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Nikolai Alekseev first to be convicted of ‘gay propaganda’ in St Petersburg

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Reader comments

  1. Matty Raymant 4 May 2012, 10:10am

    Doesnt half the Russian army have to go out and get paid for having sex with men cause they get a low wage with the army? Homosexuality is everywhere in Russia, they just choose to ignore it and sweep it under the rug! Shame on them all!!!!

  2. I have to commend this Russian man, Nikolai for having such steel in his spine to stand up for gay rights and his people. Even with the authority against him, he still opted to take a stand. We could use more freedom fighters like him. I hope he will be alright.

    1. Well said, totally agree.

      1. Thank you.

  3. Is there a petition or something that we can sign to show solidarity with Nikolai Alekseev?

    1. There is a letter by an attorney who’s been arrested twice but not convicted yet, Sergey Kondrashov. Go to allout org and look there. Sergey is actually straight and married. Last time he was arrested for wearing rainbow suspenders during the authorized Mayday demonstration. The police were afraid to include gay propaganda in the protocol and went with another statute. They can use this law to arrest anyone and then invent something else to press charges. History truly repeats itself.

  4. Russia truly is a backward country!

    Good luck to this man, he is one brave man!

    1. A backward country and an increasingly fascist state, thanks to Putin.

    2. Crispy Mars-slacker 5 May 2012, 5:53pm

      Thatcher introduced the same law here. So, as a country, we are backward too. Oh wait, UK isn’t mentioned here, so let’s just garner thumbs by saying something inept and immature.

  5. Actually it wasnt only Nikolai who was trialed and sentenced to pay a fine. It was a very famous russian actress Faina Ranevskaya

    Nikolai was holding a banner that had Faina’s quote printed on:
    “Homosexuality is not a perversion, there are only two perversions: hockey on grass and ballet on ice”

    Shame on criminal-orthodox-chekist regime!

  6. Could Russia not be thrown out of the Eurovision Song Contest.

    1. GingerlyColors 5 May 2012, 9:51pm

      Better still why not allow Georgia to re-submit their Eurovision entry that got banned a few years ago, Putin Disco by Stephanie & 3G.

  7. Die, fascist pig!

    You just wait. European and american forces will raid Russia, will capture a federal criminal Putin and put him on trial for his crimes against humanity, against russian Constitution, against Russia’s people,against human rights and freedoms.

    And he will answer for numerous crimes of his organised crime band actions.

    1. Crispy Mars-slacker 5 May 2012, 6:01pm

      Do not feed trolls, people.

  8. Michael Breen 4 May 2012, 1:28pm

    Damn the Russian Govt to hell. Your actions are disgusting and you should all be shot for human right violations.

    1. “you should all be shot for human right violations.”

      Steady on.

      The death penalty is the greatest human rights violation going.

      1. Lumi Bast 4 May 2012, 9:04pm

        Some people don’t deserve to live, sorry! Mass murderers, pedophiles, etc

  9. Political prisoner. I wish there was some way I could help.

  10. *sigh*

    Poor dear Aiden, trying so desperately to be ‘controversial’ again (in the name of Free Speech, of course).

    It’d be amusing if it wasn’t so bloody boring.

  11. Go to Russia. Please.

    1. Lumi Bast 4 May 2012, 9:03pm

      That’s not fair to Russians :(

  12. Lumi Bast 4 May 2012, 9:03pm

    Somebody’s feeling hateful today!!

  13. Better yet go to Iraq. You could volunteer to see if there are any roadside bombs, keep soldiers safe.

  14. “Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.” – Henry David Thoreau

  15. GingerlyColors 5 May 2012, 9:47pm

    Disgraceful. But I think the bigots are going to find that they have met their match with Russia’s very own Peter Tatchell, Nikolai Alekseev who like his British counterpart will end up earning respect from the people of his country.

  16. Yiannis Mpalodimos 28 May 2012, 2:24pm

    the article says that he “has been honoured for his work by LGBT organisations worldwide”. Can you please name a few so that we can help them for their support? Thanks in advance!

  17. Jordan Sahid 8 Dec 2012, 4:52am

    He’s my hero.

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