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Joe McElderry victim of ‘Twitter homophobia’, again

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Reader comments

  1. This is hardly worth speaking about, a complete non-event.

  2. “Elderly won X-Factor in 2009 and went on to win Popstar to Operastar last year.”

    Be nice if an article about abuse he’s got could get his name right!

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 7:17pm

      ……………..His name is McElderry not elderly, moron….It is you that has it wrong. It is correct in the story.

  3. joe reilly 25 Apr 2012, 5:35pm

    Don’t raise to it the guy is clearly unwell, you do what you do best xx

  4. Seems to be removed now

  5. At the risk of sounding flippant towards homophobia, did I seriously just read an entire article that reported on a single Twitter insult? If this is the case, can you please do an article on every single tweet featured by the @Homophobes account?

    1. That is a seriously disturbing twitter account. I’m shocked at the amount of young kids who are saying they would kill their son if he were gay. People should take a look. And yes Pink News should do an article on that twitter account. That’s the most disturbing collection of homophobia I’ve ever seen. And it’s updated every hour. Thanks for pointing out.

      1. really because last time i clicked on it that page doesn’t exist anymore.


          Works for me.

          A highlight of mine is:
          “Dude if my son ever tell me he gay I will jump off a building twice. On earth and in hell.”

          Why wait to even have a son? Do us all the favour now.

          1. Bella Brahms 26 Apr 2012, 10:12pm

            Why spend precious time reading the crass insults by homophobes on twitter? I imagine many of them are posting such dribble just to get a reaction…….

  6. how is this news? people are sent abusive messages via twitter all the time. Joe has been quite successful actually he is onto his 4th album but it doesn’t look like the type of music this guy would listen to anyways.

    Your Fans Love You Joe!

    1. Here here!!

      1. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 7:21pm

        Hear, Hera!!

  7. Hug Joe Week 25 Apr 2012, 7:47pm

    Joe is a lovely boy, I wish we saw more of him on TV.

  8. Pretty sad that people don’t have anything better to do with their lives then try to bother people on Twitter

  9. Wub Folfsky 25 Apr 2012, 9:41pm

    Seriously a story about one rude tweet?

    The number of rude tweets is probably huge everyday anyway.

  10. Bellamy Brahms 25 Apr 2012, 10:06pm

    What a silly thing to report on. And why publish a photograph of someone if you are not sure that it’s the person concerned? He looks like he could be under 18 years of age – and therefore in the eyes of the law a child!

    I like pink news, generally speaking, but sometimes you really do go overboard. Why give this guy airtime? And then encourage readers to attack him? It feels as if we are in a virtual school yard.

    1. If you check out the comments relating to the Catholic school assembly promoting traditional marriage then you’ll find that unfortunately we are indeed back in the school yard.

  11. The guy has clearly tried to back track by claiming that he was meant to be insulting the X-Factor, why not just tweet the X-Factor itself? His actions are moronic and juvenile.

    It makes you wonder which other celebrities he is sending abusive tweets to?

  12. Once again, the ugly side of ‘social networking’ raises its ugly head. When are people going to realise that all this type of open forum crap is dangerous and franfly pathetic. You don’t need this in your life.

  13. Spanner1960 26 Apr 2012, 11:28am

    Many on here state that it’s easy for people in the media to come out, but this exemplifies why film & TV starts, music people, sports people and politicians still try and avoid it.

    It is very easy for mouse potatoes to sit back and criticise, but homophobia is alive and well and the Internet is where is really shows. You only have to look at some of the gutless windbag types on here to see what its really like in the real world. They would never say it to your face, but they will shoot their mouths off when they think there will be no repercussions.

    1. Spanner1960 26 Apr 2012, 11:29am


      1. Bella Brahms 26 Apr 2012, 8:44pm

        Fair point, but to have ambition to be in the public eye through being in the entertainment business, sports, politics etc you need to have thick skin. If it’s not homophobia it’s something else e.g. women get criticised for their weight, fashion etc.

        I wish the world was different but alas it’s not. I feel confident that Joe has a brain as well as lots of support and will see juvenile twats such as the homophobic twitterer for what he is. Do we see him giving the homophobe the time of day? No. He is best ignored, or alternatively, laughed at amongst ourselves. Laughing at your enemies feels great, I find.

        For Pink News to get all bitchy and childish about it and encourage direct attacks on those people is not helping our cause.

  14. Pink news, this is practically gutter press. Especially when you decided to bring this person’s twitter followers into it in a really bitchy way. What does that have to do with anything? If the situation had have been in reverse would it have been ok because joe has more followers? Grow up, please.

  15. Just to point out that although these comments were indeed in bad taste, despite initially being made in an attempt of jest, the fact that this article has been created is farcical. Furthermore. through research i have discovered that the boy who owns the twitter account is indeed unerage, so this blog has made itself liable.

  16. michael sweet 27 Aug 2013, 5:38am

    Joe projects nothing but love and authenticity in his words and acti0ons. What would prompt someone to say anything negative about such a lovely young man. I’d be most proud to have him as a friend, a brother, or a son. He just one very impressive and inspiring human being. Love to you, Joe!!

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