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Comment: The It Gets Better Project’s Dan Savage stands for hope, stop bullying him

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s not forget all of the transphobic remarks he has made over the years. There is still a LOT of transphobia in the gay community and that’s exactly why there are many of us who are medically-diagnosed transsexuals who do not wish to be associated with the LGBT community for our gender identity.

    1. Hodge Podge 3 May 2012, 7:01pm

      He’s getting better (maybe) but he have to keep him on his toes

    2. We need the support of all LGBTQQA etc. people not just some if we are all going to get our freedoms and equal rights and cvil rights. Any division in our LGBT family is done by the enemy who are seeking to divide us and turn us against each other. This is a black propagnda trick used in psychological warfare,don’t fall for this trick it is a trap used by the anti gay Christians who want to stop all LGBT people from having the same rights an freedoms as all people.

    3. I don’t think that there is a lot of transphobia in the gay community. Gay people are certainly more trans-friendly than straight people. If you don’t want to be associated with the LGBT community then thats your choice. Most trans people do. I don’t understand why you are criticizing the very same people who have fought for trans rights more than any other (except from trans people)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 May 2012, 8:34pm

        If anything, transphobia is quite prominent in the hetero majority population. I’ve heard many derogatory comments about trans people and little if none from gay people I know. You should read some of the comments about it in the right wing newspapers.

      2. I’m not so sure… well, it’s more that I think it has to be contextual. I want to preface this remark by saying something ‘important’ like ‘I used to be transphobic, but I’ve changed’. But that would be a lie in a lot of ways. I wasn’t transphobic so much as I wasn’t exposed to many trans people – and I’m going to commit the ultimate sin here of including transvestites as much as transsexuals. Essentially, I was ignorant. And scared of things I didn’t know about.
        I only started meeting trans people relatively shortly after I’d accepted that I was gay – and I didn’t know much about being gay, either, if it comes to that. So when I first started going out on the gay scene, trans people scared me silly. I only vaguely understood myself – so understanding someone who was trans was above my intellectual/empathy grade.

        1. As a gay man it took me time – and experience – to get over my own failings when it came to dealing with trans people (and when I did, I understood that there was a vast difference between transsexual and transvestite – goddamn, I felt stupid when I finally understood that.)
          The thing is, although someone trans can come into the LGBT scene and reasonably expect acceptance, there’s every chance that she or he will meet someone like me who was pig ignorant.
          It might not be that there is more transphobia on the lesbian and gay scene, but if I were trans, I’d feel it far more if I experienced it in a straight pub than if I did in a gay pub.
          Sometimes, discrimination is a qualitative rather than just quantative experience.

      3. Paul.Essex/London 3 May 2012, 10:30pm

        I wouldn’t be so quick to make the assumption the LGB are pro-trans. For a start, transgender is not about sexual orientation but gender identity. Questioning your gender is a part of coming to terms with your sexuality for a lot of gay people – in a heteronormative world it can seem easier to conform by changing gender. It was certainly something I considered briefly, before I realised I was comfortable in my body and thought of being female was alien to me. So a lot of gay people who go through that before being secure in themselves can see transgender people as merely being still stuck at that phase and opting to mutilate themselves instead. Julie Bindel (lesbian, women’s & gay rights activist, Guardian columnist for years) is a classic example of being open minded in every sense other than transgender issues, believing trans to be gay people who can’t adjust to their sexuality.

    4. Since when was Dan Savage transphobic? I never understood the bizarre glitter-bombings he received for supposed “transphobia”. The guy has been writing as a sex advice columnist for years and I believe he has done far more to raise the profile of transgender rights and acceptance than he has done to damage the trans community.

    5. Since when was Dan Savage transphobic? I never understood the bizarre glitter-bombings he received for supposed “transphobia”. The guy has been writing as a sex advice columnist for years and I believe he has done far more to raise the profile of transgender rights and acceptance than he has done to damage the trans community.

  2. He is a hero in my eyes too. As for the fundies well once a delusional it looks like always a delusional. It’s interesting that we don’t see such outrage from these religionists everytime an innocent teenager is bullied to death. The bible is the weapon these misguided children use to destroy other children’s lives. So Rabbi thanks for your past support but in this regard thanks for nothing!

