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28 April 2012

  • 28th April 2012

    Utah: Gay teenager commits suicide 52

    A candlelit vigil will be held for Jack Reese on Wednesday (Photo: Facebook)

    8:47 PM — A 17-year old from Mountain Green, Utah, has killed himself due to homophobic bullying, local media organisations report.

  • Ricky Martin to host Obama fundraiser 5

    Ricky Martin said he was proud to support Mr Obama

    6:55 PM — The pop singer Ricky Martin, who came out as gay two years ago, has said that he will host a fundraising event for US President Barack Obama over his support for LGBT rights.

  • Video: Christian students walk out as Dan Savage attacks the Bible 180

    About a dozen students walked out as Mr Savage linked biblical teaching to homophobic bullying (Photo: YouTube)

    6:20 PM — Several high school students walked out of a lecture by Dan Savage, the gay rights campaigner, after he linked certain passages in the Bible, which he called him "bulls**t," and homophobic bullying.

  • Ray-Ban campaign features gay couple 18

    The ad was shot as part of the 75th anniversary campaign (Photo: Ray-Ban)

    5:42 PM — The eyewear designer, Ray-Ban, has introduced an advertisement that features a gay couple holding hands as part of their 75th anniversary campaign.

  • Vatican Archbishop calls for alliance with Muslims and Jews against equal marriage 143

    Archbishop Mennini has called for a coalition with Jewish and Muslim groups against equal marriage

    5:13 PM — Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Apostolic Nuncio, has called for the formation of an alliance between Catholics and other faiths, including other Christian denominations, to fight against the current government proposals to bring forth equality in marriage.

  • Exclusive: Education Secretary orders investigation of Catholic Schools’ anti-gay petition scandal 125

    Michael Gove has ordered officials at the Department for Education to investigate

    2:07 PM — The Education Secretary Michael Gove has ordered officials to investigate the promotion of an anti-gay marriage petition by the Catholic Education Service uncovered by PinkNews.co.uk on Wednesday. This publication revealed that the organisation had written to more than 359 state funded Catholic secondary schools in England and Wales to inform students of the Catholic Church's objections to the Government's plans to allow gay couples to marry and to promote a petition to the prime minister organised by the anti-gay Coalition for Marriage.

  • Alternate History: Newspaper reveals Gay faith schools promote petition to ban Catholic marriage 18

    Imagine a world with LGBT faith schools instead of Catholic state schools

    11:20 AM — In an editorial yesterday where PinkNews.co.uk called on the the Education Secretary Michael Gove to launch an investigation into the Catholic Education Service's promotion of an anti-gay marriage petition within schools, we considered an alternative history. We feel it stands alone as something to discuss and consider. So here is the extended version.

  • Iain Duncan Smith defies Catholic Church to back marriage for gay couples 51

    Iain Duncan Smith is a former leader of the Conservative Party who now supports gay rights

    10:43 AM — The most senior Catholic in the British Government, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, has confirmed that he will be supporting Prime Minister David Cameron's pledge to introduce equal civil marriage for gay and lesbian couples. In a remarkable evolution of his own personal approach to LGBT rights, he pointed out that in a country where so many hetrosexual couples are breaking up, marriage equality is a positive method of creating a more stable society.

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