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Fred Karger’s video pulled (briefly) from YouTube

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  1. Just hysterical christofascists and their pathetic protests – it isn’t enough for them to have their own beliefs, they insist on forcing them on everyone else. Bloody tyrants (see the Facebook group revealed this week who organised to do this ioind of activity).

    And shame on Youtube for pandering. If a straight couple can do it, a gay couple can do it, it is no more or less explicit and to capitulate to the right wing christian fundie scum is vile.

  2. I can’t believe they wanted the warning on that video. Looks like discrimination.

  3. youtube does this with all videos that have gays in it showing ANY form of affection because stupid people report it as offensive they automatically make it so you have to be 18+ and logged in to view it. Theres no review system, either that or youtube doesn’t like gays.

  4. REALLY? With all of the posting of body parts with no adult content warnings? Sounds a little homophobic to me.

  5. Just checked out some of the Baywatch vids on Youtube and reminded how they were basically mirror images playboy/girl stuff. Funny though, as hard I tried to find them there’s not an ‘explicit image’ warning in sight.

  6. This is the weirdest campaign video I’ve ever seen but it’s not ‘explicit’.

  7. Must be all that violence and bigotry in the video?

  8. Actually I’m glad in a way. The longer this debate continues the fundies are being compelled to expose their obsessive bigotry.

    The veneer of well scrubbed “niceness” that they like to present to the world is being stripped away.

  9. am i missing something here, did I blink when the footage worthy of an adult rating was shown?

  10. I do find this stupid when if you look on the front page of YouTube you have a mother breast feeding a child… This has not been pulled at all!

    I do find how videos like this are able to stay up and simple Gay, Bi and Transgender videos are just pulled off.

    Bad moderation!

  11. Openly gay Repiublican.

    What type of self-hating MORON in this guy.

    The Republican Party hates him.

    He’s even more ridiculous than LGBTory considering that the Republicans are an extreme right party.

    1. The sad thing is that they weren’t always like this. In the 50s-70s they were conservative, but they weren’t the kind of rabid borderline-fascist free market fundamentalists most of them are now. There’s a lot of disaffection among older US republican voters who can remember those times, and keenly wish that American politics hadn’t gone so crazily far to the right as to be a joke in the civilized world. Most of them vote Democrat now, because the Democrats today are basically where the Republicans were on the political spectrum 50-60 years ago, and there isn’t a centre or a left wing to speak of.

      But what do you do if you’re a natural conservative voter but don’t agree with the rabid bigotry and homophobic excess? It is rather easy to tell people to abandon a party and vote for someone else, but surely there is something noble in trying to work from within to rein in the worst excesses. If more people tried what Mr. Karger is trying then significant progress could be made.

      1. The US is not a democracy in any meaningful sense any more.

        When the political system has been purchased by corporations and there is no chance of changing the system, then I think a democratic revolution is required in the US.

    2. Gay or straight, there are many registered Republicans who vehemently disagree with the Christofascists and their hijacking of the GOP. If they are to win their party back from the Religious Right they need people to rally round. He’s far from being a moron.

      1. How come we don’t see any of these REpublicans denouncing the neo-fascist bigotry of their party.

        How come they are not leaving their party in droves?

        ALL the Republican presidential candidates (except for this Karger MORON who has less than 1% support from his own party) signed up to an extreme right homophobic agenda.

        The Republican Party is an extremist, far-right party.

        Fred Karger is a laughable, self-hating idiot.

        He is a truly pathetic, desperately sad, idiot.

  12. More evidence of the homophobic double standards of YouTube. To add a warning of “explicit content” to this harmless video sends out the message that a gay kiss is offensive and that children ought to be protected from seeing it. YouTube is promoting homophobia, no more, no less.
    Absolutely disgusting.

    1. Well, if we want to show the policy for being ludicrous (which it clearly is) why don’t we trawl YouTube and raise complaints about every incidence of straight couples kissing, holding hands, etc. ? Sometimes holding a mirror up to this nonsense is the only way to convince people that what they are doing is actually deeply wrong.

  13. GingerlyColors 27 Apr 2012, 11:28am

    What does YouTube think they are playing at? There was nothing at all offensive about that video. I’ve seen similar stuff on BBC1 after the lunchtime news without ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ writing in to complain!

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