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Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill to be dropped

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Reader comments

  1. Republicans have a problem with something so they cover it up and pretend it doesn’t exist. How very typical of them. All the more reason to vote Romney, guys!

    1. Paddyswurds 1 May 2012, 11:52pm

      Your comment makes no sense. Romney is one of those Republicans. He is a Mormon, ffs. All the more reason to vote to keep Obama in the White House for another four…..

      1. It’s called sarcasm. Read about it.

  2. Somebody found their marbles?

  3. Christopher 2 May 2012, 2:52am

    THIS is why the average American is so idiotic – the school system! Look at the last paragraph!!!!!!!

  4. Sadly lost in a time warp. They probably still wear bell bottom jeans.

  5. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 2 May 2012, 1:04pm

    Republicans have completely lost there marbles and have too much time on their hands and obesely have money to pass horrible laws!

    I am sick and tired of Conservatives using my and others taxpayers money to fuel hatred on LGBT people, by passing horrible legislation such as the repealed UK section 28, “do not say gay bills” in Tennessee and Missouri, Romania’s article 200 (now repealed), Germany’s paragraph 175 (now repealed) and now in several regional and city parts of Russia called “homosexual propaganda”.

  6. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 2 May 2012, 1:07pm

    Lithuania as well back in 2009 passed a “homosexual propaganda” law.

  7. One small step for the LGBT of Tennessee. These two haters need to be voted out of office. Although the Tennessee senate is out of touch with their people also.

  8. Unbelievable on all fronts. As for the last paragraph; boy, there’s nothing like ignoring scientiific evidence. When I lived in the States a few years ago, the Louisiana legislature discussed teaching Creationism alongside the theories of evolution. Thankfully, it never came to a vote, mostly due strenuous opposition from…wait for it…the Catholic Church (yep. Catholicism holds to evolution. Bet that surprised some readers). I’m not holding my breath for a change of view on same sex marriage, though.

  9. Is the USA going totally bonkers? It seems so

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