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Comic strip writer: Batman is ‘very, very gay’

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  1. All of my Gay friends admit that while growing up, they lusted over the Batman and Robin couple; they either wanted to be Robin, or have a Robin. What boy wouldn’t want a “mentor” that was wealthy, had flashy cars and other expensive toys, and had to side down his pole to reach a secret cave? C’mon. Just ONCE I wanted to hear Commissioner Gordon say after the duo had left, “Things that make ya go ‘Hmmm…’.”

  2. I’m not really a fan of camp Batman, I prefer dark moody Frank Miller Batman (although Miller is a massive dick), but I think what’s good about comic book characters in general is that they can be interpreted in different ways and reinvented. I love the current gay Batwoman.

  3. GingerlyColors 27 Apr 2012, 12:04am

    What team does Batman bat for? With hindsight, many of the superheroes we admired as children did have camp value.

  4. Dammit Grant … This is why your writing for Batman sucks .

    Batman isnt a sexual deviant or whatever. He has had a few notable relationships with women and has a son.

    Theres really no more to it

    1. Your use of the word ‘deviant’ says it all (that and the fact that you lurk on a gay website in the first place).

      Oscar Wilde had two children. What do you think that proves?

      1. Not Adam88’s problem IMO. In the article Grant Morrison uses the phrase “sexually deviant” to describe Batman.

        1. Fair point – the perils of reading articles too quickly when one’s supposed to be working.

          Adam88, if you’re not a purportedly non-gay person trolling, I apologise!

          1. But the children comment was pretty fair Rehan. Just because we are gay doesn’t mean we can’t or don’t have children. And there are also those of us who have had at least one relationship with someone of the opposite sex at some point. That doesn’t make you any less gay, only that you were still finding your feet so to speak :) so it was a fair point to an extent! :)

  5. Also how is the concept of Batman gay ? What part of this concept is gay ????

    And im not sure joker was designed with sexy in mind

    1. Apart from the millionaire “batchelor” who spends most of his time with a young male trapese artist who wears hotpants living in a luxury pad with a closet stuffed with rubber fetish gear?
      How come his relations with the likes of Catwoman and Vikki Vale never seem to get past the first date?
      Nope, you’re probably right… nothing about that seems gay at all.

    2. I think the fact that Batman used to sleep with Robin was the first giveaway. (see first point in link)

  6. Let’s face it, those rumours have been circulating since at least the 1970’s and probably before!
    Wealthy batchelor with a double identity, spends a lot of time wearing fetish gear, has his pick of the ladies but chooses to hang around with a 19-year old circus artist in hotpants.
    Batgirl was introduced late in the day but never really interested him.
    That has to be the least convincing closet case since Liberace

  7. When I was about 7, the boy over the road lent me his Batman comics – there was a story where Batman had to either pursue a baddy, or rescue Robin who was hanging off the edge of a skyscraper roof, as you do.

    The next page showed a topless Robin in bed being looked after by Alfred.

    I always used to want to play out this storyline in the playground with my friends! I think it’s one of my earliest gay memories.

    1. Spanner1960 27 Apr 2012, 8:55pm

      I’m old enough to remember the camp TV series the fiorst time round, and I always had a bit of a thing for the Boy Wonder in flesh-coloured tights, skimpy speedos and a substantial packet.

      Holy sock-stuffed gussets Batman!

      1. David Myers 28 Apr 2012, 11:47am

        I was ten and went to the movies every Saturday (cost – 25 cents – my total allowence in 1957). Every movie included a twenty minute episode of the movie serial “Batman and Robin”. I hadn’t quite figured out my sexuality yet at that age, but I consciously knew there was something about Robin’s tights that really grabbed my interestand attention ;-)

  8. I read Batwoman who’s lebian! Great stories! The series I am reading for those girls who maybe interested, or maybe even some guys :), it’s ‘The New 52!’ series of DC comics! :) and the art work is amazing too!!!

    And no suprises about Batman. I always thought that when watching the cheesy series! lol

  9. Rhoderick Gates 30 Apr 2012, 6:41am

    Well the creator of the series was once asked are they a gay couple, he neither denied nor affirmed in reply. So it’s still a matter for speculation.

  10. Drat…Outed!!

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