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Mayor of London 2012

Audio: Boris Johnson plans to unveil LGBT manifesto ‘to an amazed world’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Apr 2012, 5:56pm

    Well done, Boris Johnson!

  2. Stuart Neyton 30 Apr 2012, 5:59pm

    Maybe because Ken has one?

  3. Archbishp of Taunton 30 Apr 2012, 6:25pm

    I’d prefer to read it than devour it. But well done, both Ken and Boris. My vote’s still up for grabs.

  4. He should explain in detail what he meant when he compared gay relationships to bestiality. Will he do that?

    1. Scott Lovely 30 Apr 2012, 6:31pm

      I’d rather he didn’t.

    2. I believe he was making a libertarian point, that if the state is not to moralise over the nature of a relationship with regards to same-sex couples why should it moralise over any other form. Made in a typical Boris-esque manner though.

  5. Paddyswurds 30 Apr 2012, 6:52pm

    Is he not just being cynical in the lead up to the Mayoral election Previously he likened Gay sexual relations to bestiality?

    1. Yes he probably is… just like every other politician in the history of politics.

      Look at what he has done and judge him on that, not what he has said or said he will do, because he says stupid things, it’s like a disease he has. (This is equally applicable to Ken Livingstone)

      1. LGBTLondonequality 30 Apr 2012, 8:56pm

        Boris has done virtually nothing. From his past homophobia – supporting Section 28, comparing gay marriage to bestiality and saying in 2005 “Gay marriage can only ever be a ludicrous parody of the real thing” through to his current view that to even talk about us is “divisive”, cutting the Pride Reception at City Hall, funding to Soho Pride, pulling the GLA out of the Stonewall Equality Index and ignoring us in all his manifestos (until Ken shamed him with his LGBT Manifesto – see here and then suddenly at the Stonewall Hustings he decided to write one).

        So I do judge Boris on what he has done. Ken has 40 years of support for the LGBT community and when he power he has always worked progressively to further LGBT rights e.g. GLC, London Partnerships register, tackling homophobic bullying, challenging homophobic, Tory-run Westminster & Bromley Councils and making GLA the best LGBT employer

        1. LGBTLondonequality 30 Apr 2012, 8:57pm

          Boris has also refused to sack his mentoring champion Ray Lewis for using racist and homophobic language (see

        2. Put that quote “Gay marriage can only ever be a ludicrous parody of the real thing” into google and you’ll find a direct source – a Telegraph article written by someone else come straight up, along with many other indirect quotations saying it was Boris. Misquote.

          He wrote an article in the Telegraph mildly supporting Section 28 and as a result he was approached by campaigners who educated him and changed his mind, and subsequently voted for it’s repeal.

          Cutting funding is not an anti-gay approach, it’s a reduced cost approach.

          All in all I’d rather a Mayor who responded to facts, information and education with an open mind, rather than the stick in the mud from the Militant Left that is Ken.

  6. A ‘Manifesto’ eh? lol

  7. Beberts – maybe you don’t share Boris’s social background? The Brits have always ranked their dogs and cats far higher than fellow human beings – it has nothing to do with bestiality it is Boris equating marrying a man’s best friend with two men marrying – that is the highest praise indeed from the upper middle class perspective.

  8. He would never have done this if Ken hadn’t launched his own manifesto first. #justsaying

    1. de Villiers 1 May 2012, 11:03am

      What are you “just saying” and why? Why bother to add such a meaningless rider to a comment? If you have something to say than say it. Do not ingratiate yourself with such a meaningless, empty and plastic comment as “just saying”.

