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Breaking News: President Obama confirms support for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Please America, give this amazing man a second term in office. LGBTs the world over will thank you for it.

    1. I’ll believe this when I see it, he has an insane track record of lying through his teeth.

    2. God Bless President Obama, he is a truly great man who will in history like Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln who freed the slave only Obama will be known as the American President who freed the gays.

      1. And the one who didn’t veto a bill that allows American citizens to be incarcerated permanently without trail or due process.

  2. Daniel Bak 9 May 2012, 8:18pm

    The End Times are here.

    1. A fan of fantasy ‘literature’, are you?

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 8:51pm

      You’ll have a long wait. Eleven countries have already legalised it. If its the end of times, why are you still alive? More’s the pity, idiot.

    3. Paddyswurds 9 May 2012, 9:29pm

      For the “god” squad it seems. Looks like the fairy dude in the clouds is deffo not on your side, bigot…..

    4. >>The End Times are here.<<
      Well finally! Now all you bigots can go join your sky jockey and let the rest of the human race get back on track. Bon voyage and no post cards needed.

    5. That genuinely made me laugh out loud! Jean, love, is that you…?

    6. Poor dumb beast snivelling in fright at your bronze age campfire tales. I pity you.

    7. End Times? Jesus and St Paul both thought the end of time was to happen in their life times and they were both wrong. Try taking off your rose-tinted blinkers before reading the bible!

    8. Hey, I guess he’s right. For bigots the world over it really must seem like the end times are looming. The end of bigotry is something I can heartily support!

  3. Daniel Bak 9 May 2012, 8:25pm

    Obama just lost the election.

    1. If, as you previously stated, ‘The End Times are here’ then surely there wont be an election? Or, alternatively, are you talking crap?

      1. Think4UrSelf 9 May 2012, 8:36pm

        He’s just talking crap.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 8:38pm

      Actually NO, it’s a win-win for him. He’ll siphon off a lot of moderate gay republicans and independent voters. It’s an election winner.

      1. I agree. The bigots are already running scared, North Carolina’s silly Amendment One is evidence of that – a death rattle if ever I heard one!

    3. In your dreams dick head now off you pop and play with the other delusionals.

    4. Au contraire…

    5. Romney is an empty suit and a lying chicken sh!t who doesn’t know what he believes from one day to the next. Even his own party cannot bl00dy stand him. Nothing makes me laugh more than a GOPer who swings right to capture the evangelical christian fringe without realising they will never accept him for his religion – And in the process he hopelessly alienates the centre and the independents.

      He got as far as he did because the rest of the GOP clown parade was nothing but lunatics and simpletons.

      Romney is going to be torn apart when the election begins. His numbers are already wretched and the Obama electoral machine has not even really begun.

      1. Romney is NOT an empty suit.

        He wears those magic mormon undies underneath his suit.

        1. LOL. That is true.

          Magic underpants. Good grief, it defies explanation…

    6. He’s just won millions of votes and millions of dollars.

      Good on him!

    7. Oh, I can’t wait for Romney to try the “marriage is one man and one woman” line,. Given that his own grandfather jumped the border to Mexico so that he could marry his FIVE wives…

      The media would have a bloody field day and it would be hilarious.

  4. That’s excellent, now I’d like to see him be a lot more pro-active for same sex marriage equality instead of leaving it up to individual states to dole out marriage equality, or more likely not, as they see fit.
    But Ben Bradshaw says civil partnerships are good enough for gays (lol)

  5. Moments like this make life worth living. The likes of Craig Whittaker, Karl McCartney, and Nadine Dorries sure look very small now. I shan’t be scared of their hate-mongering and lies any more. Obama has just lit up the way for LGBTs the world over. What a President! What a hero! What a man!

  6. Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, is quick to praise President Obama’s change of heart on gay marriage:

    His presidency has shown that our nation can move beyond its shameful history of discrimination and injustice. In him, millions of young Americans have seen that their futures will not be limited by what makes them different. In supporting marriage equality, President Obama extends that message of hope to a generation of young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, helping them understand that they too can be who they are and flourish as part of the American community.

