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Welsh Government: Catholic Schools must promote pro-gay marriage campaign to ensure political balance

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Reader comments

  1. And is there a penalty? A proposed remedy? A change in how schools function to stop this from every happening again?

    And how long under the RCC pisses its pants and has a good cry over how its not fair that they aren’t allowed to demean people any more?

    1. Catholic schools should – and doubtless will – ignore this non-binding “may have” opinion.

      1. Catholic schools who have followed the illegal CES guidance should – and hopefully will – be prosecuted and reprimanded for using children as political pawns.

      2. @Jean – I’m sure you’re right.

        It’s just the catholic church doesnt have a good record of winning against the British state.

        1. More Catholics in church on a Sunday than Anglicans. British tax-funded Catholic schools. Papal visit with royal welcome, all three party leaders seeking audiences, and an address to both Houses of Parliament… What would Elizabeth I say?

          1. Absolute lies.

            All the Catholics I know who go to church, choose to go on a Saturday evening (special dispensation from the Priest) and then go out drinking after and don’t have to worry about the hangover in the morning and getting up for church as the priest nods them the wink that Saturday evening is Sunday after all.

            Hence, most RC churches are empty on Sundays!

            To quote the Telegraph:
            “Several Catholic dioceses across the country are planning to merge their parishes and close up to 50 per cent of their churches because of changes in the social and racial make-up of local communities.”

            To quote the Catholic Herald:
            “Attendance at a weekly mass in the diocesan city of Bradford has declined from 16,380 people in 1950 to 6,799 in 2000. In Middlesbrough, the number of churchgoing Catholics has dropped by 35 per cent since 1980 to 22,000, while the number of marriages in Catholic churches has declined by 64 per cent.”

          2. @ Jean – if the Catholic church spent a bit less time banging one off up minors I may be a bit more prepared to listen to their point of view or anyone that supports them.

            Unfortunately the catholic priesthood almost to a man doesn’t think they have done a good days work unless it includes at least one kiddies pelvis getting creiracked.

            They are for the large part perverts hiding their unnatural urges behind the cloth and using every opportunity that presents itself to interfere with children.

          3. Still laughing at you ‘Jean’ the delusional homophobic godbot. David Skinner in drag.

        2. Paddyswurds 8 May 2012, 5:41pm

          @Hay ..
          …No faith school should be able to trump the Government of any Country never mind that of the UK. They proffer the begging bowl every year for their grant and should stick to the Law.
          Hopefully this school will be made an example of and at very least lose their grant and preferably should be closed down…. there a enough schools with small numbers so closing one down will not be of any great consequence.

      3. Shut your mouth and go whelp some more babies to be exploited by the putrid RCC.

        If women embrace that vile sect they cannot respect themselves. And if you don’t respect yourself, why the hell should anyone else?

      4. Paddyswurds 8 May 2012, 7:52pm

        …this is why we should have equal rights and marriage equality… you have children, sons maybe…please watch this video and then examine your heart as a human being…

      5. Still laughing at you ‘Jean’ the delusional homophobic godbot. Did you punch yourself in the mouth for not being first to comment? LOL.

  2. This is what happens when you mix a single religion and education. schools should not have religious affiliation at all it results in indoctrination, bias, discrimination and closed minded views. School should however introduce children to a range of religions in RE but not one religion and it should also give equal focus on agnostic and atheist viewpoints. In short a religion has no place whatsoever running a school.

  3. And the chances of the CES actually doing as they have been told are slim to none!

    The Welsh Assembly should be using the full weight of law against CES by way of prosecution and/or a massive fine. These instituions need to realise that they are not above the laws of the land.

    1. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 8 May 2012, 11:00pm

      I am gay and I want to marry my husband (civil partner) in front of god. I disagree in forcing religious communities to do so, but i agree in punishing relgious groups for giving civil and human rights to Gay couples. Bigots must be punished as hard as possible so that they see the damage they do!

  4. Ok. Great to hear that the Welsh Government have rightly concluded that the actions of the CES (and any schools following their guidance) was unlawful. I hope Michael Goves review reaches similar conclusions.

    Ok. So the action was illegal. Whose responsibility is it to uphold the Education Act? Who prosecutes the CES or individual schools?

    I suspect its not a police matter, so is it OfSted or some other organisation?