  3. I’m saddened by Rav Shmuley’s comments. Dan Savage may say some things that people don’t like in an effort to make his point, but he’s nothing like the bigots and haters of the Westboro Baptist Church. Rabbi Shmuley should be ashamed of equating a peace loving person who is trying to make the world a better place with those death dealers who spew nothing but hate and contempt for anything remotely civil.

    It’s statements like Rav Shmuley’s that make me sad to be Jewish when we’re supposed to be healing the world, not dividing it.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 3 May 2012, 7:13pm

    The religious right wing zealots are absolutey silent when a gay teen is bullied, killed or commits suicide. I think that speaks volumes about who these so called ‘christians’ really are: BIGOTS and hate mongers!!

  5. Gemma Gillob 3 May 2012, 7:16pm

    I am sorry, I used an unpolitically correct term in a charity to describe myself when I was in depression. I was fired but charities of the same kind including others across a wide spectrum defended me so I have been in his position. I was cleared and the charity that used my self loathing against me as a transphobic wepon were shamed. It looks like the LGBT are panicking as they have a PR nightmare hear. I too as a TRANSEXUAL have found the LGBT to be very very good but also have some major failings the usual targets are the religious, free speech and the trans community. As the LGBT play more and more political games ganging up on heretics and even baring gay people from there own pups to protect custom becouse there gay clients are to screaming the more and more the LGBT are failing those they preport to
    represent and behaving like a private little party that has no regard as long as it’s getting pink pounds and invitations to functions by the gov. Grow up and go back to pink.

  6. Dan is a hero and gives hope to many LGBT people. We need more like him to stand up and tell the truth, the Bible does contain hate and persecution of gays. Shame on the Rabbi for not remembering his own past of persecution for beng different in the concentration camps alog side of the gays. Thank God for Dan, a true LGBT leader who deserves our support.

  7. What you mean that transphobic, fatphobia and biphobic Dan Savage. Yeah, as a bisexual feminist, he is not even close to a hero. Yes, the It Gets Better campaign was a brilliant movement for the LGBTQ* community but I guess he only wanted it to get better for the L and the G in that equation.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. I think you have a chip on your shoulder

    2. I’ll give you fatphobic but transphobic and biphobic? Since when?

        1. As a Savage Love reader, I am more than well acquainted with that bizarre incident – strange that none of the “trans activitists” were actually transgender. In addition, they glitter-bombed him while he was answering a question about a guy questioning his attractions towards transwomen – or as he referred to them, “trannies”, The whole thing stank off a set-up and even if it wasn’t, why was Dan Savage being punished for paraphrasing the letter writer?

          As for the biphobia, you can hardly call biphobia on stuff that was written over 10 years ago – Dan Savage has admitted himself that he gets things wrong and much of his current work shows much more awareness of sexuality. Indeed, his most recent writings on bisexuality has been for more bisexuals to make themselves known – particularly if they are in opposite-sex relationships – to increase their own visibility.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 3 May 2012, 8:39pm

    Kudos to Dan Savage. Too bloody bad if the right wing christo-fascists can’t handle the truth about their book of fairytales. Dan only emphasises the bigotry and hypocrisy of these people when they deliberately ignore verses in the bible that would make contemporary life unbearable for the majority of us, straight and gay while reserving a verse in Leviticus to singularly justify discrimination and spread vicious lies about us. He’s absolutely right and has NO apology to make.

    Nobody speaks up when the likes of C4M Lord Carey and their gang of hate mongers and those bigoted MPs who allude to polygamous, incestuous and bestial relationships arising if equal marriage is introduced without even producing the evidence. Vile disgusting and bigoted people who don’t deserve the freedoms they’re currently abusing. Spreading lies, misinformation and hateful rhetoric in my view is an abuse of free speech especially when it influences discrimination.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 3 May 2012, 9:45pm

      Its called indoctrination.

      The churches have been involved in it for millennia..

      It suits those in political or financial power to use this against anyone who calls on it.

      Only yesterday I had a post banned from the Catholic Barclay brothers Telegraph newspaper for calling out the crap that that religion does.

      1) Child Rape and its International Cover ups as supported by this Pope,.
      2) Its hates Gay people so much that again it uses its place in Secular society to force Children to sign ANTI GAY MARRIAGE petitions.
      3) The Vatican was paid 500,000 lira to bury a Mafia Gangster in the Basillica. It took the cash and put him their.

