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Exclusive: Catholic school ‘urged pupils as young as 11 to sign anti-gay marriage petition’

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmm. St Philomena’s is a state school under Croydon Council and so it’s fair to say that Croydon council tax payers have funded that little diatribe of hate.

    Know any Croydon residents who might want to officially express their disgust?

    1. Stonewall: “if you don’t want gay marriage then don’t have one.

      Ken: ” If you don’t like to receive lessons against homosexuality, then don’t go to a Catholic school!

      1. Joss: If you want public funding then don’t preach hatred and lies to children

      2. Stu: If you want public funding in a school, the show balance in teaching and be prepared to respond to reasonable questions from pupils not dictate to them how they should formulate their own ethical judgements.

        Does a child choose their school? No
        So, Kens argument is false? As per usual.

        1. Stu: “Does a child choose their school?”

          Ken: No. Their parents do and their parents choose Catholic schools because they know it is best for their children.
          By the way, are you aware that faith schools are always over subscribed?

          1. “By the way, are you aware that faith schools are always over subscribed?”

            Because there are fewer and fewer of them to accommodate the dwindling amount of parents who are daft enough to want their child thought by paedophiles and superstitious and bigoted idiots like you Ken.

          2. Ken

            The point is that whoever chooses the school – its not the children. They are a captive audience. They have no choice about being there. Thus grotesque immoral doctrination such as this has no place in a modern society which values humanity.

            Not that Ken would understand humane, since he sides with those who support Christian terrorism.

          3. @will, unfortunately there are more faith schools with government funding and these numbers continue to grow.

      3. @Ken It’s the parents who choose the school, not the children. So your suggestion ” If you don’t like to receive lessons against homosexuality, then don’t go to a Catholic school” doesn’t make sense.

        1. Thank you. I didn’t understand that myself. These kids are a captive audience. I know when I was young and my parents sent me to a faith school, I had NO say in the matter whatsoever.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 2:00pm

            Neither did I. We were taught that only catholics went to heaven. With that, my parents took me out of the school as did many others. Pure evil!

      4. Definite parallels to Hitler’s recruitment and exploitation of youth. Possibly more evidence that the vatican was involved in that movement too!

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:06am

          It most certainly was because Pope Pius XII didn’t want to “rock the boat” for fear of reprisals against catholics. Evil incarnate but then so was the catholic, Herr Hitler.

        2. Hitler? really? Having also studied Hitler for my year 12 history course (and gaining an A may i add), i am a lot more educated on both sides of the argument on these matters and feel your comments are beyond ridiculous.

          1. Year13

            Perhaps you should gain some understanding in how you assess differences in knowledge.

            Firstly, in order to compare you need to know your level of knowledge (which you clearly do). However, you must ALSO know the level of knowledge of the person you seek to compare yourself too. Ideally, you also need some level of reasonable comparison e.g. test, education results etc.

            Now, I presume you do not know Roberts level of qualifications in terms of history. Do you?

            Do you know whether or not Robert has a PhD in modern German history specialising in 1920-1950?

            If he does, and I don’t know, then I would argue this demonstrates a higher level of understanding that a year 12 history course.

          2. Here is a report from Feb 2009:

            “The mists of history swirl around Pope Benedict XVI’s hometown in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps in Germany.
            It was there that he came of age as Joseph Ratzinger and served in H tler Youth during the rise of the Third Reich.
            Shining a light on that history offers a glimpse of the context underpinning the Vatican’s current crisis, which results from the pope’s decision last month to rescind the excommunication of a renegade, ultra-conservative bishop who actively denies the Holocaust.
            The decision unleashed a firestorm of controversy, with the German government weighing in last week, Israel’s chief rabbinate severing ties with the Vatican, and Catholics and Jews worldwide feeling that decades of hard work and goodwill in improving relations between the two faiths had been undermined.”


            So, there are no links, year 13?

        3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 2:02pm

          What can one expect? The Vatican cult leader was a former Hitler youth member. End of.

          1. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 2:17pm

            He joined the church in order to escape prosecution after the war…..

      5. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Apr 2012, 4:33pm

        Ken: If schools are flouting guidance on equalities from OFSTED, make a formal complaint.

        1. omg the name <3 i bet i can guess who this teacher is ;)

        2. Sister Mary Clarence

          I think Ken would encourage the school to flout guidance on equalities.

      6. I think the religious nature of the school a child goes to is often a decision made by the parents not the child.

        This is yet another reason why religiously “aided” schools should be abolished and either turned into fully private schools or state schools. If not ban all religious schools full stop.

      7. Well it is not exactly their choice, is it? These little girls will have been sent there by their parents, choosing the school when rhe girls were 10 years old.

    2. How many of these sexuall oppressed children will grow up to be the next generation of Cathiolic priest child molesters? How many of these Catholic children will become bullies and end up in prison for comitting hate crimes as a result of the hate teachings and discrimination and persecution of gays today? How many of these children are really gay? This is the proof that the Catholc Church is teaching hate today in the world. They are no longer he religious leaders they pretent to be when it is plan to see that they are in the business of evil and harming others who love each other and want to get married. By the way that is what the Catholic priest need to do today to stop them from raping children, let them get married.

      1. atie Murphy 25 Apr 2012, 9:41pm

        Did you see a recent article – I think it was in Irish central, where IL Papa with his narrow mustache whined and said never never re priests marrying

        But he’s so desperate for priests – eg 70k in the USA down now to about 40K, that he started a separate episcopate for married old duddies from the episcopal church who want to join his hate parade.

      2. hey smart arse, how are you gonna get catholic priests out of an all girls school. Also not once was there any talk of hatred of gay’s in our assembly, it was simply a description of what the catholic church says on the matter and also a slide with a link to a petition against gay marriage. The catholic church has not walked down the streets and preached to the world their opinions of gay marriage but only told followers, girls that go to a catholic school and those who attend mass at church. So leave pettiness out of this and come up with a decent argument.

        1. i bet that is Mr Hordley…. ^ LEGEND.

      3. we can grow up to be preist molesters because we are girls, you twat. LEARN YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU INITIATE AN ARGUMENT.

        1. cant grow up* sorry.

          1. Yes, I’d learn to write basic English before you hurl insults about “facts”, you stupid cow.

            Now you just look mentally retarded.

      4. well none as we’re all female and can’t become priests.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:00pm

          And what does that tell you about the beloved Catholic Cult.

    3. atie Murphy 25 Apr 2012, 9:35pm

      the master of Frankensteins castle in Rome also unexcommunicated a holocaust denier , Bishop Williamson, in 2009

      RATZInger grew up in his native germany in the 1930s when the ultimate tragedy of the jews, courtesy of the hate of the church over a millenia was unfolding

      And it wasnt just the Jews, it was the gays of germany also.

      if there was a god, the vatican would have long ago discovered the hard way it was sitting on top of Vesuvius II.

      And the vaticans talk about protecting life is just another of its horrible scams. A.Hitxxx, born and baptised catholic in Austria in 1888, also went to catholic schools. Go look on the web and you’ll see he has yet to be “explicitly EXcommunicated”

      the catholic and some evangelical churches are the Islam of the west.

    4. St. Philomena’s is a state school under Sutton not Croydon council, and all that has been funded is a very good education with a catholic ethos.

      1. Although this incident proves that it is failing to provide appropriate education.

    5. Keith Sitges 25 Apr 2012, 11:42pm

      matthew wright is a croydonian

    6. Jason Gardiner?

    7. our school is in sutton

    8. listen yea, we are not under croydon council, get it right.
      we are located in the sutton borough in CARSHALTON.
      and also im a croydon resident, i am not disgusted and st philomena’s is a catholic school

    9. Actually it’s not Croydon but Sutton, and it’s a school which does well academically so quite a few non-Catholic parents try to squeeze their girls in there if they don’t make it to one of Sutton’s super-selective Grammar schools!

      I am in fact a Sutton council tax payer and I have already expressed my disgust in the strongest possible terms, and I’m sure the rest of my family and many neighbours will do the same. However, St Phil’s might well be on the way to becoming an Academy, in which case they will be able to do whatever they want no matter what the LA says.

  2. More vile Catholic bigotry. again, what angers me is not that it is done but there are some members of the gay community who support this backward and evil religion.

    1. The picture is a bit more complex than that. Doubtless you did not see the articles about the American Catholic radical feminist nuns who have defied the Vatican by continuing their emphasis on helping the poor instead of banging on about same-sex marriage and contraception. Not to mention the many Catholics who agree with the nuns.
      I personally would leave any religion that was not liberal and inclusive; but some have argued that if everyone did that, then the power structures would be left in the hands of the bigots. So some people opt to work for change from within. I wonder if this is possible with the entrenched conservatism of the Catholic Church, but it has made some progress, when you consider its appalling record in the past.

      1. “I personally would leave any religion that was not liberal and inclusive; but some have argued that if everyone did that, then the power structures would be left in the hands of the bigots.”

        And if the bigots are truly in minority as these religious people claim, then they would surely quickly die out or become so small they are irrelevant.

        The best way to change the catholic church is to leave them since they are a money making industry, they will sh¡t themselves when they lose the revenue.

      2. atie Murphy 25 Apr 2012, 9:37pm

        fat chance. RATZInger has effectively run the church for 20+ years and filled the curia with likeminded bigots.

        Get out and join the 3rd largest denomination, at least in the USA – 10 million EX catholics

        1. Or they can go Pagan. I know many ex-Christians who did because of what is written in the scriptures and because they were simply tired of being GLBT in a church that doesn’t want them.

          The Episcopalians in the states are basically good guys and I attend mostly because I respect the teachings of Jesus as opposed to those of most of his followers.

  3. Right. So a faith school can teach bigotry so long as they don’t practice it on their own? Bit like being a non-practicing non-heterosexual then? A certain twisted consistency.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 1:27pm

    Isn’t there a minimum age requirement to sing petitions of this nature? I hope an investigation ensues as to the legality of this.

    1. Hello Robert. Completely agree with you, though the typo about singing petitions was distracting. Rather good, actually!

      1. my sister is in year 8 & i am in year 13; those in sixth form were “encouraged” (note the word, encouraged and not forced) to sign it and yet, i don’t know one person who did. Furthermore, my sister and her year group were not told to sign it, they were told to tell their parents about it as they understood the legal requirements of signing a petition. I don’t think the headteacher of one of the best schools in the country would have been so naive as to expect 12 year olds to sign it?

        1. They were encouraged to sign something which decries fellow humans as subhuman?

          Brainwashing and indoctrination!

          Breach of the equalities measures that OfSted and UK civil legislation requires.

          Morally wrong.

          1. did you not just read what i said? dear, oh dear.

          2. Year13

            Did you or did you not state that (and I quote) “those in sixth form were “encouraged” [to sign]”?

            It appears you did not read Benjamins point.

            Any encouragement is brainwashing and indoctrination no matter how you try and spin it.

        2. “I don’t think the headteacher of one of the best schools in the country would have been so naive as to expect 12 year olds to sign it” (sic)
          The Catholic religion believes a child of 12 can give its very SOUL away, in Communion, (the Catholic Industry is in full flight with it here in Spain right now, selling the clothes) and if you are a believer, that is surely the greatest thing of all, so don’t be so disingenuous as to say that the head teacher would be above encouraging a twelve-year-old to sign a mere earthly petition!

    2. Hi I go to that school and I’m in year 8, we were told thT you have to be 16 to sign it, then told we should!!

      1. Phils_justice 26 Apr 2012, 6:25pm

        Shut up!! i go to the same school, but no one got forced to sign it.. if anyone wants to take it out on something about the petition ..go nd talk about it to the bishop who sent the letter

      2. Lou

        Thanks for your bravery and willingness to be honest about the wrong things that have been done at your school.

  5. The most obscene phrase in this whole article is surely “catholic state schools’. And well done Katherine and the pupils brave enough to support her.

    1. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 12:01am

      we’ve been going since the 18th century, get over yourself, nothing will defeat us.

      1. Watch this space. There is a growing sense of horror in society about the damage that religions do. There is a call for the separation of church and state – and that includes no state funding for religious schooling. It will happen, it may take some time. Your indoctrination may blind you to the facts. Your days are numbered.

      2. Really? I wouldn’t count on that. YOU get over yourself. People are sick and tired of the Catholic Church feeling it should dictate to the rest of us how to live.

        1. exactly; which is exactly the issue here.

          1. So you agree the RC church should not seek to indoctrinate, year13?

      3. They said that about the monasteries. A fat king with a war against France to fund put paid to them. They said that about the Hagia Sophia. Now it’s a museum. They said that about the Roman Empire. Not much of that left anymore…

      4. We’ve been going since the beginning of time and we will long outlive your archaic religion.

      5. Hello ‘st phils 101’. Were you addressing me? If not, please forego the below. If so, you’re reply is impertinent. If non-Catholic taxpayers are paying for your bigotry it is surely you who needs, as you put it, to ‘get over yourself’. If you are either a pupil or, dreadful thought, a teacher at this institution, then I have to say your English Department should have a quiet word with you about the use of initial upper cases, but then, education isn’t, perhaps, the main thrust of a Catholic institution.

        1. Whoops!, and there’s me giving you endless delight with an erroneous use of ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’. I apologize. (Athiests can do that, you see) Still, you are quite entitled to laugh at my mistake; think of it as a divine intervention in my keyboard. Professor Richard Dawkins called that attitude the ‘God in the gaps’ attitude, and it’s a well documented defence used by supernaturalists.

  6. Can the church hierarchy stoop any lower than coercing minors to endorse their bigoted opinions? And it is disgusting that this can happen in a state school.

    1. Hello Yewtree. To answer your question; yes they can and undoubtedly will.

    2. St phils girl 26 Apr 2012, 5:29pm

      I myself was disgusted in this assembly. From the first slide of the PowerPoint I knew this was going to be one of the worst assembly’s I’ve had. Our head teacher took the assembly and I can’t say any of us actually like her! I’m in year 8 and the assembly was for year 7-8(I think) and a separate one for KS4. We were told how it wasn’t right and it consisted of a letter she was sent from the bishop. We were told all about the catholic wires on this, and at the end she urged us to go home and sign this. But, she also told us that you had to be 16 to sign it. I’m glad some people feel the same as I do.

  7. Mumbo Jumbo 25 Apr 2012, 1:32pm

    “They [the Catholic Church] claim that one of their reasons to campaign against same-sex marriage is to try to protect children.”

    Needless to say , the best way to protect children is to stop raping them and covering it up.

    “They are the ones who are a threat to children, and this is a shining example as to the dangers of faith schools.”


  8. God forbid the gays preach their “infernal and immoral agernda” (i.e. how to treat gay people with respect and dignity) in a school, but its okay for the brainwashing of children to make them bigots…. nice. The Catholic Church really is a vile organisation.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:03am

      Vile? The epitomy of evil! Just look at its track record!

      1. I have, especially its historical treatment of women, GLBT and non-Christians. This is why I am no longer a Catholic.

  9. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 25 Apr 2012, 1:51pm

    Typical catholic church, they are not only molesting children – they are now using these children to spill anti-gay marriage propaganda to society. What a disgrace.

    First of all we need to end tax exempt status to catholic churches, then we need to have a big national royal commission into child abuse within the catholic church and finally outlaw donations to the catholic churches.


    1. First of all we need to end tax exempt status to catholic churches, then we need to have a big national royal commission into child abuse within the catholic church and finally outlaw donations to the catholic churches.

      Yes Yes No

      If we outlaw donations to them they will seem victimised. They should be classified as a hate group and treated with the same derision as the BNP. Not just because of their treatment of LGBT people the list of people they hate and abuse is far too long for them to be held in any regard.

      1. I don’t think my comma key is working. Sorry about that

    2. atie Murphy 25 Apr 2012, 9:44pm

      In the USA the NOM group a bunch of cath and evan and mormon haters tried to get gay kids to rat out their parents.

      I’m sure with a little video editing they would be able to turn “we love our gay parents” into “we hate gay parents.”

      How low can they go – to the bowels of hell for new sick ideas. Maybe they are reading mein kampf. Trying desperately to deflect attention from their endless hidden child molestation.

  10. Two words

    Desperate Bigotry

    Nothing new there then . . .

    1. I wonder if the kids are being asked (told) to sign the petition or to sign an anti-equality pledge.

      Signing pledges was a common thing when I went to a catholic school, and no-one in class dared to refuse to sign them.

      Either way, it is a desperate bigotry…

      1. Hi Jonpol,

        I think your point about not daring to refuse to sign a pledge, is in essence the abuse of power which this school is desperate to exploit whiting or unwhitingly.

  11. How do we get the state funding to ths monstrous cult school stopped.

    And would it be possible to bring a criminal charge against the school for child abuse?

    The police need to be involved in this. There’s no question about that.

    1. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 4:48pm

      it’s not a cult school.

      1. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 6:43pm

        ….i respectfully suggest you take a trip down to the library and find an Oxford English dictionary. All religion is most certainly a cult….viz… Cult noun … 1a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object: That is taken directly from the Oxford Dictionary. You obviously spent too much time being indoctrinated by Ratzi the Natz1’s bigoted rc cult

  12. The email address for St Philomena’s Cult school is:

    Miss M. Noone is the Headteacher – the hatemonger who allegedly tried to abuse the children in her care by promoting hatred.

    St Philomena’s is controlled by the Sutton Local Education Authority.

    1. I doubt that name is a real person. The name is ‘no-one’

      1. i’ll assure you that it is, i have close contacts with theschool in question. the woman with the unfortunate name is sending it into the oblivion that is the cocktail that bigotry and hatred provides. she’s awful.

        1. ‘ CLOSE CONTACT’…. so you dont actually know her then? well i do. Miss Noone is a very fair and woman who thrives for success from her pupils. Yes, she is strict but without her St philomenas would not be in order. She’s a lovely lady and equal views and for you to go about saying she is awful is highly predjudice. Imagine if you were her right now? How would you feel?.

          1. Like we give a damn what the odious sow feels. There is nothing “fair” in propagating discrimination.

          2. If Miss Noone is forcing 11 years to sign up to bigotry then she is a child abuser.

            She must be suspended pending a schools and police enquiry.

          3. Glad to see you feel so confident in your support for this vile bigot that you are willing to do so openly and under your own name…

      2. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 2:21pm

        Actually Noone is a fairly common Irish name from the Connaught area…..

    2. former st phils teacher 26 Apr 2012, 12:45pm

      she is very real. I used to teach here

      1. St phils girl 26 Apr 2012, 5:38pm

        Yes she is, I am a student there now, and I think this is disgusting behaviour. I was in the assembly with Ms Noone, and I was appalled by what she said.

    3. Just sent her an email, doubt she’ll listen though they tend to follow their beliefs, regardless of logic and reason.

      Dear Miss Noone,

      I am utterly repulsed by your blatant abuse of power, to get kids aged 11 to sign an anti-equality petition which they will obviously not understand. I thought it was the gay agenda that was supposed to be brainwashing our kids, not the catholic church but then again knowing the catholic church I’m not even remotely surprised.

