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Australia: Former High Court judge speaks up for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. God Bless this man for knowing that God made us all equal.

    1. May Artemis bless you Fred for mentioning her 2x in one line.

  2. Kirby is a great Australian. If only we had more on the High Court like this former judge. The Labor Government ( if it survives) has the chance to appoint progressive Judges to the High Court in October 2012 and March 2013. High Court judges must retire at 70 in Australia. God help us if Tony Abbott becomes PM before time because he will stack the High Court with religious conservatives!!!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful article to read…

  4. radical53 4 May 2012, 3:51am

    Yes, the article is good.

    I have met him and his partner and had dinner with him in the past.

    Only time now as the Government has been backed into a corner in regards to this issue.

    There is too much support for the government not to take notice, now.

  5. A good article to read. However, it does not make it clear whether he was out prior to his speaking at the parliament which I think is important.

    However, congratulations to him on his 43 year relationship, there are not many hetrosexual couple who manage to maintain a relationship that long!

    1. I lived in Australia for a few years in the late 80s and it was widely known that he’s gay, but according to Wikipedia he only officially came out in 1999 (10 years before he retired) when he named his partner.

  6. What lovely words :)

  7. If Australian politicians do not legislate for same sex marriage it will be a catastrophic failure of democracy. They have to listen to the people and see the popular support. (Although even if the massive popular support didn’t exist they would have to do the right thing!)

    If the Labour party cannot bring in such widely supported liberal reform then they will have failed as a ruling party and Abbott will get back in and set the cause back for years.

    1. If they don’t gay men and woman round the world should boycot Sydney Mardi Gras!

  8. Thank you for speaking up Mr Kirby!

  9. to be clear, the High Court in Australia is the equivalent of our Supreme Court (ex House of Lords), in the UK. He is along with Edwin Cameron the highest ranking “top court” judge in the world, openly gay. There are no, and have never been, openly gay Superme Court (House of Lords) UK judges who have been openly gay. Nor, so far as I know, in the USA.

    1. But Sir Terence Etherton was appointed Lord Justice of Appeal in 2008, which is something, isn’t it?

      1. yes indeed, but not the Supreme Court – will the appointors be brave enough?

        1. Oh well, there are only 12, aren’t there? Give it time!

  10. As lovely as this all is, I have to ask, where was he when Howard was passing the law against same sex marriage?
    Let’s face it, it’s not like he was vocally against it.

    I understand he had a job to do, and it may not have been proper of him to speak up, but that’s the problem with this world.

    He’s chosen to speak up, only after retiring and collecting his fat pension. Rather than speaking up when he was in a position to do something.

    Kirby is not a hero, he’s just a hypocrite.

    1. What exactly do you think a judge could have done, off his own bat and in his official position, against government policy?

    2. A stupid comment, nothing else. Why throw in the the ‘fat pension’ line! I think Justice Kirby worked hard for his superannuation during his distinguished legal career. So tired of gays who knock those who actually have an affect. Justice Kirby is now working hard for animal rights and I greatly admire him!

    3. Richard your comment was based on ignorance and does not really bear analysis. If Kirby’s inability to speak out until he was retired is “the problem with this world” (which perhaps overstates it rather, there are perhaps one or two others), then what is your gripe with him, and why does it make him a hypocrite? And what on earth has his penson to do with it?

      Please think twice before attacking decent people doing decent things.

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