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George Galloway alerted to squatter by ‘bottle of gin and gay video’

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Reader comments

  1. A big pinch of salt

    1. This. And I’ll believe any story about (even foreplay with Rula Lenska) Galloway as long as it’s on camera.

  2. He must be the only muslim that doesn’t hate gays…

    1. New Aussie 1 May 2012, 10:36pm

      Much of the rest of his party (those that came from the Islamic Party of Britain) explicitly and potently hate gay people. Whether or not he personally does is immaterial, he is unlikely to be an advocate for us while representing Respect.

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 1 May 2012, 12:45pm

    What did the neck of the bottle smell like it?

  4. Alister Elliot Puddifer 1 May 2012, 12:49pm

    If you’re not living there someone might as well.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 1:28pm

    I wonder where he is on equal marriage?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 1:46pm

    I wonder if he viewed the video?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 6:18pm

      Why would wondering if he viewed the video elicit a thumbs down? I was trying to use a bit of satire. Lighten up!

  7. Why is he making such a big deal stressing that it was a gay video? As well as adding… “which definitely would never be in my house”. Would he have made such a big deal if the video was straight porn? I smell something funny here…

    1. That was my first reaction too, but then I noticed he also used a similar phrase about the bottle of gin.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 6:33pm

        Sex, booze and politics all go hand in hand apparently.

        1. Rudehamster 3 May 2012, 2:38pm

          I have no wish to know what was in his hand at the time.

  8. A left-wing socialist who seems to keep empty residencial properties. I must admit, though, that the image of him going upstairs with a sword tickles a lot.
    George is a rum cove. I find myself cheering when he’s on his anti-laissez-faire capitalism platform, but he has cosied up to some of the nastiest people in the world.

  9. Sure George. Of course none of that belongs to you. ;-)

    1. Rudehamster 3 May 2012, 2:49pm

      …and with th eties going missing, he forgot to mention the sling and the crisco.

  10. I feel sorry for the squatter … couldn’t he have picked a friendlier house???

  11. maybe it belongs to that priest from northern ireland.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 7:37pm

      You mean the video?

      1. well they did say that he was leaving the area … lol

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 10:16pm

          LOL to that! Notice how defencive he seemed upon discovering it though.

  12. I doubt very much if any squatter would notice his sword once he had unsheathed it. Hateful creep and hypocrite.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 6:36pm

      Obviously, hasn’t he heard of phoning the police if he suspected someone was in his house? I can’t imagine any rational person picking up a sword. Quite eery if you ask me.

  13. He used to be quite gay friendly, before he came involved with radical muslims!

    1. @Robbie

      Do we know for certain that he is no longer gay friendly? Has he done or said anything in recent years to show his views on gay equality have changed for the worse? I’m not having a go at what you say, or trying to defend George Galloway, I honestly would like to know.

  14. I wish galloway would move to saudi arabia with his sword.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 10:17pm

      Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Waxing biblically here.

      1. Rudehamster 3 May 2012, 2:44pm

        Indefatigable humour, as always.

  15. none of this sounds true to me – except the fact that Georgeous didn’t notice someone living in (one of) his house(s) for such a long time. What a man of the people!!

  16. anyone else giggle about him unsheathing his sword and finding a gay porn video pmsl

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 10:18pm

      Yes indeed, that word ‘unsheathing’ does conjure all sorts of fantasies. Good point!

  17. Spanner1960 1 May 2012, 10:21pm

    I doubt the squatter was gay. It would have been a vodka bottle if it had. ;)

  18. Rudehamster 3 May 2012, 2:42pm

    It’s all the fault of his eyesight. Thinking the video was entitled ‘My Night with Saddam’, he thought it was his.
    It appears that ‘My Night of Sodom’ appeared to be a different video entirely.

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