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Gay marine accepts navy veteran’s marriage proposal at base homecoming

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  1. Why are people obsessed with military gays? Imperialist stooges. There was a time when gay people were opposed to the spread of murder across the world, think Vietnam, but not many seem to think that if we closely identify with the armed forces we will be taken to the nation’s bosom. Sad.

    1. And that Homecoming video – some people are so blinkered about the self appointed white gay male ‘community management’

    2. just just as much a stooge as anyone in the military, you pay taxes therefore support the government of the day and whatever it does abroad.
      At least being in the military we are taught discipline and how to treat people with some degree of respect, unlike most civilians. We may have to kill on occasion when necessary, that is the nature of the job. The majority of us are never in that position.
      You will never see the military resorting to mob justice or rioting on the streets of their home nation.
      If it was not for the current volunteers within the forces conscription would be enforced and the likes of you would be drafted in, so give us just a little credit for what we do.

      1. Sincere gratitude for your service, Gaz.


      2. FYI I would be a conscientious if drafted & go to prison rather than fight an unjust war. As for the respect you suggest our troops are taught, it doesn’t quite wash when we think of the many civilians tortured, raped & murdered by UK troops in the various theatres of war we’ve been involved with in the past few years. These are not defensive wars and there is little justification in our involvement.

        Btw tax pays for many things & I should no sooner be congratulated for surgery performed on the NHS than condemned for the Armed Forces.

        1. If you have a problem with the justification of conflicts abroad, then take this up with politicians. The Armed Forces do not question the order to go to war, much as a police office does not question the validity of a law.
          And the incidents of “rape, murder and torture” to which you refer are in the main NOT attributed to UK forces. On the rare occasion that UK forces have been involved in such actions, they have been dealt with swiftly and sternly under the law. I’m sure all those people who now live in relative freedom in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq really despise having their previous dictatorship regimes toppled.
          If you have a problem with the armed forces being in other countries fighting wars, then lobby your political leaders, and demand answers from them. If all you want to do is have a Daily Fail armchair rant, then may I suggest you join

          1. How on earth do you know that I don’t lobby politicians as well as attend protests? You make unfounded assumptions.
            As for the “liberated peoples” of Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya enjoying new found freedom – do you ever bother to read a newspaper? Do you know about the massacres of gays and “Emos” in Iraq? How little support our forces have in Afghanistan? How Libya is ridden with tribalism, torture & political corruption. For goodness sake, join the real world instead of regurgitating your own wishes.

    3. What do you suggest Joe. That we don’t have a military and then let any old fascist dictator take over. Peace is a nice utopian dream and hope. But unfortunately not a reality on this war planet. I’m glad we had a military defence in the 40’s, otherwise we’d all speak German, wear knee length leather boots and everyone would have blonde hair and blue eyes. And if we didn’t have one now, you’d probs be reading the koran instead of pink news.

      1. A defensive war is very different from an Imperialist, expansionist & in the case of Iraq illegal war. Don’t dignify our current adventures by comparing them with WW2.

    4. Why??

      mmm…. may have something to do with protecting our valued democracies.

    5. You are confusing two separate issues. The illegitimate and oppressive use of military power is irrelevant to the right to serve, which should be open to all with the mental and physical capacity to do so, and without discrimination.

  2. I think this is a lovely and sweet story. It’s nice to read some good news (which doesn’t involve a conflict, which is ironic seeing as it’s military!) for a change.

  3. As an ex-military man who is also gay, I must stress that we don’t get the luxury of choosing the theatre of operations in which we serve. When you sign that dotted line, you can’t pick and choose, you go where you are sent.

    1. Like we say it’s life in a blue/khaki/grey suit (depending on which of the Forces you serve in navy/army/air force) ;)

    2. Paddyswurds 27 Apr 2012, 6:19pm

      ….But you are aware when you join up that you will probably be sent somewhere in the world to kill human beings at the behest of the American imperialists and oil grabbers….

    3. Indeed, you are a mercenary.

  4. Good luck to them both!

  5. An historic event, historic photo.. :)

    3 cheers !!