      If you disagree with marriage equality, thats fine I will think of you as a bigot but I respect your right to hold differing views and I understand that someone who is not gay themselves will not necessarily understand the feeling of someone saying your relationship is second class, however to use kids who most likely don’t dare or don’t understand the debate enough to refuse is in my eyes (and many other peoples) pure evil.


      1. If you disagree with marriage equality, thats fine I will think of you as a bigot but I respect your right to hold differing views and I understand that someone who is not gay themselves will not necessarily understand the feeling of someone saying your relationship is second class, however to use kids who most likely don’t dare or don’t understand the debate enough to refuse is in my eyes (and many other peoples) pure evil.

        If you don’t like same sex marriage fine don’t marry someone who is the same sex as you, but your belief that you can deny my rights for no apparent reason is arrogant at best, tyrannical and fascist at worst.

        I hope you rethink your position and remember Jesus taught us to love thou neighbour and to be the best person you can possibly be, at the moment you seem to be failing both of those teachings.

        I would pray for you but I don’t believe in sky fairies, so I’ll just have to make do with hoping you can change.

        Best Wishes

  13. Yet another bit of fallout from Tony Sodding Blair’s faith crusade. I really despise that man.

    1. So much so that you irrationally blame him for all the ills of the world?

      I don’t like him either but the rot set in way before Blair in this case.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 2:27pm

      True, but he did declare support for equal civil marriage though.

    3. I blame Gordon Brown for pandering to religious schools and giving them opt-outs its given them a false sense of importance and they think they are now above the law of the land.

  14. Are there any priests working in St Philomena’s?

    Has he ever been accused of raping children?

    It’s a reasonable question considering how the catholic church is the world’s most notorious haven for child rapists?

    1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:23pm

      this is ridiculous, no the priests at our school are not rapists. Gain some persepective

      1. how would you know? when one of our teachers was exposed as being a peadophile with a huge stash of kiddie porn none of us knew or expected it before. You never really know your teachers even if you think you do. Furthermore the teachers were banned from discussing it with pupils to try and keep us in the dark. Regional newspapers however made sure that everyone knew.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:12am

        And you would know? Do you really believe none of them masturbate too, another behaviour condemned by your cult? You’re delusional if you would have us believe you are a pupil. Pathetic, just goes to prove how hypocritical you are. You can’t even be honest and have to pretend that you are something you really are not. Go to confession, receive absolution then do penance by committing the sin over and over again. You’re delusional and a fraud, just like the cult that has indoctrinated you.

        1. I know people of faith might WISH to believe that their priests don’t do things such as molesting children, but some do and I know if I were a Catholic parent–or a member of other “liturgical faiths” such as Eastern Orthodox, I would be watching my children and any interactions with the priests very carefully.

          Sadly after I left Catholicism I joined the Orthodox faith and I can say with no hesitation just about every monastic priest/spiritual father I ever had contact with turned out to be pedophiles (both admitted and those who didn’t admit it at the time but were later arrested/convicted.

          Catholics and others need to wake up and not assume clergy are some lot of holy types who would never do anything considered “impure”. They are human beings and they run the whole gamut of humanity–from basically good sorts who really do try to be good lads, to flat out pedophiles.

    2. your a disgrace, you dont even go here.
      you dont know what goes on in our school, no ones been accused of raping anyone and that is not a reasonable question.
      be quiet david

  15. A Catholic school which is authorized by law to teach according to the ethos of its religion. If Katherin does not like it, she can withdraw from the school and go to stonewall’s school.

    1. And if the catholic cult school wants to receive state funding then they should not be getting involved in public social policy.

      It’s a 2 way street.

      The catholic cult needs to start paying tax – that way they are free to preach what they like.

      While in receipt of public money the catholic cult has no right to promote discrimination.

    2. “A Catholic school which is authorized by law to teach according to the ethos of its religion”

      Authorised by law to preach discrimination?

      Really? LOL!

      I see you’re understand of legal issues is as retarded as your understanding of economics and politics.

      Dear oh dear, you really are an utter fool, aren’t you?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 3:52pm

        He’s a repressed gay, it’s so obvious. Why would he keep coming here?

      2. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 11:38pm

        However Miss Noone did not discriminate one bit.

        1. I don’t need to know you’re name, suffice I know there is something intrinsically wrong with you. Why not pretend to be a pupil again, hmmm?

    3. former st phils teacher 26 Apr 2012, 12:47pm

      I don’t think stonewall has a school – leave katherine alone – I salute her and her strength

      1. I hope the pupils who wish to challenge the bigotry and homophobia at this school have the courage to pursue this matter further, using the courts if necessary.

        This abuse of children is outrageous.

        Children should never be a tool in a political debate.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 2:31pm

    Since C4M has confirmed that the minimum age fo signing their hate petition is 16, then clearly this school’s head mistress should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Oh I can just hear the bigots chanting….”freedom of religion is being attacked”.

    1. Mss M Noone – the headmistress of that school has therefore broken the law.

      She needs to be suspended from her position immedaitely and investigated by the police and charged.

      I think putting her name on the child abuse register is merited – if she has done what the article says she has done, then she is a child abuser.

      No wonder she works for the catholic cult.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 4:52pm

        She and her cult have not been able to provide the evidence for their position on gender neutral civil marriage, so that alone is lying and promoting a lie and in turn, promoting discrimination. Why isn’t anyone demanding that they come forward with the proof? They’ve had long enough to gather reports from the ten governments that have legalised equal civil marriage surely? Weren’t they saying the same things when CPs were on the table? How many polygamous marriages have occurred in the UK since they were introduced? How many incestuous and bestial relationships have occurred since then?

        1. We’re not a cult and nor should she be prosecuted against. Your opinions are based on secondary experience, whereas others like myself have seen both sides to the argument. Frankly, the way you are reacting proves that you just have a hate for Catholicism that you are now ramming down everyone’s throats.

          1. I hardly think someone in a RC school is an objective person to make a judgement on the harm of an RC school?

          2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:02pm

            What age are you. 9.

            No. Well stop acting like it.

          3. We’re ramming stuff down your throat? My dear only if you ask nicely …

            But seriously do you not see the ridiculousness of saying we’re ramming our beliefs down your throats on a story about a school brainwashing students to sign a petition to force society to follow there beliefs on a issue which has nothing to do with religion?

            Its the stupidest comment on this entire thread, and I think Keiths on here somewhere so thats saying something.

        2. St phils girl 26 Apr 2012, 5:34pm

          Oh I’m sorry is 2000 girls who have been in that assembly not enough proof for you? This situation is bad enough right now. Action needs to be taken, and you’re no help

    Clearly they are a breeding ground for bigotry and hatred – Religion is a lie and a disgrace.

    1. On the contrary, faith schools are breeding grounds for excellence and success as can be seen from Ofsted statistics. No surprise that they are always over subscribed.

      If the gay marriage lobby is so concerned, they can open their own school.

      1. But how do you explain faith schools producing an utter fool like you? You show very little learning in such a wide range of subjects, its embarrassing to watch you flounder like a dying fish in here. Surely you are a glowing produce of thise schools “par excellence”, no?

        1. Will exactly . . .

          Ken is hardly a testimony to academic excellence.

          All the more reason to have little faith in the “so called” rigour of Faith Schools. The only thing they appear to excel, at is a rather embarrassing, and crude indoctrination of its students (what ever the age) into blatant bigotry

      2. Ken – you do agree I hope that cult schools should not be in receipt of any public money if they refuse to obey the law of the land.

        Forcing 11 years olds to sign petitition is illegal.

        The headmistress of this school Ms M Noone should be investigated by the police for child abuse.

        Don’t you agree?

        Or do you think catholic child abusers like this Miss M Noone appears to be, should be above the law?

        1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:30pm

          nobody was forced to sign it, please get your facts straight

          1. The police can decide that.

      3. If faith schools want to preach inequality then they can forego public funding…. simple.

      4. All religion does is create dumb beasts who are easy to control, exactly what the perpetual mendicant that is religion requires – put your money in the collection plate like a good little cretin.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:02am

      Karl Marx was so right. Religion is the opiate of the people who for the most part, are damaged, frightened, insecure, sexually inadequate, repressed and just devoid of any semblance of humanity.

      1. Idiotfinder General 1 May 2012, 10:46am

        And yet the damaged, frightened, insecure, sexually inadequate, repressed and inhuman people seem to score high at ofsted reviews.

        Has it occured that if the people at whom you are directing the long list of insults above are actually functional & happy in society then it might be that the reverse is true – that people with a different viewpoint to them might be damaged, frightened etc?

        No – of course it hasn’t. Because that would conflict with your worldview and you wouldn’t have the right to stamp your feet and call people names anymore.

  18. George Broadhead 25 Apr 2012, 2:44pm

    This shows that the RC Church will stop at nothing to get their anti-gay propaganda across. Surely any self-respecting gay/lesbian Catholic should either complain, get out, or do both.

    1. That’s fair enough for adults but it’s not too easy at eleven years old. Most of them won’t know what their sexuality may be at that age.

      I’m very encouraged by Katherine’s attitude but she is a lot older.

  19. Every year, Catholic schools along with other faith schools are over subscribed because of their very high standards.

    These schools have been able to maintain these standards because they teach the RIGHT things to students.

    Those who do not want their children to know about the dangers of homosexuality (as was again highlighted in the study by stonewall), should withdraw their children and put them in stonewall’s school.

    1. Piss off

    2. Every year more allegations are made against RC schools in terms of child protection that any other faith group, or state schools.

      1. Well the catholic cult has always been a safe haven for child rapists,so of course the allegations against the catholic schools.

      2. Rachel Haytread 25 Apr 2012, 6:26pm

        You tell ’em Stu. What on earth is wrong with these people?

      3. Here is a report about the situation in Ireland:

        Similar reports can be provided for the UK, Netherlands, USA, Belgium and many many other nations.

    3. Good one Ken. If this “teaching” is so effective, you wouldn’t have to resort to being on a gay site demonstrating your abject stupidity for all to laugh at, now, would you?

    4. more importantly children should be aware of dangers posed by people like Ken who have explicit deviant tendencies

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 3:51pm

        People who repress their gay orientation often resort to religion and we all know where that leads don’t we?

        1. not sure about that one, i think Ken uses religion as a ‘legitimate’ way to indulge in homophobia in order to compensate for his self hatred

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 4:46pm

            There’s a lot of self-hatred in self-loathing closet cases, religion is their refuge because the majority of it supports homophobia and justifies his raison d’etre.

          2. Agree Ken, this one is a coward who gets a cheap thrill of making a fool of himself on a gay news site.

    5. Actually those apparent “high standards” are nothing of the sort. The only reason it SEEMS that faith schools have higher results is because they are allowed to be selective and reject poorer, less able and disadvantaged pupils while normal state schools cannot. When you take into account the fact that these schools are selective, they actually produce slightly WORSE results than average, by about 5% or so.

      There is no excuse for teaching hateful bigotry to children. Though there is every reason to teach them critical thinking skills and hence inoculate them against the dangers of religion.

      1. Paula Thomas 26 Apr 2012, 8:26am

        I’d be genuinely interested in a source for that as it conforms to something I’ve thought was true for some time.

    6. That proves nothing, simply that parents are willing to suspend their thought and send their child to a school not of the child’s choosing. There is no danger in homosexuality except in the minds of bigots such as yourself.

  20. In my view this is an extremely serious matter which should be more widely reported.

  21. this kind of behavior should be investigated by ofsted asap

    1. Ofsted don’t care as long as they can tick their boxes.

      1. then expose ofsted for not doing their job properly

        1. Paula Thomas 25 Apr 2012, 8:54pm

          The trouble is that Ofsted is doing the job this and the previous two governments have wanted them to do. Which is twofold:

          1. Provide a figleaf inspection system at low cost.

          2. Justify government policy.

          This is completely unlike the pre-ofsted system that worked rather better.

  22. Child abuse comes in all sorts of forms …. this is just one of them!!!!!

    1. The headmistress of this school needs to be suspended while an investigation happens.

      She may well be guilty of child abuse by forcing children as young as 11 to participate in discrmination.

  23. ” faith schools are breeding grounds for excellence and success”
    As a person involved in Professional dominatrix work, I can confirm factually that the majority of the male clients and I mean around 90% have been brought up in “faith schools” and the ones that need to be flogged and given lots of pain are the catholic ones.
    Fetishes are created as children so excellence isn’t the only thing that gets achieved in Catholic schools. It also creates abusive patterns that shouldn’t have been put into a child in the first place.
    Taxpayers should not be funding faith schools, fullstop, they are a cesspit of abuse, bullying and indoctrination.

  24. Doubt the BBC will report the news story. They’re much happier with stuff like this:-

    Jersey needs free Christian school, says head teacher

  25. Sorry, but this verges on abuse.
    These kiddies are far too young to have an opinion – based on facts and experience – of their own.
    Let children be children without putting them through this – some could easily be part of a gay family or have gay members within their family group.
    I think the Governors of the school ought to take a very close look at this sort of indoctrination – after all, we are in the 21st century and nuns can’t hit you on the knuckles with rulers, nor can priests fondle the bottoms of little boys!

    1. Staircase2 25 Apr 2012, 6:11pm

      Yes it is abusive – and no secondary school children are NOT ‘too young to have an opinion’ – far from it..

      But the purpose of secondary schools is to PROMOTE children having their OWN opinions – not forcing some archaic staff-led notion of what they ‘should’ be thinking…

    2. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 25 Apr 2012, 6:30pm

      Of course they’re not too young to have an opinion. But they’re too young for their opinions to be granted power, which is why we don’t let children of that age vote either.

      Please stop calling it child abuse, guys – you are devaluing the very real abuse many children all over the world face daily. Unethical and a misuse of power, yes. Child abuse, no. Accuracy matters.

      1. Paula Thomas 25 Apr 2012, 8:58pm

        I am afftaid that your post belittles the mental abuse involved here maybe you only think abuse is physical? It isn’t!!!! And yes accuracy matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:08pm

          well I got to this school and would therefore be a victim of this ‘abuse’ and do not feel abused in anyway

          1. Sometimes abuse is more subtle and not obvious to the “victim” until much later. There is a sense of inner denial.

          2. you cant be that ugly

          3. Many people who are abused don’t feel like they are abused in anyway. Doesn’t stop it being abuse.

    3. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 4:53pm

      not really.

  26. And anti- gay groups accuse us of recruiting and brainwashing the children… even if we wanted to (we don’t) we could never be as successful as the Christian church.

  27. Email to ask them to suspend all funding to this ‘faith school’ while an investgation takes place to see if the principle Miss M Noone has been abusing children (aged 11) in her care by forcing them to participate in bigotry.

    1. Here’s one I made earlier:

      “Dear Ofsted,

      In refer you to the news report below:

      This report states that the headmistress of St Philomena’s Catholic School for Girls Carshalton has been forcing pupils as young as 11 to sign anti-equality petitions as demanded by the catholic church.

      This despite the fact that she knows full well that people under the age of 16 are not allowed to participate in such polls.

      Please confirm that the headmistress of this school is to be suspended pending a police investigation to see if her behaviour constitutes child abuse.

      Also please confirm that all state funding to this school is suspended pending the outcome of this police investigation?

      Yours sincerely”

      1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:18pm

        I would just like to add that in the assembly miss noone said ‘if you are over the age of 16 and would like to sign the petition you may’. NO-ONE was FORCED, and it was made clear you must be 16. you weren’t there so stop using the word ‘forced’

        1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:52pm


          1. And dumb children don’t understand that there is more to the concept of “force” than acts of physical coercion. You are being manipulated and you are too immature and inexperienced to know it. Now run along kiddy.

          2. Exactly, Valksy. It is very easy to manipulate children and the churches are past masters at it.

    2. Acting Headteacher was in October 2011 was John Hordley

      I think Miss M Noone was probably a Wikipedia joke

      1. Miss Noone is a real person, pupils of said school have assured me. Apparently she spits hate like this upon the children in her care daily.

    3. Hey, I actually go to this school, and can you not do that? This is the first time I’ve ever had any kind of opinion pushed onto me by St.Phils, and I actually love going here. We’ve always been encouraged to have our own opinions about things, until this isolated incident, and while I don’t agree with what they did, this is my education you’re messing with. There’s never been any bullying here, I love my teachers and I get a great education. You’re not ‘protecting’ us by doing this, you’re depriving us. Stop viewing this situation from one side, you’ve never been there, you’ve never talked to any of the students, and you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

      1. Ellen

        If the school are usually encouraging of open mindedness and balance, as you state – then that makes this matter even worse (in my view) because they have deliberately chosen to demonise people due to their orientation.

        This must be stopped. Homophobia is not acceptable.

    4. It is the responsibility for catholic schools including st philomena’s to be informed of any actions within the catholic church. Even though the sixth form is of mixed faith, we still follow the catholic ethos. The head mistress discussed a letter with us from the archbishops which expressed the topic. When speaking with the lower years ageing from 11-15 year olds, they were told that they werent able to sign the petition, therefore they were NOT forced or even given the opportunity to sign the petition even if they agreed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Passing a message to children that gay people are subhuman and grotesque (the exact word your Cardinal used) is inhumane, unscriptural and evil. It is emotional child abuse.

    5. St phils girl 26 Apr 2012, 5:41pm

      Okay so yes she did that and it was very wrong, but do you want to deprive me of my education? I think that’s a bit unfair. I’m against what she did to us too, but I go there and I’m not loosing my education.

      1. There will be other headteachers.

  28. Well they are teaching them correctly, teach according to the of the religion, and giving them the choice of it they want to sign or not, nothing wrong with that. Age should not restrict someone from signin a petition.

    More histeria within the homosexual community against people who dont agree with them.

    1. They are teaching children officially to endorse sectarian discrimination on tax-payers’ money.
      Close them down or take the money off them.

      1. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 8:57pm


    2. ‘Age should not restrict someone from signin a petition.’

      Aiden, age restriction was applied by C4M organizers. by the way whats your favorite gay porn site?

      1. Puff the magic drag on. 26 Apr 2012, 10:22am

        Aiden knows all about hysteria especially when someone points out that he is a self hating closet case. How very dare you! Me Gay dear, no dear. He’s just like that other creature Skinnner who comes on this site to be as unpleasant and to provoke reactions. He then copies them onto his fundamentalist pals websites to ‘prove’ how awful a bunch we gays are. Skinner brags about how many times he has been banned from the site. What a pair of tossers? Aiden the wanker and Skinner the madman.

    3. If they want to indoctrinate them, then they should not be entitled to state funding to support that.

    4. Typical of Aiden to support an organisation that abuses children sexually, physically and mentally, and then covers it up…. well done Aiden, you’re a travesty of a human, most couldn’t sink that low if they tried.

