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Russia: Police arrest gay rights activists in St Petersburg

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Reader comments

  1. A sad step back for human rights.

    My thoughts go out to all those LGBT people who are presently living there.

    1. A glorious step into proper human rights, i.e. stopping what destroys human rights. Well done Russia!!

      1. Proper human rights would be people being completely equal in law no matter their sexual orientation

        Homosexuality and bisexuality doesn’t destroy human rights at all. I don’t know where you got that from. Only homophobic bigots like you destroy human rights,

      2. Scumbag!

      3. You (like, unfortunately, so many Russians) seem not understand what ‘human rights’ means. I pity you.

      4. “stopping what destroys human rights”

        Is the rest of your name Klux Klan?

        Its just that you sound like a racist bigot, the usual breed of mindless twat that wader into gay sites and spew this filth anonymously (how brave of you too!)

  2. First they came for the most intelligent people and killed them and then they came for the Jews and murdered them, tell me history does not repeat itself. Some crazy dictators get power and start attacking people they do not like. Why does the Pope come to mind?

  3. My thoughts are with the oppressed LGBT in Russia. It is a very sad sight to see how the government treated these people as if they are worthless. The chances might be slim but I hope the discriminatiom towards LGBT in Russia will end soon. We have enough problems with oppressed LGBT elsewhere in the world already. Stay strong, gay Russian folks.

  4. Something needs to be done about this! It is outrageous!

  5. How the Christian Institute must look on with envious eyes… This is just what the UK would be like, if they had their way.

    1. … and rightly so!

      1. When the time came they would put a rope around your miserable neck as soon as anyones. You are an unspeakable slick of human waste devoid of human feelings. You repulsive creature.

    2. Yes, and rightly so. Its high time the militant gay lobby got told they are a minority and should NOT continue to impose their sinful behaviour on the majority

      1. Lumi Bast 2 May 2012, 2:55am

        Just because someone’s a minority doesn’t mean they don’t deserve rights
        There’s nothing sinful (or wrong) about homosexuality or bisexuality, or homosexual sex
        It’s not imposing behavior. Nobody is forcing you to have gay sex, or watch people have gay sex.
        If you disagree with homosexuality so much, then don’t go on an LGB news website.

        1. Please don’t feed the trolls. Their comments are such absurd, childish nonsense that no adult could possibly be concerned by them. They just take up space on the page.

      2. You don’t get to impose your delusions on any free thinking individual. No off you pop back to the bronze age dimwit.

      3. “Yes, and rightly so. Its high time the militant gay lobby got told they are a minority and should NOT continue to impose their sinful behaviour on the majority”

        Yes, and rightly so. Its high time the militant religious lobby got told they are a minority and should NOT continue to impose their facist behaviour on the majority

  6. Damn. My thoughts go out to the LGB people there in Russia.

    I do have to thank the people who have gotten arrested for standing up forus. I hope someday that Russia will move forward with LGB rights. :)

    1. Its LGBT.

      Just leaseback you an vile litte bigot doesn’t tmean that it has changed the name to suit the prejudices of a dumb piece of filth like you.

  7. HOPE Russia will lead the world by example on this issue!!!

    1. I wish homophobic idiots like you would be shipped to your own island and not left off

    2. I hope you spontaneously combust but in fact neither of us will get our hopes realised. Russia is the kind of open sewer of human rights a turd like you would be found floating in.

    3. “HOPE Russia will lead the world by example on this issue!!!”

      LOL! The trolls here really need a better imagination. Is this the best they can do?

      1. It probably is, Will. I don’t think Ku is, you know, the shiniest apple on the tree.

        1. LOL @ Rehan – indeed. Ku is the apple rotting at the foot of the tree of knowledge.

          (Did you like that biblical reference? Clever, eh? :) )

    4. Robin Evans 2 May 2012, 10:37pm

      Ku you poor poor creature, many of us can relate to your situation…. You are obviously homosexual and in denial about it… You should talk to someone who is trained to help you accept yourself instead of lurking here and giving us reason to pity you…

  8. 2 May 2012, 12:58am

    Who’s surprised? Russia has never been a beacon of individual freedom and human rights. Now, driven by the Orthodox church, it’s moving backwards into the dark ages. All we can do is have as little as possible to do with Russia except to campaign against this repressive law and similar ones.

  9. torroxchico 2 May 2012, 2:04am

    Its so sad, I hope during the Olympics the Russian Media (not the sports men and women) get an avallange of ‘Gay Propaganda’

  10. Disgraceful

  11. Russia needs to get a grip! How dare they treat their gay citizens like this!

  12. ‘… it is understood that they will be charged with failing to co-operate with police officers…’

    is it because the law itself is in conflict with human rights laws and if exposed to judicial process all the way to EHRC would have to be scraped?

    1. Yawn indeed. Keith’s typically insipid and banal cut-and-paste.

      I notice Keith the drunk here didn’t respond to this article I showed him:-

      Wonder why…..

      1. Because he was too busy wanking over gay porn online?

  13. auntie babs 2 May 2012, 11:07am

    Personally I’d like to see Russia and all the backward countries with poor equality laws disqualified from the Olympics…it won’t happen…but nothing hurts these numbskulls quite like being told they are not being allowed out to play with the other children.

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