    Who is going to carry out a review to find out how many children have been pressurized by illegal and subertive RC aims to manipulate them (at a time of stress due to exams etc) for political ends?

    Headteachers and the church need to be held to account for this?

    Will the South London school be held to account?

    Yes, its illegal but action needs to be taken.

    1. part funded the Dimmock case – maybe they can be approached to seek a court case in this matter?

    2. The Welsh Government did not conclude that the actions of the Ces was unlawful. They only concluded that it ‘COULD’ be unlawful. That is why it did not matter to go into all the matters you mentioned. The Written statement and the Letter are online. You can read and educate yourself

      1. Perhaps you should read the material yourself before making comments which are untrue.

        In his letter to RC schools the Welsh Education minister states (and I quote) “… it does in my view
        relate to political matters generally as the petition is seeking to persuade people to lobby the Westminster Government to prevent a change in the law”. He goes on in his letter to explain that he is advised that this IS a breach of the Education Act.

        The CES and the schools who complied with their guidance have therefore acted illegally and sought ot manipulate children for political purposes.

  5. Religious organizations should not be running schools period.

    The problem is that they see this as a faith issue and not a political or human rights issue.Blind and blinkered homophobes.

  6. Demanding a catholic school promote a balanced view?

    These people abuse children and cover it up, why would any one expect them to behave within the law, let alone “balanced”. They’ll do what they want, the catholic church is about power and its willingness to abuse that power when it suits them, not about doing the right thing.

    They should be censured more than this slap on the wrist.

    1. vomit bag 8 May 2012, 3:10pm

      Homosexual child abuse int he Catholic Church certainly is a problem. it is far more prevalent than heterosexual.

      1. And one assume so much worse in your opinion? Rape of a child (whether it be heterosexual or homosexual) is equally abhorrent. I am sure all of the Catholic schoolgirls in Ireland who were raped by their priests were no less traumatised than the boys who were raped. So stop trying to make one sound worse than the other, and admit that some Catholic priests are just evil child molesting scum!

      2. *snore*

      3. “Homosexual child abuse int he Catholic Church certainly is a problem. it is far more prevalent than heterosexual.”

        Oh, well that makes it all better, doesn’t it? Sure, let the catholic church run with impunity and abuse children as they like then, will we?

        What a f*****g moron you are. In fact you’re wrong about the imbalance, but that typical of muppets like you – your ability to write garbage surpasses your intellect.

      4. Child abuse is child abuse knob end! Children are more likely to be abuse by their father, uncles and grandfathers, someone who considers them selves to be straight, than by a gay person.

        1. Father being the operative word.

      5. Yet another example of heretosexual child abuse, strangely no priests were involved this time, I guess they were too busy criticising gay marriage. ;)

      6. @Keith – you keep saying this and yet you never substantiate your claim.

        Repeating nonsense doesn’t make it true. Haven’t you got something else to fixate on ?

  7. Jasper Foucault 8 May 2012, 3:11pm

    I propose a new petition: ” Schools should not be permitted to indoctrinate children to a particular religious or political view”

    1. Where do I sign?

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 8 May 2012, 3:13pm

    Wait for the “abuse of religious freedom” nutters putting their oar in when they hear or read this.

    Nobody should be above the law, not even religious denominations, the Queen isn’t and nor should they. This is nothing more than direct religious interference in what is purely a civil matter for the British government. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  9. The Education Act 1996 (section 406) places a duty on Local Authorities, governors, and headteachers to forbid the promotion of partisan (one-sided) political views in the teaching of any subject in schools and also to forbid making arrangements for pupils under 12 to take part in political activities. Section 407 of the same Act requires teachers to ensure that students are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views when discussing controversial issues.
    Anyone believing that these requirements are not being met has the right to complain to the school’s governing body in the first instance.

    We know the South London school breached this legal provision and the Welsh Government agree. In order to complain to the requisite governing body and before pursuing the matter further if the governing body fails to act appropriately then we need to know which other schools have acted illegally on the CES guidance. Who is making checks to establish which schools have behaved illegally?

    1. Presumably if the governing body fails to act it can be appealled to the LEA or Department of Education or a private prosecution be brought against all parties up to and including the Secretary of State for Education?

      Perhaps PN could ask the Dept for Education whether any complaints have been made to them under the education act and whether prosecutions are being considered?