      1. Makes one even more concerned about the welfare of Aidens alleged children.

  29. The Catholic Church has ALWAYS manipulated children, like other religions and worse. My father was terrorised by ideas of Hell as a child during his RC upbringing. They have gotten a bit more subtle in recent times (except re. actual sexual abuse), so this is a bit blatant. Frankly, tax-payer funded religious schools should be abolished. ASAP.

  30. Staircase2 25 Apr 2012, 6:04pm

    …the evil ungodly bastards…

  31. Staircase2 25 Apr 2012, 6:06pm

    good to see you can now write the word ‘bastards’ as well as ‘bollocks’ on here…

  32. Staircase2 25 Apr 2012, 6:15pm

    @Barry further up – Yes it is abusive – and no secondary school children are NOT ‘too young to have an opinion’ – far from it..

    But the purpose of secondary schools is to PROMOTE children having their OWN opinions – not forcing some archaic staff-led notion of what they ‘should’ be thinking…

    Thank GOD (quite literally!) that members of the 6th Form have enough brain capacity, empathy & balls to stand up to the overbearing staff and the ungodly Catholic Church!

    There is hope yet!

    I suggest the 6th Formers start a ‘Everyone is Equal’ campaign and spread the word throughout the school.

    I also think they should take up the matter of under-age signatures being sought and force the law to cancel the petition.

    1. I bet they haven’t removed the underage signatures though i mean its more for them isn’t it. Immorality at its worst.

  33. Hello World 25 Apr 2012, 6:26pm

    At least, this time, it’s only words they’re putting in the mouth of 11 year olds.

  34. Given that the majority of cases were male priests on FEMALE children, no, it wouldn’t. Go and read the Ryan report or any of the other investigations into catholic cult vileness. And if you need to have the difference between “homosexual” and “paedophile” explained to you, then you’re even more of a drooling moron than we all thought.

    1. Paula Thomas 25 Apr 2012, 9:01pm

      So you think the report by your church is a lie? Interesting…

    2. Hmm, thorough independent enquiry that took many years to compile on the one hand, bleatings of a psychotic internet troll on the other. Which to place more trust in? Oh, this is a tricky one…

  35. It sounds like a wholly inappropriate thing for the Vatican to do, involving children like that. The sixth formers sound ok, it seems to have had the opposite effect to that intended, but it’s still an abuse of trust by the Church. Sometimes it seems like the Vatican has declared war on the whole British ( and Irish, for different reasons) people.

    I’ve stopped telling my partner about these stories, as the homophobia upsets him too much.

    1. Vatican? LOL – What’s the Vatican got to do with it?

      Been reading too many Dan Brown novels?

  36. This is just more proof that religious schools cannot be trusted on this issue. I will again be raising this with my MP. If we are to keep paying for these schools standard training should be given to every school, delivered by approved training organisations from outside of the school system.

  37. I go to Saint Philomena’s, and am a 15 year old who was shown this presentation. I cannot even begin to explain how disgusting it was. We were even asked so say a prayer about it afterwards. Needless to say, the majority of the school hall sat in silence with their arms folded. I’m truly embarrased to associate myself with this excuse for a school and sham of a religion.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 8:52pm

      Thanks for posting that Craig. Perhaps Dora would like to get a group of her fellow pupils to make contact.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 8:54pm

      Dora, perhaps you and a group of your fellow pupils would like to contact the British Humanist Association which Craig Denney has kindly provided a link to further down. I strongly urge you to do it.

    3. st phils 101 25 Apr 2012, 11:58pm

      get your mother to pull you out if you don’t like it then.

    4. Well done.

      Your first instinct should always be to question everything and seek the truth. Religion really doesn’t want you to do either of those things.

      Remember this – there never has been one single piece of evidence given that marriage equality affects anyone else’s marriage in any way. And marriage in the UK is a mechanism of civil law – the ceremonial aspect is only of relevance to the participants. To have some people have legal protection, and have it denied to others because of an innate and immutable personal characteristic is just wrong. It is discrimination. And that’s not who we should be in the UK.

      1. Like some of the other ‘students’ posting on ear, your language and attitde does not reflect that of a schoolgirl. You re just tryig to back to charholic church. Please leave this forum alone unless you will tell the truth.

    5. Stop pretendig to be pupils! This laguage and phrasing is too superior for a schoolgirl! You’re just trying to support he chuch and please stop now!

      1. Are you serious? Some girls that attend the school are 18 years of age and you are saying their language is ‘too superior’? shutup.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:35pm

          miss noone? You’re a male pretending to be a female. Do you really believe we’re that gullible. You don’t appear to be too bright either. It’s quite apparent your parents didn’t teach you any manners either telling people to shutup.

      2. we gain some of the best A level results in the whole country; how can our language be “too superior”. Sorry for being taught how to form a sentence properly.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:37pm

          Another fake female! Grow up!

      3. I’m 19, and I don’t go to that school however I find it quite offensive that you can say being 18 means you have to talk like a cretin.

        Age is only related to intellect while you are very young, I was very verbal from an early age and have always been able to string a proper sentence together thank you very much.

      4. I think you’ll find that the Catholic church is not gender specific, we accept he’s, she’s and he-she’s!.

      5. ginger cripple, you all better know who I am! 27 Apr 2012, 7:05pm

        Are you serious? Did you not realise that our school is one of the top comprehensives in the country and the majority of our teacher’s have graduated from very highly regarded Universities. My English teacher in fact graduated from Oxford. So sit down and do your research before pointing any fingers you imbecile.

        1. If you’re putting apostrophes in plurals, that doesn’t say very much for your English teacher, does it?

    6. In some ways this stunt might have been a positive thing. If the catholic cult wasn’t making so plainly obvious how bigoted, out of touch and immoral it was then many of the students at this school might have gone on to consider it in some way benign or harmless. Trust me, the decline and death of catholicism won’t come from without, but from the disgust and revulsion felt by those within. Things like this just stoke the fires and speed the end for them. It can’t come soon enough.

    7. Hi Dora – Hope you’re ok. I’m a reporter at the BBC looking at covering this story. Could you please give me a call on 07748 328 696…? In confidence. Or you can email me

      Many thanks


  38. I find no surprise in this story. The Catholic Church has a long history of abusing our young children both physically and emotionally.

  39. It’s interesting as it is slowly revealed exactly they achieved such a lot of signatures, the C4M petition is suspect on so many levels.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 10:01pm

      That’s why they refused a PN correspondent asking them to provide details of their methodology to collect signatures. who conducted the petition on their behalf refused to comment.

    2. Correction typo.
      It’s interesting as it is slowly revealed exactly how they achieved such a lot of signatures, the C4M petition is suspect on so many levels

  40. Keith Farrell 25 Apr 2012, 8:46pm

    If children are signing this petition then it means nothing they can say they have had so many sigh it but in reality only 10% signed their pertition, the others were forced to sign it or under age

  41. Since the abolition of clause 28, Stephen Twigg as a former Labour Schools Minister promoted LGBT week into the school curriculum, so why can’t Catholic schools be allowed to circulate a letter penned by the Archbishops of Westminster and Southwark, who are their spiritual leaders, in favour of traditional marriage.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 9:58pm

      FYI, CIVIL marriage is NOT traditional marriage. It’s only been in existence in the UK since the 19th century to allow divorced heterosexuals to marry as many times as they wish and for those who are of other faiths or none. As long as catholic schools receive government funding courtesy of British taxpayers including Gay taxpayers. They have absolutely NO right to meddle in what is purely a civil matter and does not affect the ability of the roman church to continue marrying heterosexual couples of their persuasion. By default, they are promoting discrimination of and targeting gay people to justify their religious beliefs. Civil and religious are two totally different components. So stop acting the apologist for bigotry.

      1. Except, of course, there is no legal distinction between religious and civil marriage.

        1. Puff the magic drag on. 26 Apr 2012, 10:27am

          There is however a distinct difference between sane and insane what a pity religionists have such a problem understanding that.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:41pm

          Nobody said there was and it’s not the point of the argument either. Civil marriage is NOT traditional marriage, so get over it. I don’t think religious bigots would welcome our meddling in their business by calling for a ban on religious marriage would they? We’re much better than they are and behaving in a far more ‘christian’ manner than they are. We’re not trying to deny them their right to believe what they want to believe. Just don’t cram it down everybody else’s throat that the religious way is the only way and to hell with the rest of the country.

        3. ‘…Except, of course, there is no legal distinction between religious and civil marriage…’

          legal distinction is that roman catholic church doesn’t recognize civil marriages

  42. From the perspective of a pupil that quite reluctantly goes to this school I can reassure you all that when asked the question of what a marriage actually was a Year 11 student shouted out with no trace of fear “Two people that love each other.” I express with the utmost proudness that even if the presentation had very minor impacts of the younger years (which is questionable seeing as there is already 1 openly gay child aged 12) that the older years were not sucked into this ideal that homosexual union through marriage should be identified as wrong. Most of us were in fact repulsed and felt no obligation to humour any of the teaching faculty who were for involved. It was a huge tear in the already fragile seams of trust and respect between the pupils in the school, and with this I hope that action is taken because it’s quite simply WRONG.

    1. This is good to hear and for any students of the school reading this, please know that you do not have to put up with this sort of thing and you have lots of support!

    2. Hi,

      I work for Channel 4 news and would like to talk to you about this.

      Can you please email me with your phone number on –

      Many thanks



      1. i will happily get in contact with c4. considering i study theology, and have studied the topic of homosexuality (unbiasedly i should add before you all hasten to spit words at me) and therefore, my opinions are that of understanding on both sides.

        1. Unbiased study – that is highly unlikely in a RC school!!!!

          1. i can educate you if you’d like? we’re allowed to choose the opinion we want to argue as long as we look to both sides of the argument, fairly.

          2. Thank you for your kind offer, year13.

            Unfortunately having experienced RC schooling myself until the age of 18, and then studied my first degree and masters at a university that GENUINELY encouraged free thought and learning (rather than the poor pretense at free thought that the RC school system claims) – I have had sufficient time to reflect on the attempts to indoctrinate myself and my fellow pupils. I did not see the harm that the school caused me until much later.
            I work in an education psychology service. I have had cause to work with numerous pupils who have gone to RC schools and many of them are suffering from being told their views whether on orientation or other issues are wrong, and it has caused them much harm.
            Its subtle, pervasive and continual abuse. Its not just one school (in my experience).

  43. Craig Denney 25 Apr 2012, 8:48pm

    I’m just passing this message on.

    This action by the Catholic Education Service is absolutely outrageous. Not only might this break equalities legislation, it also breaks laws against political partisanship. If any pupil at one of the schools concerned is interested in taking a legal case forward on this, we urge them to get in touch with us at the British Humanist Association

  44. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 8:50pm

    For your information, not only males were abused by catholic clergy but also females, many of them including adult females. The Vatican commissioned the John Jay Institute to conduct an investigation It’s findings revealed that homosexuality wasn’t the primary factor, but the mere availability of boys than girls to the clergy. Paedophilia statistics in America according to the U.S. Government reveal that a far higher percentage of this crime occurs among heterosexual males and to a lesser extent, females.

    Paedophilia, pederasty and ephebophilia in the catholic church aren’t a recent phenomenon. All have existed for almost two millenia including abuse of women and so it continues. Rent yourself a copy of the Magdelene Sisters and see for yourself.

    Stop trying to imply that paedophilia is an uniquely homosexual aberration, it isn’t and never has been. The majority of sex crimes in general are committed by heterosexuals against children and women. How many males, children or adults, have been raped in the UK compared to females?

    1. We all know you enjoy living in your own (closeted repressed homosexual(ite)) fantasy world, but just so you know the facts.The majority of murderers, rapists, child abusers, drug dealers, and convicted criminals of all nature are heterosexual men – go in any prison and take a survey of the inmates sexuality if you don’t believe me. But you being a wanna be heterosexual, you ignore that fact.

      1. This is completely irrelavent. It doesn’t matter who commits crimes the most, it matters that some pupil has made up complete lies and has caused all this ,and people should really do their research before coming on here and directing hate at st. Philomenas.

        1. I think you will find they are who they say, not only that but the information on here is incorrect, no child was forced into signing anything. My daughter is in year 7 and did not have this presentation. It was for the 6th form, to sign if they wish. The girl who made the report is obviously after her 5 minutes of fame !!
          It seems the people on here are the one’s with issues, because they can’t believe that the information could be wrong , everyone is so wrapped up in hate. I am proud for my daughter to go to such a caring and well taught school, most of you on here will not have seen the school, let alone know how it’s run.

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 27 Apr 2012, 9:35am


            Simply offering the petition was illegal.

          2. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 1:17pm

            i must agree with you. My daughter is in yr12 and knows the young lady in question. I have met her on several ocassions and I am sorry to say that she is very much an attention seeker. She has blown the whole thing out of proportion. The upper years were shown the presentation and told that there was a petition should anyone wish to sign it. No more than that! my daughter is appaled that the school is now being dragged through this “debate” especially with A level exams on the horizion. This is after all, a Catholic school. I do not agree with the bigotry of the Vatican, however if our daughters are raised to be Liberal, caring and compassionate individuals, they will make the right decions in life.

          3. All schools have to abide by the law. The suggestion is that this school breached the rules. It doesn’t matter what years saw the presentation or how much or little they were encouraged to sign the petition, as Dr Guthrie says above, it shouldn’t have been mentioned in school at all.

          4. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:35pm

            Wrapped up in hate? Really. What do you think the C4M petition is then? It’s a political statement aimed at subverting the government from doing its business, to legislate equality laws. Comparing equal marriage for having the potential to a demand for polygamous and incestuous relationships is nothing more than hatred and homophobia. What part of that don’t you get? Oh I forgot, NOTHING. I doubt the veracity of your statement and that you are a parent of 7 year old. You’re just lying (catholics do lie you know) to justify your statement.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:37pm

          And I suppose you have the evidence for that? How do you know the pupil concocted the lies? You’re nothing but an apologist for catholic bigotry, masters of it.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 10:08pm

      Heterosexuals have a far higher rate of paedophilia and sex crimes PER CAPITA than homosexuals, regardless of proportion. “Homsexualite”? What kind of an education did you receive? There is no such word. Provide the factual evidence. HIV infection is now overwhelmingly an heterosexual transmitted virus in Africa and other developing nations. If you disagree, take it up with the W.H.O. and provide them with your statistics.

      Suffer failed relationships? Provide the factual evidence for that too. Last time I checked, heterosexual marriages, roughly 50% end in failure. There are millions of heterosexual couples living together, raising children and aren’t married and millions of unmarried mothers around the world. Succesful relationships? You’re an idiot!

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:57am

        I suggest you contact Sir Roger Gale and his three failed marriages, imbecile.

      2. Yeah, what is this “failed relationship” nonsense. My husband and I have been togher almost six years, married for five and we are still very happy together and deeply in love. I am sure there are many other same sex couples that can claim similarly, and even more years together.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:16pm

          19 years here…..

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:18pm

            I do wish they would use different forum software.

            My response was to Merlyn

            “Yeah, what is this “failed relationship” nonsense. My husband and I have been togher almost six years, married for five and we are still very happy together and deeply in love. I am sure there are many other same sex couples that can claim similarly, and even more years together.”

            To which I reply. 19 years here……….

          2. 25 years and very very happy.

      3. “promiscuoua”

        What’s that? Do you speak Hindi now Keith?

      4. st phils pupil 26 Apr 2012, 7:38pm


  45. Also, the only impact I could say has been accomplished in the eyes of the school is that I know many LGBTQ students who are perhaps more fearful towards the repercussions of any revelation of just how many people at this school are exactly what the presentation made seem so vile and wrong.

  46. Maybe we should all sign a petition banning the catholic church from having access to children full stop given that their members tolerated and carried out the rapes of a number of them for years without redress?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 9:50pm

      The Catholic Emancipation Act should never have been enacted!

      1. again, why bring up Rape? it has absolutley nothing to do with this matter…

        1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 11:06pm

          I completely agree

  47. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 9:38pm

    I go to this school and was in the assembly myself and think this has been taken too far, there was a short powerpoint presentation about the catholic definition of marriage and then it was mentioned that it was optional to sign the petition, but never made obligatory. To cut school funding or take this to court would just be irrational, this has been over-exaggerated

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2012, 9:49pm

      I doubt very much if you went to this school. You’re pretending to be a pupil to deflect criticism of the catholic church. So transparent. What would a pupil know about powerpoint? The use of language is that of an adult.

      1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 9:58pm

        I’m sorry you’re accusing me of lying? I am a year eleven pupil at st phils in carshalton and have been for five years. I am sorry if my use of language is too sophisticated but I happen to have had a good education in a good catholic school. ‘what would a pupil know?’ You undermine young people, I can tell you exactly what happened at that assembly because I was there thursday morning of last week so get your facts straight. I don’t agree with indoctrinating young people with views such as those being mentioned but I know BECAUSE I WAS THERE that it was nothing like it is being described

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:55am

          You’re delusional and a liar. Prove you were there. Give us the phone number of your school and your real name, age and home address? We will call Ms. Noone to verify you are pupil? There are NO pupils posting on this site. You can’t take the heat which explains why you are here.

          1. No offence, friend, but you seem to have serious problems. Get help!

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:43pm

          Fake female, stop the pretence and what are you doing trolling a gay website?

      2. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:39pm

        this girl is my best friend, i think i would know, an A* grade student, sorry that we seem to be educated.

        1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:54pm

          do they think we’re like eight? yes we know how to type oh my word

          1. No, but I do think you are an ignorant and easily manipulated child who is being coerced by tradition and probably parental expectation to believe in fairy stories and lies.

            Of course, as a woman myself I am always amazed by who women embrace the catholic church – don’t you know they think you are nothing but a dumb beast who is only good for whelping children than they can exploit? You have no voice, you have no power, you are lower than a footstool in that faith and that you embrace it so vigorously makes you nothing but Quislings.

          2. Can I ask how you find yourselves on a gay news website?

          3. Gavin this story has been picked up by the Guardian it is on there front page and they have a link to this site in their article, since the story was a PN exclusive.

            Things are set to get a lot weirder here

          4. *the front page

          5. As a pupil at saint philomena’s, I came across this article from Facebook.

        2. Phils_justice 26 Apr 2012, 6:32pm

          Im at the school your friend has over exaggerated this :@ :@ :@

      3. I don’t know how old you are Robert but most of my sodding school lessons were on powerpoint and a lot of subjects require you to design your own powerpoint presentations to bore everyone to tears with, which is a colossal waste of time especially when the school computers are a bag of sh¡te.

        I’m willing to bet there are many unfortunate primary school children who are familiar with powerpoint also. If the comments about are right and these children have been “indoctrinated” by their school and church, it’s completely logical that they would defend said school/church online.

        I often shocked how out of touch people are with younger people on this board but the way some of you talk about these kids like they are incapable of being horrible little homophobic sh¡ts or having their own twisted little opinions is really bizarre to me.

        I was raised Catholic but by the age of 11 I had long since realised it was a load of bs despite what I’d learnt from Catholic school and my grandparents.

