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NAT issues report on promoting HIV testing under funding pressure

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Reader comments

  1. It should be a compulsory test whenever anyone accesses healthcare. As a woman, I have to take a pregnancy test any time I have an x-ray, it’s a complete waste of time, but they will refuse to treat me if I refuse the test. It wouldn’t be much more of an invasion to take a HIV test every time as well.

  2. Sewer News. 9 May 2012, 4:38pm

    I have never had not needed a IV test in my life and never will. Just sayin!

    1. Most people on the planet who are HIV+ are heterosexual.

      If you are positive and don’t get tested you don’t have access to appropriate medication and your life span is significantly shortened.

      In your case, nothing of bloody value would be lost.

    2. “I have never had not needed a IV test in my life and never will. Just sayin!”

      Syphilis affects the brain. Any chance you got tested for that?

  3. This is a very important report and comfirms what I have been advocating for the last year – gay men (MSM) must begin to test on an annual basis, no if’s no but’s.

    It’s a no brainer amd anyone who is sexually active regardless of their perception of risk needs to understand that regular testing will help reduce forward transmission, and also ensure that late diagnosis becomes a thing of the past.

    HIV testing is so easy these days and is available in a variety of settings – I really struggle to understand why the undiagnosed % figure remains stubbornly high.

    Well done NAT and Dr Christian for writing the forward to the report.

    1. Samuel B. 9 May 2012, 9:13pm

      No ifs or buts, W6?

      So, do you propose frog-marching all self-declared gay men to the local STI clinic, do you?

      How utterly prosperous!

      You, like the loons at The National Aids Trust and elsewhere, religiously and incessantly advocate testing above and beyond effective and impactful HIV prevention campaigns:- which would mitigate the need for mass testing in the first place.

      Yep, if the PC zealots of the HIV sector had done their jobs in the first place and prevented the epidemic rates of HIV infection we are face with today, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      It is almost like you intended this situation to emerge so that you could push your myriad services and your pharma paymasters’ drugs on us, but it appears to have backfired somewhat, non?

      Gay men are just not falling for your bait anymore…

      1. Samuel B. 9 May 2012, 9:24pm

        …especially when they are being implored to test in situations in which their immune systems have been compromised and so are more likely to deliver a false positive result (at bars, saunas, etc.)

        And guess what? Gay men not testing in their thousands is NOT resulting in an epidemic of Aids-related deaths due to late diagnoses.

        Could it not just be that the call for testing is a smokescreen that is swallowing up vast funds that ultimately benefit only the coffers of the HIV sector charities and their pharma funders, and which could be used more efficiently on effective HIV campaigns:- thereby significantly preventing the spread of the chronic disease in the first place?

        It is about time the NAT fell on its sword. Like the rest of the HIV sector its PC agenda is upside down, inside out and back to front and lacks complete and utter common sense.

        Now cue W6 with the same, tired old rhetoric and PC ideology designed to convince us all that insanity is the only solution…

        1. As predicted your usual bile amd Right Wing agenda Samuel, you need to move on from the 1980’s and into the present. You are way behind the times and current scientific thinking.

          There is no point engaging with you in any debate relating to HIV as you are so entrenched and ridicule any form of moderate view.

      2. I wondered how long it would take Samuel with his extreme Right Wing views to surface. Have you even bothered to read the report Samuel or are you relying on your gut reaction yet again.

        Wake up and understand that there are not many if any that support your position and given the the budget squeeze on resources, testing provides a very cost effective prevention method.

        We will never agree but I am glad to see that people like Doc Christian have endorsed this report, but wait he must also be wrong! Seems everyone is wrong except the extreme Right who you clearly side with.

        1. Samuel yet again you clearly show your ignorance about HIV testing. Blood tests look at antigens and antibodies that are produced during any type of infection, and these have nothing to do with a compromised immune system. Where do you get the idea that testing in community settings you mention changes the results? HIV Tests no not look at CD4 cell counts which are the surrogate marker of a compromised immune system.

          Of course you are the expert on these matters and HIV specialises like the highly qualified Doctors at clinics like 56 Dean Street have no idea about community testing. How can anyone take your comments seriously when you demonstrate time and again you don’t even know the basics about HIV testing.

          Come back here when you know a thing or two about the scientific and intellectual argument.

  4. Samuel B. 9 May 2012, 9:40pm


    “Police fears of being branded racist left Pakistani grooming gang free to abuse white teenage girls for two years.”

    The National Aids Trust’s fear of being seen to stigmatise HIV-positive men leaves the HIV virus unhindered to infect thousands more!

    Different examples but same, demoralising outcomes, and proof positive that political correctness gone mad causes endless pain and suffering wherever it rears its pernicious, deceitful head…

    1. Stigma is always your way of tacking HIV, or it is a case that you stigmatise anything that is in so e way different to your Right Wing point of view.

      You ate always quoting that you represent gay men, read this blog, you might learn something about how gay men feel about HIV. and read his blog postings, you might just might get a better understanding of a subject you clearly know nothing about.

      1. And di you visit the site I have provided the link to??? Have you read the full NAT report?? Samuel you are all headline & no substance as has beedn shown by myself and others time and time again.

  5. If you’re living with HIV or other STDs, please join me at STDmingles. com, exclusively for those with STDs. It would be great to meet people going through the same thing.

  6. This from today’s Indy, reporting about the abuse of teenage girls by Muslim men:

    “They (the police and CPS) were petrified of being called racist and so reverted to the default of political correctness. They had a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues in front of them.”


    “They (the HIV sector) were petrified of being seen to stigmatise HIV and so reverted to the default of political correctness. The has a greater fear of being perceived in that light than in dealing with the issues of prevention in front of them.”

    Those who default to PC are utter cowards with no back bone or shred of decency.

    They would sooner look the other way and allow disease, misery and suffering occur than do what they can to prevent it.


    1. That comment does not even deserve a reasonable reply – take your far Right reactionary fascist views else where Samuel. The more I read from you the more I think you are a total homophobe who has an unhealthy, irrational fear of HIV.

      1. LOL, far right this, far right that?!

        Is that the best you can do to counter my retaliation to your extremist left wing views being foisted on us?

        Repeat, I am a humanitarian, W6.

        I do NOT subscribe to the fake left/right political construct, which is a sleight of hand designed to keep human beings divided and to ensure that the same, deluded, insane, self-serving policies get regurgitated time after time, no matter what.

        Same sh*t, different hole, whether red or blue, but you can’t really be expected to be able to get your head around such a concept as a fully paid-up left wing shill, can you?

        I subscribe to TRUTH and only truth to blow this false construct away and set ourselves free from insanity.

        Wake up, W6!

        70% of eligible voters didn’t turn out last week because they see through the deception that all political parties are essentially the way, all singing to the same, corrupt tune.

        Seems you are the one stuck in the past while the rest of the world is moving gaily on.

        1. As I say its a waste of time engaging with you as you refuse to take on board both the scienficitc and intellectual arguments relating to HIV and testing. You show yourself up with your lack of basic understanding.

    2. Oh, look, more demented pseudo-scientific bollox from Sam B, the resident witch hunter.

      Your posts are as tiresome as they are long-winded.

  7. Sewer- News. 11 May 2012, 11:10pm

    Nothing funnier than two deviants arguing about who is the more moral. Like choosing between a worm and a slug.
    Apoloogies to any worms and slugs rfor the comparison!

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