  10. Perhaps someone can tape Miss Noone giving her children at St Phils a lecture on the pro marriage equality petition to prove that she’s actually done it.

    As for the C4M bunch, can they now tell us how many children under 16 have signed their petition?

    1. I don’t see how the C4M could know that, as I doubt they collect your date of birth or age when you sign the petition. And even if they do have the information, they’re hardly likely to disclose it.

      1. So, Rich – what you are saying is that C4M do not take reasonable steps to ensure that all of their signatories are legitimate?

  11. Correct me if I’m being too extreme but I don’t think they should be neutral about it either! A balance view, though better, isn’t ideal either.They should teach children to be prosocial, and adopt a more positive attitude towards LGBT people period, and that includes equal marriage. I’m sure they could figure out a way to do that in a non pressurising way.

    1. That’s the whole point JAP37, the CES is not doing it in a balanced way but through religious dogma and hatred. A non faith school does not teach children how to hate other faiths of different types of people. If they did they would suffer the consequences of the DfES and the law. It should be no different for faith schools who blatantly break the law

  12. This is going nowhere, Schools should be teaching equality or be forced to close.

  13. LOL the Catholics got caught with their knickers down again. Now the Welsh people need to go and see if the Catholics are following the rules of promoting both sides and if they don’t also promote the pro gay marriage side then report them again to the Welsh Government.

  14. That There Other David 8 May 2012, 5:11pm

    Can anyone name any other foreign dictatorship that is given British state funds to brainwash young British people towards its policies?

    All very ironic that this is occurring at a time when the Irish, who were so dominated by said foreign dictatorship for so long, are now outright rejecting the entire organisation in every way. Westminster should follow Dublin’s lead and kick the Catholic leadership out of public policy.

  15. Stewart Cowan 8 May 2012, 5:15pm

    It’s not a political issue, it’s a moral one. Butt out, Welsh “Government”.

    1. B L Z Bub 8 May 2012, 5:18pm


      1. Beautifully succinct! :D

      2. Stewart Cowan 8 May 2012, 6:30pm

        “Idiot”. What a wonderful debater, LOL!

        1. What you posted didn’t make sense as you fail to understand the rules governing schools. And “LOL!” is SO much more mature than “idiot”….. *rolls eyes*

        2. ‘Butt out, Welsh “Government”’ hardly makes for a compelling argument.

    2. I have always understood politics to be the activities associated with the governance of a country or area. Given that governments have responsibility for civil marriage – this is very much a political issue. So butt out theocrats!

      1. Asked your “wife” to take any photo’s of you today or bought any others from the internet?

        You have shown yourself to be a complete sham and an idiot (and your supposed real photograph – which looks like it was a pic from a purchase site too! – shows someone (probably not you) wearing plenty of make up – its not your colour though, my boyfriend could advise you if you go to the cosmetics counter is a very famous department store on Oxford Street).

      2. The only people looking weak are those who choose to break the law and manipulate children to make a political point!

      3. Oh good it’s Aiden. Or is it? Is he in fact a real person? Maybe he’s The Matrix? Or maybe he’s just a figment of our mass imagination? Who knows? Certainly not him, he can’t even decide what he looks like evidently

      4. Its Aiden (or whatever name/image he is using today!)

        Didn’t Aiden try to tell me that it was a criminal offence to pretend you are someone you are not a few weeks ago?

        Lies and hypocracy – who would have thought it from a homophobic right wing extremist? ;-)

        1. Actually Stu you’re wrong.

          It isn’t an offence if they’re different personalities in a schizoid mind, which I think may be the case with Keith/Ken/Skinner. Aiden is “married” to them (?).

        2. Harry

          I agree its not an offence, unless you are using those deceptions to make some gain etc …

          As for the multiple personalities you mention – its a possibility …

        3. @Stu

          “… unless you are using those deceptions to make some gain etc …”

          I can’t answer that I’m afraid Stu, as I have no idea what “Aiden” is trying to achieve by posting here. He might have some very clever way of making money by getting his posts down-voted quickly.

      5. “AIden”

        plead to entreat earnestly; to use arguments or persuasions, as with a person, for or against something.

        That’s weakness is it ? I imagine you don’t need to plead, what with your physical presence and forceful personality. People must just fall over themselves to do your bidding when they learn of all the time you spend on Pink News.

