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Q&A: London mayoral candidate Jenny Jones answers readers’ questions

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Reader comments

  1. Voting Green is a wasted vote; not that she isn’t a good candidate.
    I’m as left as it gets but my only option is the idiot Boris. I can’t vote for Ken again because of his Muslim connections.

    1. Don’t vote Boris!

    2. If everyone persisted in thinking that voting one way was a wasted vote we’d only ever have the same old idiots in office… Oh wait

    3. Hodge Podge 30 Apr 2012, 7:52pm

      Well you get a second preference, so you can risk wasting one vote on a candidate you actually like. (I’ve come round to two preference AV, it has the advantages of AV without just benefiting the most boring candidate).

      I’m a northerner, I can’t comment on Boris… I think Ken IS very good on LGBT stuff, even if he puts his foot in it. Given that, having a boycott of Muslim friendly people doesn’t sound constructive.

  2. I think the de-twinning with Tehran requires immediate action . GLAs twinning with this homophobic city is unbelievable !

  3. I’m not sure what any of these comments have to do with Jenny Jones’s q&a session but there again I don’t think she said anything worth commenting on. I wish someone had asked her what, if anything, marks her out from other candidates on LGBT issues. With Boris and Ken being so-LGBT friendly, I can’t tell.

  4. Cybil Liberty 30 Apr 2012, 9:12pm

    I wanna ask! My twin is genderqueer. What would you do to improve education, especially in schools, on spectral gender? Ms Jones won’t get this, but I still wanted to put it out there!

  5. People who usually say voting Green is a wasted vote are Labor! Same around the world! Labor has close association with the Catholic Church, so that by itself is one very good reason to vote Green!

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