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Video: One British couple’s beautiful story of why they’re @Out4Marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Great video guys.

    1. Thanks!! :)

  2. It’s couples like these guys that make me proud to be gay. I cannot wait til the day I see two men walking down the aisle. It’s going to happen, so why fight it?

    1. That’s made my night Cal….thank you! x

  3. Thanks Cal! We can’t wait!

  4. Youre obviously a homosexual yourself Aiden or you wouldnt be wasting your time on here. Come on our. We’d be very welcoming. Lots of us go through what you are and take years to accept themselves. Hugs.

    1. A straight guy that spends a lot of his time on a gay news website! Love it. Thanks for watching our video.

      We’ll invite you to the wedding x

    2. Aiden,

      You enjoy bigotry. Speaks more about your selfishness and lack of humanity than anyone else.

      I enjoy speaking against militant, bullying, right wing neo-n@zi’s like yourself (although, you’re not really, are you? – you’re just a closet case that uses fake photos and pretends you have a wife and children to cover your confused sexuality).

      You are as bent as Graham Norton, and there’s no mistaking. There is no reason for visiting gay sites as often as you do unless you are either gay yourself, or confused and pretend to be gay but try and cover it by bullying and pretend militant extremist behaviour.

      Going to have another good day laughing at your lies (to the world and to yourself) and at you being caught out – repeatedly on here.


      Oh btw, congratulations to the USA Vice President and Education secretary for supporting gay marriage as a human right.

      Oh btw, congratulations to the US Gallup poll that shows 53% of US citizens support gay couples being able to marry.

      1. That’s rather insulting to Graham Norton.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 1:28pm

        Too right, Peter, well said!

    3. “I’m straighter then you will ever be”

      Thanks for the laugh, Aiden! You’re a real joker! Of course, of course – all straight men spend hours every day obsessing about gay men and posting comments on LGBT sites, don’t they? ;)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 1:30pm

        Self-loathers like Aiden, Ken, David Skinner (maybe they’re all the same person) who just haven’t managed to pray away the gay. No well adjusted heterosexual male would even conceive of coming here to vent their frustration and anger as well as internalised homophobia but a closet case.

    4. “I’m straighter then you will ever be”

      so you’re Kinsey 5 or thereabouts then?

    5. I’m straighter then you will ever be, I’m not the one with the fault.

      Poor Aiden. Poor dear, trouble-making Aiden. Not gifted with much by way of self-insight, are you?

      (Hint: really ‘straight’ men don’t spend hours a day on websites for gay people. Geddit?)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 1:32pm

        Absolutely right. If he were that concerned about marriage, he’d be working on those heterosexual serial adulterers, the ones who really are the threat to marriage.

    6. “I’m straighter then you will ever be”

      Yeah right….. we know otherwise:-

      Its not normal to spout your hate on a gay site. The reason you do it has been well established.

  5. Are we cherry picking comments from the ruling, Aiden

    How surprising of you not to read the whole matter.

    The ECHR ruling said in relation to obiter dictum that:
    “Another obiter dictum of the Court concerns Article 9 of the EU Fundamental Rights Charter: Regard being had to Article 9 of the Charter, therefore, the Court would no longer consider that the right to marry enshrined in Article 12 must in all circumstances be limited to marriage between two persons of the opposite sex. Consequently, it cannot be said that Article 12 is inapplicable to the applicants’ complaint.”

    Thus article 12 does cover the rights of a same sex couple to marry.

    Strange that you seek to use ECHR rulings as relevant seeing as you claim to be associated with the British Freedom Party – who state that the ECHR is irrelevant!

    1. I don’t think consistency is one of poor dear Aiden’s strong points, Vincent.

  6. And i’ll keep on making trouble, Aiden, until the UK, and the whole world, is an equal and supportive place.

    1. It was never intended to be in this years Queens speech.

      Cameron, Osborne, Featherstone, IDS, Hague and others have made it perfectly clear that there has been NO CHANGE in government plans to introduce same sex marriage.

      So, Aiden, you can tell us all you like that it will not happen – what you are saying are lies and untruths. Not surprising given your conduct on this site!

      As for human rights, someone far more eloquent than I has given a quote (below) from the recent ECHR ruling on the Austrian case reference same sex couples marrying which includes reference to the judges view that article 12 does indeed relate to a right of couples to marry that is not limited to opposite sex couples.

      So, continue trying to convince yourself that marriage is not a human right – those who understand the law much better than you or I say that you are wrong!

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 1:25pm

    Adam and James, fantastic. Well done, guys. You are both so adorable too. You make us all proud to be gay.

    1. Honestly…those words mean so much to me! Such a lovely thing to say. Can’t wait to see other people’s videos!! :)

      1. Adam and James

        Heart warming video!

        You look fab, fun and sorted guys.

        Looking forward to the other clips that are to come too.

        You guys did yourself, gay people and all reasonable people proud.

        You are an inspiration.

        1. Thank you!! There’s a lot of exciting things to come from Out4Marriage, believe me!! xxx

    2. Trouble maker – here speaks a man who uses false images and supports a neo N@zi group!


  8. Robert in S. Kensington 9 May 2012, 1:27pm

    Bog off you sick b_astard! You’re an embarrassment to the human race, closet case.

  9. “Must add, that same-sex marriage is not a human right, as said by the ECHR in March.”

    And I must add, the right to discriminate becuase of religious beliefs was shot down by the Court of Appeals, as the pathetic Peter and Hazelmary Bull found out….. the ERHC ruling doesn’t stop the stamping out of religious fanatics like you and the Bulls, does it? Hmmmm, warms me inside…..

    1. Look forward to testing it in court.

      The Bulls lost – several times and yet the CI keep manipulating them further.

      They will lose again – just like the loser Aiden is. (Found a new pic today, Aiden?)

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