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Hillary Clinton: In Asia and Africa gay rights is a ‘totally foreign concept’

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Reader comments

  1. LOL ‘In Asia and Africa Gay rights is a totally foreign concept’ Mrs Clinton. It also appears to be a foreign concept in states like Tennessee Mrs Clinton. Get your own house in order and maybe other countries will follow.

    1. I know what you mean, but then in states like Tennessee it’s not entirely a foreign concept since they’ve mobilised to prevent any form of gay rights. I think Clinton is referring to the countries where they think homosexuality is a ‘Western import’ and such nonsense.

      1. Yeah. I see what you mean and remember a rant recently by some leader or other about how the west was importing homosexuality. However my point still stands. America is so strange in how each state can do its own thing. Washington needs to state categorically its position on Gay rights and tell each state that that’s how its going to be. Why should these other countries take notice when America can’t seem to agree with itself.

        1. c’mon being gay is not a crime in any of the states of america and even in most liberal countries you will find some forms of homophobia in existence. it is rather silly to have a go at someone trying to stand up for basic human rights of gay people. well done hillary

          1. Rayne Van-Dunem 26 Apr 2012, 12:10am

            It was a crime in many states only until 2003, withing the lifetimes of anyone commenting on PinkNews. In fact, not only is criminalization of homosexuality still on the books in many states without effect, but multiple state Republican parties retain anti-“sodomy” declarations in their annual party agendas, including a few parties which openly wish for the good old days pre-2003.

            Just sayin’, that’s what we’re up against.

        2. Don’t you think the EU should do the same then?

          1. I do indeed agree wholeheartedly that the EU should do the same. As here in the EU we are supposed to be under Brussels but each Country of the EU has it’s own Government that passes laws as they are all separate. The USA is suppose to be one country. Why then does each state act on its own. Some might find it amusing that America seems to be 50 states going their own way instead of one country.

    2. I don’t really think you can compare Tennessee to Nigeria. You’re not going to get hanged in Tennessee, though I am sure it isn’t easy there.

  2. Puff the magic drag on. 25 Apr 2012, 12:46pm

    Don’t ever underestimate the power of “people of faith” or as they like to describe themselves, “committed christians” in other words fundamentalists determined to expunge any opposition to their “faith” based world views. It’s about power and money, always power and money. It’s commendable that she is attempting to address the problem both in the USA and internationally. We out gays stand for freedom of thought and expression and equality and that makes us the hated enemy of many religionists.

    1. David Waite 25 Apr 2012, 11:15pm

      Well, yes..
      “We out gays stand for freedom of thought and expression and equality and that makes us the hated enemy of many religionists.”
      That, along with the fact they think we want them to be committed,

  3. Effectively what she is saying is that many countries are backward, savage, stupid, ignorant, uncivilised and primitive when it comes to gay rights and women’s rights.

    And those countres tend to be in Africa and Asia.

    1. And she’s absolutely right. Oh, and they are these things not only when it comes to gay or women’s rights.

  4. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 25 Apr 2012, 2:01pm

    It is so easy to point the finger at other countries anti gay human rights abuses Hillary Clinton – start with some of the southern US states (for example Texas, Missasippi, Tennasse, Alabama, etc.)

    Get your own home in order before you question other people’s homes!

    Charity always starts at home!

    1. the first response is, ‘We don’t have any of those here.

      Would you say there are many parts of the USA where the locals refuse to believe gay people exist?

    2. Paul, Learn to write a coherent English sentence, and to spell!

      1. Oh dear the grammar and spelling police are at it again. Get a life. Only a total idiot would not understand what he is trying to say.

  5. Hi, I’m from Taiwan. I do hear some of our homophobes said that homosexuality is western import bla bla bla…( It’s funny that some of them don’t bother when it comes to Christianity. ) So what Mrs. Clinton is stating is somehow a fact, and tho I don’t know much about the foreign affair, but I think she gave a great and powerful message.

    1. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t referring to countries such as yours. ‘Asian countries’ was a PC way of saying ‘Islamic countries of Asia’.

  6. “Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality.” — Hillary Clinton

    Agreed 100%

    Hillary is certainly more of a gay icon than Adele.

    1. Hell yeah she is

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I live in Asia and the homophobes here always blame homosexuality as western import. They blame the white men for everything wrong they can think about gay people. However, these people did not seem to complain about Facebook they are using which happens to be invented by a white man. Also, they did not complain when financial aid from Western countries are requested. It’s obvious these people just hate homosexuality and they are covering behind their so called faith in God.

  8. Not all Asia is ‘unknown’ to gay rights. Places like Taiwan and Japan have established gay right groups and Japan has gone as far as recognizing a certain kind of same-sex marriage. Taiwan just had the largest Pride ever held in Asia so far (75 000 attendees). So gay rights are visible in many places in Asia as well.

    But it’s true that some countries in Asia are still very unknown to gay rights such as S-Korea (not even gonna include N-Korea in this conv.), China, Malaysia, Indonesia.
    Especially in S-Korea gay rights are far from being apart of the mainstream media. People are very conservative and gay people are widely discriminated against.

    But things are getting better even in Asia thanks to countries like Taiwan and Japan!

  9. Sam Maloney 25 Apr 2012, 7:06pm

    Sad that some of the commentors here would rather bash the US than promote gay rights. There may be a tiny handful of countries where we have equal rights and full acceptance, but it’s not the US, and its not the UK.

    I’m proud of Hilary for opening this discussion in countries that would rather not hear it, and I’m relieved that at least some of the politicians in the US are speaking up for equality.

    1. I am not bashing the US per say but several states that seem to have gone against the flow. I am not American but would probably ask the same question I did. Why can Washington not say across the board that Gay Rights are here to stay and that is final instead of watching states like Tennessee pass silly legislation banning the teaching of homosexuality in schools for instance. My problem is that people tend to look and listen when the country standing up for others is also standing up for their own people. I also agree the UK is hardly any better. Especially when we here in Northern Ireland have to put up with people like the DUP spouting religious rhetoric at us.

  10. South Africa outlawed discrimination based on sexual orientation in the early 90’s and legalised gay marriage in 2006. Now what is happening in the USA again with gay rights?

    1. And corrective rape is rife in South Africa. Meanwhile in the US DADT was repealed, Obama has appointed several LGBT advisors and made several public staments condemning homophobia…I think a lot.

      1. Interloper 26 Apr 2012, 9:30am

        That has nothing to do with the legislation that has been passed. Can you get married? Are you treated equally by law? THe answer is No. SBTW, do you still get bashed up and killed for being gay? You only have to look at this site to see how many attackes still occur around the world; including first world countries; so SA is not alone in that regard.

        The USA is supposed to be a shining global beacon of human rights and equal treatment; yet a thirld world country such as SA has a constitution and legal protection for gay people that are light years ahead of the USA. Obama can say what he wants, but if it isn’t signed into law it means nothing. He made many promises about legislation and apart from dadt none has happened.

        Homophobia is rife ALL OVER the world. The first step is for governments to outlaw unjust treatment of gay people; then society can be pressured to fall in line. American evangelists stoking the fires of homophobia in Africa is also not helping.

  11. The denial that they even *have* gay people is such a frustrating part of all this.

    Someone needs to do an undercover documentary or project and provide heaps of evidence to them that there are gay people all over Africa/Asia.

  12. Should #LGBT Rights Be Considered Human Rights? Should #LGBT Rights Be Accepted Globally?

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