    1. Very true! But my worry is that by leaving the whole same sex marriage issue on a state by state basis, we will see more like events like North Carolina’s Amendment One and that would not be a good thing at all/

      1. A President can lead but he cannot dictate policy for the individual states. Until the day arrives that a definitive decision is made by the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to strike down as unconstitutional all those laws outlawing marriage equality (as was the case in Loving v Virginia , 1967, legalizing interracial marriage), nothing will change. Prop 8 may be heard by SCOTUS next year, but is more likely to be left on appeal for application in California only.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 11:01pm

        That’s the way the federal system works in the United States. Ideally, it would need the majority of consent in the House of Representatives to overturn DOMA and legalise equal marriage and that’s not going to happen with the current House controlled by the republicans and if they take the senate in November, forget about it, unless the issue comes before the Supreme Court. Don’t forget, the court is stacked with 5 very staunch catholic republicans, one of whom, Justice Scalia, is an Opus Dei member. The President alone can’t make this happen.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 8:37pm

    Absolutely blood marvellous. Thank you, President Obama, the most powerful man in the world. This is extraordinary and amazing. Well done, sir. Oh imagine the religious nutters getting their collective knickers in a twist over that one. Just look at Daniel Bak’s asinine comments.

  8. Well, Obama has made history a number of times, now as the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage. But what will the political impact be?

    POLL: Will his endorsement of same-sex marriage help or hurt Obama in November?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 8:39pm

      It will win him another turn, quite the contrary.

  9. A great President. May reason prevail over the delusions of the fundamentalists, and love over hate. Just wait until the Democratic Convention in NC. I’ll be there shouting my thanks.

    1. I’ll be in Slough. Don’t suppose you could shout my thanks to the great man too Osric? ;o)

      1. My pleasure it’s a promise.

  10. A great day. I knew that it would come — just so glad that it will come in my lifetime. Great not only that the President supports gay marriage, but that supporting gay marriage is good politics in the US.

    1. And so what, it will still be up to each state to approve of gay marriage.
      I live in New York State which approves of gay marriage but 150 miles away from me is the state of Pennsylvania which does not.
      Basically there will have to be a federal amendment allowing same sex marriage
      in all states.

  11. As President, can he not force all states to allow same sex marriage?

    If he leaves it on a state by state basis we will end up with more Amendment One’s!

    His comments are welcome and long overdue!

    1. Marriage has always been a state sanction (“By the authority vested in me by the state of …, I now pronounce you…”), but this does help lead to the inevitable demise of DOMA and the enforcement of the Full Faith and Credit clause in the Constitution.

  12. I am currently eating my hat. I predicted that Obama would say what he has after his second term, not during his re-election campaign.

    How America has changed that a President running for re-election thinks it’s safe to say such a thing.

    1. Paddyswurds 9 May 2012, 9:51pm

      I think America hasn’t changed that much; It is just that the Democrats know they have it in the bag this time because there is no one capable of beating Obama now. Mit Romney never really did have a chance with is moron/ Mormon thing. The xtian crazies would rather have the queers getting married than have a Mormon in 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave with half a dozen first ladies….lol

      1. The shift in thinking on marriage equality has been on a tectonic scale, particularly in the LGBT community. When an Englishman wrote “Virtually Normal”, in which he advocated marriage equality in 1996, his was a lone voice in the wilderness. Andrew Sullivan, of course.

        The support has been extended beyond LGBT to much of the straight population – in 1996, having 39% of North Carolina voters oppose the anti-gay constitutional amendment would have been unthinkable.

    2. @Fred

      Although I had every confidence that Obama did support equal marriage, I did not expect the unambiguous announcement until a little into his second term. This is an amazing surprise.

      Better task the FBI to watch on those Christian terrorists!

