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Video: President Obama and Jimmy Kimmel make gay-friendly jokes at reception

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Reader comments

  1. olivia kaged 29 Apr 2012, 7:40pm

    maybe it’s just me but i found some of these homophobic a little. espcially the last one, so if your a man and wear jewelry and dance your gay? not cool obama, not cool. america please please vote for someone, like the fred guy with the frisbees who supports gay marriage and doesn’t joke about homosexuality.

    1. Read again – that was comedian Jimmy Kimmel, not Obama. And lighten up.

      1. Paddyswurds 29 Apr 2012, 8:15pm

        I think Olivia is as big a stranger to reading as she clearly is to grammar and punctuation……and is quite possibly a racist to boot.

  2. He is such a brilliant man, and that was very entertaining. I wish more Americans knew how lucky they were to have Obama.

  3. With my partner we stood on the pavement outside the Treasury Building in Washington DC as the Presidential Parade passed by on the 20th of January 2009. President Obama had just been inaugurated. He is fine human being, a decent and honourable man and a good friend to us in the LGBT communities. We have not reached all our goals but with him as President we will achieve more of them than with any other holder of that office. We are looking forward to being in Washington DC next January at President Obama’s second inauguration. We are looking forward to the next four years to bring us all nearer to our rightful place as equals under the law with our rights to freedom, equality and happiness under the Constitution in all the States of the Union.

  4. If you don’t want to watch the video there’s a great gif set of it here:

  5. The anti gay Chrstians are not laughing at this, LOL I am RFLO.
    How come the anti gay Christians are not spewing their anti gay/Obama hate here? The anti gay Christians seem to be coming out of their dark evil hate filled closets to post hate here about LGBT people and their supporters who help them. God I hope Obama frees the saves like Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.

  6. How amusing….not. He makes a joke about gay men (let’s all laugh and nod at each other) but supports discrimation by not signing anti-discrimation bills. Hmmmmmm.

    1. Are you forgetting this is politics? Obama cannot sign all kinds of anti-discrimination bills left, right and centre. That would be political suicide. I know that’s hard to hear, but it’s true. One step at a time. Obama needs to be reassured that the vast majority of America supports something before he does. As far as I’m concerned, if Obama signed every anti-discrimination bill that was put in from of him, we’d make me worse – a republican would be gauranteed next term and they would make our lives even worse.

    2. It wasn’t a Bill he didn’t sign. It was an Executive Order. You need to understand that EOs can be overturned at whim by whoever occupies the White House, whereas Bills need to be debated and voted on by both houses of Congress. If Obama signed that EO it would only be a temporary fix, and would have given Congress a nice get out clause from providing what American needs, a permanent anti-discrimination bill applied at Federal level.

      Just as with DADT repeal, the best way to ensure that discrimination against LGBT Americans becomes illegal is for Congress to introduce it. Obama won’t take the easy option, because it leaves the door open for the next Republican President to undo it all in a penstroke.

  7. We can only hope that he is re-elected as President.

    Good to see a president who has a sense of humour and is down to earth.

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