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PinkNews reader poll shows London mayoral race too close to call, more support for Tories

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Reader comments

  1. A strong and well-deserved vote of confidence in Boris, David Cameron, Margot James, Francis Maude, and others who are leading the Tories (some kicking and screaming!) into the 21st century. Good to see that but there’s still a long way to go with the likes of Roger Gale and John Glen being so anti-marriage equality.

    1. A strong and well deserved vote of confidence in Boris who really does not care about LGBT rights and has refused to provide an LGBT manifesto, even after being forced to promise one.

  2. The poll confirms that courting LGBT votes is indeed a waste of time. Aside the fact that their numbers are insignificant, they do not vote strategically or based on LGBT issues.

    In an election where some candidates have LGBT manifesto and a candidate is openly gay, it is interesting that LGBT voters prefer to vote for someone who refused to provide an LGBT manifesto and who compares gays to bestiality.

    This confirms that even LGBT voters do not think about LGBT issues when they cast their votes. The coalition government would therefore be commiting electoral suicide if they decide to go ahead with their gay marriage plans

    1. Your argument doesn’t make sense. A surge in support for the Conservatives, even in the face of Boris’s undoubtedly disappointing failure to produce the promised LGBT manifesto, shows clearly that LGBTs are voting strategically in favour of the coalition government’s support for marriage equality.

    2. That There Other David 3 May 2012, 12:13pm

      Following your own logic if nobody cares about LGBT issues when casting their votes the government should ignore all anti-gay lobbying and enact full marriage equality, because nobody will vote against them because of it.

      Lost that battle already Ken. The entire Western World is going to have marriage equality within a decade. Even Italy, where the Vatican’s insidious tentacles are most tightly wrapped around the minds of the political establishment.

      It’s going to be awful being you over the coming years, watching your segregation and discrimination dreams fade into the past where they belong. Do try and keep yourself sane, won’t you?

  3. There are mayoral elections in Liverpool and Salford tomorrow. What are their candidates opinions on gay issues? I don’t know, Pink News hasn’t mentioned these elections. We don’t all live in London!

    1. I got the impression this poll was really aboutt he London mayoral election and the questions on council elections was just tacked on for the rest of us who don’t live in London.

      In Scotland, for example, we use the STV voting system yet you could only choose one answer in the Poll whereas it specifically asked for 1st and 2nd preferences for the London mayoral election.

      I know Pink News is a London-based news service, but not everyone lives there.

  4. Boris equated gay mkarriage with bestiality four years ago and this year filed to produce the LGBT manifesto he promised. Boris does not deserve a single gay vote. #1 Siobhan #2 Ken

  5. Bella Brahms 3 May 2012, 1:59pm

    No self-respecting queer could ever vote for a tory candidate.

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