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California pushes for a partial ban on ‘gay conversion therapies’

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Reader comments

  1. Whilst we should be pushing for the total ban on them, this is at least a start. I’m happy for the Californians :)

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Apr 2012, 11:58pm

    Fantastic, you go, California! Let’s hope it will rub off in the UK and probably will.

    1. I do hope so Robert. A psychiatrist friend of mine recently finished training at the NHS Tavistock clinic. She described disturbing levels of homophobia amongst the overseas doctors who teach in the centres Adult Department. One gay male patient, who was referred to the clinic by a GP, was offered therapy by a trainee. The supervising psychiatrist told the trainee to focus on bringing out the patients heterosexual side because his homosexuality was the problem.

      1. OMG Sophia – that is so disturbing . . . why does you freind not go to the police?

        1. Absolutely right. This advice goes against the standards set by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and previous advocates of this view have been found guilty of professional malpractice.

  3. Kudos for Democratic Senator Ted Lieu !

  4. This is a double-edged sword here because liberals are using precisely the same arguments to oppose laws requiring that women not be given abortions until they have received a government-mandated form of disclosures. Women are complaining that the government is interferring with their relationships with their doctors. That is the same argument made by the quacks who want to practice their pseudo-science, that the goverment is intruding into the therapudic relationship.

    1. Except ex-gay therapies are voodoo, they are junk science. Minors should be protected and adults should be allowed to make informed choices. It is the “informed” part that the ex-gay shysters hate.

    2. I think you’re correct that there are two sides to this issue. I do think it’s appropriate that a medical practitioner should warn a women seeking an abortion of possible side effects. I also have qualms about underage women getting medical procedures without family consent. I think that the so-called ultrasound bills are ridiculous, however. A major difficulty in this case is that so-called ex-gay therapists are often unlicensed and therefore unregulated at all. There needs to be some form of regulation, to protect people from absolutely unqualified people causing damage to trusting people. Once upon a time, people got abortions in a back alley from the neighborhood midwife. It was government regulation, in the form of a supreme court decision, that allowed women to get a proper medical procedure.

  5. “formerly ethical relationships between a client and their therapist unless those interactions were supervised by agents of the state.”

    love how they try and make it sounds like they are acting properly, and if they were then they wouldn’t mind being inspected.

  6. Excuse me but what’s with the “partial” ban? Shouldn’t it be a COMPLETE ban??

    We all know that conversion therapy is a horrible thing that hurts people and pushes them over the edge. Such thing should not be allowed. Religious crazies are the scum of the earth

    1. I think the point is that consenting adults can do whatever stupid junk they want to themselves. The partial ban is so minors are shielded.

  7. David Waite 25 Apr 2012, 1:44am

    I posted this comment on this story at the Box Turtle Bulletin. If no one else writes it up for Daily Kos I’ll put up a column there. Equality California and Senator Lieu just made my day.
    “This would put the ‘gay cure’ scam artists out of business. The effect would be felt far beyond California. No wonder NARTH unmasked itself by screaming “RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION!1!1!” At this point they have nothing to lose by telling on themselves in order to gain the full support of hate-teh-ghey-fer-christ’s-sake churches. If this passes their ‘business model’ collapses.

    As the family “abomination” (Mother, when I was 8) survivor of Dominionist missionary parents, I love it, love it, love it. Pass the popcorn and televise every legislative session; I’ll be tuned in.”

    1. David Waite 25 Apr 2012, 1:48am

      For some reason, PN turned my parenthetic phrase (Mother, when I was eight) into (Mother when I was smiley face. Could there be a lower power after all??

  8. They should be completely banned everywhere (or at least everywhere not completely run by religion because I doubt the Middle East etc is going to change) but for now I say way to go California!

  9. What happened to the thumbs up thumbs down thing?

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 25 Apr 2012, 2:47am

      PN is too busy banning Keith. It uses CPU cycles.

  10. Christians,psychiatrist and psychologist who are involved in this fraudlent and sham practice of “gay conversion therpy” are criminals and need to be arrested and put in prison for hate crimes against LGBT people and humanity. They have destroy the lives of countless people and even been involved in their murder and they need to be arrested and put in jail before they harm another person.

    1. Absolutely right. That day may yet come: as society wakes up to some of these outrages, and deals with these zealots like the self serving charlatans and flim-flam artists they patently are.

  11. Can we have a heterosexual conversion therapy, instead!!!

    Then they will see how harmful and fruitless it is.

  12. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 25 Apr 2012, 5:57am

    We need a full ban on all conversion therapies, however this law is long overdue!

    You are born gay, get on with it because you can not change it and all individual human persons must move on by building a bridge and expecting it for what your sexual orientation is!

  13. The tragedy is that there are religious cretins in the US who would deny their children life saving medications or surgeries, and protest that point on “religious freedom”. This will be no different (although psychological harm is no less real).

  14. GingerlyColors 25 Apr 2012, 9:29am

    Why not push for a total ban on gay conversion therapies – they don’t work and will never work. How would they like it if they introduced therapy to help stright people become gay?

  15. I agree, conversion ‘therapy’ is extremely harmful and should be banned. This is a step in the right direction though.

  16. Electrical shock? Really, to a minor, or even an adult? What the heck is wrong with these idiots. It is nothing more than TORTURING the very family members these fanatics are supposed to love. I say torture, oops I mean therapy, these religious bigots and the so called therapists. This can’t be allowed to continue in this day and age.

  17. Therapist by ethical standards r suppose to tell cots the down falls to therapy in general

  18. I am still amazed, and disgusted, that in this day and age how hard they try to crusade anti lgbt causes. Just a couple very small very vague unimportant versus in the bible are being used to justify hate. What about all the other versus in the bible that are ignored, such as restriction on eating shellfish, divorce, etc etc that christians do every day and is generally accepted by the christian community. When will they add homosexuality to their list of acceptions? This has nothing to do with the bible, or those verses that condemn homosexuality, but it has to do with a very real hate undying hate. Just as terrorists use verses in the Qoran to justify murder, christians use the bible to justify hate.

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