      4. What would a pupil know about powerpoint? I was making powerpoint presentations in yr 7. I have no idea if these are real students but your reasoning for them not being is ridiculous to say the least.

      5. ginger cripple, you all better know who I am! 27 Apr 2012, 7:02pm

        LOL are you actually serious? You’re all judgemental mongrels. Enough said.

    2. Hi,

      I am a journalist and would like to talk to you about this story.

      Can you email me on



      1. former st phils teacher 26 Apr 2012, 1:04pm

        I used to teach at St Philomena’s an can assure you that every girl in this school is fully aware of what a PowerPoint presentation is and are mature enough and media savvy enough to voice their strong, and well informed opinions in a forum like this

        1. and you expect to be taken seriously?

  48. Overlooking the glaringly obviously hatefulness and bigotry I think this highlights another issue of faith run state schools. Why should tax payer’s money be used to pay (very literally) for children to be taught hate? Personally, the idea that the money from the taxes I pay goes towards the salary of the headmistress of this school is vile. I do not agree with faith schools in general but I have far fewer problems with them if they are private.

  49. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 9:53pm

    and this is not the place to be talking about rape by Catholic priests or whatever because that’s irrelevant, of course none of the priests at our school are rapists just because we had an assembly on gay marriage….

    1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:21pm

      amen <3

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:44pm

        Yet another fake female. Grow up!

    2. Ahhh…the classic catholic response of sticking your head in the sand and pretending nothing bad every happens.

      Your capacity for dishonesty dismays me. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that the Vatican not only sits on enough wealth and property to save millions of lives, but part of that grotesque wealth (that YOU chip in to whenever you reach in to your pocket) is set aside to pay off victims or purchase silence.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:53am

        And if it really were true to Christ’s teaching, they would sell everything they have, give the proceeds to the poor and follow the Lord. NOT!

    3. The horrific cover-up of child rape by the very priesthood to which those nasty men belong should be ringing alarm bells at the very least. It shows that the catholic hierarchs have absolutely no moral authority whatsoever, In fact they have NEGATIVE moral authority, and letting them lecture anyone on sexual morality is a sick joke.

      The very presence of priests in your school shows that it is deeply morally compromised. Would you invite Enron executives to give an assembly on corporate ethics? Would you invite Rupert Murdoch to give an assembly on media ethics? Would you invite Gary Glitter’s associates to give an assembly on marriage?

  50. That forum site always seems to have a lot of anti-gay propaganda threads as well.

    I’ve read a few of them and I’m surprised that they would be written by “students”. I’m sure this forum website is being used to promote anti-gay feeling.

    Also there’s a tes website which always comes up with threads on gay mariage. Strange for teachers to be so obsessed with the topic.

    1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 26 Apr 2012, 7:15pm

      Considering how many LGBT students are bullied at school, it would be naive to imagine that there are no homophobic students.

  51. Talk about indoctrination. Don’t care if it’s faith or not, shoving your own bigoted opinions on innocent kids is totally wrong. It’s how the next generation of bigots gets created; they get it from the adults.

  52. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:19pm

    I am a 16 year old girl who attends St Philomena’s catholic high school for girls. Can i just firstly state that this has been highly exaggerated when the assembly was very basic and un-biased. In the assembly last week we were reminded of the importance of marraige in the roman catholic church. For all you uneducated atheists out there, we believe that marraige is when a Man and Woman become united as 1. We are also against discrimination of anykind. Going to Catholic schools has taught me that most of the pupils have a liberal perspective of the bible. This therefore means that yes we believe in the word of God but NO we do not listen to everything the archbishops of the head of the church tells us. Therefore. many of us CHOSE wisely not to sign the petition. There was no force inflicted upon us to sign the petition. In the assembly the words ‘anti-gay’ were not said once. infact all Miss Noone was saying was the letter the archbishop had asked her to read. Threatening to report our school for child abuse is HIGHLY unnecessary as infact ‘child abuse’ isnt the correct words for showing a presentation on marraige. If anyone should be punished it should be the girl who reported to pink news. she has blown this out of control and exaggerated or may i say lied a hell of a lot.

    1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 10:21pm

      amen, literally

      1. so, so true

        1. Why not just bleat like the bloody sheep you are.

          1. Funny how the two responses have the curious appalling lack of ability to capitalise and words? LOL! Oh, all the “different” people commenting here, its overwhelming! :)

            Ah, the desperate religious. Lies, cheating, and dishonesty:- all good honest catholic traits.

          2. kas-ubi 69 :) 27 Apr 2012, 8:29pm

            your comments lack originality and humour so bye.

    2. I am glad that you chose not to sign the petition. However, I fail to see how the girl should be punished for going to the press because she felt that was the school was doing was discriminatory towards her.

      That aside, Christians and Catholics rarely do everything the bible tells them. Like muslims, we’re not supposed to come into contact with pig, we’re not supposed to eat shellfish, we’re not supposed “step on the altar of god” if we have poor eyesight. We allow blind people to get married in a church, why not a gay man or a lesbian? I suggest looking at this:

      Finally, you mention the word of God. The only holy book of the Abrahamic religions which is reputed to be the word of God is the Qu’ran. If you ever visit the Vatican, you are told that it was Mary was not a virgin when Jesus was conceived – this was a story added by the then pope centuries later. The bible as we know it is papal dogma and the pope admits it.

      1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:42pm

        sorry where did i mention that i wanted a lecture of the Roman Catholic teachings? we believe in Papal infalabilty that everything the pope says is true, other religions are irrelevant to this comment anyhow. dont bring up the gay rights subject with me? im simply just a pupil stating what actually happened in our assembly. The girl should be punished because she lied, what she said did not happen.

        1. It seems to me you are blinded by your indoctrination.

          If the Pope says it is true, then it is.

          If the Pope told you that the presentation had never happened would you believe him?

          The infallability rubbish blinds and blinkers many to reality.

          The girl who supplied the information to the media should be congratulated for her moral courage, and I hope she takes up the offer that is being made for financing of legal action against the school for their breaches of various laws including Equality legislation.

          It is shocking that school pupils have been so indoctrinated and abused of their free self determination that what the senior teaching staff of a religious based school say is Gospel – even if its morally repugnant and offensive.

          1. you dont need to know my name :) 26 Apr 2012, 7:52pm

            you’re wrong, we are right get over it.

          2. Bigotry is always wrong, equality is always right.

            The RC church has a revered history of harm, inequality and bigotry

            Get over it.

        2. You don’t like gay rights being brought up? This is a bloody GAY news site. If you don’t like it or being called out by some of the posters on here.

        3. If you believe everything the pope says to be true I assume you believe condoms give you HIV? Cos on his tour of africa he was well known for spouting this nonsense. No-one is infallible and no-one is beyond criticism.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:47pm

        Don’t engage these fools. They’re males pretending to be female pupils to defend their cult at all costs,

        1. My goodness, this man must be psychic!

    3. You shouldn’t pretend to speak for anyone but yourself. In fact the majority of Catholics in the UK support marriage equality. You should realise that a great many others do not believe as you do.

      You say you do not discriminate. But what you are saying is that the relationships of same-sex couples, no matter how faithful, committed and loving, can never be equal to heterosexual relationships, no matter how abusive, adulterous or dysfunctional. And for a teacher to use her authority over others present such views in a one sided way to people who have had little life experience, is a scandal. Were you given the other side of the story in that assembly? What right do you have at all to dictate the terms of other people’s relationships? Why are you not campaigning against marriages of divorcees? Where is your consistency?

  53. I an 13 years old and am in the year 9 of st phils. Don’t get worried about kids beleaving all the crap mrs noon (headteacher) said about gays because as soon as everyone got out of the assembily, we were all talking about how out or order it was and how gays should have equal rights. The thing i don’t understand is how we can have gay teachers in the school, and then the head can turn around and be so homophobic.
    The presentation started with mrs noon talking about how the govournment was going to change the name of a gay “civil partnership” to “marrage”. At thet point, i was thinking how nice it was and that it was great that the world was finally accepting gays. Then she showed us the video of the bishop talking about “preserving the true defenition of marrage” and i almost got up and punched her in the face. EVEN I CAN SEE THIS IS WRONG!!!

    1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:29pm

      no you did not. Sit down and stop making up lies. At least learn how to spell Miss Noone before you pre-judge. Why do you hold such an evil grudge against Miss Noone? its her job, she was asked to and as we know she is a devout catholic who has to serve her duty, she did not at one point say she was anti-gay or against the idea of gay marraige, she reminded us that is our faith to marry a man and to procreate. now go to bed.

      1. Person tells a story that is believeable.

        Whereas “you dont need to know my name” tells a tale, that may have occurred, but is biased, indoctrinated and deviant. It celebrates the abuse of children and fails to recognise self determination of morality and choice. It also demands inequality and prejudice.

        1. Actually, ‘person’ tells the story that you want to hear whereas ‘you dont need to know my name’ tells the story that you don’t like to hear.

          The only difference I find between both is that ‘person’ s grammar and spelling exposes her to be a very dull and unserious pupil.

          1. I would say with you is that you hear what you want to hear from “you dont need to know my name” and not from person.

            The grammar and language ability (or not) do not tell the ability of an individual to recognise morality, not of the ability to see beyond indoctrination.

            You are a hate monger, Ken and of course you will use ever bluff and bluster in your tool box to perpetuate that hatred because you are evil.

          2. Typo –

            I would say with you, Ken – its that you hear what you want to*

          3. you dont need to know my name :) 27 Apr 2012, 8:32pm

            you dont like to hear my story because im 16 and opinionated whereas ‘person’ is 13 and uneducated about the Gay topic within catholisism. And you dont like to hear my story because you’re a biased arsehole who has nothing better to do than be a procrastinating douche.

      2. That’s it. Marry and create more little Catholic cretins to support the Vatican.

    2. I compared your spellings and grammar to the student that commented just before you did and it immediately became obvious that you must be a truant and an unserious student. No wonder you support gay ‘marriage’ – a word you don’t even know how to spell.

      1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:36pm

        two letters out of line, oh cry me a river. What do you get out of this Ken? you have no proof of my beliefs, so stop being critical. We are students at the end of the day, no move before we report you for child abuse, a paedophile perhaps? mmm thought so.

        1. Don’t get too excited. I was talking to you. Was addressing the comment by ‘person’. Now run along and read your books.

          1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:50pm

            sorry i think there is an ‘I’ before was you uneducated old man. I think its you who needs to be reading books and teaching yourself of the importance of staying out of different denomination beliefs :) Good day.

          2. “Don’t get too excited. I was talking to you. Was addressing the comment by ‘person’. Now run along and read your books.”

            Yeah, the bible is a great book for giggles and stuff. Harry Potter is slight more up to date, but equally as fictitious.

            And Ken, really? Moaning about another intelligence when you have intrepidly demonstrated suck a lack of any schooling or education? You’re obvious unemployed….

    3. “person”, shut yah face!! The assembly may have been misinterpreted as “anti-gay”, but it just told you what your religion teaches you- that marriage is between man and woman, and the reason is love and purpose is to pro-create if you are so disgusted by this then leave the school. I’m not saying that your religion means you have to sign the petition or agree with everything it teaches but you have to accept that a catholic school will teach you the catholic religion.

      1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 11:18pm

        i would kiss your head and hug you to death, what you said is pure and just <3

      2. Religion doesn’t teach, you fool. It preaches. Science teaches.

        You don’t even know when to capitalise a proper noun. Don’t attend the school, do we? Illiteracy is an awful affliction, isn’t it?

        1. That’s a matter of opinoin, I attend the school, and I tell you now, it is a lovely place which teaches good values and a good education. The fact that you try to debate by correcting a childs grammar, makes you pathetic and immature, looks like you need to go back to school.

          1. “That’s a matter of opinoin”

            The word is opinion. And yes, thank you for proving my point, you’re an illiterate idiot.

      3. LITERATE philomenian 26 Apr 2012, 10:49am

        If you consider the extremely out-dated and fundamentalist approach of catholicism in the assembly to be morally correct then by all means hold your own views, however it remains that the school may have broken laws against political partisanship. It is widely known that the promotion of partisan political views in the teaching of any subject in the school is forbidden and Miss Noone is most certainly not oblivious to that. Yes we do have to accept that a catholic school will teach the catholic religion, but not impose political views on its pupils. How about you do your research and familiarise yourself with the Education Act, then come back and get your facts right.

        1. G’wan Literate!!!

    4. well she got that wrong because the government is not changing the name civil partnership to marriage. She should educate herself before spieling crap when its obvious she doesn’t know what shes talking about.

      I love how christians say “civil partnership is the same as marriage anyway” and yet they work so hard to deny that it is the same by giving it the same name. Thats the attitude that has to change that they think marriage is better, they won’t admit it but why would they fight it otherwise?

    5. Person

      Thank you for explaining things as you saw them and for having the courage and self belief to see beyond the bigoted indoctrinations of the headmistress and the demented leadership of the RC church who use “grotesque” and inhumane language to damage and hurt people deliberately.

      I hope you will stand up and be counted and demonstrate that humanity is not built on indoctrinated hatred.

    6. Hi person – I’m a journalist at the BBC looking at covering this story. Perhaps I could speak to you if your parents are happy for you to have a chat with me – or I could talk to them? My number is 07748 328 696. Or email . Thanks

      1. St phils girl 29 Apr 2012, 3:07am

        Hi, I go there if you are interested in talking? I was in the assembly and to be honest, I think this story has been mislead and some things are intact incorrect. Yes miss noone was wrong but not all of this is factual.

    7. St phils girl 29 Apr 2012, 3:04am

      Did you know that Mr. Stannah was crying in his form(with his for in there) ad they had to comfort him all because of miss noone!!

  54. This is a blatant breach of anti-discrimination laws. A step too far. They were always going to walk themselves into a legal wrangle with their bigotry. Now it’s time to throw the book at them.

    1. what was said that was discriminatory??

    2. I’ll throw a book at you, it’s called THE BIBLE

      1. The buy-bull is bronze age drivel, created around the campfires of desert nomads who couldn’t explain why the sun rose and needed a “divine” excuse to butcher neighbouring tribes. It is full of talking animals, magic tricks and hocus pocus to comfort the frightened, extort the gullible and control the weak.

        1. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 12:04am

          wikipedia definitions much….

          1. “wikipedia definitions much….”

            Ever think of actually attending that school you claim to be from? You’re grasp of the English language is appalling. Valksy’s comment wasn’t even from Wikipedia (notice how I capitalise a proper noun). More proof the more religious you are, the more of a mentally retarded piece of crap you become.

          2. No, dear. I was educated by a proper school, not the christian version of a madrassa that is used to create more little robots who believe in fairy stories and magic tricks.

  55. Why wouldn’t/shouldn’t the Catholic church ask it’s schools to seek the support of it’s pupils against gay marriages? The Catholic church is against gay marriage, why should they be hypocrites, they aren’t politicians after all.

    1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 10:54pm

      we do have gay pupils in our school? so what? they are 18 and below, they arent getting married, it doesnt matter that they are gay.

      1. ironingboard3 25 Apr 2012, 11:04pm

        exactly, take that Ken Barlow

        1. yeah Ken? where’s Barbie? or are you gay too.. because oh my god we are so against gay people. NOT.

          1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 11:11pm

            With a name like Ken he’s bound to be some old man of 80 with nothing better to do than bring down good schools, deary me.

          2. Deidre Barlow 25 Apr 2012, 11:13pm

            Ken I am disappointed in you, you can sleep on the sofa

          3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:50am

            Right on!

        2. Gail corrie 25 Apr 2012, 11:15pm

          you divorcing Ken again Dierdre? oh wait, divorcing is another topic soon to be argued by defiant old man Ken.

          1. Blanche corrie 25 Apr 2012, 11:18pm

            don’t make me have to drag myself from my grave to come up there and shake some sense into you Ken

          2. oh lord, i come home to my defiant girlfriend and now the neighbours are at it? put a sock in it Ken.

          3. dad I can hear you from the rovers, shut ya noise

      2. Now I would be interested in what you mean by “it doesnt matter that they are gay”

        Do you mean that you accept gay people have human rights?

        Do you accept it is fundamentally and matter of human rights about being treated equally under civil law?

        Do you accept that a gay person is not treated equally as they are not allowed a registry office wedding?

        Do you accept that all humans are equal regardless of faith, gender, race, orientation etc?

        Do you accept that some of the gay pupils in your school might like to marry at some point in the future?

        Now, how do you deal with the gay pupils in your school? Bury your head in the sand or demonise them? I am sure its not welcoming them in open arms given the commentary on here!

        Where is you loving of your neighbour? Your attitude seems very unscriptural.

    2. Go back to school, Ken. You need to brush up on the English language.

      1. Go back to pre-school dave, you need to learn how to grow up.

        1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 11:26pm

          Dave you’re one to talk, you don’t even spell your name with a capital, im appalled.

          1. So appalled you neglected to put a capital I in ‘I’m’ and also omitted the apostrophe…

    3. Paula Thomas 26 Apr 2012, 9:26am

      I think what sticks in my craw about this is that the Catholic Church doesn’t fund these schools, taxpayers do.

  56. I don’t think even Lord Carey would stoop this low. She must be shocked to the core over this development.

    1. Oh, give it time. Lord Carey is very good indeed at finding new depths to plumb.

  57. why the hell is everyone going so over the top about this silly little assembly we had?! I’m a year 11 student at st phils therefore I can assure you that Miss Noone didn’t FORCE us to sign anything. She didn’t even persuade us in any form. She just did what any other catholic, ex- R.E teacher, head teacher would do. goodnight.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:49am

      And you really think you come across as a pupil? You’re an adult, grow up and act your age! We know where you’re coming from. By the way, you need a lesson in English. Dierdre should be Deirdre. You don’t even know your own name. Troll!

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:00am

        That’ll be the superior religious education. ROFL.

      2. Please just SHUT UP. You really think you come across as ‘Robert in S.Kensington’? Why would I be so sad as to pretend I am a student?! I have just as much right to be here as anyone else. I can spell my name however I please to thank you very much. And in fact I am learnt English, at an Ofsted outstanding school, of which I get A*’s so I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

        1. I dount your last sentence would get you any A*s – “I am learnt English….of which I get A*s” ?!

    2. You’re 11. And you happen to comment on gay news site? Really?

      The same site that has religious nutters shouting to god and “singing” hymns, and now you expect us to think you’re 11? Like the “other” pupil further down form the “same” school?

      LOL! Oh, yeah, that’s plausible.

      I just love the desperation and futility of such acts, they remind me that you’re a sad minority of basket cases with no hope of defeating the progress to equality. Beautiful!

      1. note she said year 11 pupil, she’s not 11. I’m in year 13 & am an A level theology student; having studied homosexuality, it’s fair to argue that those in my class who were also given the assembly along with the rest of sixth form are a lot more educated than some of you commenters seem to be. I don’t know a single person who signed the petition, we weren’t forced to and being a bunch of 16-18 year olds, we are legal to sign it if we wish. Your blatant hate for catholicism is just as bad as the ‘supposed’ discrimination that you say happened at our school towards homosexuals. You should use this time to reflect on he freedom of speech & how everyone is entitled to their own opinion; ms noone didn’t give us her opinion, she informed us of what she had to & allowed us to make our own decisions.

