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Video: ‘First gay airline’ will fly to EuroGames in Budapest

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher Kay 8 May 2012, 11:58am

    Fantastic…. So the cabin crew drink, do they?

    yup, I’d feel really safe.

  2. Christopher 8 May 2012, 1:39pm

    Look! It’s the gay version of Pan Am! Humans being sexual beings – nothing more, nothing less!

  3. Think of all that luggage!!

  4. They’ll never get off the ground!!

  5. Junior Staff nurse Guthrie. 8 May 2012, 3:42pm

    Have they icorporated glory holes in te tolets for the homo cottaging community and perhaps some grass and shrubbery for the ‘common’ cruising community.
    An onboard AIDS clinic would also make the demographic feel right at home since homosexuals are 44 times as likely to have AIDS as hetero normals.
    Happy Landings!
    PS. Onboard entertainment must always feature the Elton deviant and the Gaga deviant. CAA approval assumed!

    1. Oh look a Hate crime.

    2. Senior Staff Nurse, Edinburgh 8 May 2012, 4:04pm

      Well, Junior Staff Nurse, as you know your NMC registration does not allow for such unprofessional conduct or comments, to be made publicly or professionally whilst stating that you are indeed a nurse in public. Therefore, you have broken your Professional Code of Conduct, a legally binding contract which you signed to uphold with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. I have taken note of your comment and sent it to the NMC to investigate. It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to narrow down who you are and where you are. How are the Guthrie patients under your care by the way?

      1. Wub Folfsky 8 May 2012, 9:03pm

        You restore my faith in nurses <3

    3. Such in-depth knowledge of so many ‘communities’ can only be based on personal experience. Which is hardly a surprise.

  6. I’ve always been amazed by ‘confusion’ inherent in the gay community.

    In one breath, they argue against ‘discrimination’ and ‘inequality’ and lack of inclusiveness. However, in another breath, they want gay pride, gay bar, gay airline, gay olympics, gay beauty pageants etc.

    When its convenient, they should: ‘we are different’! and when its also convenient, they should: “we are all the same”.

    Anthing but the real thing would only bring confusion

    1. Are you similarly puzzled by Black Pride or the MOBO Awards?

      1. Spanner1960 8 May 2012, 7:24pm

        Actually, yes, I am.
        If there were white awards there would be screams of derision.

        1. You don’t really get the difference between majorities that hold the, er, majority of power and minorities, do you Spanner1960?

          1. Spanner1960 9 May 2012, 6:11pm

            Oh I see. So if you are a minority that allows you to be bigoted, does it?

          2. *sigh*

  7. krakow.guy 8 May 2012, 4:36pm

    another new idea for gay-ghetto. shame on us!

  8. Gábor Vona of the Jobbik party said: “God is my witness, it’s not some kind of homophobia but merely common decency that makes me say that this really is the end of the world.”

    Clearly you don’t have to be gay to be a drama queen.

  9. That There Other David 8 May 2012, 6:26pm

    Do we really need this? Aren’t all airlines inherently gay anyway?

    1. It hadn’t occurred to me that airlines ‘inherently’ have a preference for cock, no.

      1. But the staff generally seem to :-p

        1. Cabin crew men, perhaps – the cliché doesn’t seem to extend to the flight deck or the ground staff in quite the same way.

  10. Spanner1960 8 May 2012, 7:26pm

    Utterly pointless exercise.
    It’s difficult enough these days getting decent flights. Nobody I know are going to go out of their way get a gay airline. I mean, for what advantage? It’s not like you are going to be cruising whilst er, cruising, is it?

  11. GingerlyColors 8 May 2012, 7:54pm

    Fresh was the name of the fictional airline in the Sky Television series, Mile High which included a gay character, Will O’Brien.
    I hope that the Gay Games in Budapest will mark a turning point in Hungarian opinion. Having been there myself I was sad to hear negative news coming out of that country. As for the Hungarian Constitution it isn’t worth the paper it is written on if it can be torn up and replaced on the whim of an incoming government.

  12. Hilarious. I’ve seen it all now.

  13. Someone said about not being able to understad why we as gays always want such things like gay bars etc.

    Well personally I like to celebrate who I am, given how long we’ve had to hide our sexuality for fear of persecution.

    And until we feel safe where ever we go and until we don’t fear being beaten for kissing or holding the hands of the one we love in public places, just like straights do, we will continue to have, these places.

    Of course I do hope it’s some what better than the video implies, what with cabin crew drinking and shoddy luggage racks, not giving me a very secure feeling! lol

    1. GingerlyColors 9 May 2012, 7:32am

      I don’t see any problem with us having to have gay bars. Birds of a feather flock together. There are biker pubs, sports bars, Conservative and Labour clubs and so on and we do like to socialise and drink with like minded people.

  14. What exactly is a “gay airline”? And why is it needed? O.o What’s wrong with normal airlines? This seems like a bit of a publicity stunt to me if I’m honest.

    1. So what if it is? Don’t airlines and other businesses undertake publicity stunts on a regular basis?

      1. Yeah but this seems kinda pointless. i feel perfectly happy travelling on any airline, I wouldn’t necessarily choose an airline just cos it was a “gay airline”. And just a reference to the video, I may be gay but I can put my own luggage in the overhead storage areas :P

      2. Spanner1960 9 May 2012, 6:17pm

        Yes, but not at our expense.

        1. Oh yes, I wasn’t saying there was anything particularly wrong with it :P just that it didn’t seem necessary :)

        2. In what conceivable way is it ‘at our expense’? It makes not the slightest difference to me whether there’s a gay airline or not (but if there is to be one that others may prefer to fly on, why not?).

  15. krakow.guy 9 May 2012, 7:18am

    i agree with you ken. i do understand clubs but gay airline is too much. we show to straight guys that we are completely diffrent kind of people. they subconsciously feel this dissonance.

    we’d like to have equal rights but we behave like jews in poland before the second world war or africans- nowadays- in suburbs of paris.


    and those kind of ideas with airlines exacerbate the problem.

    1. YES, the keyword is integration, not assimilation or isolation!

      It is bad enough that the Paralympics are not an integral part of the Olympic Games, and a Gay Olympics is a move in the wrong direction – a gay airline is utterly ridiculous.

      It seems that many gays are seriously conflicted about themselves – the psychology term is Cognitive Dissonance; all gays ask to be accepted as equals, yet many gays act as if they are people with special needs.

      If you want to kiss or hold hands in public and do so by following the generally accepted norms for two people in love, be my guest.

      But, Integration is a two-way street, not just the majority having to adapt. You can’t provoke society to accept you as equals, it is just as much on you to show that being gay is normal. Swinging and S&M used to be considered sexual deviations but today they are a normal part of society; their followers have worked with subtle marketing and information campaigns – not by displaying that they are different.

  16. I dont see a market for an lgbt airline :s

    Ive never looked to fly or get on a train and go hmm if only this was more gay orientated… I WANT RAINBOWS !

    I tend to think price + comfort

    If this was cheap and big seats and flew to say Canada. Id be game.

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