  13. Paddyswurds 9 May 2012, 9:28pm

    This is just the best news ever. But then I always knew in my heart that O’Bama would come through. It was always inconceivable that he wouldn’t , although I really didn’t expect such a rad move until he starts his next term. Yaaay for Barak Obama.
    PS, where are the “god” botherers tonight, I wonder???

    1. They still dizzy from their heads spinning around ala Linda Blair. Give ’em a moment to collect themselves.

    2. theGentleWarrior 10 May 2012, 1:14am

      Another stunt for re-election, let’s see Obama has defended DOMA up until now. And while he has asked the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in court, he has in no way prevented the group BLAG from doing it in his place. Basically he is allowing others to do the dirty work because he wants to be seen to oppose DOMA but does not want to be seen to have stopped DOMA.

      Now Congressman Tim Huelskamp (a Republican) has proposed an amendment to prohibit the Justice Department from using any funds to oppose the constitutionality of the Defence of Marriage Act in court. c.f.

      Oh that is before Obama heart felt change to get votes from the left.

      Here is the reality folks, the Courts will solve this, and we don’t need Obama’s very, very late intervention. There is nothing he can do now, that is not already being done.

  14. Rupert Murdoch must be steaming mad right now. Fox News claim Obama flip flopped on the issue and declared a “war on marriage.”

    1. Like Murdoch and his press have any credibility left. The family have proved themselves to be a scrounge of humanity.

  15. Best. President. Ever.

    1. Joschka

      You must be so young to think Obama is the best ever.
      He needs the gay vote and $. And as stated earlier it will all depend on the state you live in,
      it does not matter what the President feels about gay marriage.

      1. I’m not particularly young, no. I’m old enough to have already received my DPhil, specialising in C20th US political thought. I disagree, the influence of the President is (and for the best part of a century has increasingly been) important for setting the agenda on key issues. Do we underestimate the importance of JFK on civil rights? More significantly, do we underestimate the importance of LBJ’s remarks on signing the 1964 CRA or his 1965 Howard University commencement address? No. They are seen by most historians as significant markers in the advancement of civil rights in the US. I am certain that decades hence, historians will point to this day as an important turning point in the advancement of equal rights.
        And why do I think that Obama is the best President ever? Well, being on the outside looking in helps to give a certain distance when judging his legislative and economic agenda. Oh, and the beauty of his mind and the elegance of his thoughts.

      2. “it does not matter what the President feels about gay marriage.”

        But it does.

        Its sends a very clear signal to the US and the rest of the world that their President is in favour of equality. Its a first.

        And politics is all about leadership, and this is leadership.

  16. Craig Denney 9 May 2012, 9:47pm

    At least Obama knows to win elections you have to keep the Gay Vote on side. Unfortunately David Cameron seems to think he needs the right wing voting lobby more.

    Same old Tories.

  17. Americans are so foolish, so insane, so much screaming into the final nine people sitting in court, ending the dream of conservatives and incostitucional declaring a ban on gay marriage. We have seen this film, in the judgment of abortion.

  18. David in Indianapolis 9 May 2012, 9:57pm

    Thank You President Obama!!!!

  19. Jock S. Trap 9 May 2012, 10:01pm

    Excellent… Good for Mr Obama.

    Funny isn’t it what happens when these people actually spend time getting to know the LGBT community esp in committed relationships and what a difference it makes… realising we are no different.

    Now prehaps people like Nadine Dorries & Craig Whittaker and the rest of those bigots could do the same rather than make wild assumptions and damaging bigoted remarks that in the end cost lives of people they clearly know nothing about.

  20. Thank you Mr Obama for making a clear and unambiguous statement that you support same sex couples being able to marry and that you see this as a human right.

    Thank you for showing that (what many of us have been sure of) your position on gay marriage was evolving.

    I look forward to seeing you secure a second term and making a real difference.

    Its time to be on the right side of history – and you have made a historic claim as a US president to lead morally and show the way on human rights! Thank You!

    Bring it on.

    This is the generation that will make the world a fairer place to be honest about who you love.