        By the way … new tee shirt for you:

      6. Aiden you still doing the narky closet case ? When are you coming out love? You big tease we all know you are gasping to just burst out and announce to the world, ‘I’m here I’m queer and I’ve got the white tee to prove it too.

    3. Did you use the word ‘Butt’ because you’ve got men’s asses on your mind. Is it cold in that closet? Are you in there because it’s a moral choice?

      1. Stewart Cowan 8 May 2012, 8:11pm

        I don’t constantly have men’s rear-ends on my mind. It is a choice whether or not to engage in sex.

        1. Orientation is not a choice.

          Marriage is not about sex/

          Marriage is about love (which may or may not include sex)

          So, your point is, Stewart?

          1. Exactly Stu. It seems though that the homophobes that visit pink news don’t know anything about love. They just understand hate.

        2. You’re the one who mentioned butts, not me. And you are in the closet because you think your sexuality is morally wrong?

        3. @Stewart Cowan

          Do you have a choice whether to post on this site or not ?

        4. “I don’t constantly have men’s rear-ends on my mind”

          The very fact you think this means you do have it on your mind constantly.

          No surprise really, its well established that homophobes are predominately homosexuals with acute self esteem issues:-

    4. “It’s not a political issue, it’s a moral one. Butt out, Welsh “Government”.”

      You should probably try harder on that one – no ones really interested in your morals, hence why you’re shouting that nonsense here, isn’t it?

    5. Have any f++king ‘morality’ you want. Don’t promote it in schools and create hostile atmospheres for lgbt pupils on taxpayers’ money. Pay for it yourself or shut down.

  16. LOL, I love how this has backfired.

  17. Alister Elliot Puddifer 8 May 2012, 5:30pm

    It’s sickening that schools do this in our country.

  18. Craig Denney 8 May 2012, 5:37pm

    Let’s hope the British Government dose not climb down like the Welsh Government has when they finnish their investigation into the C4M petition.

    Becase if they do, then it’s WAR!

    1. Lets hope Michael Gove takes more action against the school in Sutton.

      Lets hope someone makes a formal issue of this in Wales and brings forward a prosecution.

      1. Craig Denney 8 May 2012, 7:01pm

        The Welsh Government said “the Education Act may have been broken” and then said “It seems to us to be likely that many schools will have stepped across the line and broken equalities law”

        The Welsh Government has a legal department that employs top lawyers, they will know if a law has been broken.

        I for one want to see this school and the Catholic Education Service in the dock and if Michael Gove U-turns then they will U-turn (eventually) on Marriage equality.

  19. Paddyswurds 8 May 2012, 5:48pm

    There should be no such thing as faith schools indoctrinating our children with the Abrahamic cults. Anyone who watched the bbc This world; the shame of the Catholic church last week will agree i am sure
    Watch it here and be prepared to be horrified

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 8 May 2012, 7:01pm

      The roman cult has no shame!

  20. So let’s see…. a school can promote, and when I say promote, I say “really promote”, asking their students to support and vote for whatever nasty stuff you can think of, and the only thing a government asks them to do is teach an “opposing” point of view? I think a very, very, very, very, large cumulative system of sanctions and penalties must be put in place, to deal with reincidence

    1. I’m beginning to make a habit of this (don’t worry it won’t be the case on every subject!) – I entirely agree with you about this, Beberts.

      Its fine that the Welsh government have recognised its illegal. Its great that they are making efforts to try and bring some balance to schools (given that the schools chose to bring this political issue into the classrooms). BUT (and its a bloody big BUT) those who chose to politicise and manipulate children should be held accountable – there are provisions and precedent for prosecutions under the Education Act – this should also happen in this case.

      1. B L Z bub 8 May 2012, 7:36pm

        So its just fine for it to be taught that “Hitler had a point”, as long as the opposite view is taught.

        I don’t bl@@dy thinks so….

        There are lines that should NOT be crossed.

        1. No, thats precisely what we are saying B L Z Bub

          if these actions are unlawful – and they appear to many of us (and the Wlesh Government, and other informed groups) to be so, then you need to act – not merely say so!

  21. Not nearly as pathetic as it is that to make a political point homophobes have to break the law and manipulate children.