      1. de Villiers 1 May 2012, 11:03am


  9. LGBTLondonequality 30 Apr 2012, 8:24pm

    Ken launched his LGBT Manifesto, after conversations with the community, ahead of the Stonewall Gay Hustings on 14 April 2012. It is a detailed document committing the Mayor of London to innovative and exciting projects and interventions to tackle homophobia and transphobia and celebrate LGBT culture (see

    Boris only said he would write an LGBT Manifesto when asked where his was at the Stonewall Hustings. Boris has also refused to sack his mentoring champion Ray Lewis for using racist and homophobic language (see; cut the Pride reception and Soho Pride funding, considers talking about the LGBT community as divisive; only committed to going back into the Stonewall Equality Index as he was forced to at the Hustings (he took the GLA out when it was, under Ken, the best public sector employer for LGBT people in the UK) [continued…->]

    1. LGBTLondonequality 30 Apr 2012, 8:49pm

      Ken’s key commitments for LGBT people (as well as promise to cut fares, tackle private sector rents, bring back Education Maintenance Allowance, support childcare, increase police numbers & reduce heating bills) are:
      • Continue to support Pride celebrations across the capital and support World Pride coming to London this year
      • Put the Greater London Authority back into Stonewall Employers’ Index
      • Appoint an LGBT adviser
      • Re-establish the Pride annual reception at City Hall
      • Operate a zero tolerance approach to homophobic and transphobic hate crime & prioritise work with the Met to improve awareness, training and responses among police officers
      • Oppose cuts to LGBT organisations imposed by the Tory-led government
      • Overhaul TfL’s advertising standards so that we never again have the scandal of homophobic advertising on buses being approved

      Ken has been committed to LGBT rights for 40 years. Boris said in 2005 “Gay marriage can only ever be a ludicrous parody of the real thing”

  10. Bit late Boris, three days before polling

  11. Still in the closet eh Aiden? Must get boring with your thumb up your arse wanking over gay porn and pretending to be straight with your fundy friends. By the way most of those lads you drool over on their knees to jesus trying to pray away the gay are just like you are, deluded.

  12. Whatever his agenda, I’ll take Boris over his opponent, who concluded a recent speech with a passage from the Koran. You’re trying to serve too many (inappropriate) masters, Ken.

  13. Thanks for sharing Aiden, but what could have possibly made you think we’re interested?

  14. Mant Postal votes will have been cast already! The timing, so late in the campaign and after all of the head to head debates, leaves me wondering if this ‘amazing’ manifesto has either no guts or anything new for the LGBT community or its so radical he wants no time left to Discuss it at all with potential opponents. Should have had the guts to publish, whatever his stance is, ages ago. Kind of sums him up really!

  15. ALso, you clearly don’t know Ken’s record is better than Boris’


  16. Robert in S. Kensington 1 May 2012, 12:46pm

    I wonder what could be so ‘amazing’ about this manifesto? Oh wait, the Tory party after all will vote overwhelmingly to legalise equal marriage?

  17. When is this manifesto going to be published?

  18. GulliverUK 2 May 2012, 8:38am

    Still not published !!!!
    He does know we’re voting “THIS” Thursday, presumably ?!!!


    ps. Most postal votes are now in, so if anyone was minded to vote for him because of his lgbt pledges he may well have lost those.

  19. His team must have calculated that he wouldn’t benefit from the gay vote.
    I suspect he’s won on the postal.

  20. ‘I’ll meet with the Tube Unions to prevent strikes’ Boris pre 2008 election pledge. LIE. He didn’t do it.

    ‘I’ll not close any Tube ticket offices’. Boris pre 2008 election promise. LIE. He closed them.

    I’ll provide a bike hire scheme at no cost to the taxpayer. Boris LIE. He spent thousands and gave his friends and backers at Barclay’s a massive advertising boost at our expense.

    Before the election I’ll unveil an LGBT manifesto that will amaze you. Boris LIE (unless he does it sometime before 0700 tomorrow morning).

    The amazing thing about BoJo the Clown is that he makes stuff up as he goes along, renages on his promises with barely a mention and stupid people still vote for him. Shame. If he wins London is stuck with an inefficient, bumbling moron for another 4 years.

    Let’s hope we have no more riots, because we saw the measure of him last August and it was pitiful.

  21. LGBTLondonequality 2 May 2012, 9:45pm

    Where is the Pink News response to this scandalous development on the eve of the election? The current Mayor of London does not think that violent homophobia and its impact on London’s LGBT community which may be 750,000 strong is worth bothering to write a set of policies about. If ever there was a newsworthy story on LGBT rights for London it is this. Or will it be another case of Blue News with a continued right-wing, Tory bias? Please surprise me

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