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Benedict Cumberbatch ‘flattered’ by gay fan-fiction

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  1. Haha, he knows about Tumblr now. Guys, better hide everything.

  2. Well kudos to him, I know many actors would be offended. I would personally be offended if people put my characters in straight fanfiction (I would never play a straight character), but Sherlock seems to have gay undertones so at least there’s some reason behind it.

    Well he knows about Tumblr, I hope he just doesn’t go to!

    1. SteveDenver 4 May 2012, 3:58pm

      I certainly won’t be going there… right now! (Thanks)

    2. Galadriel1010 4 May 2012, 5:48pm

      I think Tumblr is actually worse than, for once. The smushnames are terrible, for starters.

  3. Spanner1960 4 May 2012, 8:09am

    I’ve always found a lot of the fan fiction stuff really creepy. Usually written by overweight female dropouts with halitosis and poor social skills, they resort to this weird soft gay porn as some kind of outlet.

    Usually popular with scifi and fantasy subjects, particularly Star Trek.
    See Kirk+Spock, Skywalker+Solo, Merlin+Arthur, Mickey+Pluto etc etc…

    1. Yeah, I read a book about fandom once, and the majority of gay fan fiction is written by women.

      It’s called slash fiction and I think it started with Kirk and Spock, which became K/S, then just “/” (slash).

      I honestly don’t get it! If women fancy either of the characters, where is the pleasure in ‘making’ them do gay stuff?

      1. In case you’re interested.
        The reasons to write slash fiction are as diverse as the people who are writing it.
        For some it’s the ultimate sexual fantasy. “One man hot, two men hotter”
        For others the bond between the two (male) best friends in a series is much more convincing than whatever straight romance are thrown at them.
        For some it’s a way to go against the overwhelming heterosexuality of popular culture. In slash fiction the main characters can be two men who happen to fall in love/lust with each other and that’s it. No coming-out drama. Slash can and will be written in every genre imaginable, not just scifi and fantasy.
        Some (we have to be honest about this) simply hate the female characters.

        To me personally slash fiction and m/m romance/erotica and gay fiction are three quite different genres.

      2. In addition, it is widely culturally accepted that men find lesbians extremely hot – why is the reverse suddenly strange? Frat boys having drunk co-eds make out with each other for drinks is totally okay, but this, this is dysfunctional.

        1. Absolutely! Though I don’t think there are many heterosexual men who enjoy girl-on-girl porn (calling it lesbian would be a bit silly) and who also get into meta-discussions with each other about stuff like gender roles, the way society treats homosexuality and whether or not writing slash as a straight person might be considered appropriation of gay culture. And I’ve seen that happening with slash writing women (straight, bi and lesbian) in several fandoms.

      3. ZenDragon 4 May 2012, 4:45pm

        As Mark Gatiss said, the idea of two sexy men getting in on is a powerful aphrodisiac. Just as two women is for straight men.

        I think if the co-creator, writer and one of the stars of the show understands and accepts, while the leading man is flattered by it (and Freeman is apparently looking for it!) who on earth are you to judge?

        Everyone has fantasies and fetishes, it’s not harming anyone, so what is the problem?

      4. Galadriel1010 4 May 2012, 5:54pm

        I don’t fancy either of the characters, and I still love slash. The male characters tend to be the better ones, unfortunately, so they’re more fun to write. I do enjoy taking a minor character and fleshing them out, but it’s so rare to get two female character with enough back story that they don’t just come across as OCs.

      5. are you familiar with japanese yaoi comics & cartoons? A female author (mangaka) draws and writes gay storylines (with lots of sex) and its targeted at teenage girls. There is also a theme called yuri where a man writes and draws lesbian love storys (just as much sex) for teenage boys. This is all done professionally and sold in like book shops and that in Japan (and some of it is brought over to the USA)

    2. Wow, way to state your opinion without sounding a) ignorant and b) rude. If you don’t get it, fine, no one’s asking you to, but classing an entire group of people about whom you know very few proper facts with a meaningless stream of insults just reflects poorly on yourself.

      1. Spanner1960 4 May 2012, 4:21pm

        What’s the bets you spend most of your time at conventions dressed as a Romulan?

        1. Even if I did, it would be infinitely preferable to spending time trolling the Internet judging other people’s life choices. Talk about “poor social skills.”

          1. Spanner1960 4 May 2012, 6:59pm

            Why do you think that somebody that happens to not coincide with your way of thinking considered a ‘troll”?

            The term “Get a life” springs to mind.

    3. Galadriel1010 4 May 2012, 5:56pm

      Now there’s an informed opinion.

    4. Dragonbat 4 May 2012, 9:47pm

      Um… I’m a technical writer and editor. In my circle of fanfic writers, I count two lawyers, a law student-journalist, an ex-military paramedic, a martial arts instructor, a police support services staffer, a systems analyst, a librarian, a couple of students, graphics artist and a special needs teacher. I have no clue where you got your demographics on fanfiction writers, but I’m just not seeing it.

  4. auntie babs 4 May 2012, 12:28pm

    I think you have just proved your own point with that post.

  5. Spanner1960 4 May 2012, 12:59pm

    Then why do you continue to look then, Keith?

  6. “Deviant”? Wow, I didn’t know early nineteenth century psychologists knew how to comment on articles! Move with the times, we’re all “deviants” in one way or another.

    1. The God of Israel? Some morals.

      So how come you spend so much time on Pink News, then?

  7. Galadriel1010 4 May 2012, 5:59pm

    It’s nice to see someone so accepting of fanfiction. It would be a bit churlish for anyone on Sherlock to disapprove of it, though.

  8. I saw the clip, and a few things he says suggest not fan FICTION, but fan ART. Yeah. That kind of fan art.

  9. Nice to see we ficcers getting some props ;)

  10. Probably talkin’ bout Reapersun’s magnificent and well-publicized stuff.

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