  6. Paddyswurds 27 Apr 2012, 6:05pm

    ….”At least being in the military we are taught discipline and how to treat people with some degree of respect, unlike most civilians”
    What a load of bollix…. whee was that discipline when soldiers, male and female were putting dog leads on civilians in Iraq and forcing them to perform sickening acts on each other while the soldiers took pics. Ask the people of Derry about the discipline of the SAS for instance.Since when did the PM have to get on TV and apologise in front of the worlds press, to the people of Ireland about the murderous conduct of the Military , like he had to a couple of years ago There is a book from the 70s here in the north of Ireland called “A Case to be Answered. You should try finding a copy. Then come back here and tell us about the Army and their “discipline”. Bullshyte frankly…..

  7. Amazing!! Congratulations to them.

  8. Congratulations guys! I wish same sex marriage was fully recognized so you could have equal rights though…. someday!

  9. Wonderful! I hope they get to walk under an archway of drawn swords.

  10. I don’t expect this comment will be popular, but anybody else tired of the glorification of militarism and war in the gay media? The front cover of Attitude, that viral picture of an officer coming home from Afghanistan and jumping on his boyfriend and now marriage proposal set against the backdrop of a glamourous homecoming (from an unwinnable, bloody war).

    Okay, I get it. Discrimination in the military is out of the lawbooks and that’s great. But this just takes irony too far and is every bit as unsettling to me as that dreadful Military Wives song is for heterosexuals. It also reaks of assimilationism. The fact that now gay people can go and get themselves killed in a war all for the benefit of arms companies and resource extractors is not something we should be celebrating.

    1. David Waite 27 Apr 2012, 10:22pm

      Dear El Gabal,
      You wrote, “The fact that now gay people can go and get themselves killed in a war all for the benefit of arms companies and resource extractors is not something we should be celebrating.” In doing so, you demonstrated that you have never served and also never paid attention in history class.
      I enlisted in 1958, but observing the ignorance of ahistorical young people today sometimes makes me feel old enough to have served in the Sacred Band. You aren’t worth the trouble of an explanation; search on Sacred Band for yourself. While you are about it, find out what reasons men had for dying in defense of their loved ones BEFORE there was the current M.I.C., tell us how thoroughly you have fought against militarization in your lifetime, and enlighten us as to whether or not you are employed by any collateral part of the M.I.C.
      With Sincere Disgust From An Ex-Sailor,
      David Waite USN

    2. Couldn’t we just appreciate the good news for now ? Every article on Pink News doesn’t need to be so negative all the time.

  11. So beautiful this that I started crying just for seeing the video and couldn’t finish it just of emotion. Sorry, sometimes I am such an emotional person. The repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law shows there are still real human beings in the world.

  12. GingerlyColors 28 Apr 2012, 7:23am

    The article mentions that they haven’t decided which state they are going to get married in. Obviously it won’t be California unless Proposition 8 is repealed. Can someone enlighten me about the rules regarding marrying in a state other than the one you are resident in in the USA. Can a couple living in a state where gay marriage is banned elope to a state and get married where it is allowed and have their marriage recognised in their home state? Or does one or both individuals have to be resident in the state they wish to marry? And if so how long do they have to live there before they can be granted the right to marry?
    It is a bit like the EU in some ways with some member states allowing gay marriage, others allowing Civil Partnerships and others banning it altogether. In theory I should be able to marry a Dutchman in Holland, for example but would my marriage which would be legal in Holland be recognized as such in the UK should I choose to live with my husband here?

  13. Jim Fields 28 Apr 2012, 9:02pm

    to put it bluntly who pissed in your post toasties this morning El Gabal
    I am a gay viet nam vet .. who was kicked out of the Navy in 1971 I am now in the process of having my discharge upgraded .. for centuries we GBLT had to watch as heteros . showed their open display of affection for each other .. now we have our turn
    to show we have feelings and desires the same as heteros you should go out of your way to show the honor they deserve GBLT for servicing their
    country so that you can have an opinion .and can post that opinion .with the only thing that will happen to you is for those of us who disagree to post our replies to your post …
    if you are against the war you should take you let those men and women who were elected who send troops into war .. and not degrade or show disrespect for those doing a job the are assigned to.. how would you like it
    if someone showed up at your job to degrade and be negative about your work .. that wouldnt work for you
    I bet

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