  21. Whilst many right wing extremists and fundamentalist Christians have scared many US politicians from being strongly in favour of same sex couples marrying – I believe this honest and strong decision of OBama to show decisive leadership in this matter of freedom, honesty, integrity and humanity will bring him significant support and assure him of victory in his forthcoming re-election.


  22. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the president’s statement “marks progress for the civil rights of LGBT Americans and all Americans,” and added later that “Republicans are standing on the wrong side of history.”

    Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), who in 2008 became the first openly gay man to run for Congress and win, called the president’s announcement “welcome news for American families” and said he looked forward to working with the president “to strengthen the institution of marriage by securing the right of all Americans to marry the person they love.”

    Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), whose state has served as a flash point in the gay marriage debate, said the president’s remarks have “nothing to do with politics and it has everything to do with equality.”

    As I have always said marriage is a human right!

    1. The Supreme Court said that marriage was a human right in the 1960s mixed race marriage case Loving v Virginia. As the law stands, marriage equality should already exist.

      The only thing in the way is bigotry and hatred. Some lessons just don’t get learned the first time.

  23. Barack’s Equal Marriage moment is just like Boris’s banning of the bus adverts.

    Boris went on to win a second term.

    So will Obama !

    1. Let’s hope so and let’s hope he proves to be a true LGBT ally and he’s not saying this just to get the LGBT votes. I know that is a little cynical but only time will tell.

      1. It’s a fair point, to be honest.

        If Obama doesn’t get a Congress he can work with, nothing will change. At present he could try to pass a bill with a cure for cancer in it and the GOP would block it.

        Without that workable Congress, it is back to the SCOTUS again. Executive Order just isn’t strong enough, it needs to be full law with foundation to be safe.

  24. Whatever the reason behind today’s announcement, it took intestinal fortitude to be the first president to make such a statement.

    At the very least, he’s livened up the debate.

  25. gattagiudecca 9 May 2012, 11:47pm

    This is amazing to hear! Finally an American President saying he is in favour of gay marriage! Hopefully this will be the turning point when America sees sense and starts to realise that restricting the rights of its LGBT citizens goes against everything their constitution supposedly stands for. The day that DOMA is struck down will be a gigantic step forward for human rights.

  26. Report on ITN News at Ten

  27. There is no way to know what the political fallout will be from the president’s historic announcement. What we do know is that the White House is no longer sitting silent in the gap between millions of American families and the Constitution. The fight for fairness and equal treatment under the law took a critical step forward today.

    Whatever led Obama to fully evolve, the fact that a sitting president proclaimed that we should be free to marry whomever we love and want to share our live with is a big deal worthy of celebration.

  28. Its worth keeping in mind that “marriage” at both state and federal levels includes more than 1,000 rights and obligations. So, for example, if inheritance taxes, child tax credits, property transfer taxes, pension rights, social security survivorship benefits, applying for a loan (say a mortgage) that requires your (or your friend’s, or some other third party’s) married partner’s income to qualify (perhaps keeping property values afloat), or ensuring that your (or your friend’s) married partner’s child is covered under a family health insurance policy matter to you, then the distinction between President Obama, Governor Johnson, and Governor Romney may matter more than the typical “single issue” matters to most voters. Put simply, a whole host of rights and obligations follow the word “marriage” at the state and federal levels.

    And none of these items affects a church’s right to continue to exclude recognizing the marriages (or dignity) of committed lesbian and gay couples.

  29. Some mixed reactions from US faith groups (some very promising supportive comments):

  30. This is amazing news for our LGBT friends over the pond! Lets hope this all goes through well. Wish I could be as confident with our own government!

  31. theGentleWarrior 10 May 2012, 1:15am

    This is another stunt for re-election, let’s see Obama has defended DOMA up until now. And while he has asked the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA in court, he has in no way prevented the group BLAG from doing it in his place. Basically he is allowing others to do the dirty work because he wants to be seen to oppose DOMA but does not want to be seen to have stopped DOMA.

