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Russia: Father imprisoned gay teen son in rehab clinic after a witch failed to exorcise his homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Proving again that people believe in superstitious hogwash are nothing more than dumb beasts with psychopathic tendencies.

    Good for his mates for standing by him. I hope the father gets arrested and the old sow grandmother dies as soon as possible to rid the world of her stupidity.

  2. And according to the bigots, straight people are the only ones that should bring up children…. this man is clearly not suitable to mind cats, let along children. And witchcraft? WFT? Someone should tell him its 2012….

    1. It’s still a fairly common belief in parts of Russia that you can be ‘cursed’ and that witches have power. My ex was terrified of her parents taking her to see a witch (about another health issue which they suspected could be due to a curse) in case the woman worked out my ex was gay and told her parents. The fear is very real, and the attitudes are not that rare, even in metropolitan cities and modern families. Believing in the superstitions doesn’t make you a bad parent, but doing something against your child’s wishes and harming them or making them fear you does.

      1. Alas, if that’s true is a poor reflection on Russia. Prevalence is no excuse – witchcraft and belief in such is retrograde and a cancer of reason.

    2. Mumbo Jumbo 25 Apr 2012, 1:47pm

      “…this man is clearly not suitable to mind cats…”

      Indeed. If the studies on sexuality are right, he is probably not a lover of pussies.

    3. Russians are a bit insane when it comes to stuff like this.

  3. This article is about some religious freak who believes in witchcraft and abuse of his children, and spelling is what concerns you?

  4. I think the article content is much more important then a few spelling errors. My personal opinion is that its petty and reeks of an inferiority complex when people find spelling or grammar mistakes and make those the focus of their comment. A Gay teenager was kidnapped, imprisoned and had a ‘witch’ work on him for Gods sake…get your priorities right, and if Pink News is so poorly managed…don’t read it!

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 12:22am

      @Will & Shane…
      ….What comment does these two comments refer to . I can’t see any post referring to spelling on this page.. It is always best to put @whoever so we know to what comment you refer?

      1. There comment was deleted it seems. Some muppet going on about the “quality” of the article and hence by implication its validity.

        1. I wish Pink News would put a ‘comment deleted’ message in when this happens. So damn confusing without it!

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 25 Apr 2012, 1:43pm

    “…his traditonalist father…”

    I do think we should not start to adopt this Robert Piggot of the BBC style use of the word “traditionalist”.

    A “traditionalist” is someone who might enjoy warm beer, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by a little light Morris dancing not a blindly hateful individual who would savagely denigrate their fellow human beings before persecuting them needlessly and denying them basic human rights.

    The correct word for such people is bigots – if you are being polite, that is.

    1. at some point in the past beating your wife was a traditional thing to do. these days we dont call people who do that traditionalists, do we?

  6. I don’t know what kind of witches they have in Russia, but I would just like to point out that in the rest of the world, witchcraft (Wicca, Reclaiming, and other forms of modern witchcraft) is a religion which is inclusive and welcoming towards LGBT people.
    And before the “all religion is mumbo-jumbo” brigade gets going, I’d also like to point out that witches are pretty sceptical people, and mostly in it for the spirituality.
    And as other commenters have pointed out, this is a terrible story, and I am glad that Ivan Kharchenko escaped. The clinic should never have allowed him to be incarcerated in the first place.

  7. One of those Internet-inspired WTF??! moments. Seriously, this happened in 21st Century Russia, and they claim that we’re the ones with an agenda? Backwards doesn’t even describe it.

  8. And these people have the audacity to say we are depraved?

    I hope that the poor lad gets out and get the love and support that he needs from the people who will actually care for him. He is perfect just the way he is!

  9. Russia and Russians are probably a lost cause. Hundreds of years of superstitious nonsense, authority and control promulgated by the Russian Orthodox Church have taken their toll. Stalin finished the job, turning the nation into a state of authority-worshiping zombies.

    1. I watched the campaign on the Russian blogosphere for getting the boy out, so don’t be in a hurry to consider the Russians “a lost cause”.

  10. Time and again I read about other people who so violently hate gays – WHY? to what end – how does our living who we are affect them in any real way? – they do protest’eth’ too much – can it be that they feel threatened by out freedom to live honestly as we truly are or are they all self loathing closets?

  11. duffers8503 25 Apr 2012, 4:13pm


  12. I think the kid is very brave for coming out. He had to know how that so called father would feel about it, especially after his psycho grandma took him to a witch. It is great he found a way to get out of that facility. Hope he has a wonderful life away from those in his family that can’t accept him.

  13. Not a surprise at all, given recent events.

  14. Russia is still a backwards country. I feel sorry for any LGBT people who live there…especially for this kid. His father is a horrible person and should face criminal charges.

    The world is still very homophobic and there’s a lot of work to be done, even in western countries.

  15. so Russia are believing that homosexuality is a mental illness now despite all the leading agencies in the western world condemning that.

    Just proving how backwards they really are.

  16. Are we still living in the dark ages? How insane is it to use a “witch” for anything? Russia has a long history of locking up people in mental hospitals and druging them to keep them hidden away if they are free thnkers or speak out against oppression. The people who do this to people and children are criminals just lke the anti gay Christans who give shock treatment to gay children in America to “cure” them. These people who harm children are the insane people who need to be locked up. When will the good sane people rise up and stop the evil people from doing harm and destruction to the children in the world?

  17. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 12:15am

    As I have said before on more than one occasion, this is Russia which like the USA, is a total stranger to human rights unless it benefits the corrupt politicians and bigoted religious….A total lost cause to human rights for at least the next three generations.

  18. The barbaric mind set of some Russians is unbelievable! and they want to be treated as equal on the world stage?

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