        1. Perhaps you should consider the issue of hate crimes, inciting hatred and the Equalities Act before you try preaching on the issue of freedom of speech.

          Furthermore, with freedom of speech comes two other interwoven factors – responsibility and accountability. Of course, people have the right to say what they like in a democracy (not sure how much the RC church adhere to democracy given their views on infallibility etc); however, they can be held accountable for what they choose to say. If it hurts or harms another, or if it breaches civil law then they can be sued or prosecuted for this. Its therefore incumbent on any person exercising their freedom of speech to consider the impact of their words and act responsibly. The heinous grotesque message of the RC church recently about LGBT people has been commented by many as coming close to inciting homophobic hatred. Unfortunately it appears by the lesson in your school that responsibility is still not being exercised.

          1. i comprehend what you are saying but in that are you also saying that the freedom of speech of those on this website, exacerbating their total hate for Catholicism isn’t just as bad? surely hating on my school is just as bad as our “homophobic ways” which by the way, is incorrect as i for one am not homophobic in any way, shape or form.

          2. I think both sides on this matter need to exercise responsibility.

            The approach of the RC church in their grotesque language (which appears to have been repeated in your school – and who knows, possibly many others!) is unacceptable homophobia where those using that language are failing to exercise responsibility and thus must be held accountable for their choices when they breach either law, policy, decency (or all three!)

            There are some people who engage in comments on the RC church which step beyond what I personally regard as responsible.

            I do think some people see any criticism of the RC church as a malicious attack of the church – and this is often not the case.

            However, bottom line – religion is a choice, orientation is not. Bigotry against either is unacceptable. Its worse when bigotry is about something (eg gender, race, orientation) over which there is no choice.

          3. We are exercising our right to free speech on a public forum, they are preaching to kids hardly in the same level is it. They have a responsibility not to promote discrimination. I however do not and neither do any of the other posters on here.

        2. It’s not really ‘freedom of speech’ to use your authority over a captive audience who cannot answer back or ask questions, and present only a reactionary, out of touch view of gay people. If everyone were entitled to their opinions, then you would have had a presentation for marriage equality in the same assembly, to counter mrs. noone’s arguments, arguments which have been blown out of the water when put under the slightest scrutiny. You say you ‘studied’ homosexuality. In a theology class doesn’t really count. Some would say theology isn’t a proper subject. I’d be more impressed if you said you knew same-sex couples.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 1:53pm

        Will, they’re all males pretending to be female pupils in defence of their cult. Don’t engage the idiots. That they troll a gay site is evidence that they’re desperate and probably all closeted self-loathers. They give themselves away by some of the things they say and the manner in which they write. What they’re doing is helping us on the road to equality. The more they rant, the more absurd and risible they become. Nobody really takes their nonsense seriously. The British public is a lot more sophisticated than that and not very supportive of religious extremists who are thankfully the minority in our country.

        1. Have to say Robert, whilst I do not think all of these names are genuine pupils. I do think some are female and some may be pupils. To me that just demonstrates the subtle indoctrination and control of the school.

  58. ST PHILOMENAS IS AMAZING, DONT HATE ON IT. 25 Apr 2012, 11:20pm


    1. don't hate, appreciate 25 Apr 2012, 11:25pm

      singgg hosanna SINGG hOSANNAH sing hosannah to the KING OF KINGS, come on everyone join in on the next verse!!!

    2. Give me peace in my heart, keep me praying,
      Give me peace in my heart, I pray,
      Give me peace in my heart, keep me praying,
      Keep me praying ’till the end of day.

      Sing hosanna, sing hosanna,
      Sing hosanna to the King of kings!
      Sing hosanna, sing hosanna,
      Sing hosanna to the King.

      1. st phils music department HEIL NOONE 25 Apr 2012, 11:28pm

        thankyou Miss haste <3

        1. i’m not miss haste :S

          1. st phils music department HEIL NOONE 25 Apr 2012, 11:54pm

            sarcasm babe…

        2. “sarcasm babe…”

          Sarcasm needs intelligence to be effective. You need to try harder. Much harder.

      2. WTF? Are you suffering from insanity?

        What a freak.

    3. Godbiot christo-babble. There is a reason that the collective noun for christians is “flock”.

  59. Don’t blame the school,blame the catholic education service for telling them to do it.

    1. you dont need to know my name :) 25 Apr 2012, 11:32pm


    2. You mean keep shifting the blame so that nobody can be held responsible.

      1. Shifting the blame ? No, just telling it like it is mate. I would not be here now writing this now if the catholic education service hadn’t sent out a letter to catholic school’s.

        1. But the school did not have to choose to follow the request in the letter, just like many Catholic parishes did not read the letter from the Archbishops a few weeks ago.

          They could have chosen not to.

          So the school must accept their portion of responsibility for their choices to behave in such a homophobic manner.

    3. Blame the Catholic Education Service for seeking to push bigotry across the entire UK (bear in mind this is unlikely to be the only school seeking to further indoctrinate vulnerable young people)/

      Blame the school for accepting the instruction and not recognising their duty in terms of equality and support of their own LGBT pupils.

      Blame the teachers who presented it for their indoctrinating bullying.

      Blame the RC church leadership for their grotesque treating LGBT people (and in this case pupils) as subhuman.

      Blame those who acquiesced to the immoral teachings of the senior clergy for accepting the lies and indoctrination and responding with hatred.

    4. Ahh. The “I was only following orders” defence. That doesn’t exactly work, now does it.

  60. I was in this assembly and I can assure that it was in no way forceful or homophobic, we were simply shown a short powerpoint on the legal and religious definition of marriage and were informed of the letter and the option to sign the petition, we are a catholic school and therefore we learn the catholic teachings, it was in no way homophobic or manipulative of our impressionable age and miss noone was simply passing on information in an un-biased manner and everything has been blown out of proportion, to take legal action would be obsured

    1. If I was a gay student at the school sitting through that I would have felt hurt, humiliated and rejected. The bible teaches that black people can’t marry white people and that it is OK to take more than one wife and to marry your sister (Abraham) and OK to force your wife’s slave to have sex with you and carry your child if your wife is infertile. Out of all of that information about the Christian definition of marriage why did the gay thing get singled out? The simple reason is homophobia.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:47am

        Totally concur with that! Thank you for bringing that to the attention of those who think otherwise.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:32pm

      LIke hell you were there, faker! Do you think we’re that gullible? You need a lesson in English too.

  61. This school has a butters uniform lol

    1. lol ‘butters’ uniform but grades you couldn’t even expand your mind to think about darling.

    2. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 5:14pm

      don’t hate, appreciate.

  62. This whole situation has been highly exaggerated, st philomena’s teaches us the roman catholic views on things such as marriages which is the uniting of a man and woman, this in no way is descriminative or homophobic, the majority of complaints are from those who do not attend the school and were not in the assembly, therefore you are making assumptions based on an exaggerated description of the short powerpoint which informed us on the plans of the goverment and how the catholic church opposed this. We were in no way manipulated as by attending this school we have been raised to know right from wrong and to know that descrimination of any sort or degree is wrong. Miss noone simply was doing as she had been told and giving us the facts in a none forceful way. We were left with the choice to sign the petition and I think basically the whole school opposed this. By attending this school we worship in the glory of God and we learn his word however it does not make us ‘disgusting’ or ‘homophobic’ as many of us do not follow the literal teaching of the bible WE ARE IN THE 21st CENTURY GUYS STOP HATING ON MISS NOONE. I’m sure all catholic schools had a similar assembly we have just been brought to the splotlight due to an exaggerating sixth former, thanks for reading this bye.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:46am

      If you really believe that many of you do not follow the literal teaching of the bible, why is it that your church, among others, deliberately uses the quote in Leviticus that condemns homosexuality? You cannot cherry pick any reference to suit one’s comfort zone? With respect, I find your comment rather disengenuous.

      1. I think what you’re seeing here is a younger generation on Catholics that have grown up in a modern society and that realise some of the bibles and the catholics church teachings are outdated. These girls are saying they didn’t sign the petition because they don’t agree with it, despite still considering themselves catholics, is this not something that we should look on as a positive? That maybe there’s a growing number of tolerant young catholics and the fact they are mature enough to realise that what they are being told is not necessarily just. You can say I am or these girls (sorry girls if you disagree) are cherry picking parts of the religion, but it is well known that the bible often contradicts itself so isn’t it good that for once some people within the religion are choosing parts of the bible that promote inclusiveness and love?

        1. Paula Thomas 26 Apr 2012, 9:09am

          But don’t all Catholics believe that the Bible is the word of God? God can’t really be that good at his job if he contradicts himself now can he?

        2. Arent they also saying the the word of the Pope is infallible.

          Whilst it is great they did not sign the petition. Their blind indoctrination about infallibility and failure to recognise the hurt, distress and harm such hate inspired grotesque teaching could have is worrying.

  63. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 12:01am


    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:02am

      Once your school stops receiving state funds it can do what it likes. Until then obey UK laws.

      1. oh my actual god. Don’t you think you’re being HUGELY over the top. It was a powerpoint. A POWERPOINT. She didn’t grab our hands and force us to sign this petition. i don’t even know anyone in the school who has done so, seeing as you also have to be over 16.


      Can’t you find the CAPS LOCK key? Its not really that difficult.

  64. Phew! Just read through the myriad of comments here. This has to be one of the more unpleasant, undignified exchange of comments I’ve seen in a while. To declare my own hand, I am dead against publically funded faith schools, period, and this to me demonstrates how this exhalted position can be exploited. It is all very well for (alleged) pupils to wade into this debate when clearly they feel passionately that what they experienced has been misrepresented. I appreciate that there has been much hysteria by some with claims of child abuse, which I feel is not helpful. This is a gay news site however where most commentators are in fact gay and have experienced first hand what it like to be discriminated against, with the Catholic church absolutely guilty of this. It is a shame that some who claim to attend the school (you may well do) do nothing to demonstrate their educational excellence and resort to playground aggression. If they themselves have truly experienced what it is like to be persecuted, which their classmate felt, then perhaps their response would be more moderate and circumspect. They display the same discourtesy and bullying tendencies that they so vehemently deny. They are absolutely entitled to attend a faith school, as long as they pay for it themselves.

    1. Whoops – publicly

    2. Great comment, sums my feelings exactly

  65. I’m a young gay catholic in my early 20’s and am just appauled at how far the church are going on this issue. Gotta say with the sex abuse scandals over here in Ireland, and the brushing under the carpet of it all it does make me wonder what good it actually does do in the world? If they put half the money and speeches they’re giving this issue, into Africa and curing AIDS- the world would be a much better place for it

    1. Why are you a catholic.

      The catholic church hates you?

      Find a better church.

    2. Well, there is a saying – Feed the world? Sell the Vatican.

    3. There is nothing like a ‘gay catholic’. You are either a gay or a catholic

      1. Who told you that Ken?

  66. I’ve written to the school. My biggest issue is that if there was a presentation on the C4M arguments then they should also have been given a presentation on the C4EM arguments at the same side.

    It’s an issue that could be discussed at schools but honestly it has to be balanced and all the views given in an unbiased way.

    Presumably this was part of their sex and relationship policy for their school, although I don’t know how this petition, which is fairly new, could have got into their SRE education policy so quickly.

  67. Although this article made me sick to my stomach as I used to go to St Phils, I am so proud of the girls that have stood up for their beliefs that what they have been told is wrong. Having attended this school from 11-18, when I came out as gay no one batted an eyelid.
    What people don’t seem to realise is that not all catholics believe all these teachings, lots of younger people within the religion realise the teachings are outdated.
    My experience at St Phils was so positive, it shocks me that this extremely one sided talk happened, when I was there a lot more debating and different ideas from the ‘catholic’ view were discussed. We were never indoctrinated as people keep saying I mean look at me, I’m gay, my brother (who went to a male catholic school) now thinks of himself as athiest and my friend at church the other day told the man where to go he asked her to sign the petition to stop gay marriage, when I posted this on my facebook friends from school were upset and angry.

    1. The school must be prevented from even allowing such assemblies to take place.

      While they are in receipt of public money then they need to obey the law.

      1. philomenastudent 26 Apr 2012, 11:40am

        This is getting completely out of hand, if you weren’t at the assembly you have no right to jump to conclusions.

        1. I wasn’t at 9/11 but I have opinions about it

  68. for anyone that thinks any pf these responses are actually from pupils, you need to get a grip. You can easily find names on the school website for work experience and exam results and sports and stuff, to sound more credible. Stop pretending, identity theft is a crime!

    1. “Yet here you are pretending you are not the village idiot!!!!”

      Taking your crown? NO! Never. That will always be yours Keith! Don’t you worry your crazy brain damaged little head, we won’t let anyone take that away from you….

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 2:20pm

        C4M has only 460,000 signatures. Now let me do some simple arithmetic. That equals 0.007%, far less than 1% out of a total population of 60 million. Pathetic and clearly not even a representation of the British public. They would need at least 10 million before June 14, 2012 to make any impression. Not going to happen. C4M has wasted thousands of pounds on an exercise in futility while making them look even more absurd than they are, money that could have gone to help the failed marriages of serial hetero adulterers and could have paid for some good marriage counselling at least. They really don’t give a damn about preserving marriage one iota. Liars and hypocrites.

        1. And yet the British Government is introducing marriage equality….. how shocking! The queers are winning!


          Little boo-hoo tantrum from you? Ahhhh, bless.

          1. st phils pupil 26 Apr 2012, 7:37pm

            we arent anti-gay? boohoo get your facts straight.

          2. gyal lyke frilly knicker x 26 Apr 2012, 7:58pm

            hiya x :)

          3. hey x

          4. The presentation certainly was homophobic. Everything that has been said about it by both sides has confirmed that.

          5. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:58pm

            Introducing hate group’s C4M’s petition proves othewise, moron. You’re no pupil either. Provide Pink News with your full name, address, age and telephone number so the school can be contacted to verify you attend? You can’t can you, because you’re a liar.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 2:34pm

          You’re an idiot! Your user name explains that quite clearly!

        3. Following your reasoning, the C4EM petition with less than 50,000 signatures and the entire gay population of around 1% of the UK population can NEVER make an impression and should NOT be taken seriously.

          1. “Following your reasoning, the C4EM petition with less than 50,000 signatures and the entire gay population of around 1% of the UK population can NEVER make an impression and should NOT be taken seriously.”

            Yeah, but its the other 80% of rational people YOU have to fear.

          2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 3:50pm

            More like 99% of rational people to fear. The 6% for the gay population of the UK is correct and probably more, maybe 10%. I remember years ago, back in 1991 in fact, Edith Cresson, the first woman to become Prime Minister of France, who was quoted in an article in the Observer as having said that 25 percent of Englishmen — as well as Americans and Germans — are homosexual and that, in contrast to Frenchmen, “Anglo-Saxon men are not interested in women.”

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 2:43pm

        Will and others….”turd burgling apologists” is Ken I believe. Ignore the sociopath. I’ve reported him to Pink News as I will all other derogatory comments he makes. I suggest you all do the same. He’ll come back in of course using a different name which proves how demented and sick he is. Do NOT engage him, ever. He takes perverse joy in it.

    2. i am actually from the school and i did post a comment. the only way i found this place was because someome i know posted the link on facebook. :)

    3. AnrgyPhilomenian 26 Apr 2012, 8:22pm

      If you are stupid enough to think that people would be sad enough to fake being a pupil from my school just to get a bit more recognition then i think you’ll find that your the one who nees to get a grip. I know some of these girls who are commenting and just because they can use lengthy words and use formal language which is something us pupils learn to do at a good Catholic School your undermining our capability to write a well developed argument..who’s being discriminative now?

  69. As a former St. Philomena’s student this unfortunately doesn’t come as a huge surprise to me, some things don’t change, but with a sister that still attends the school I am disgusted and enraged. Imposing things on pupils that they don’t fully understand, making them sign things they have been given “outdated, misjudged and heavily biased” information about and essentially manipulating naive teenage girls, not into completing a “duty” to do “all we can to ensure that the true meaning of marriage is not lost for future generations” but into supporting their own twisted, outdated and prejudice agenda.
    With a presentation that “ended with a slide displaying the Coalition for Marriage’s website and the words: ‘Sign the petition'” that is not ‘encouragement’ but an instruction.
    They did the same thing with chastity and pro-life presentations when we were in school but this is one step too far and with “particular claims made by the student that the headmistress had called gay marriages ‘unn

    1. Hi,

      I work for Channel 4 news and would like to talk to you about this.

      Can you please contact me on

      Many thanks



      1. I hope you can get pupils to speak to you, Gaggan that demonstrate the indoctrination that has been happening.

        1. Having spoken to my sister, who was in the assembly and saw the presentation, it has come to attention that the story has been blown slightly out of proportion. Although I still strongly disagree with the inclusion of such presentations altogether it is apparent that the issue was dealt with much more sensitively than the Pink News and Guardian article has portrayed.
          Going to a Catholic school there is an expectation to be informed about Catholic ‘beliefs’ such a chastity and pro-life arguments but I believe there should be a balance, unbiased approach so that pupils are informed of all views and can therefore come to their own independent decisions regarding relationships and sexuality.

          1. Telling possibly LGBT school pupils that gay relationships are grotesque (the Cardinals own words) is beyond grotesque.

  70. …atural’ is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. Well done to the sixth former that has spoken out to Pink News.

    1. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 8:07pm

      but we weren’t forced to sign in? Miss Noone made is very CLEAR that if you wish to sign it you may but you have to be 16 or over. This article mentions that 11 year olds were forced to sign it which is untrue.

  71. lauren and lucy 26 Apr 2012, 9:44am

    I GO TO ST PHILS. we had an assembly about the letter received from the archbishops. we had our own decision whether to sign it or not, no-one was forced. there are gay people in our school even some teachers. so its not right to call us homophobic!!! jessica owusu

    1. “so its not right to call us homophobic!!”

      The ones that signed it are, obviously….

    2. You go to St Phil’s?

      Shouldn’t you be in class now?

      Are the teachers forcing you to comment on here?

      1. you are pathetic.

        1. you dont need to know my name :) 26 Apr 2012, 7:42pm


    3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:22pm

      Just because you may have gay people in your school doesn’t mean you’re not homophobic. It’s a lame excuse just like when homophobes say they can’t be homophobic because they have gay friends, imaginary or otherwise. They still stab us in the back regardless and you know what we call those types of people in your church, among others? BIGOTS and HYPOCRITES, two characteristics that have NOTHING to do with christianity either.

      1. They are not pupils at St Phil’s.

        Unless St Phil’s is actively encouraging their pupils to defend the school’s appalling bigotry during classtime?

        In which case it makes it even more urgent to close this school pending the outcome of a police investigation.