    Now Congressman Tim Huelskamp (a Republican) has proposed an amendment to prohibit the Justice Department from using any funds to oppose the constitutionality of the Defence of Marriage Act in court. c.f.

    Oh that is before Obama heart felt change to get votes from the left.

    Here is the reality folks, the Courts will solve this, and we don’t need Obama’s very, very late intervention. There is nothing he can do now, that is not already being done.

    1. So let me get this, for lack of a better word, straight: prior to coming out in support of marriage equality, Obama’s opponents accused him of cynically waiting until after the election after which he would spring his surprise trap of support…a surprise that would surprise precisely no one…so the question was “Why won’t Obama show some backbone and tell us what he really thinks?” Now that he has, of course, the accusation is that he’s just doing this as part of a cynical election year ploy to get votes and that he should have waited until after the election so it wouldn’t be an issue.

      Okay, tell me, what exactly would you have had Obama do here? If he stuck to his “full and equal civil unions” line, you’d say he’s lying to avoid losing moderates. Now that he hasn’t, you say he’s lying to attract moderates? Sounds to me like it’s the moderates who can’t decide what they believe.

      1. David, you have to ignore this fool, he’s some right wing nutter who thinks he’s gay. AS best he’s a cheap giggle as a diversion.

    2. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 1:03pm

      Reposting the same shyte every ten minutes isn’t going to change the fact that the crazies and in particular the Repukelicans have been wrong footed by this great President. When I think of the mess George (the french don’t have a word for Entrepreneur) Bush left behind including the destruction of the entire worlds economy for the benefit of himself and a few rich cronies. America is beginning to realise that Obama inherited this mess and has don a good job with what he was left…..

  32. theGentleWarrior 10 May 2012, 1:17am

    And about Obama’s help with DADT, the Log Cabin Republicans had secured victory against DADT as far as the Circuit court; military recruiters were told they could accept openly gay applicants. DATA was declared an unconstitutional violation of the First and Fifth Amendments.

    Then Obama went screaming to the court to put a hold on this so he could be seen to do something about his election promises. He traded a constitutional guaranteed right secured in the court for a weak right given by popular vote! As it is given by vote, it can be taken away by another vote. Note Rick Santorum said he would reinstate DADT, something he could not propose if the Court’s concluded their ruling in finding DADT unconstitutional. So thanks for that one Barack

    Why can’t you people see this Muppet for what he is, another Jimmy Carter! , and hopefully another one-term Muppet too.

    1. Are you a Republican by any chance? Forgive me but you seem a tad agitated and apear to have a rather large animus against President Obama, or am I mistaken?

      1. I think he used to post here under the name “Pepa”, but basically yeah, he’s your usual brand of right wing freak who seems to operate under the false assumption we give a crap about his politics and why he thinks the USA is, eh, like, totally, frickin’ great.

  33. Obama is to be applauded for this, however, let’s not get too excited about it just yet.

    Cast your mind back to 15 April 2012, when it was reported on Pink News that Obama had decided not to sign an executive order that would have outlawed workplace discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and gender identity.

    Picture this if you will: you could be legally married to your same-sex partner at the weekend, come back from honeymoon two weeks later to discover that the law doesn’t protect you against workplace discrimination and whoops, you’re fired!

    Dear President Obama – equal rights go across the board.

  34. Well colour me unimpressed.

    Have our standards really slipped so low that “at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.” is lauded as a fantastic statement of strong support for equality and tolerance? It’d be difficult to make that statement less committal or more mealy-mouthed.

    Surely that’s the BARE MINIMUM we should have expected of ANY politician – on any wing of any party – in a civilized country for the last thirty years?

    Now, if he’d made a strong and sustained political commitment to ensuring same-sex marriage across the US, along with anti-discrimination laws and an end to homophobic bullying in schools, then I’d be hailing this as great progress. But he hasn’t.

    And the fact something as weakly stated as this puts Obama light-years ahead of any of his competitors really is an indictment of American political culture.

