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05 May 2012

  • 5th May 2012

    Gay man’s deportation to Cameroon halted 42

    Mr Ekwedde is believed to be held at the detention centre at Harmondsworth (Photo: UKBA)

    11:36 PM — The deportation of a man to Cameroon, who describes himself as gay, has been stopped, the BBC reports, after he refused to board a flight from London to Paris.

  • Tennessee: Yearbook profile of a gay student provokes controversy 92

    Zac Mitchell claims his family had known he was gay since he was just three years old

    6:12 PM — The publication of an article about a gay student in the yearbook of Lenoir City High School has provoked outrage, after one of the board members of the school wrote a blog-post asking for the journalism teacher to be sacked, and for a police investigation into the matter.

  • Gay artist Keith Haring celebrated by Google 7

    Mr Haring was an unabashed populist, who wanted his works to be as accessible as possible (Photo: Google)

    5:26 PM — Google has celebrated the life and work of Keith Haring, an American pop-artist who died of AIDS-related complications at the age of 31, twenty-two years ago, by means of a Google Doodle.

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