        1. actually i know them so they are. have a nice life.

        2. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 8:12pm

          ‘daVID’ who went wild with the caps lock, please come to our school? you’ll soon shut your mouth.

  72. I was considering sending my daughter to St Philomenas.

    The reason for considering it was not in connection to the religious basis of the school, but due to its results and to its proximity to where I live.

    My brother is gay. He wants to marry his boyfriend. I support him in this and hope it can happen soon. My daughter know her uncle is gay and values that.

    As a result of this I will not be sending my daughter to a school where they seek to comment of church teaching on homosexuality in a manner that stigmatizes. There may or may not have been a message that it was a matter of personal choice as to what to do. However, it is clear from what the Catholic Education Service have said the message was very clearly negative about gay marriage.

    I would not wish to upset my daughter by causing her to believe others see her loving uncle as inferior to others because of the wrong teaching of the church.

    I will be discussing this with the school.

    Sad such hate exists.

    1. Catholic schools are always oversubcribed. They would’nt have offered your daughter an admission anyway.
      Anyway, glad to know that you are no longer planning to apply there. That would help keep the gays and gays alike out of our faith schools

      1. Hater. No self-respecting GLBT person would be caught dead in a faith school unless they are underage and were forced to attend by their parents.

        I don;t understand why some GLBT remain in a church that hates them and expects them to live a lonely life of celibacy rather than to love and live as they would be free to outside the church, but I hope in time, they accomplish some changes in the church.

    2. I would not wish to upset my daughter by causing her to believe others see her loving uncle as inferior to others because of the wrong teaching of the church.

      She is going to find this out wherever she goes to school. The world is full of homophobic, horrible people, so you might want to, one day, have a chat about it with her, if you don’t want it to come as a shock later on.

      1. Joss: ” She is going to find this out wherever she goes to school.”

        I agree, she is going to find out one day that like all gays, her loving uncle sexual behaviour is a sin. Truth cannot be hidden forever!

        1. Oh you can hide behind your indoctrination, lies, hatred (and your support of Christian terrorism) as long as you like, Ken

          The truth is you are living a lie and immersed in indoctrinated hatred.

          There is help out there, you can be ex-indoctrinated.

          I know many ex Christians.

          Not Christian, Ex Christian, Post Christian and Proud – Get over It.

          That works – but orientation can not be changed.

          Indoctrination and hatred can.

          But as a terrrorist supporter you would deny that.

    3. sending her to this school based on the high exam results is just simply wrong anyway. It’s a good thing you have changed your mind.

      1. Why is it wrong for a parent to desire success for her child?

        1. nothing. but if done so for the wrong reasons, then it cannot be justified. There are other good schools, good grammar schools that match our achievements so send them there where there is no religion to follow.

          1. So if someone is not RC they are not welcome in your school.

            Are you a supporter of sectarianism?

    4. well we wouldnt want her here anyway !

      1. So your school is only open to those who are homophobic?

        Why else would you say someone would not be welcome given that the only information you know about them is that they have a gay uncle?

        Homophobia – is this the true spirit of St Philomenas – if p freely’s comment is anything to judge by, it surely is the major factor.

    5. student101 26 Apr 2012, 7:17pm

      we are a good scholl, this article is lies please dont be influence by this article.

      1. Even good schools can do things which are wrong.

    6. Don’t belive this article, don’t base your decision wether to send your child to st phils on this article, its wrong. I suggest you talk to the school and ask what really happened. This school is such an amazing community and not sending your child there would just be a silly decision. It has amazing results and ethos. Its such a shame you cant see past the lies of the press

    7. no-one important 27 Apr 2012, 8:21am

      no-one was forced to, nor was it said that it was wrong or right to be gay, it was only a letter sent from 2 arch bishops who asked if people wanted to sign the petition. pupils in ks3 were not even informed. you had to be 16 to sign. the petiton itself isnt against gays, just the definition of marriage, which they believe is to pro create. it was your choice to sign, whether you agree with it or not it doesnt really matter, but everyone is allowed freedom of speech even catholic, and i can assure you that the assembly i had was not homophobic

      1. Disappointing that with the clear level of performance that the school aspires to that they fail to give you the ability to recognise that a petition that seeks to deny same sex couples the right to marry in a civil marriage is against gay people.

  73. I mean is “Catholic School promotes Christian values” really such a big shock? Maybe, if you live under a rock, or are not the sharpest tool in the box. Is it illegal or indoctrination? Maybe, if you are a slavering anti-Catholic bigot.

    1. A catholic school in receipt of taxpayers money has no business in trying to interfere in government policy.

      The state funding to this school should be stopped.

      And the headmistress needs to be suspended without pay from her job pending the outcome of a police investigation into her beahviour.

      That’s only fair.

      1. The last time I checked, there was NO government policy on gay marriage.

        The only recongnized ‘government policy’ on marriage is that between a man and a woman which the Catholic church is promoting.

        What the government has on gay marriage are ‘proposals’ which may or may not go through. These proposals are currently up for consultation which means that everybody, including the Catholic church are allowed to put their views across as part of the consultation. This is simply what the Catholic church did.

        1. But the catholic cult is not allowed to discriminate against the gay pupils in its care.

          The pupil who reported the story felt that she was being discriminated against.

          She has a right to request that Ofsted investigate the bigot headmistress.

          And if 11 year olds were forced to sign petitions at the urging of the headmistress then that could constitute child abuse.

          If the catholic cult wants to get involved in interfering in public policy; then public policy is absolutely allowed to start interfering in how they run their schools.


          1. no 11 year olds were forced to sign it; you all need to get your facts straight. This is coming from someone with a 12 year old sister who was NOT forced to sign it. I am totally in agreement with Ken here, why is it such a shock for Catholicism to state its opinion; it’s a free country after all.

          2. @year13

            Maybe they were not forced to sign it

            Thats hardly the point.

            Its about the harm and distress that would be caused to LGBT people hearing it.

            Its about the lack of perspective given on the issue. Was C4EM mentioned?

            Its about someone in authority stating that some people deserve less rights than others because of how they were born.

            Year13, I presume something to the effect of “Gay people should not be permitted to marry” was said?

            Well, lets change the word gay for black. The sentence then reads “Black people should not be permitted to marry”. Of course, that is racist and abhorrent.

            It used to be the case in some nations until as recently as the 1970s though.

            Race and orientation are not choices, they are unchangeable.

            Why should homophobia be acceptable when racism is not?

          3. Interesting that no one who claims to be from the school wishes to address why racism is wrong but homophobia is acceptable.

            Is that because there is an undercurrent of homophobia in this school that these “pupils” accept?

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:28pm

        David, don’t engage this fool from across the pond. He’s an idiot. Responding to this fool only enables him, he gets off on it. Ignore the moron. He probably shills for the National Organisation for Marriage (NOM) or some other American hate group.

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:45am

      They do NOT promote Christian values.

      They promote Catholic dogma.

      The 2 are entirely different things.

  74. It is not bigotted to expect a multi-national corporation to pay taxes.

    I think all the religious cults in this country need to start paying tax.

    And I think that every time these cults promote discrimination then they need to be answerable to the law.

    Has the headmistress of this school been suspended without pay, pending a police and Ofsted investigation as to whether or not her beahviour constitutes child abuse.

    As this is the catholic cult we are talking about. With the catholic cult’s horrificly bad record on child welfare, this case needs to be done very thoroughly.

  75. At 9.44 am this morning there was a post left by ‘Lauren and Lucy’ – 2 alleged students at St Phils.

    Are these girls playing truant from class?

    Or is St Phil’s forcing its pupils to comment on here?

    Or are they simply extremist catholic cultists engaging in typical catholilc dishonesty?

    i wonder?

    1. you do realise you can get the internet on your phone right? not that much of a big deal; you’re just trying to find loop holes as you’re blinded by your hate of Catholicism/religion in general.

      1. Do they allow you to use your phone in class Ken? sorry year13. It’s quite sad when a grown man pretends to be a 13 year old girl. Disturbing.

        1. LOLLLLL. i can safely say i am a year 13 you ignorant idiot.

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:58am

        There is much to hate.

        1. Indeed. Anyone who does not hate catholicism is seriously morally compromised. Anyone who responds with anything other than hatred or disgust to an evil institution that promotes bigotry, ignorance, misogyny and laughable superstitious nonsense, not to mention promotes and conceals child rape, is a morally bankrupt human being.

          1. why do you have the right to your opinion and i’m not allowed the right to mine? perhaps you’re too ignorant to understand catholicism and the way each individual interprets it; i am far from a “moraly bankrupt human being” and would instead argue that those qualities lie with you for being ignorant to religion.

          2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 2:06pm


            And your Phd is in what ?????????????

            Your talking to adults now. Go away child.

          3. Evidently i don’t have a PHD yet but at least I know when to use the correct version of “your” or “you’re” and I know that to form a grammatically correct sentence you don’t start it with “and”.
            I am an adult, 18 years of age makes me one by the law which you seemingly seem to be so obsessed with. Go away illiterate one.

          4. She used the correct use of your, as you seem to be lacking in education let me explain. You’re means you are so “what you are degree in” wouldn’t make sense.

            Your shows it is a possession so “what your degree’s in” would make sense.

            The fact you have A levels hardly makes you Einstein, your arrogance at your own intellect actually shows your immaturity. You are speaking to people at uni now, you can’t break out A level results as a comparison.

            And responding to why your faith is morally bankrupt is quite simply, I take my morals from logic and humanity, you take yours from a book which glorifies genocide, rape, incest and discriminates against Black people, Gays, Women and anyone who disagree’s with your faith.

      3. So St Philomena’s is clearly a REALLY bad scholl with zero discipline if the pupils are using their phones when they should be learning.

        It sounds like this school is failing on all levels.

        Time to sack the headmistress I think.

        1. *school

        2. Yeah failing at everything…lol joke ofstead: outstanding.

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:44am

      Thankfully the BHA has picked this up and it has now made headlne news.

      The Terrorgraph has picked it up also.

      The BHA states;-

      The CES’s actions likely broke the Equality Act 2010, which prohibits
      discrimination against pupils based on their sexual orientation. The BHA
      believe the CES’s actions likely break sections 406-7 of the Education
      Act 1996, which forbids ‘the promotion of partisan political views in
      the teaching of any subject in the school’, and requires balanced
      treatment of political issues. This law was successfully used in 2007 to
      stop schools showing Al Gore’s climate change film, An Inconvenient
      Truth, without also explaining scientific errors in the film. “

    3. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 5:11pm

      get a life.

    4. Too Blessed to be Stressed 26 Apr 2012, 7:58pm

      Hi David,
      I really need to clear this up. All Sixth Formers have loads of “free periods” on a Thursday morning. I’m sure the girls in question weren’t forced into writing anything, i can assure you my daughter would never be forced into anything. And clearly didn’t sign any petition, perhaps check their A level results. Not a failing school me thinks.

      1. Maybe not an academically failing school.

        As for its morals …. the jury is out (although I suspect the United Kingdom jury would register nul points)

  76. “Hold the front page! Some Catholic schools in Britain are teaching their pupils Catholic ideas!

    What is the world coming to when, in the 21st century, in daylight hours, in an educational institution, the offspring of Catholics can openly be taught Catholic values? This madness must end!”

      1. Another contemptible sheep. Religion poisons everything.

        1. ironically i study theology; and even had a section on homosexuality. I think i have just as much of a right, if not more, to comment on this issue than yourself. you’re totally opposed to religion and thus, you comment is undoubtedly biased.

          1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:58am

            Why are the religious OBSESSED with gay sex?

            Surely your theology can answer that.

          2. perhaps as it doesn’t result in procreation could be the obvious factor? (note i am not giving my opinion, just stating what i have learned)

          3. year13

            I would slightly rephrase your comment (as someone myself who has a degree in theology and has studied homosexuality – and who is gay myself).

            Its not just what you have been taught (based on false perceptions) but also how you have been indoctrinated.

            Human relationships are about love not whether procreation is possible.

            Would you say a marriage where the heterosexual couple either choose not to or are unable to have children have a marriage that is of less value than someone who does?

            If you do, then this speaks of your inhumanity.

          4. definitely not! i myself don’t have an issue with homosexuality at all – the issue here is, my school being dragged into dirt which is unjustifiable

          5. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 1:48pm

            “Would you say a marriage where the heterosexual couple either choose not to or are unable to have children have a marriage that is of less value than someone who does?”

            Please point out where I said anything remotely similar to that.!!!!!!

            I am for Gay Marriage, Childless Marriage, IVF marriage whatever, but the day that religion dies I will be very happy man.

          6. year13

            If you have “no problems with homosexuality” then do you have problems with a gay couple marrying in a registry office? If so, why? If not, why do you then defend a school promoting a political campaign designed to hurt and harm LGBT people?

          7. @Dr Robin Guthrie

            You quote a comment I have made as though I addressed it to you.

            It was in fact addressed to year13.

            I realise you support equality and seek equal marriage

            I was interested in year13’s views – I notice they have not yet responded.

    1. Because – you bloody tool – the STATE is helping to pay for it. I bet you are a Daily Mail reading douchebag who would wet his pants in fury if the local authority was funding a Madrassa. Well this is NO bloody different.

      1. don’t read the daily mail so sorry to disappoint. i hope for your sake to can overcome your ignorance and listen to the facts of the matter; no one was forced, it was a necessary thing to do in assembly. you should allow religions to make their own opinion, just like you have yours – have it out with the head of religion, not 1 school amongst many that had to comment on the issue.

        1. Stupid child. Religions CAN have their opinion. But your putrid odious faith is trying to interfere in the secular civil law of the land.

          Honestly? If your parents paid for your education, they should perhaps think about asking for a refund.

          1. Don’t be so patronising. Considering 97% of my year will be attending University, i care to disagree. Furthermore, the law of the land at the present time isn’t that homosexuals can get “married” – it’s a proposal which the RCC are giving their opinion on.

          2. A proposal maybe, year13

            One that all 3 major political parties agree on

            61% of Christians in the UK support.

            and one on which the RC can make comment, but they should not seek either to indoctrinate children about it nor should they use it to foment hatred – which given the colourful language of some very senior clergy and their manipulations of the facts appears to be happening.

            The RC church seems very much determined to demonise and subjugate LGBT people.

            Its regrettable that they seem determined to engage in such depravity.

            You choose to associate with them.

            As for your comments about being patronising – I find that rich coming from someone who has tried to claim that their year 12 studies in history or their study of theology makes them more aware than others – including some like myself who have Masters.

    2. Try that catholic ideas are hateful, evil, discriminatory and demonstrably wrong. Would we allow schools to teach racist ideas? Would we be fine with BNP schools teaching that blacks and asians are sub-human? No, of course not. Would we be fine with islamic schools teaching that a woman is worth half what a man is? Would we allow a school to teach that the world is flat and was created last tuesday by otters?

      Schools are for education, not for the dissemination of falsehood, prejudice and bigotry. Go and ask someone in Northern Ireland just how helpful faith schools are to the running of society.

      1. i’m from northern ireland.. awk.

        1. Originally or currently?

  77. The irony is that while secularists accuse Catholic schools of “politically indoctrinating” their pupils, the real political indoctrination taking place here is the neverending attempt to prevent Catholic schools from imparting their values to their pupils. It is this intolerant desire to force Catholic schools to bend their knee to every mainstream political idea – whether it’s on “safe sex” or “same-sex marriage” – which smacks of indoctrination, of attempting to cleanse institutions of the “wrong” way of thinking and make them repeat chattering-class catechisms.

    1. The practice of safer sex is a vital life lesson that everyone single person should know. Denying young people the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves is a vile and abusive act.

    2. Still here, eh, Ken? Desperate, aren’t we?

      Poor, poor losing Ken…. no where else to bluster. How “brave” of you.

  78. Ha ha ha, the school is gonna get, Channel 4 news is covering this tonight I believe! Silly silly school.

    1. Hahahaha

      The headmistress needs to be suspended and all state funding suspended, pending the resutls of an Ofsted and police inquiry.

      The cathoilc cult truly is moronic if they thought they could get away with promoting homophobic hatred using taxpayer’s money.

      1. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 5:08pm

        Yeah sounds like a good plan, sacrificing about 1000 students education, ha. This ‘catholic cult’ is actually a school which I believe has ‘outstanding’ as the Ofsted report. haha

        1. How does losing a headmistress sacrifice the education of all those pupils, are there no other teachers at the school and personal tutor to them all? I bet she doesnt even teach any more

        2. We went through 3 head teachers when I was at school, and it didn’t effect anything in the slightest.

  79. When secularists/leftists accuse Catholics (and other theists) of indoctrinating their children what they actually mean is that they want to indoctrinate them into their secular/leftist worldview instead.
    Moreover if we are still to even keep up the pretense of being a free society the people who are best suited to decide what values children grow up with are their parents not a self appointed leftist elite.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:56am

      Why are you on a gay website?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 12:25pm

        Dr. Robin Guthrie, don’t waste any time on this sick individual. He’s a repressed gay man who hates himself for it. That’s why he’s here. Don’t engage him any more it only enables his stupidity and the audience he so craves. He gets a perverse sense of enjoyment agitating here, maybe arousal, his goal. Ignore the fool.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 12:45pm


    2. Oh, what a surprise, you don’t understand the meaning of “secularism”. However did I guess that this would be the case! Secularism means that the state does not favour one religious viewpoint over another, and does not favour religious over non-religious viewpoints. Instead it passes laws and makes rules based on reason, evidence and what best promotes the flourishing of all its citizens. This is not something that can be “indoctrinated”, indeed, a secular state is the only sort in which freedom of religion can be guaranteed and protected.

      And you seem to have a pretty shaky grasp of “the left” too, if you think that fundamental human equality is a left-right issue. It isn’t. There is nothing inherently left-wing about treating all human beings as equals, and nothing inherently right-wing about homophobic bigotry and discrimination. Human equality is something that transcends political leanings – it’s an absolute moral issue, not a trite and transient political one.

    3. Wrong – secularists simply believe in a separation between church and state.

      If the catholic cult wants state funding to run their cult schools, then the anti-discrimination laws of the state take precedence over catholic cult doctrine.

    4. False

      There are some secularist siupporters who have themselves a faith belief.

      These people believe that church and state should be completely separate.

      Agreeing with that concept does not necessarily mean that you do not yourself have faith – just you find its manipulative abuse of its influence is wrong in a civil society.

  80. I thought the Roman Empire’s influence over British people had been stopped by Henry the 8th. It’s time this backward Italian religion (whose actions throughout history have been monstrous) got its nose out of the UK once and for all. No English money should go to a catholic school, whose beliefs are ultimately controlled by the Vatican.

    1. No English money should go to an anglican, muslim or jewish school either if said schools are not willing to abide fully by the anti-discrmination laws of the land.