    1. We have come from a standpoint of what the current situation IS. Not what we would like it to be..

      And unfortunately this is how it is. The “like it to be” is what we are all striving for.

  35. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 10 May 2012, 4:06am

    Finally, Obama speaks about marriage and not unions!

    And his 2012 November Election is still six months away!

    Thank you Obama for having the guts to come out and finally say it!

    Why is it so hard to say: “I support same sex couples getting married!”?

  36. I can see the evil Satan possessed Christians going even more crazy than they are now if that is possible, you know the anti gay Christians who want to oppress minorities and LGBT people and stop them from being free and equal.

    1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 1:08pm

      …Satan doesn’t exist anymore than the xtian “god” so their disappointment is two edged, Gays won’t be going to “hell” and their fairy in the sky didn’t smite Obama where he stood for making this momentous statement….

  37. If a world leader can lead and show support for us, then so should all other leaders throughout the world.

    They are put on notice now.

    Bring on the “Brave New World”

  38. Thank you President Obama. Get this turned into law and you will be a world hero and have another term in office. A very neat political move and a cocking of the snoot at those countries and states that oppose gay rights. Well done, Sir :-)

  39. It is amazing that the most powerful person in the world now supports same-sex marriage!

  40. de Villiers 10 May 2012, 8:22am

    Why did President Obama not say this before the Carolina referendum which just banned gay marriage? Why did he wait until it had been banned before saying anything? 30 American states have now banned gay marriage.

    1. Why didn’t the log cabin republicans say this before the NC referendum?

      Would either Obama or the log cabin republicans making such a statement have changed the vote in NC?

      Come to think of it why did the so called “gay” republicans have to condemn Obama’s support of civil rights in marriage for gay people – rather than welcome his clear and unambiguous leadership?

      1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 1:14pm

        ……On the contrary, the Log Cabin crowd are about as welcome in N Carolina as a black man without chains on his ankles. To these hilbillies they are still “fags” and the Log Cabin idiots while being deluded enough to be Repukelicans know that and dare not say anything.

        1. Absolutely, Paddyswurds

          However, it shows the emptiness of the the Log Cabins crowd hypocracy.

          Obamas comments are tremendous and for the Log Cabins crowd to condemn them or try to infer some negativity to them is ridiculous.

    2. de Villiers 10 May 2012, 8:19pm

      I don’t know is the answer to your question. It does not shed light on mine.

  41. Funny I read a blog called rod 2.0 that had stories about 3 murders of LGBT people nothing mentioned here. No outrage no it gets better messagesno comments from Obama or Ellen. Why cause they are blatino or Trans. Shove gay marriage up your white middle-class male asses. You all make m e sick

    1. Drop dead.

      1. Enjoy your marriage while poorer people are still being murdered. It’s ok as long as theyre black

        1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 1:20pm

          Ignore this idiot. Hehas probably just been given his meds and hasn’t been put back in his strait jacket yet. This is just the sort of intellectually bereft rubbish we see from this nutjob regularly……

        2. “Enjoy your marriage while poorer people are still being murdered. It’s ok as long as theyre black”

          Oh, grow up.

    1. So let me get this right. YOU are special because YOU are the only one who uses alternate news sources?

      Or maybe – and this may shock you – other people use other websites too?

      1. Blatino LGBT people are being murdered and this marriage gets priorty

        1. Paddyswurds 10 May 2012, 1:32pm

          The reason no one takes this rod 20 site seriously as a credible news site is the illiterate nature of the blog and it’s unashamed editorialising of almost every word. A credible News site posts the news and only post editorials on specific stories not people.

        2. James!

          You have clearly shown that you are able to act responsibly (in some areaas!) like many other readers of PN.

          I, you and many others source our news from numerous sources. Pink News is not my sole source of LGBT news – although I strongly value the service they provide and the availability of discussion (from many different perspectives).

          Pink News have made a clear editorial decision to pursue a policy of seeking equal marriage. Most LGBT people will support that and its a shame that you choose not to. Given that Pink News are a relatively small operator concentrating their resources in the area of marriage is entirely to their credit, and is not to the expense of other stories.