  22. That There Other David 8 May 2012, 6:18pm

    State funds should not be allocated to schools that break the guidelines. The moment these Catholic Schools accept state funds they should be forced to follow what the state tells them to. Otherwise go independent and make the parents pay to send their kids there. Then they can teach whatever they damn well please.

  23. Oh please Catholic schools, please do as the ignorant neo-N@zi that is Aiden asks – then we will see private prosecutions of the CES and individual schools for breach of the education act. I already know at least one very prominent businessman prepared to underwrite such a prosecution (and no he is not gay, he abhors religious interference and childhood manipulation).

  24. It’s easy to encourage potentially illegal activites when you carry on under a fake identity isn’t it Aiden?

    If that is indeed even your real name, which given your claim to have signed the C4M petition yet your name is not on there seems less than trustworthy

    1. Or indeed on The British Freedom Party’s membership list, the logo of which you went to so much trouble to Photoshop into your “borrowed” stock photograph …

  25. Hello “Aiden” how are you ?

    You’ve been lying so much, I don’t actually believe you’re real …

  26. “In relation to the Equality Act 2010, as the Archbishops’ letter merely expressed support for preserving the current legal situation and did not contain homophobic statements, I am advised that the correspondence and related actions of the CES do not breach the Act.”

    “The provisions in the Education Act 1996 concerning political teaching in schools are also relevant….Whilst the on-line petition is not directly related to a party political matter it COULD be seen as relating to political matters generally as the petition seeks to lobby the current Westminster Government to prevent a change in the law. Opposing a proposed change in the law COULD itself be considered to be a political act.”

    Clearly, the conclusions reached and the letter is neither here nor there. All that the CES needs to do is to acknowledge receipt and then dump the letter into the bin!

    1. The government minister in Wales stated:

      “it does in my view relate to political matters generally as the petition is seeking to persuade people to lobby the Westminster Government to prevent a change in the law”

      “I have asked them to ensure that if any pupils have been made aware of the correspondence, that those pupils will also be made aware of the converse view in order to give them a balanced perspective”

      It is not possible to read the above statements in the context of the letter and statement and not conclude that the Welsh Government believe that there has been a breach of the Education Act.

      Indeed the Welsh Minister stated today on BBC Cymru “In my opinion this was a political act in breach of provisions in the Education Act”. When he was pushed he agreed that schools who followed CES advice would have acted illegally.

      It follows that if schools acted illegally by following CES advice, that CES are complicit in unlawful acts.

    2. “All that the CES needs to do is to acknowledge receipt and then dump the letter into the bin!”

      They could. Like the way gay marriage “could” be dropped. Or the way Rosemary Bull “could” win her case to defend mindless bigotry.

      Your life must be one very long string of disappointments, Ken…

  27. Aiden, pink news ‘pleading’ with someone for equality doesn’t sound as pathetic as you whinging on and on like a militant closeted gay guy on a gay news website because you can’t come to terms with your sexuality. Get out of the closet. Get some friends, or get some help. You really are sad and pathetic.

  28. Paddyswurds 8 May 2012, 8:12pm

    This is the text of an e.mail i sent to Nadine Dorries today…
    Dear Ms Dorries….please watch this piece of video when you get a private moment and when it is finished please examine your heart. I don’t know if you have children but if you do or ever will please try putting your son or daughter in the place of either one on these two young people and then ask yourself if this pain is something you would want them to suffer.. If so then you will know that you are doing the right thing with regard to Marriage Equality, if not then you will know in your heart what you must do for their sakes if not for the sake of a lot of your constituents who are gay and may suffer this pain.. Please find time to watch… You may just be glad you did:… Patrick…

    1. B L Z Bub 9 May 2012, 9:27am

      Forget it.

      She is a cold hearted bitch that calls itself a Christian.

      She would sell her own kids in order to garner a couple of votes.

      History teaches us that these types of Christians are dangerous self interested hateful sh!ts.

  29. CinelMoen 8 May 2012, 9:23pm

    Hello Pink News

  30. I thought the Welsh would be too intelligent to have any form of Catholicism in their nation?

  31. “the normality of human life.”

    LOL! And that wouldn’t include you, given you’re far from “normal”

  32. Faith schools: antisocial, irresponsible, divisive moral poison. They shouldn’t get a penny of public money.

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