      1. Until agreement in government is reached on this matter, if they breach the laws then funding should be revoked.

  81. Ladies and Gentlemen, PLEASE, if you haven’t already, get your arses over to the following thread at The Guardian and let rip, and, also, go through and add a “Recommend” to all the non-gay supporters that we have on our side over there. (It’s not doing our cause any good just nattering away to ourselves on PinkNews alone.)

    1. There is actually no difference between PinkNews and The (Gay) Guardian

      1. And it seems you spend all your time on at least one of those (Gay) sites. Funny that.

      2. The lady doth protest too much.

        But please, don’t come out of the closet, we don’t want your repressed lunatic self-flagellating cr@p in our community.

      3. Ken LOVES gay sites, don’t you Ken?

    2. Fabulous to see The Guardian and Channel4 News taking a responsible stand against indoctrination of a captive audience and homophobia.

  82. I’m pretty sure it’s not opposing civil ceremonies… it’s just opposing calling them ‘marriages’.
    I personally have no objection to them being called marriages but I think its unfair to breed hate against Catholic schools when the wrong thing is being said – the church just want to keep the traditional meaning of the word ‘marriage’ and the school shave been told to air this view.
    It’s about the meaning of a word, not discrimination against gay couples…

    1. “the church just want to keep the traditional meaning of the word ‘marriage’”

      The ‘tradtional’ meaning of the word ‘marriage’ is that a wife is the personal property of her husband.

      I do not want the catholic cult involved in any laws concerning marriage.

      The catholic cult is a bigotted hate-group headed by a former member of the H!tler Youth.

      Keep them away from marriage (and children).

    2. Thus demonstrating that you don’t have a bloody clue what the hell you are talking about.

      As a woman, you should be relieved that “traditional” concepts of marriage have evolved over the years. As a married woman you would have been nothing but chattel, with no legal autonomy, no right to hold property, able to be beaten and raped at will (if you want to be shocked, look up marital rape in the UK – something that was legal until as recently as the early 1990s).

      Marriage as a fully equal legal relationship between two fully consenting people is very much a modern iteration.

      At least understand the “tradition” before you espouse it, and understand that if you look to antiquity as support for an argument, you should at least bloody understand it.

  83. Woman, London 26 Apr 2012, 12:38pm

    I’m a former pupil at this school, too. I left 11 or 12 years ago.

    I’ve some sympathy with faith schools being able to teach according to their religious ethos. But I think there should be limits. I don’t think those who support the headteacher’s reported speech can have fully appreciated what it is like, as a non-heterosexual young person in a Catholic environment, to be constantly on the receiving end of the message that gay (or bi) is outside of what is acceptable – from your parents, your church and your teachers at school. I flinched at the report of the headteacher using the description “unnatural”: it’s the very word used when I was a teenager and I was so saddened to see it is still the language being spoken in our schools today. The heartening thing for me was the reported reaction of some of the pupils – particularly the Year 11 student who defiantly shouted out her definition of marriage as two people who love each other. This gives me increasing hope for the future.

    1. “Woman”: The heartening thing for me was the reported reaction of some of the pupils – particularly the Year 11 student who defiantly shouted out her definition of marriage as two people who love each other. This gives me increasing hope for the future.

      I can assure you that the near future would be the same. In the longer term, homosexuals would go back into hiding as the negative consequences of the social experiment with gay marriage and gay rights begin to take effect. It is not unusual to see pupils and children support their homosexual friends. However, by the time, they grow up and understand issues better, they always inevitably come to the same conclusion that homosexuality is unnatural and the idea of gay marriage is completely nuts

      1. I don’t notice any negative consequences for the 11 countries which have marriage equality.

        It’s very heartening to see hate groups like the catholic cult breathing their last ion Britain

        St Philomena’s has contributed so much in damaiging the hateful cult.

      2. “It is not unusual to see pupils and children support their homosexual friends. However, by the time, they grow up and understand issues better”

        Don’t you mean by the time freaks like you have indoctrinated them with all of your bullsh!t and bile.

      3. “In the longer term, homosexuals would go back into hiding as the negative consequences of the social experiment with gay marriage and gay rights begin to take effect.”

        Hasn’t happened yet, has it?

        Here’s one for you, Ken:

        de·lu·sion (d-lzhn)
        a. The act or process of deluding.
        b. The state of being deluded.
        2. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand.
        3. Psychiatry A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.

        Does No. 3 have any resonance with you, Ken?


  84. When I saw the names on the online petition, it looked to me suspiciously like whole families were signing. So somehow this does not surprise me.

    If afterwards we discover that whole parish mailing lists got “accidentally” imported into the database… Well, that wouldn’t exactly astound me either.

  85. The Catholic church should be commended. Infact pupils should also be taught about the harmful consequences of homosexuality which was recently confirmed by stonewall in a recent study.

    1. “Infact pupils should also be taught about the harmful consequences of homosexuality which was recently confirmed by stonewall in a recent study.”

      LOL! What study? The one you just made up becuase you have nothing else to offer?

      You muppet.

    2. The Stonewall reported on adverse health issues related to adverse societal status Gay men are subject to. It is things like equal marriage that are related to higher anxiety and depression etc.

      In fact YOU are part of the problem.

    3. Would this be the Stonewall survery that stated:

      that in relation to health concerns of gay men, the research “demonstrates that many of those needs are not being met”

      Where some of those health needs included:
      “Half of gay and bisexual men have experienced at least one incident of domestic abuse from a family member or partner since the age of 16 compared to 17 per cent of men in general.”
      “A third of gay and bisexual men who have accessed healthcare services in the last year have had a negative experience related to their sexual orientation.”

      Where Stonewall have stated that many of the problems of LGBT people in terms of health access result from stigmatisation and abuse by family, domestic abuse, colleagues, health professionals and others.

      We do not blame women who suffer domestic violence on being to blame for their stigma (or maybe you do Ken?) so there is no reason to blame LGBT people for the stigmatisation they experience (and which Ken seeks to encourage and fester).

  86. Parents of pupils at this school who support equality should start registering their disapproval both in writing and by withdrawing their children from indoctrinating education.

    1. Because that sounds intelligent…not.

      1. So yo don’t support equality then? You don’t think this school should obey the rules like all other schools in the UK have to?

        1. Don’t be silly, Iris

          The law doesnt apply to RC schools – they are able to pick and choose which laws they follow.

          Well they like to think they can anyway! ;-)

        2. They did obey the rules. People have been told faulse Info so everyone thinks they committed crimes when they didn’t. Its called the press making up a story.for publicity.

  87. It is the responsibility for catholic schools including, st philomena’s to be informed of any actions within the catholic church. Even though the sixth form is of mixed faith, we still follow the catholic ethos. The head mistress discussed a letter with us from the archbishops which expressed the topic. When speaking with the lower years ageing from 11-15 year olds, they were told that they werent able to sign the petition, therefore they were NOT forced or even given the opportunity to sign the petition even if they agreed

  88. ANY NEW STORIES ON THIS “NEWS PAPER”‘? come on Pink News, stop leading with this one…. we’re all a bit commented-out!

  89. The police are not answerable to me for timings. They keep me up to date with progress. Your arrest is going to happen. Thats all I can or will say (even if/when I get information that you arrest is iminent or has happened). Look forward to seeing you in court, Keith.

    Keep watching over your shoulder, you never know the next person following you – may be the one who arrests you.

    That would be fabulous. Whether it happens in an hour, two days, or three months, I couldnt care – its going to happen though.

    Demented inbecile you will be brought to justice.

  90. They’re kids, they don’t get to vote for a good reason. They shouldn’t be allowed to sign petitions either because their too susceptible to manipulation from bias adults and have been deemed as too naive to have yet come to a purely individual conclusion about theological and political stances.

  91. student101 26 Apr 2012, 4:37pm

    i attend this high school, and what was written in this report was nothing but over exaggerated lies. our head teacher was not promoting this petition or urging people to sign it. for starters the presentation was not shown to any year below year 10 and she simply made the petition aware to the pupils as she had been instructed to do so by the arch bishop. it is not a cult school and every student disagreed with the petition. no one was EVER forced to sign the petition and our school and headmistress are being slandered for no reason but because of misconstrued information. people should stop believing what this article says as it only came from one source and is therefore bias. we are taught equality and respect at our school and our not forced into believing anything we disagree with or find inexcusable. this whole thing has been exaggerated and is plain lies.

    1. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 4:56pm

      thank you.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 5:57pm

      You’re no pupil of the school and neither is your accomplice Jane, both fake females. Not the sort of behaviour associated with heterosexuals, at least the well adjusted ones that I know. Seems a bit perverted to pretend being something that you’re not. Obviously, catholicism hasn’t taught you about telling the truth, but instead supports lies and false information. If you are who you claim to be, contact Pink News at providing your name, age and email address so that the information can be verified with the school. You would also need to provide the proof that the pupil who contacted Pink News was not telling the truth. Pink News I’m sure will have a very long wait for your response undoubtedly.

    3. student101 26 Apr 2012, 6:19pm

      i am not lying, im 16yrs old in year 11, i am not willing to give my information to the press and let my words be twisted, this article is unfair and exaggerated i wouldnt like it to carry on i am only trying to salvage my schools once pristine rep i have no idea who jane is. thank you for your comment robert.

    4. im in year 9 and the petition was shown to us and year 8 and 7 (including the rest of the school) so i dont know what youre talking about… everything in the article is true

      1. Thank you for you honesty and integrity, anon

        1. she’s in year 9, she wouldn’t know the truth of the matter if it hit her in the face; she’s a sheep.

          1. She clearly has a valuable opinion that differs to yours, year13.

            Perhaps her voice should be heard and not ridiculed (perhaps that your opinion differs does not mean that hers is wrong?)

        2. So when you hear what you want to hear you regard it as the truth, but if it’s not what you want to hear you regard it as dishonest…Seriously get a grip.

      2. you dont need to know my name :) 27 Apr 2012, 8:37pm

        ‘anon’ year 9’s are only getting involved because us older years are arguing and putting accross the correct story. a teacher told me today that the year 8’s had no idea what Miss Noone was going on about in the assembly as her words were that of an adult lexis. so hush.

        1. Typical Catholic attitude – if there is disagreement, try and silence it.

          I am glad people are speaking out.

          Its clear the school acted illegally and they must pay the consequences of that.

    5. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:40pm

      Well then, if you are a pupil at the school, prove it by contacting Pink News with your name, age and phone number so the school can be contacted to verify you actually attend it? You must think we’re idiots. Even in this, you’ve proved to be a liar and a pretender, not really catholic qualities are they?

    6. St phils girl 29 Apr 2012, 3:08am

      I’m in year 8 at st phils and we had an assembly for year7-9

  92. This is really blown out of proportion, i got to St Phils, and the assembly was simply passing on a message from the pope to CATHOLICS about the situation. And no, the assembly didn’t end with ‘SIGN THE PETITION’ Yes i disagree with anti-gay marriage therefore im not signing the petition? Who says Miss Noone is ‘brain washing’ the students, or ‘ABUSING’ and some people have said, we all have our own opinions, we’re not stupid enough to sign the petition when we dont even agree with it… So calm yourselves.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 5:52pm

      The Catholic religion is a foreign import with a foreign potentate who is instructing his clergy and adherents to meddle in the internal civil affairs of a sovereign state, i.e. the UK. We owe allegiance to the Queen, not to some former Hitler youth member and the protector of paedophiles when he was the leader of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a claim he denies. In another time, he would have been convincted of treason, hung, drawn and quartered under the reigns of Henry VIII’s and his daughter Elizabeth the first. It’s a shame that the Catholic Emancipation were ever enacted in the 19th century.

      If you really are a pupil of St. Philomena’s why don’t you come forward and click on the pink link “get in touch” which will direct you to Richy Thompson. You must also know the pupil who allegedly reported this incident to Pink News or know of her and if she’s telling the truth, the you shouldn’t have any problem contacting. Mr. Thompson.

      1. So from this I can read that you actually have racist views, should we now boycott this website !! Not only that but asking students to contact you, which would surely be illegal as they are only early teens. I’m sure there parents would have something to say about that.

        1. Racist, where?

  93. St Philomenian 26 Apr 2012, 5:41pm

    ‘Monstrous cult school’ are you children? I am a year 13 student at St Philomenas, I saw the powerpoint and was in this assembly. As much as I dislike the school, this has gotten way out of control. The school merely exclaimed the letter from the Arch Bishop to us and said that there was the option to sign a petition against gay marriage. Ms Noone in no way whatsoever ‘forced’ or ‘urged’ or ‘made’ us sign anything. I know of not one student who has signed the petition, which therefore shows that we were not MADE to do anything? The idea was simply put across. Everybody has their views and our school know that we have the freedom to decide for ourselves, they are not stupid enough to make us do something that they know will cause a lot of controversy. The only reason this issue has exploded and has been exaggerated is because Miss Noone is a brand new headteacher and is therefore not particularly liked in our school, people will find the tiniest excuse just to get her into trouble.

    1. Maybe you were not pressurized or cajoled (although some clearly felt they were)

      Whether you were or not is not the point.

      The point is this was spreading a message of homophobia

      It was a breach of the Equalities Act and the Education Act.

      I hope the school and the CES are successfully sued.

      I note the Welsh government are investigating whether the CES directive has led to similar events in Wales and will consider prosecutions if it has.

      I hope relevant bodies in England will act to prevent homophobia in other schools and to protect those pupils who would have felt bullied and harmed by this poisonous letter/presentation.

      1. If you were not there at the assembly you have no right to state it was spreading the message of homophobia.

        Until you have seen the presentation we were shown in the assembly you have no right to identify what we were shown as homophobic and poisonous.

        What the student has made up may breach laws but it is made up therefor no laws have actualy been breached.

        peace out.

        1. I have seen the comments from the CES and this is what the school based it on – the comments from the CES were homophobic.

          1. Yes thats what you can assume, but it’s not true. you really have no right at all to say it’s homophobic until you see the actual presentation, so please stop comenting your biased comments fueled by this website and go and find out the true story yourself.

          2. A

            I do not believe Vince is assuming anything about what the CES have said. CES have been open in the media about what they said. Vince is commenting factually on what CES have said – it was and is homophobic and it was illegal, immoral and unreasonable of your school to participate in this.

  94. Let me get this straight, people are having a go at religious folks and accusing them of intolerance and being bigoted. Then why is it every time I view a site like this, it is filled with people hating on anyone with a faint belief in religion? Want proof? Look no further then the comments in this thread!

    How can the editors of this website claim to have the moral high ground if they are going to allow articles like this of questionable factual accuracy sit here? How can you harp on about the safety of children when the site’s members are attacking youngsters over their grammar and views and throwing round false child abuse allegations? What makes you think you are any better then the people you are deriding?

    Of course, looking at your intention of launching a lawsuit against every faith school in the country, any sense of balance and factual accuracy has gone out of the window. You’d rather harm children across the UK further by dragging the entire education system through the mud.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Apr 2012, 5:59pm

      Yet another idiot!

    2. Oh look the “help help I’m a victim” card being played. We never see that here from religious people.

      Unless you want to argue that ant-gay animus and discrimination is a key principle of your faith (and I would love it if you did as it would be further proof of what I have always believed) then YOU and other like you have made the distinct and conscious choice to choose a denomination that is openly discriminatory. To assume that you deserve any respect or courtesy for that choice is laughable.

      1. Everyone one is differnt and our entitled to their on oppininon , their own choice of direction in life, the right to be whatever faith you feel you belong to or don’t, that’s the world we live in, get used to it.

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:48pm

          And that’s just what it is. OPINION.

          Keep said opinion out of secular laws and we will all get on fine.

        2. Absolutely.

          They have to exercise that with responsibility and not treat others as subhumans – which is what homophobia is.

          Telling people gay couples who love each other should be barred from marrying in a civil (NOT religious) ceremony in a registry office (failing to treat them equally in law) is homophobic.

          Thats wrong,

          1. no one was told civil ceromonies should be barred…do your research

          2. A

            Thats exactly what the petition and Archbishops campaign is about – barring same sex couples from civil marriage. So I do not believe your claims that this was not the message given – it doesnt even fit with the information sent out by CES.

  95. i go to this school and i hate what the head teacher did. in our assembly for years 10 and 11 there was even a gay teacher that had to stand and listen. However our school really isnt that bad, Miss noone is annoying but she doesnt abuse the year 7s. She did not force any of us to sign it she just asked us to. I also think you are all underestimating 11 year olds. not one person in my school that i have spoken to has agreed with the presentation, year 7s included and our school was covered in posters saying ‘homophobia is a social disease’ ‘catholics for equality? i think no’ ‘christ did not exclude people and neither do we’ there was one with a picture of a rainbow that said ‘be gay and follow the ray or be straight and fight the hate’ and another that quoted miss noone saying “being a homophobe does not make me a bad person” then the response “yes, yes it does” we are not brainwashed easily :)

  96. Jessica Owusu. 26 Apr 2012, 6:37pm




    1. st phils pupil 26 Apr 2012, 7:27pm


    2. sneakbo's #1fan 26 Apr 2012, 7:31pm


    3. It is homophobic whether or not anyone signed the petition.

      Its also illegal.

      I hope the school are prosecuted successfully.

      1. Illegal to hold an assembly within the ethos of the school which did not discriminate anyone in any shape or form?!…right

        1. I suggest you look up section 149 of the Equalities Act 2010 and sections 406 and 407 of the Education Act 1996.

          If you call publicising a message saying gay people should have fewer rights in law than non-gay people. In a matter of civil law (nothing to do with religious marriage) then you description of non discrimination is shameful because if you genuinely believe that, you are a homophobe.

          1. I suggest you get a grip, and find out what really happened. What really happened does not break any laws, what has been said to have hapened by this website does, but this website is not factually true in any way shape or form. Peace out.

          2. Even raising the issue of the petition broke the law.

            So, A, get a grip and recognise that as much as you may love your school – your headteacher acted immorally and illegally.

          3. ‘stu’ I think you’ll find it doesn’t break the law as we have freedom of speach in this county. Forcing people to sign it would break the law, but that never happened.

            And my head teacher acted imorraly and illegally did she ? but were you there ? NO. Therefor you have no right to argue that she did.


      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 26 Apr 2012, 11:54pm

        By even HAVING the petition and pointing it out, the school broke the law.

        What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand.

        Do they not educate you in that school?

        1. the law regarding this issue hasn’t been decided yet.

          1. The law has been in place since 1996 and is crystal clear (in terms of the Education Act). In terms of the Equalities Act it has been in place since 2010.

            Now maybe a case has not been heard – but the law is clear.

            The school acted unlawfully.

          2. “the law regarding this issue hasn’t been decided yet.”

            Decided yet? By whom? The law is already in pace and an investigation is under way. I think you misplace your faith in your school, when they do not deserve it for their actions.

    4. say no more!!! spread the truth jessica!!!

    5. It’s babyish to use block capitals to argue your point. Making your words look bigger doesn’t make your arguments any more coherent.

      Nobody said the ‘whole school’ is homophobic, as the comments above from other school pupils show. And all credit to them.

