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Missouri Republican Lawmaker comes out, denounces ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

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Reader comments

  1. Being gay “has never been a Democrat or Republican issue” – really? It seems the Republicans are obsessed with gay issues.

    1. It seems that more and more Repugs are either coming out or being caught!

      1. Gay & Happy 4 May 2012, 12:41am

        Repugs! Love it!

        Good on this guy though. He’s helping our commuinity at no small risk to himself. I have an uncomfortable feeling that he will have to endure a fair bit of schoolyard bullying as a result of daring to be honest about his sexuality and to stand up for “that lot”. I hope he comes through it OK as we need people like him.

    2. God Bless him now if only all of the gays would come out of the closet and help us all get our equal and civil rights we could move on to help all the LGBT people in the World.

      1. Sam Maloney 4 May 2012, 5:44am

        My feelings exactly! It takes courage, especially when you live in the public eye. The more honest, open and visible we are, the less scary we seem and the easier our struggle for acceptance and equality.

      2. Gawd blimey! certainly it’s true that if we don’t come out and speak up for ourselves it gives the opposition free reign to speak for us and to ride roughshod over our rights.

    3. Billy wingartenson 4 Aug 2012, 2:17am

      of course – its that old “the lady doth protest too much biz

  2. This scumbag opposed anti-discrimination laws in his state.

    And he’s now coming out after revealing he is not seeking re-election.

    And he’s a member of a party which hates him.

    He’s a total weirdo.

    1. David Myers 5 May 2012, 9:20am

      You are correct. He is in favor of Romney also.

  3. Kostadinos 4 May 2012, 9:56am

    A ban on not discussing gay issues at school does not sound at all dissimilar to what st. Petersburg is putting through! If like to see some world wide petitions going round with signatures collected to be presented to the US legislators of that land of the free….

    1. Billy wingartenson 4 Aug 2012, 2:19am

      the actual bans say that kids have to be above grade 8

      its the bigs way of seeming reasonable. of course by that age the kids are taught to hate in their churches and its very rarely to be able to change their frozne minds.

  4. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 4 May 2012, 12:38pm

    you are right, this same lawmaker opposed anti discrimination legislation back in 2006 and 2008 – so he is a typical homophobe!

  5. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 4 May 2012, 12:41pm

    republicans are obsessed with passing laws on creationism, keeping sodomy laws, keeping abortion illegal, passing weird laws on ultrasounds and less financial regulation into churches!

  6. SteveDenver 4 May 2012, 4:03pm

    As a brilliant comic Todd Glass said about his own coming out: “We should replace the word ‘gay’ with ‘great.’ ‘Mom and dad, I want to tell you I’m great. I’ve always been great. I knew when I was a child I was great and since the age of 12 there has been no doubt I am great.'”

    1. That is so sweet. I have to remember it.

  7. Get ’em Zach. Kind of funny when you think about the Missouri state motto. The Show Me State. LOL!

  8. Hes not saying it hasnt been an issue. Hes saying being gay isnt an issue.

    Good for him. I hope has the support and understanding he needs and can have a happy honest life.

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