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Analysis: Sweden to deport trans woman assaulted and urinated on by Russian police

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Reader comments

  1. Jennie Kermode 24 Apr 2012, 12:03pm

    This higlights an inherent difficulty with asylum laws. In order to be clearly understood as persecution (in the absence of other evidence), hate incidents need to be linked or perpetrated by members of the same organisation. It’s much harder to prove a case where hate comes from several state organisations drawing not on the same instructions but the same state-promoted attitude; or when they come from private individuals similarly inspired.

    What we really need are laws that reflect the risk minority groups can face when a state whips up hatred against them, and which lay the responsibility for this at the door of the state. This would place the emphasis where it needs to be and would encourage urgent work by European countries to improve the situation of vulnerable groups in neighbouring countries. We must make it clear to Russia that its approach to lgbti people will cost it dearly.

    1. There is an obvious problem with Russia. The state ignores even the decisions of ECHR while still being in the Council of Europe. What do you expect from Russia then? If they like to act like Saudi Arabia regarding LGBT – OK, but Russia must be excluded from CoE, G8 and so on, since Russia ignores the international regulations accepted by other members of these organizations. And then LGBT people from Russia MUST be accepted as refugees in other countries, just like so-called ‘dissidents’ 30 years ago, when USSR existed. When people proclaimed themselves as “anti-Soviet”, there was no big deal in e.g. USA to accept these people. Guess how many gay bashers (86% of Russian population, according to statistics) would like to lose their so-called “orthodox dignity” to proclaim themselves as gay people to get out of Russia. And also guess how many people around the world would like to proclaim themselves as transgender in similar case, since for non-trans people there will be obvious and irreversible damage to their health (even in the case of hormonal therapy). It’s like cutting off arm or leg to “pretend for protection”, haha. Bull-hit. The migration authorities probably are thinking in a same way without any common sense, as this aidan a-hole below. To simplify the issue – if the person pretending for asylum can prove they are genuine transgender, the country information confirms that everything the person told is probable – then… why not? In ideal case, that’s how asylum system should work.

      1. To clarify my point further: this must be 95% about genuinity. Trans people can easily prove themselves by medical examination. No? If L. can provide the local Swedish medical papers confirming everything (and as far as I know, she did that), then either there is a “hidden agenda” in migration authorities or they, yes, “just don’t get it”. If Swedes still don’t get it, then they are obviously breaking the current EU regulations.

  2. theotherone 24 Apr 2012, 1:02pm

    ‘As journalists, we are not supposed to take sides: as human beings, we are desperately worried.’

    lita is a personal friend and i and many others have been concerned for quite some time.

    i hope that by publishing her story you can help keep her safe.

    1. Theotherone,
      I reported this story on the ‘Press for Change’ Facebook page as they have several lawyers who specialise in transgender law which you can find here:-
      You might like to bring this to the attention of your friend to see if it can possibly help her as one of their legal time has responded to my message.
      I hope she can avoid being sent back to what must amount to a living hell for her.

      1. theotherone 26 Apr 2012, 1:13pm

        thanks, I just emailed her :-)

        1. Thanks for doing that, it would appear that somebody from Press for Change is now trying to help her if I am reading newer messages on the Press for Change Facebook page correctly.
          Let us all hope that something positive comes out of all this.

  3. Come to the UK.

    1. theotherone 24 Apr 2012, 1:13pm

      it does seem that the UK is lovely for Gender Variant people compared to the rest of Europe just now.

      1. Christ no, we dont need anymore leechers here in th UK, its bad enough that we are a soft touch.

        The person mentioned should return home to their native country and sort themselves out, so they can comply with the laws and regulations before making another attept to go to another country.

        1. usually the leechers themselves scream about “leeching immigrants”.

        2. Aiden, were you ever raped or pissed on? and now, imagine that all this takes place in a police station!?! you think that all this doesnt concern you? Next time you could be in such a situation, if authorities (anywhere) allow such lawlessness!

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Apr 2012, 2:07pm

      We don’t exactly have a stellar record on gay or transgendered asylum seekers either. We’ve deported almost every asylum case applicant and just an extremely small handful have been allowed to stay.

  4. If this woman is sent back and commits suicide or is killed, then the Swedish authorities should be charged with murder.

    1. exactly.

    2. Suicide would be a self inflicted act. Murder, then person responsible. Sweeden follows its laws and regulations, something which the UK could do with some tutoring on. Maybe Russia could help.

      1. if your family or children would kill themselves, they would be responsible, not the government and police, who crapped and urinated on them.

      2. Not all laws and regulations are just laws. Aidan you come across as an uneducated, naïve individual who either hasn’t bothered to understand the above article or has no moral support for this poor trans woman. Maybe Russia could help? RUSSIA WILL NOT HELP! It is known for its homophobic and transphobic abuse of its citizens and makes gender dysphoria punishable by crime. So no, she cannot return. Shame on you!

  5. RFSL the LGBT group in Sweden are hired as consultants in cases such as this.

    Maybe someone should ask them why they have such an issue with heterosexual post operative transsexuals.

    1. From another friend of L., RFSL didn’t understand the case too, it’s a long and even sadder story actually… the story appeared in the blogs last year, and this was even more disgusting experience.

      1. theotherone 24 Apr 2012, 3:13pm

        yes and on other news sources more recently.

        the whole thing is disgusting in the extreme.

    1. yeah. Lydia and Lita are the same person, this blog was run by her partner and Kim commited suicide some months ago. unfortunately they don’t have documental proof of her death, otherwise the story could be published as well. contact Anton and Paul Canning ( for more details.

  6. unbelievable and shocking. i could only wish her the best of luck and strength to overcome the obstacles and finally find the peace somewhere else in the world, either sweden or spain or anywhere else.

  7. What the hells wrong with Sweeden anyway who would want to live there anyway too cold and they seem to be a bunch of pricks, come on out to Australia i am sure our government would make you and your partner welcome and as far as Aiden goes what a crap person you seem to be proberly be different if the shoe was on the other foot, alow her and her partner to stay in Sweeden or be blamed for what happens to her if she has to return to that back water country that is Russia

    1. Now, I do have to defend my country for the way most of it treates LGBT individuals, such as myself. We are not a bunch of pricks. Most of us are welcoming to LGBT people. Your statement in this case seems founded in affection and based on this article only.

      Now, I am not at ALL proud of the way transsexuals are treated in this case or in the case of forced sterilizations, and I shared this amongst my friends on Facebook and other places to raise awareness.

      Yours truly…

  8. Hi folks, we have a petition for Laetitia and better rights for LGBTrefugees in Sweden. you can either sign from the facebook even or dirrectly, remember to invite your friends afterwards.

    1. I forgot to mention the last day to sign it will be tomorrow..

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