      I imagine, you were not invited to hear both sides of the story. Did you hear any arguments in the assembly why marriage equality is just, logical and fair? Did you hear, for instance, that every expert in sexual orientation, and all institutes – medical, psychiatric, psychological – regard homosexual orientation at a natural occurrence?

      You are fifteen, doubtless with no understanding of committed relationships. what right do you think you or any of your fellow pupils have, even considering to sign a form calling for gay families to be given second class status in law? Homophobia is an attitude that can be extinguished in the light of reason and observation. There is no excuse for it in the 21st century.

  97. Paddyswurds 26 Apr 2012, 6:44pm

    ….i suggest you take a run to the library and find an Oxford English dictionary. All religion is most certainly a cult….viz… Cult noun … 1a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object: That is taken directly from the Oxford Dictionary. You obviously spent too much time being indoctrinated by Ratzi the Natz1’s bigoted rc cult

  98. This is all untrue. I was in that presentation and know for well what was said. They never said “Sign the Petition”, our headteacher simply said “As a catholic school, we have been ordered to read the archbishops letter on this issue.” She was doing her job and we are being unfairly persecuted for this when although it is clear that the Pope, Archbishops, Bishops teachings all say that “marriage is for procreation”, we live in a mixed society. This needs to stop being over exaggerated and people need to get their facts straight before they judge. This has been completely thrown out of proportion. St Philomena’s has been the best school for me for over 6 years and helped me to achieve loads, don’t judge. AMEN.

    1. Perhaps the school should have obeyed the law rather than the illegal request of the Archbishops and CES?

      They did not have to obey – they could have chosen not to, as they chose to break the Education Act and the Equalities Act.

      But if you are blinded by indoctrination and the lie of infallibility then of course the only choice is to break the civil law.

      There are consequences for such decisions.

      Homophobia is a huge cause of suicide and your headteacher may have blood on her hands.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:42pm

      As I’ve said to others claiming to be pupils at the school. Please contact Pink News, provide your name, age, address and phone number so the school can be contacted to confirm you are a pupil. I dare you. Oh I forgot, liars and pretenders wouldn’t do that would they? Idiot!

  99. the coolest person EVER 26 Apr 2012, 6:51pm

    Im in year 9 and i go to st philomenas and i don’t think its the catholic church to blaim, i think its miss Noone who is clearly in the wrong. Most other schools just had the letter from the archbishop read out to them whereas Miss Noone expressed her own opinion on the matter which she should have kept to herself and was extremely wrong and twisted! I think the UK is evolving and the church needs to move forward with it. I dont think the church should be telling 11 year olds about the matter because tbh they probs don’t understand or care!
    I think Miss Noone is homophobic and she needs to get into the 21st century!
    LOL :)

    1. st phils pupil 26 Apr 2012, 7:26pm

      you’re year 9, you’re not 16 therefore you could not sign the petition if you so wished. Miss Noone would not have said to the younger years that gay marriage is wrong, infact she didnt say it to ANY year. so run along now with your negative views.

    2. She never expressed her own oppinons, she explained what the petition was about so we understood it properly so we could come to out on decision about it.

  100. No word of this article is true. Yes there was an assembly, yes it was about gay marriage. But if you were actually there you would know, it was not against gay marriage, it did not discriminate gays, the word ‘un natural’ was never used and no one was forced to sign a petition, and I can assure you I know not of a single person in the school who signed it. People need to get a grip and stop making a big deal, when they don’t even know the half of what happened.

    The pupil who reported this should be ashamed for the complete and utter rubbish she has blabbed to the press. she portrays St Philomenas disgraceful discriminating community, when in reality it is an amazing school which helps every student as an individual to be the best they can be so they can live their life to the full. The headteacher is inspiring individual who is being criticized purely because people have been given false information about her.
    People need to get a grip and not believe everything they read online

  101. Too Blessed to be Stressed 26 Apr 2012, 7:38pm

    My Daughter attends St Phil’s school. (yr 12) She attended the yr 12 assembly, the very same one that Katherine attended (the young lady that started the debate) Now, My daughter is a very sensible, eloquent and liberal minded young adult. We as a family are TOTALLY against any form of descrimination, be it racial, sexual or religious. Our children (although attending Catholic schools) are raised in a liberal household, where they are taught the values of equality. I cannot stress that enough. However, My daughter and many of the other students within the sixth form felt no way pressured to sign the petition and felt the talk centered around the “Christian Definition of Marriage” (however dated this may be) It did not influence my daughter’s attitude towards Gay Marriage in any way, she did not feel pressured to sign anything, and felt the talk was more informative rather than the rantings of some bigot trying to impose discrimination againt a particular community.

    1. @Too Blessed to be Stressed

      Firstly, whilst undoubtedly we would strongly disagree on spiritual matters, can I say that I welcome some of your comment.

      I think that your comments seem balanced, thoughtful and considered.

      I am also against any form of discrimination – racial, sexual, orientation based, religious, age, disability etc. I am a strong advocate of human rights. Sometimes the issues of competing rights are difficult to balance.

      I find it to your daughters credit (and probably in no small part due to your families liberal approach to issues of equality etc) that she is able to formulate her own views, decisions and evaluation of issues of morals and ethics.

      I am pleased she has not signed the petition and it is to her credit that she did not feel pressured to do so.

      Clearly others disagree with her view (not least Katherine) about how the talk was presented.

      I would say that giving any message to encourage people (and the powerpoint did mention the C4M petition) to

      1. treat a group of people differently because of how they were born.

        That is homophobic, whether the message was intended that way or not. Whether the message was received as homophobic by everyone in the address or not.

        It is also a breach of the Education Act and the Equalities Act.

        How would you feel if you were a gay pupil and being told that the head teacher of the school (following the request of Archbishops) was suggesting that people sign a petition to prevent gay people being afforded equality. Does that not send out a message that they are being devalued and treated with less value than other people?

        If we changed the word gay to black – a headteacher would never dream of encouraging pupils to sign a petition condemning interracial marriage (they would rightly be sacked) – so how can homophobically based material be seen as acceptable?

        1. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 12:25pm

          Dear Robert, why are you so insistent that everyone who has an eloquent viewpoint which disagrees with your view is a “fake female” or not a pupil of Saint Phil’s? I note that you do not question the validity of anyone who agrees with your view. I can assure you that young people can be and are intelligent, eloquent, quite capable of forming their own opinions and of having a reasoned argument/debate. I am sure( if I am correct in my assumption, that you are gay) that you knew at a very young age that you were gay, would you have accepted someone saying to you that, 1. your opinions were not valid because of your youth, 2. you were not eloquent enough to express your sexuality and 3. that you were a “fake female”!!!! whilst i apprec iate that you have a basis for your argument, by assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is an adult male from the Catholic Church, you are doing yourself and your cause a great diservice. Remember a lot of these girls love and respect their school

        2. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 12:39pm

          @ Stu,
          Thank you for your very valid points and I can assure you that our Spiritual Beliefs are probably more similar than you think :-) My children attend Catholic school for many reasons, gaining a fantastic education being one of them. i must say that I am suprised at the threads stating that the headteacher made personal comments during her Assembly, (which would be totally wrong and frankly stupid) although my daughter stressed that she just showed them the presentation and mentioned that there was a petition online that they could sign, if they wished. As I said earlier these are not my beliefs, I teach ALL my children to be tolereant and accepting, My children are of mixed race and We have disabled and Gay family members, I teach them to take ALL religions with “a pinch of salt”. I have to accept that when I made the decision to send them to a Catholic school I would sometimes encounter situations that I would not agree with, I believe that the Head possibly had to show the

          1. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 12:54pm

            presentation as part of her “job” as head of a Catholic school. I have never foung St Phil’s to be extremist or involved in Bible Bashing or Brainwashing. The girls are taught to have their own opinions and in fact are very bright inspiring young women. Dare I say that the young Lady who started the debate is somewhat of an attention seeker, ( I know, I put it out there!)that is in no taking away from what or how she may have felt during the assembly, but we must all be aware that versions of events get distorted all the time. (chinese whispers, spring to mind) I would be the first parent to complain if I felt my child was forced into anything, but ihaving them in a catholic school I have to personally accept that they will be shown things that I will not agree with, and I must trust that if I have brought them up correctly, they will make the right decisions, Let’s face it, they will be exposed to all manner of extremist views in the Big bad world. I must also say that the majority

          2. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 1:01pm

            the majority of girls at st Phil’s ( especially the years 12 and 13) just want to get on with their school life, they are about to start exams in a few weeks and my daughter in particular expressed her concerns about the media interest in her school, she has no desire to become embroiled in this issue. The media want a story (any story) that will sell their newspaper or pull in teatime viewers. We must consider that a vast number of young women need to prepare for upcoming Alevel exams and do not need this distraction. we are always going to have bigots in this world. (sadly)

  102. gyal lyke frilly knicker x 26 Apr 2012, 7:50pm

    we are marching in the light of god :)

  103. Bright spark philomenian 26 Apr 2012, 7:57pm

    Please come to our school, all you negative athiests will get destroyed, im telling you now, watch my chops.

    1. I don’t think so.

      Theology NEVER trumps reason.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Apr 2012, 5:44pm

      Contact Pink News providing your name, age, address and phone number so the school can be contacted to verify you are a pupil or a teacher for that matter? We all know you won’t do anything such thing. Now run along to confession for all the lies and misrepresentation.

  104. st phils 101 26 Apr 2012, 8:10pm

    this is a gay website, its bound to be biased, give us a chance to tell the TRUE story you impatient bastards.

    1. I am very sure of my parentage thank you very much.

  105. toothbrush2000 26 Apr 2012, 9:01pm

    all the people talking about the assembly and weren’t there should go and get their facts straight before running their mouth off. leave Phils alone.

  106. Benjamin Cohen 26 Apr 2012, 9:30pm

    I hope you guys have seen that the Welsh Government have begun an investigation into the actions of the Catholic Education Service and it’s expected that the English Education Department will do the same.
    This sort of story makes me so glad I founded PinkNews! It’s fantastic that the Welsh are investigating this and I expect the Department for Education will follow on and do the same. Well done to Stephen Gray for uncovering the story and the brave teenager who gave us an eyewitness account of what happened.

    I think this also shows the power of the LGBT media to hold those in authority to account. It’s not just for lobby groups or charities to do so, but I’m glad that the National Secular Society, the British Humanist Association, PACE and Accord were so quick to offer us assistance in understanding the legal ramifications of what we uncovered as well as press releasing it to the mainstream media.

  107. Has anyone thought of reporting the headteacher to the General Teaching Council and seeking to have her struck off for breach of issues of diversity and equality?

  108. gattagiudecca 27 Apr 2012, 1:19am

    I went to a state funded Catholic school in the late 80s/ early 90s. Aged 11, I was shown “The Silent Scream” which is a Pro-Life propoganda film in which an abortion is ‘filmed’ using ultrasound. Horrific stuff and definitely the best way to recruit more pro-lifers. During sex education, I was given adequate teaching but the teacher kept adding on caveats stating that condoms are a sin etc etc etc. I was subjected to many videos and lectures over the years telling me how girls who have sex before marriage would catch terrible diseases and would damage their bodies (become infertile, get cancer etc etc etc). In my final year in 1992, most of us were old enough to vote. We were told not to vote labour because they were pro-abortion. Seems that Catholic schools are still doing the same thing. State funding for faith schools should end immediately.

  109. I’m an OFSTED inspector, and I can trace all of you computers via IP.

    What are all you children doing commenting on gay websites during school day.

    1. Too Blessed to be Stressed 27 Apr 2012, 1:06pm

      B L Z Bub (too funny) OFSTEAD inspector indeed hMMMMMMM

  110. St Philomena’s is in Sutton council for your information. I’m a student in Year 11 and everybody was held an assembly bringing up the subject about this new Coalition that the Archbishops of Southwark and Westminster had bought up. If you want to pick a fight with anybody, pick a fight with them. It’s the duty of the Catholic religion to follow and do what the Pope and the Archbishop’s tell us to do. It’s not our fault if we feel it’s against our morals because they’re going to tell us either way.
    If none of you HADN’T already noticed, the majority of the people from my school saying that Ms Noone ‘forced’ us to sign this petition are Year 9 and under. They are naive and have NO clue on what the assembly was about due to their immaturity, which at their age, can’t be helped.
    I have many, many gay friends. In my opinion I think it would be excellent if in the Christian community gays would be able to get married.
    However, Ms Noone never told anybody that we had to sign anything.

  111. Dear Robert, why are you so insistent that everyone who has an eloquent viewpoint which disagrees with your view is a “fake female” or not a pupil of Saint Phil’s? I note that you do not question the validity of anyone who agrees with your view. I can assure you that young people can be and are intelligent, eloquent, quite capable of forming their own opinions and of having a reasoned argument/debate. I am sure( if I am correct in my assumption, that you are gay) that you knew at a very young age that you were gay, would you have accepted someone saying to you that, 1. your opinions were not valid because of your youth, 2. you were not eloquent enough to express your sexuality and 3. that you were a “fake female”!!!! whilst i apprec iate that you have a basis for your argument, by assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is an adult male from the Catholic Church, you are doing yourself and your cause a great diservice. Remember a lot of these girls love and respect their school

  112. kas-ubi 69 :) 27 Apr 2012, 8:12pm

    this is dedicated to a friend of mine, a fellow paddy :) you know who you are ;)…


    okay but seriously guys this is so unjust and unfair to our school, it has been blown out of proportion and everyone is being so mean. miss Noone is innocent, blame the archbishops. All of you mothers saying you are never sending your child here, seriously? GROW UP. If it was that severe do you not think that mothers would take their children out? well guess what, nobody has and no parents have complained because they know it isnt as serious as ‘katherine’ made it out to be. You people have no idea what you are accusing our head teacher of doing…………….THALL SHALL NEVER LIE dont know the quote for that but yeaaah!
    God bless America.

    1. Preach it sista.

      1. kas-ubi 69 :) 27 Apr 2012, 8:46pm

        LOOOOL thanks A ;) its so hard not to say your name…. but PREACH IT LIKE Mary fricking clarence!!!!111

        1. Hell yeah. A to the friggin men.

    2. ginger cripple, you all better know who I am! 27 Apr 2012, 10:31pm

      I love how the majority of the people calling us ”brainwashed” weren’t even in the assembly. We’re 16 years old. We clearly are mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong and about a quarter of our year are homosexual. So clearly, if we were homophobic we wouldn’t be fiends with them and would give them a hard time? We’re a great community but some dimwit in Year 12 doesn’t have half a brain and has decided to be immature and blow this out of proportion, potentially jeopardising our school and the job of Ms Noone.

      1. I doubt your school is jeopardised.

        The job of your headteacher I wouldnt be so confident about.

        Whatever the cause of the media furore, and whatever the rights and wrongs of that (and there are valid points on both sides of the argument) – the fact remains that the law appears to have been broken by the conduct of the school and investigations have been commenced which hopefully will establish the facts and hopefully where justified hold people to account.

        1. kas-ubi 69 :) 28 Apr 2012, 12:42pm

          oh piss off, nobody cares what you have to say ‘stu’

  113. Some of the comments on here are completely misinformed and irrelevant. I understand that from reading this article without any prior knowledge of the situation you would assume to make the worst of it but that is because it has been twisted and manipulated – surely you’re mature enough to know not to believe everything you read? I am 15 and I know that so maybe just consider that with this being on a gay website it is likely to be at least a bit biased. This whole thing has unnecessarily given our school and headmistress a bad reputation when all they did was carry out the instructions of the archbishop by reading out a letter which will have been read in most Catholic Churches anyway. In no way do I agree with what is being said about gay marriage, but what I also don’t agree with is the fact that adults refer to people of my age as ‘naive and ignorant’. We may not be adults but we still know the difference between right and wrong and deserve to be heard. Long live St. Philomena’s<3

    1. toothbrush2000 27 Apr 2012, 9:06pm

      This is fantastic. Speaks the truth. <3 <3 <3 <3

    2. Why did the headteacher choose to follow the instructions?

      She could have said no

      Other RC schools have declined to make this presentation.

  114. Ken, do us all a favour and get the hell off here because your points are irrelevant and invalid.

  115. phils rocks!!!

  116. ginger cripple, you all better know who I am! 27 Apr 2012, 10:42pm

    We have to follow the Catholic Doctrine. It’s Ms Noone’s job to address this matter with us as a part of our religion. This does NOT mean that she is a homophobic and that she agrees with what the Archbishops of Southwark and Westminster have said and asked to be presented to those students old enough to UNDERSTAND what it is. Not to sign the petition. Pick a fight with the Archbishops. We’re simply fulfilling our duty of listening to what we were told by them as it’s what we HAVE to do in our religion. You need to be fair on both sides. The majority of our school oppose it anyway. So leave it off.

    1. If they are teaching you to have an inquiring mind, then surely the headteacher should have shown leadership (as other RC schools have) and refused to raise views that are discriminatory and homophobic and certainly refused to mention the petition.

      She demonstrates a mind that does not question and meekly accepts what it is told – thus lacking moral courage.

    2. The Church agreed Galileo was right eventually. Surely, that is proof that you don’t ‘have’ to follow anyone’s authority? It’s good to see that in fact most girls at the school are thinking for themselves and not doing as they are told. Reason always wins out in the end.

      1. ginger cripple, you all better know who I am! 28 Apr 2012, 2:44pm

        Obviously. I’m definitely for Gay Marriage. There’s no doubt about that and I have many friends. But my point is that because we’re Catholic we have a purpose to listen to the Archbishop’s in the country and the Pope’s etc as they are part of the majesterium, therefore due to our religion if it’s not brought up in school, if we go to Mass it’ll be brought up in church. I don’t follow their views, but my point is that no matter what they’ll have to tell us anyway?

  117. The Catholic Church should be ashamed! This is part of the reason why i am against religious state funded schools.

  118. Although I was not present at this assembly, I would like respectfully to suggest that there is nothing improper in an ‘encouragement’ to sign the petition. St Philomena’s being a Catholic school, it is after all natural that the Headmistress adhere to the Magisterium, which in any case is more nuanced than many people realise.

  119. Charlie (Welp, most will know who this is by now any way.) 29 Apr 2012, 6:58pm

    To be frank. This has indeed been blown quite out of proportion. Yes, Ms. Noone was wrong in the idea that she should have explained just /what/ the assembly was about in the first place.

    If she had, then there wouldn’t be all of this coverage.

    Being honest, when we left the assembly, half of us were just crying from laughter because of this. It’s nothing to get worked up about. Yes, they asked us to sign a petition. But they gave us the choice to do it. They didn’t force us to do it.

  120. Its wrong of people to prejudge a situation when all you have seen is a story about it. I think some people are being narrow-minded and only looking at one side of the story.
    The assembly was simply outlining the Roman Catholic views on marriage and explaining that there was an optional petition that if you wished, you could sign. They did not say being homosexual was wrong nor was my headteacher specifically being homophobic.
    This has been exaggerated and blown way out of proportion.

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