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Plea to save London’s Black Cap pub

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick Lilley 25 Apr 2012, 11:17am

    You could ask Boris Johnson Mayor of London…

    But then again we know he doesn’t give a s**t about gay people, their lives or community, does he?

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Apr 2012, 11:49am

      You could but it actually has nothing really to do with him.

      The property is I presume not in the ownership of the GLA and Camden is responsible for deciding its own planning applications.

      Its a gay pub and like many pubs that are not for solely for gay people consideration is being given to develop it. Its a shame but if whoever isn’t making enough money from its current use, then they are at liberty to apply to do something else with it and that application will be decided on its merits.

      The pub along the road from me closed a little while ago. The Mayor of London didn’t involve himself.

      I’m very much of the opinion that Boris Johnson has got bigger fish to fry that worrying about the closure of a pub that seemingly isn’t doing so well.

  2. I am guessing that the company who owns this has sold the land? Does anyone know?

    1. the company who bought the pub over a year ago from mitchell and butlers is faucet inn but unfortunately i don t know if it is a lease hold or a freehold

  3. All I know is the management changed a couple of months ago and all the bar staff and security changed.

    1. it changed because it has been bought from mitchell and butlers by faucett what u all need to know mitchell and butlers sold all their gay pub which some of them were: halfway to heaven, comptons, 2 brewers, black cap, kings cross in cardiff… etc as far as i know it has been sold to at least 2 differents company faucett inn and to stonegate pubs company.

  4. Application Number2012/1444/P
    Site AddressThe Black Cap PH 171 CAMDEN HIGH STREET LONDON NW1 7JY
    Application TypeFull Planning Permission
    Development TypeResidential Conversion with Extension
    ProposalChange of use of first, second and third floors from bar/restaurant use and ancillary accommodation to residential (Class C3) to provide 3 x 1-bedroom and 1 x 2-bedroom maisonette with rear roof terraces at first and third floor levels and a rear balcony at second floor level, alterations to windows and doors on side and rear and creation of refuse and cycle stores for flats at ground floor level.
    Current StatusREGISTERED
    ApplicantMr S Cox
    AgentGrainger Planning Associates Ltd
    WardsCamden Town with Primrose Hill
    Location Co ordinatesEasting 528912 Northing 183801
    Existing Land UseA3 Restaurants and Cafes
    Proposed Land UseA3 Restaurants and Cafes, C3 Dwelling House

    1. so surely that means the pub itself is staying, just change of use above it?

      1. Sort of. The club would survive for the time being but the bar above would be turned into a private flat,

  5. The guy whose name is on the planning application is Steve Cox of Faucet Inns.
    He also owns Comptons in Soho. Perhaps he’ll be shutting that down too!

    1. I used to work for Faucett Inns as they used to own the King William IV in Hampstead. Steve is pretty homophobic as when he came in to the KW4 he looked like a firghtened rabbit caught in headlights and could not wait to get out so this does not surprise me in the least!

      1. does not surprise me coming from faucett inn they just think about profit and their bonuses at the end of mionth or year. they are a bunch of d……d

        1. They are awful to work for! When I heard that they had took over the Cap I warned people that something would happen. Steve Cox is a man not to be trusted!

  6. renate rothwell 25 Apr 2012, 3:30pm

    I think that the Black Cap should be preserved as a historical and prsently used venue for LGBT people.
    Housing there will never replace the cultural loss of this venue

  7. why pink news is telling the black cap going to close and being transformed into flats on one side and on the other i discovered about it over the week end through facebook and the black cap manger told on facebook that it was not true as the black cap was planning a big refurb and will not close at all. my question is who is telling the truth

    1. Patrick – Pink news is telling the truth. I saw the plans for conversion on Monday night as well as the original story on Facebook last week. Ian Ellis, the manager of the Cap, has deleted his posts about this planned conversion not being true.
      Comptons is also owned by Faucet Inns and there is a similar planning application lodged with Westminster Council.

      1. Erection of a single storey roof extension at third floor level to create 1×2 bed flat; and formation of 2×1 bed flats at second floor level; creation of a roof terrace at rear third floor level; minor alterations to rear and relocation of plant to roof level.
        51-53 Old Compton Street London W1D 6HN
        Ref. No: 12/00357/FULL | Received: Mon 16 Jan 2012 | Validated: Tue 28 Feb 2012 | Status: Pending Consideration

        This is the application regarding Comptons.

  8. We lost the Colehurne Pub, which had a huge gay history. I doubt this pub will survive. Unless it’s is bought by a gay friendly group.

    1. Leder Hosen 25 Apr 2012, 7:41pm

      Maybe it’s time to reclaim it!

  9. I think this pub has a grisly history dating back to the 1700’s and some murders of clients in the recent past. A dark name for a dark past…

  10. Hi all i have set up a page..please like and share it may not be your local.But it is a piece of history.Thanks all x

  11. The deadline is for the 26 of May not April

    1. No it’s not, it’s tomorrow!

  12. pearl e monsoon 25 Apr 2012, 7:44pm

    This is discusting, as an old performer of the Black Cap from 1976 to 1992 , i find this terrible. along side act like the dissapointer sister, (the late )sandra playgirl, stage three, mrs shufflewick, dockyard doris,myself (mighty Pearl ) and many many others who made this venue our own, alongside the RVT and the (sadly gone ) Elephant and castle (vauxhall)… this was one of our landmark pubs ffrom 1967 when homosexuality was made leagal in this country. if it isn`t broke Don`t fix it. pearl.e.monsoon aka the mighty pearl

  13. Spanner1960 26 Apr 2012, 11:38am

    This is really out of order.
    London pubs are dissapearing fast, gay ones even more so.

    The Black Cap has a long standing tradition and it would be a tragedy if it were to close. It should have a preservation order on it not just as a building, but also as a change of purpose.

  14. GingerlyColors 26 Apr 2012, 11:56pm

    The Black Cap should be saved because of it’s historic significance and it’s association with the gay community, more so as it is a traditional pub used by gays as opposed to the many modern purpose built establishments on the scene.
    All pubs deserve to be saved and this country is still heamoraging some 30 pubs a week due to high beer prices in pubs unable to compete aginst cheap supermarket booze. Rural pubs are the most vunerable and as a ‘Country Slicker’ myself would like to see the government not only impose minimum pricing on tinned and bottled beers I would like to see duties slashed on draft beers. I would also like to see more gay people ‘out’ in the country. Pub closures affect everybody and CAMRA will campaign to save pubs.

    1. It’s great to read the support for the Cap on here, but we do need to make our voices heard where it might make a difference, so please send any letters of objection to making your case as strongly as possible in defence of this great community asset – one of the VERY few community gay pubs left.

      If you are a Camden resident, also get in touch with your local councillors as councillors can turn down this application as planning law states that if development leads to the loss of a community asset, councillors have every right to dismiss it – and by cutting the floor space by more than half, the future of the pub is at risk.



  15. I received a letter today from Camden Council confirming that the Planning Application has been WITHDRAWN.

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