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Mother banned from being US Cub Scout leader for being a lesbian vows to fight on

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Reader comments

  1. “Scouting will continue to teach our members to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.”

    Yes, I’m sure Jennifer Tyrrell was dumped both respectfully and courteously. I’m sure that’s a huge comfort to her while she’s basically been banned from being seen with children…/sarcasm.

  2. Sandy Mitchell 25 Apr 2012, 6:23pm

    This is so sad in the 21st century!!! Hope she can fight her case and win!!

  3. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 25 Apr 2012, 6:34pm

    Good path, Jennifer Tyrell on your fights. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouts would withdraw the permission to American Scouts to call themselfs scouts. The leadership of the boy scouts in the US should be fired and sued for discrimination and encouraging hate crimes. Shame on you. You are not worthy, being called boy scouts!

  4. Ah yes, the scouts who claim to be inclusive yet don’t want gays or atheists.
    The UK scouts have Bear Grylls – the christian nutter and fake – as their leader. The NSS has written to Mr Grylls pointing out the scouts discriminatory practice – doubt we’ll get a reply.

    1. Being in the scouting family since I was 6, I have never seen any discriminatory practices in the Uk scouts. Scouts do NOT support any form of discrimination, as you suggest in your post.

      1. The UK Scouts do not, but the USA Scout do.


      My niece couldn’t join because she didn’t want to say words she didn’t believe – the god bit.

  5. David Willerton 25 Apr 2012, 7:18pm

    Scouting is a perfect forum for introducing children to “issues” of sexual orientation. Seeing normal, everyday gays and lesbians doing normal, everyday things in a normal, everyday way with other normal, everyday people will introduce children to the fact that there is NO ISSUE with sexual orientation.

    It only becomes a complex matter when parents, caregivers, and spiritual advisers* MAKE IT an issue.

    (* Not all parents, caregivers, and spiritual advisers obviously.)

  6. just because she is a lesbian does not mean she will be talking about her sexuality and its very presumptuous of them to think that she would be and if a child wanted to talk to her about it then why deny that child the right to ask questions? Why should they be restricted to talking to their parents and church leaders like the statement suggests?

  7. friday jones 26 Apr 2012, 12:18am

    “She was removed from her role after the organisation became aware that the mother of four is a lesbian.”

    Nice use of the passive voice, James Park. Maybe you might want to rewrite that into a much more accurate “The local Scout leadership ejected her because some rumormonger violated her privacy by gossiping about her perceived sexuality.”

  8. Outrageous!!

  9. Smell the rat – in many countries the Catholic Church is closely involved in scouting and guide movements.

    In Italy they have been active in having sexuality issues removed in their work with senior level guides.

  10. Their quote “does not believe it is the right forum for children to become aware of the issue of sexual orientation, or engage in discussions about being gay” is ridiculous! I seriously doubt the woman was flying the rainbow flag at meetings and telling the kids how wonderful life is as a gay woman!

    Utter sh**e!

    Good luck to her on her fight!

  11. In certain circumstances, treating someone more or less favourably because of their sexual orientation may be lawful.

    This is classed a Belief Organisation, according to the EHRC whom I asked after reading this.

    “They must show that this discrimination is ‘proportionate’ and contributes to a ‘legitimate’ aim.

    Legitimate means what the group is doing is actually achieving its aim.

    Legitimate means, the health, welfare and safety of the individual (including protection of young people or older people and or menbers)”

    And this seems more of Gender issue rather then Sexual discrimination.

  12. There are few parents wishing to volunteer to run packs/troops these days. Removing a parent who is willing seems short-sighted in the extreme.

    The chances of Jennifer winning her post back is remote but good on her for volunteering in the first place.

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