… *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* to you Tom…thank God for giving you the strength to do this awareness bit as we would remain unaware otherwise…you are correct…there is a way to turn this horrific tragedy around for good in the name of Tom and all that is just…hang in there hun…be encouraged that there is more support than you ever imagined and reach out to us for strength when you need it. If you should wish to befriend me, I may be able to lend a hand of support. I can be found on facebook…Rich Noordijk…

  9. I Cried watching this :(

    I hope someday Shane will find love again and will get to marry

  10. Avalokiteshvara 9 May 2012, 1:28pm

    While the film highlights important issues in a human way, particularly for places like North Carolina where there is no partnership recognition at all, there are things about it that don’t add up. The name of his partner ( his surname is Bridegroom ! ), there are partnership laws in California which presumably would have protected them from the family, and the close ups look acted to me.

    I’m sure the film reflects many true stories and tragedies like this. This may itself be a dramatisation of a true story. But sorry to say, I’m not totally convinced it’s authentic.

      1. Avalokiteshvara 9 May 2012, 2:05pm

        Gosh, you’re right, thanks for the link.

    1. Do you want his partner to stand still a bit longer whilst you slap his face or are you going to get off your ass and google this?

      1. Avalokiteshvara 9 May 2012, 3:06pm

        You’re right, sadly I can’t edit or minus my own post.

  11. Father Ted 9 May 2012, 1:42pm

    The moral of the story is don’t wait for equality before protecting your relationship as much as you can, get CP’d or make Wills in the meantime.

  12. The sociopaths and sadists who wish to deny us the rights and choices that they take for granted will not care.

    I’m sure that the religious freaks (of which there are many) will simply indulge in confirmation bias.

    You cannot reason with the unreasonable. Nor should we wait for them to get over their own bigotry or die of old age.

    Sometimes society changes the law. Sometimes law changes society. There is no legitimate reason to deny marriage equality, it should just be done and make people deal with it rather than pandering to them.

    1. However, some of the people who sign C4M petitions and vote in North Carolina won’t have reflected on what they are doing and this might change those people’s views.

      But I agree that equality should not be subjected to the whims of the majority.

  13. Peter & Michael 9 May 2012, 2:43pm

    So sorry to hear about this, we know same-sex couples before the Civil Partnership laws, their families came and took everything that they wanted and did exactly what happened in this film. If you are in a relationship and not ready for a Civil Partnership/Civil Marriage, please make a Will in the presence of Solicitors and Witnessed so that a partner can have the opportunity to have a say if the worst happens. One can always change a Will at a later time.

  14. Debbie Brooks 9 May 2012, 3:14pm

    My beloved son is gay and I will fight to the end for the rights of gay people.My husband and I lost our faith because we were disgusted at how religious groups talk about gay people in such a shameful way. NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS YOUR RIGHT!! You are all truly loved xx

    1. Peter & Michael 9 May 2012, 5:25pm

      We thank you for your expressions of Love, having been together over 32 yrs we have fought for the right to be ourselves, wish there were more people like yourselves. Many Thanks !

  15. I know exactly what this poor man went through. My partner died of cancer while we were living together in Germany. Despite having made as much legal preparation as possible, her family attempted to thwart Birgit’s end-of-life care wishes (staying at home and not in a hospice) and contest her Will, which is possible under German law – it gives the parent a right to an unmarried child’s estate, regardless of any testament to the contrary. They demanded the original copy of the Will within hours of Birgit’s death, while noting that they would not be contributing to the funeral expenses. I at least retained the right to make the arrangements Birgit had requested without their interference this way.
    They also sent Birgit’s step-father to our house to retrieve whatever they considered to be of value from our belongings shortly after the memorial service. Like the young man in the video, I allowed them to do so.
    Trying to protect your relationship legally outside of marriage isn’t so easy.

    1. So sorry that this happened to you as well.

      It must be heartbreaking. This film made me cry.

  16. Davis Mac-Iyalla 9 May 2012, 3:25pm

    The more I view this video the more I get upset, how I wish someone will understand the pains and agony some of us have been subjected to because of hate and homophobia. I am going to stay offline for the test of the day to reflect on my life and the future.

  17. Davis Mac-Iyalla 9 May 2012, 3:27pm

    The more I view this video the more I get upset, how I wish someone will understand the pains and agony some of us have been subjected to because of hate and homophobia. I am going to stay offline for the rest of the day to reflect on my life and the future.

  18. This is very upsetting, but the people who promote hate have no souls, so they will not be moved by this.

  19. Sewer News. 9 May 2012, 4:31pm

    The guy died because he was poncing about on a roof but the deviants stll manage to make it an issue of free for all marriage.
    Last week an incestuous father died in a fire. His consenting adult son whom he frequently buggered lamented his fathers passing and took the opportunity to raise the issue of incestuous marriage rights for the consenting adut incestuous community.

    1. Hey you… sewer! That word incestuous really has warpped your adut mind. Duh!

    2. B L Z Bub 9 May 2012, 4:51pm

      You truly are one sick f\/ck………..