          Two of the sites I also use for my LGBT news are:

          I find it disappointing that you choose to attack Pink News stance on marriage – a matter that is important for many people worldwide.

          Of course, most of us also support wider

          1. human rights issues, – thats wider including marriage not instead of.

            The fact many of us have a bigger picture comes from our ability to recognise that we should not use a single news source. You choose to do this. It would therefore be reasonable to presume other readers here also do.

            Its disparaging and arrogant of you to assume that you are the only person who cares for non-white LGBT people who reads Pink News, or that you are the only person who cares about issues other than UK issues or marriage.

            Your approach is quasi racist in itself.

  42. This of course was the moral thing to do. And the majority of Americans support this. It makes Obama look like the moderate adult next to the far-right-owned used car salesman.

  43. Legal precedence is on the side of homosexuals, as evidenced by Loving v. Virginia in which Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote for the majority: “The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men …”, as well as the Equal Protection & Full Faith & Credit clauses. Since the mid part of 2011 the majority of Americans support legalizing same-sex marriage. This means that popular support is now on the side of homosexuals as well.
    Since we are in no way a theocracy, the simple fact of the matter is that religion has absolutely no bearing on the issue of whether homosexuals deserve the same rights as everyone else. What people think their religion says about homosexuality carries zero LEGAL WEIGHT in this discussion, or in a court of law.
    When you take away those three arguments, it’s readily apparent that those that oppose same-sex marriage don’t really have anything left with which to mount a logical,

    1. reasoned, rational defense against homosexuals being allowed to legally marry.

    2. No one has ever offered a legitimate secular argument to oppose marriage equality. It is nothing but bigotry and hatred that tends to be fuelled by religion.

      Amazingly enough, that was exactly the same sort of argument used at the time of Loving v Virginia and religion was also cited as a reason.

      Some lessons just don’t get learned properly the first time.

  44. How amazing is it that our President takes a strong and decisive stance. That is the kind of leader I want. As with the Bin Laden incident, he made a definitive decision and stuck his neck out, knowing that if it didn’t work, he would suffer for it. This is the type of person I want leading our country.

  45. A STRONG MAJORITY of Independents approve of “Gay Marriage”.
    A moderate majority of Republicans also approve of “Gay Marriage”.
    And a Huge majority of Decomcrats also approve of “Gay Marriage”.
    So ??? this will probably not hurt Obama in any way.
    Except with the religious right – and they would not vote for him anyway.

    1. de Villiers 10 May 2012, 8:21pm

      With all that support, sadly 30 states have prohibited gay marriage.

  46. Brave,correct ans inspirational

  47. A long way to go yet….

  48. Obama is a highly skilled campaigner (if not legislative manager) and he would not have made this declaration if he thought that it would seriously harm his chances of reelection. Nobody likely to vote with opposition to equal marriage as the main issue would be likely to vote for him anyway; marriage law remains the prerogative of the states; and Romney stands little chance against him. Obama probably also realises, especially after Biden’s statement, that sitting on the fence is now doing him more damage than being clearly seen to come off it. At the end of the day, motives are actually less important than actions, and the President has acted very well. It is a landmark event in the progress of lesbian and gay rights. Good for him!

  49. And to all the people that might say that he doesn’t mean it because it took him so long to announce his support, or that he’s just doing it because an election is coming up – yes, he might have had different views in the past and they’ve changed (or ‘evolved’ as he put it), yes even after he had fully ‘evolved’, he might have been careful of what he said and kept quite about his support – but it’s a sensitive issue and as much as it needs to be addressed, just, dare I say, ‘forcing it down people’s throats’ was not the way about it, there are many people in America who do not agree with it and just passing it into law without being progressive and gradually teaching these people that it’s ok is like trying to fix crooked teeth with a hammer instead of braces – it’d do more damage than good. The man is brave, and for all his faults a truly great president, he’s finally come out in support so lets live in the NOW and not let the past get is down!

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