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Video: Ofcom rejects complaints from bystander in My Transsexual Summer

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Reader comments

  1. Is it the guy about 36 secs into the clip? He’s looking but he doesn’t look disgusted. The man is obviously anxious not to have people think that he was feeling like that but I don’t think that’s how he’s depicted. Perhaps just curious.

  2. chris lowcase 23 Apr 2012, 2:31pm

    it always shows people looking on, its usually just looking too. like when a door opens, your instant reaction is to turn your head. i think the reason most of the people in this clip are filmed looking not because of trans women, but of the camera crew.

    sadly im on the laptop with no sound, but judging by body language i think everybody is being quite friendly.

    so i would have to agree, dont worry mr. greaves!

    1. No Don’t wory Mr Greaves, I watched the program on TV and wasn’t impressed by it, and I’m trans too…

      1. mrandmrssparkle 24 Apr 2012, 6:30pm

        thats funny Janet, not in a bad way.

  3. Then read the agreements more carefully before going “ooo, money, GIVE!”

    Stupidity SHOULD be painful, no sympathy.

    1. You realise that usually, bystanders aren’t paid to appear in documentaries, right? They sign a release form, or they’re blurred out. That’s it.

      1. Then they should have read it and not thought “oo, i’ll be on TV, GIVE!”

        1. Good golly! A real life psychic! Here, read my mind too!

  4. Bella Brahms 23 Apr 2012, 3:38pm

    It’s a bit of a strange claim made by this guy, but I can’t help thinking how things have changed in that he was keen to show publicly that he was in fact fine about the presence of a group of trans people.

    That group of young people at the end of the clip saying such positive things such as “it’s the first transgender people I’ve met and I’m glad I met them” is heart warming.

    This was such a great show – I hope they make another with hopefully the same people.

  5. An interesting perspective on this subject! It’s good to note that he was keen that he wasn’t portrayed as looking on “disgusted”. Although I never watched the show (except for about 10 minutes), film crews and production staff will always want to include some element of sensationalism because that’s what gets viewers. In this case, it seems that they’ve “just” gone for people looking on curiously at a mixed bunch who were still exploring, and dealing with, their own social insecurities. But, at least as this gentleman is concerned, did not go as far as portraying onlookers so negatively.

  6. He just looks awkward to me. I suppose some would say the awkwardness is because trans people look “different” to the average person, so you’re bound to get a few stares. But I don’t think he meant anything bad by it. If he was wrinkling up his nose or making disgusted sounds, however, then I’d have a reason to complain about his behaviour.

    1. I just thought he looked bored. There was nothing to say he looked up as they made comments at the desk. It;s very easy to find someone with the right expression and edit it into the programme. All they’ll do is film and then chop it up and piece it together ow they want.

    2. mrandmrssparkle 24 Apr 2012, 6:35pm

      that would some time depend on how long the treatment is, the body needs time to change, and how early you have it. they are in early stages with treatment, it needs time to shift the body fat. the voice can be changed and seeing they all seem to love fame maybe through that with how much money they can earn.

  7. Perhaps he was disgusted at her broke ass hair extensions?

  8. It’s nice that he’s conscious about it, but no need for the paranoia Mr Greaves! :-)

  9. I think he just looked bored if you ask me. I can see how people may think they were made to disgusted because as the narrator is going on about the bright lights and passing in public, and to emphasise what she’s saying they’ve edited in people looking around as they apparently enter.

    So I can see his point because they don’t linger on anyone person, they give it ‘just’ long enough for you to capture as bored look and mistake it for a look of disgust. But hey that’s TV for you!

  10. Robin Evans 24 Apr 2012, 12:51am

    Great to see happy young people having fun.

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