    3. Keep telling yourself that the reason you troll LGBT websites is because you hate us, when in reality the reason you do so is because the idea of having even the slightest of interaction with us get’s you hot and bothered. Closet-case.

      1. Sewer News. 9 May 2012, 5:36pm

        Yeah yeah, everyone that hates homosexuality is a closet case blah blah, you wish! By that logic, everyone that is disgusted by paedophilia is a closet paedo. Same with sca.t, bestiality, incest etc. Moron!

        1. The point was that people who are disgusted by something don’t go out of their way to find such things. If a person is disgusted by something why would they seek it out?

        2. Ah! See, out of the 4 reply’s you got it was mine that you responded to. Clearly I got a rise out of you (in more ways than one). Proving my point.

          You drawing parallels between homosexuality and pedophilia, incest and bestiality just shows what a fool you are. Homosexuality is a relationship between consenting human adults who are not related to one another. And don’t bring up incest relationships between people of the same-sex as those are not the norm in same-sex relationships.

          Me coming to the conclusion that homophobes like you are just resentful bitter closet-cases is supported by facts, there have been many studies conducted which show that men who are homophobic are significantly more likely to be aroused by gay porn than men who aren’t homophobic.

          I’m a moron? Oh, well then excuse me while I write to Columbia University informing them that my acceptance letter must have been a mistake.

          Get a life and stop trolling Gay Websites.

        3. You are a repressed closet case and that is the truth of it. All your bluster and hate will never change that fact. You are a closet homosexual. Look in the mirror and what you will see is a sad fkced up nobody going nowhere with nothing in its life but trolling gay websites. We know it, you know it hurts doesn;t it?

    4. How often do you research that sort of thing? It’s certainly a lot more than a balanced individual would that’s for sure

    5. You have serious problems. Get some help.

  20. heart-wrenching video. Theirs was a time-tested relationship of 2 enamored “souls” bound by love that transcends human understanding, but untimely broke by a tragic event. What a waste!

    Most of us surely don’t know personally the bereaved Shane, but I encourage all of you to pour out your good intentions for his fast recovery as Tom would’ve gladly see him, as his other half, to go on living.

  21. I feel numb now. I feel so sorry for his loss.

    I just want to hold my bf now.

  22. So sorry Shane,your video made me cry………….xx

  23. Pink News are you doing anything about the trolls on this site ?

    Sewer News, no doubt Keith or Aiden or Ken or Jean or David Skinner has reached a new low.

    Can someone remind me of the police station investigating this ?

  24. People hear you Shane, a very touching video.

    You were both very lucky to have had such a love?

  25. it makes every gay couple think twice watching this… in just 12 hours it’s about to hit the 1 million view mark.. what a sweet strong individual – i hope this will show him millions are thinking about him x

  26. So sorry, Shane.
    This video needs to go to Obama to stop him bloody well sitting on the fence after all these years and his initial promises and to stop him making only personal’ remarks during an election campaign.
    He’s the President. he affects the world.

  27. This is a gut wrenching video and I cried a lot. My heart and prayers go out to Shane Crone.
    I share your pain and the pain of so many of us who have been through this and worse.
    I pray that the world governments change and give the LBGT Community full legal rights in all aspects of life.

  28. Tonight after watching your video I told my 4 year old son that his mummy and daddy would always be by his side no matter what, or who he grew up to be. Your strength and courage to make your voice heard will make a difference to so many people…..SO DON’T STOP TALKING!

  29. So many similar stories – it is sad sad sad. Grief makes people act crazy; the person grieving the most is not only taken advantage of, but treated like they were dead themselves by the “inlaws”. I am talking about GAY relationships. I/we trusted my partner’s brother, also gay and a friend, to act as a good executor. Well guess what, 1 week before my 15 year partner died, when the cancer had gone to his spinal fluid and brain so he could not talk and barely see, the so-called friend/brother and the rest of the in-law waited until I was away for a few hours and then called in a lawyer to the hospital and changed the will so that instead of all going to me, it was all controlled by the brother. I had to put up a fight to get my own stuff back – my computer was on its way across the country within a few days. In Canada we could have gotten married but we were too busy fighting to keep my partner alive (cancer) to think about a wedding. The guy in the video is lucky he got to keep his hous

  30. I’m sorry honey that you’ve suffered so, on all fronts. I think that you – as I’m sure Tom is, was and always will be – should be proud of yourself though, for taking something so truly awful and using it for the greater good. I sincerely hope that this strength gets you through these dark days, til you feel you can smile again. Til then.. take care of yourself. Xx

  31. I watched this video last night after a friend posted it on my facebook page. I was moved to tears by Shane’s awful story. So terribly sad.

    Tom’s family, especially his mother after Tom’s death, were just…words fail me. Poor Shane had no strength to fight her.

    I just hope someone has shown Tom’s family Shane’s video. Evil people!

  32. So sad…..and what a bunch of ignorant morons Tom family are!

  33. This same thing happened to me when my lover died.

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