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Scottish Episcopal church unveils gay wedding mural

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 2 May 2012, 4:59pm

    Speaking as a gay this is great news.
    Speaking as an artist it looks awful.

    1. Bill (Scotland) 2 May 2012, 5:17pm

      Tend to agree with you on both counts – it is great news, but not so great art; it is good, though, it has attracted no negative comments whatsoever, so far. Funnily enough, St Johns is where I went for Cub Scouts meetings when I was a child – I always enjoyed going there.

    2. Couldn’t agree more – lovely thought, dreadful picture.

    3. They are usually quite bit murals on the Princes Street side of the church.

    4. Agreed! On balance, I can forgive bad art in a good cause…just.

    5. Jason I have to agree on both counts! lol

  2. What a great idea. Something that will have a wide audience of passers by. Nice one.

  3. It should be pointed out that the next Bishop of Edinburgh is coming from St John’s – great news for the Scottish Episcopal Church.

  4. Love the idea

    Love the message

    Great to see Episcopals standing up and being counted

    Not keen on the aesthetics though

  5. Lumi Bast 2 May 2012, 7:58pm

    God isn’t love, but it’s still a nice mural

    1. Don Harrison 2 May 2012, 8:26pm

      I disagree with you God is Love.

      1. Lumi Bast 2 May 2012, 8:45pm

        God is homophobic and misogynistic and supports slavery, rape, sacrifice, infanticide, pillaging and plundering, polygamy. God also despises people who don’t blindly worship Him, and says he’ll kill them. God makes false claims about prayers leading to healing when it does nothing and God makes false claims that you have what you ask for but that’s not true. God claims to be anti murder but has killed tons of people himself and has supported the killing of many people. You’re also manipulated into believing a fictional story so you don’t burn in a pit of fire for all eternity.

        1. No MAN is homophobic. MAN wrote the bible, not god (if he/she exists at all).

          1. There is no God, but I’m speaking about the fictional character as if it was real because that’s what brainwashed religious people believe sadly

            (There definitely could have been an intelligent creator but nothing more)

        2. More Lumi Bast dementia, groan!

          Tell us more about how you’d commit every Trans person as insane?

          You’re opinions are just utter nonsesne, woman.

      2. Lumi Bast 2 May 2012, 8:46pm

        There’s so much more evil in the Bible that I could list. I suggest you read:

        God Is Imaginary
        Skeptics Annotated Bible
        Evil Bible

      3. Lumi Bast 3 May 2012, 6:43pm

        Trans people should be committed because they are insane, but commenting on the stuff I say isn’t going to make a difference

  6. This is great to see, but it would have been nice if maybe it had been a split image of two men and two women!

    I said it a few days ago that almost every time you see someone representing the gay community it’s men. It’s no wonder some people think that women are only part time gays or playing at being gay and it want last when almost all gay imagery is of men.

    For people to get a balance view of homosexuality they need to see balanced imagery.

    1. Yea… that makes a lot of sense..

      and this IS great to see.

  7. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 4 May 2012, 2:43pm

    It looks wonderful!

    If I had the money, I want to buy it!

  8. Great news :-) Well done Scottish Episcopal Church and to Bishop David Chillingworth for his stand. An interesting art piece :-)

  9. The mural gives the impression that scripture promotes gay marriage , and that it’s accepted by all Christians ; neither of which is true. So , it’s inaccurate.

    1. The parts of the Scriptures which Christians SHOULD be following DOES support it in principle, as Christians should be following the teachings of Jesus, and Jesus told us to love our neighbours as ourselves. So in that sense, this mural DOES follow the Scriptures, and in theory all Christians should be accepting it, but unfortunately a very loud minority are tarnishing the Church’s image…

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