      For pointing out these facts, BANNED. Via the Telegraph and the catholic idiots that OWN it.

      PS. Today I buried my “Pretend” not quite “my real” father in law as these religious bastards would put it.

      I would say. I buried a man I respected and they can rot in the hell their silly religion says they will exist in.

  9. de Villiers 3 May 2012, 10:24pm

    He also stands for bad manners.

  10. Thank God I’m an athiest…:)

    1. Sam Maloney 4 May 2012, 7:15am

      Thank you for that– I needed a laugh!

  11. Calling him the Westboro of the Left is too ridiculous to be bullying.

    His needlessly inflammatory language simply gains us enemies we don’t need. He is not beyond reproach.

  12. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 4 May 2012, 12:55pm

    He is the best man!

  13. A measured and elegant riposte, Chaim Levin.

  14. Plus the whole ‘frothy santorum’ thing is absolutely disgusting. I know that’s meant to be the point, but it’s just vile, crude, and is exactly the kind of b*tchy stereotype we’re tryng to shake off.

  15. I don’t like the way he put it. “We already ignore a lot of what’s in the bible” implicitly suggests that said book should be a default go-to for moral issues. There’s no reason whatsoever that anyone should turn to it for moral guidance. What’s in a 2500 year old cultural anthology should have no bearing on morality – it’s not “lets start ignoring more bits”, it’s “why the hell did anyone listen to this piece of crap in the first place”.

  16. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 11:51am

    Lets hope it gets better for the 3,000 diagnosed with hiv last year in uk mainly young gay men

  17. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 12:01pm

    Didnt get better for london aids charity crusaids staff after email ‘pain n suffering to alot of people-get another job! They made them redumdant in 2004 and paid them of to keep quiet:-)

  18. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 12:07pm

    Did it get better for crusaids staff copying a police panel member in their termination of contract emails as they flee charity! Nope its a scam it doesnt get better! Stop involving the disabled in the cover ups in london aids charity sector!:-)

  19. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 12:29pm

    Got better for police panel member paid off and gagged by crusaid aids charity to destroy dodgy documents in 2004 THT Just cönfirmed ‘immediately’ destroy gagging document but they can keep the ‘hush’ money! Oh la la;-)

  20. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 12:37pm

    It gets worse! Campain to be launched by london aids charity sectors hiv redundant staff after £900,000 spent by london aids charity sector to encourage them of benifits -sic

  21. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 2:47pm

    It got better for police panel member threatened with a high court injunction by Crusaid trustees they then emailed löng closed L0L and presented them with a medal ! Charity commission instructed them to cease contact by email or letter ! Oh la la all in 2007 and covered up.

  22. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 3:02pm

    It got sooo much better for police panel member paid hush money to keep quiet after crusaids dodgy emails – the charity wrote to them for ‘feedback’ and donatiøn as they forgot to take them of their mailing lists L0L ! :-D

  23. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 3:11pm

    It got GREAT for the police panel member who offered their resignation to the chief inspectos of met after crusaid sent them multiple medical data of police panel member they were sitting opposite – the CI Didnt accept their resignation TA DAH ;-)

  24. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 3:16pm

    It didnt get any better for the police panel member sadly then aids charity ukc emailed them client database,firstnames surnames postcodes of gay men with aids living in londön they became so alarmed n distressed they had to withdraw from panel :-(

  25. Caped cruisader 10 May 2012, 3:33pm

    It got better for police panel member made redundant by crusaid after email ‘pain n suffering to alot of people…get another job’ they were invited to the south african high commission and presented with award by the Food Chain for fundraising ! Oh la la .:-)

  26. My dad pushed me near death and irreparably destroyed my body and mind with his violence, telling me since I was a young child that “You have to like women”. I grew up with an overwhelming fear of attending school because they teased me called me gay. I hid during lunch breaks and eventually dropped out of highschool. By the time I was 19 I was ready to die. I had been through enough pain and didn’t see any hope and was just ready to end it. Until one night an angel walked into my life. I didn’t realize it right away, but I prayed for him since I was a kid, and he prayed for me and some force brought us together. He loved me, and taught me to love myself. I felt a peace wash over me, a white healing light of love and he saved my life. From then on I moved out on my own, and sometimes cry because I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that it was possible for life to be so good. If you can survive the point where it seems its hopeless, it really does get better. Just reach out

    1. You’re right it does get better. Much better.

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