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Facebook administrators ‘reject lesbian t-shirt ad’

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Reader comments

  1. it seems so odd that facebook is horrified by the words `lesbian wanted’ but has to be informed repeatedly before it closes pages called `kill all faggots’ and `all homos need to die’ strange set of moral guidlines.

  2. I wonder if the tshirt said “Christian wanted” would it get booted?
    Maybe the maker can change it to “Non-straight woman wanted”.

  3. F*** Facebook

  4. Facebook appear to change thier policies to suit themselves as and when they want to. As Joos has said above, they seem to be happy when pages appear that advocate violence against the LGBT community and take ages to close them down. Perhaps there is some homophobia in the high levels fo the networking site?

  5. Um… Could it be that this t-shirt might have been interpreted as anti-lesbian/anti-woman? If straight guys wore it, I’m sure we’d all agree it would be inappropriate.

    1. on their facebook page, the owners tell that it would be targeted at women who are interested in…women (I’m guessing FB has a system to do this) how can that be anti lesbian/women?

      Facebook, like YouTube has a strange way of handling their own guidelines.

  6. What is sexual about the word lesbian ?

  7. The ‘Human’ is probably the problem.

  8. Craig Denney 10 May 2012, 11:03am

    Facebook (europe) is based in southern Ireland and they are Catoalic homophobes over there.

  9. I suspect it is the word “Wanted” that is the problem. It creates an exclusion to all others.

    What if a bi woman liked the woman wearing the “lesbian wanted” t-shirt but felt intimidated by the message?

    They should try something more generic like “les b friends” like gaytoy is a play on words but doesn’t exclude, it’s a statement of who you are not what you want. It gets the message across without specifically excluding.

    1. Fekkbook and exclusion huh?
      I should have known!!

  10. What with the photo shoot page being taken down and now this, perhaps we need to keep a very careful eye of Facebook. Homophobia can come from any source or company big or small!

  11. darkmoonman 10 May 2012, 6:45pm

    Facebook is, and has always been, homophobic.

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